How Much Bank Balance for F-1 Student Visa

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Hello guys, I hope everyone is getting ready for attending his/her F1 Visa interview – preparing one’s visa documents, student loans, CA statements, etc.

If you haven’t checked the previous posts in I-20 Sample with Fees and Living Expenses Break down and others, like the list of questions from students regarding visa and student loan, please do so.

In this article, you will know how much bank balance is enough with regards to the amount mentioned in I-20.

During F1 student visa interviews, students are expected to have enough financial resources and convincing proof of financial resource in order to get the visa.

Bank statements, original income tax returns, auditor’s statements, and affidavit of support, to name a few, are among the legal documents that can be used as evidence of available financial resources that would cover for the total expenses in studying and living in the U.S. (living expense, tuition fees, miscellaneous, etc.)

In a previous post, I featured a sample I-20 and breakdown of fees. Covering the total expense listed in field 7 was $19,600. So now I would show bank balance in this order:

1st Year Expense

  • Total = $19,600
  • Savings Account = $20,000 or more (preferably $25,000 or more).

2nd Year Expense

You have lots of options to show as proof to cover for your 2nd year education expense. Here’s to name a few:

  1. Fixed Deposit
  2. Student Loan
  3. Combination of fixed deposit, student loan and savings account.

Some students just show fixed deposit account and use student loan as backup amount.

Some students might not have a fixed deposit to cover for the total 2nd year expenses. They will show their student loan statement as the main source to cover the expenses for their 2nd year.

Again, for the first year, you can mix and match. But generally, it’s better to show the first year expense in the form of savings account or savings + fixed deposit.

If you are used fixed deposit, make sure that you get your bank statement in the bank manager’s official letterhead which states that you have FD in this certain bank worth this amount and pays this much interest per year.

Visa officers will make sure that your parents will be empty handed after they had paid for your total education expense. So they will verify how much they make per year.

Original income tax returns are need to show them as proof. You can also show agriculture income, income from interest payments, promissory notes, etc. are other sources of income.

If they somehow sense that you have fake documents, then things will get really interesting for them, but tougher for you especially when they start to dig more deeper about the sources of your funds.

When I was interviewed for student visa, the student before me argued for a long time and the attending visa officer was becoming unconvinced about the sources of his parents’ income.

But then he said out loud: “My parents’ combined income per year as per original income tax returns is 9 lakhs.” He was issued his visa.

So each case is unique and each student’s situation is different. If your case is different and you have questions, feel free to write a comment, because it might help other students, too.

If you enjoyed reading this post, please pass it on to your friends. In the next article, you will get to know the answer to a question raised by one of our readers:

My doubt is will the university people really verify our bank statement… Generally students go for fake ones. Generally people wont have 22 lakhs in their bank accounts….

My seniors got their bank statements from a broker. He has given them the empty statements which are stamped and sealed. They have printed the matter and posted them off…. If u further gimme info about this ..and do post an article reg this issue.

Sometimes universities do verify submitted documents. Here are more information about bank statement verification by U.S. universities.



  1. Hello,

    I am about to apply for an F1 visa. My husband stays in Utah, USA and I am planning to get admission in the University of Utah.

    I wanted to know what are my chances of getting an approved visa. what financial documents will be required.

    1. Author

      You should be prepared for answers about sponsors. Plus, with husband in the US, you can’t have strong ties back to your country. So, expect questions on those lines.

  2. Hi,

    My I-20 show $26000 for the first year including my spouse with $16000 scholarship from the supervisor in form of TA. I am the intended PhD student in UMKC.
    I have transferred the amount required for I-20 in my own account from a family member 15 days ago will they ask for any proof that from where this amount came ? or they are going to check the liquid amount only. Please reply me Thanks

  3. I am going to attend visa interview. My concern is my finance. My father is sponsoring for my Education. He has Savings in terms of shares and fds also I have taken loan of 20 lacs. My father has almost 50 lacs savings which includes both fds and shares. However, my father runs a family business which is not his name. Also he doesn’t have any income proof. He pays itr but his income is low as 2 lacs per annum. I have CA certificate in which CA has mentioned everything about net worth of my father’s savings. If vo asked what’s your father’s income then what should I say?? Though he has Savings, he has low income.

  4. Is it mandatory to have an education loan if the student belongs to an agricultural family?

  5. Good day, do you know a community or social media groups for International Students in USA? I would get back to this thread. Looking forward for responses.


  6. Hello,

    I have one doubt. I will be taking student’s loan for my 1st year of study. For the VISA interview, can I show the i20 (70k $) amount in my bank account + my parents’ property paper (for the 2nd year fee) ?
    Basically, are property papers accepted for the VISA interview as funds?

  7. Hi I am sponcering only living expenses of my spouse as I stay in the same location as her college. If I borrow some amount from my friends to keep in my account and also show my employment verification letter from US employer is that enough. If so how much duration that amount should be there in my account before the interview? If it is there for only 20 days is that enough?

  8. I am planning to get loan of 30L and I have 6L in my bank account my first year fees is complited but for second year can I use my uncles or relative as sponsers for covering my second year expense of almost 35 L. Please reply me in mail .

  9. Sir,
    I understand that fixed deposits can be shown for I20 financial statement preparation.
    MY parents have fixed deposits in NBFC-Non banking Finanicial companies like Muthoot Fin Corp ,Sakthi Finance etc.
    Can NBFC fixed deposits be shown for I20 ?

  10. My son is appearing for fall 2017, me & my wife have shown about 40 lakhs in savings account and certificate is sent along with application,I am retired now & money was in SB account,
    Now once he gets admits he is going to apply loan from bank,
    He may get about 25 to 30 lakhs,I will be the co applicant,
    Now how much money should we have to keep in our SB account for his F1 visa (both me & my wife)

    Pl reply,


  11. Hi,
    I have sanctioned a bank loan amount of 15lk and has a sponser FDs of 14lk my university tution fee is $15,530 for 9 months and i got scholorship of $1000 + $3672 tution waver from the university.So,please help out how to convince VO with my financial status.

  12. Can i show bank balance from my uncle overdraft account?? Has 5 times more than my tuition fee.

    1. Hi I am a spring applicant for 2107. I just had an interview today where I used the financial statements for my Dad’s construction company. The issue that arose was that I had to return later with my father’s personal financial statement as business statements are not allowed. I acceded to the demand and told the consular I’ll return. What bothers me is that he doesn’t use one. Its his company which is cosigned by my eldest sister so he never felt the need to use a personal account. He uses the accounts both personally and professionally. The reason I feel victimized to begin is that these were the same company statements that all three of my elder siblings have used to get into USA and they are still being funded by them through college as I speak. How can I return without a personal bank statement and convince them that my sponsor can afford to fund me with the business accounts. Would I be able to make a case.

  13. Hello, My first year tuition and living expenses cost 30,000 USD and I have 60 lakhs ( savings and fixed deposits), I’m also showing property ,worth 58 Lakhs. Do you think I should go for Bank loan ?

    1. Author

      Depends on your sponsors annual income and if you are going to use your savings or loan.

  14. hi, In my case the i20 shows the fees of $52500 for my total education of 2 years.
    In my interview i am planning to show my parents income i.e ‘7 lakhs p.a’ and also the savings of about ’45 lakhs’ including my grandmom’s savings. we also have some properties valued of about ’30-40 lakhs.’

    Therefore, will my family income part effect my case or this will be fine for getting a visa ??because i think i have enough of savings to cover my education in the us.

    Or should i take a loan??please give me some suggestions.

    1. Author

      Info you provided is not enough to give suggestion. Check out F1 Workshop page for details.

  15. Hey HSB,
    i am a fall 2016 applicant for MS in US..i am not planning to a consultancy… i would appreciate if you could help me with preparing for 1st yr tution fee is 32000$ and am plannning to get 20L loan permit letter and 21L as bank balance in my uncle’s account as he sponsoring me for my education for my 1st year expenses as he has good agriculture land of 15 acres, apart from That he returned from us permanently to India after 10 years. so what kind of documents should i required for f1 visa like account statement …please tell me whether if it would be sufficient document…and the bank balance wil be showed in my Dads account as saving of around 4 lac. somewhat agriculture income .

  16. Hi i will like to ask that the money should be old in account or it can be recently deposited in the bank account and the letter can be generated?

  17. Hello,
    -I wanted to know if income tax returns of only one family member would do since the other senior member has retired?
    -Can a US citizen who is a relative be a sponsor? Would that suffice to get a visa?
    -Are shares considered immovable asset?
    Kindly reply asap

    1. Author

      Amol – I need more info and broader perspective about your situation to suggest an answer. Depending on totality of your income situation it may or may not be helpful to have sponsor based in the U.S. Get F1 Visa prep course with Coaching call to discus the options.

  18. Hello
    Can someone tell me if we can have a sponsor from the US to sponsor my education and can I present his pay slip at the time of visa ?
    -since I have only one IT return because the other member has retired will that do?

  19. Sir,
    If the bank statement is less than 3 months will this acceptable or they will refuse my visa??

    Please reply me I will be really grateful to you.

    1. Author

      Make sure you have the money in your account even if the statement is 3 months old.

      1. i am planning for spring 2017. I will have 40 lakhs in bank account by the end of september.Is it a problem.. if it is just 1 and half month old for visa interview.

        Thank you.

  20. Hallo sir.
    How much bank statement is required for me from pk Rs.?
    2) In visa interview _ what are the fact or things that are more important?
    3) work permit and the time limits for foreign students?
    4) Can a student job there after complete his there?

    Please reply me as soon as sir

    1. Is it enough to have only bank lettet that states how much u have in that account? Or we have to bring a detaioed bank statement with transaction?

      Have any of you guys briygy just the letter at the interview and accepted?

  21. Dear admin,

    I need to know urgently, in terms of “borrowing” money from relatives in order to produce a bank statement with sufficient funds for a year of tuition fees. I wonder if there is a “holding time” in which the amount of money stated in the bank statement has to remain untouched in the bank. (UK has this rule of “holding time” of 1 month)

    Please email me as soon as you can. Thanks!

    1. Author

      There’s no holding time for F1 Visa or bank statement. But, consulate could call the bank to check the funds.

      1. Hello does it mean that there is no need to show the three month “transaction” in the account? The letter from the bank that states the current balance of the account is fine?

    1. Author

      No you can’t. You need to get bank statement with bank balance.

  22. Dear sir,

    Can the statement of my fathers provident funds account act as a financial statement.

    1. Author

      May not be enough. I ned to know your complete financial status to help you. Plese sign-up for F1 Visa mock interview course.

      1. Please help me sir, is it enough to bring at interview bank lettet which states the available balance? Or do we have to bring detailed bank saatement for 3 or 6 months with transaction description?

  23. i wanted to go for ms but as i read some post of interview experiences they said about sponsor is there dad but in ma case i lost ma dad so wt should i do so dt ma visa will gt accepted ma family cn bear al the expenses n for sponsors cousins brothers n uncles statement cn be shown?

    1. Author

      You have have cousins as sponsors, but you need to provide very good answers and reasons why they are your sponsors.

  24. hello
    my university fee is 14,560$
    and living expenses are 20,000$ for 9 months then how much should i need to show at my visa interview and one main thing is my father annual income is less than than 2 lakhs then how should i manage @visa interview

    1. Author

      For f1 visa guidance, signup for f1 visa course. I can help you with qna.

  25. Hi,I have applied for PhD in YSA I am asked to submit a financial statement showing a balance of USD 34K along with my application.I want to know for how much duration this bank balance has to be maintained?is it only until my admission or through out the course?I am not being funded by university or professor as per their information.

    1. Author

      Typically you don’t have to hold the money for long time. Most students get the statement and withdraw the money.

  26. hello,
    I have got admission in PhD program. My one year expenses including tuition and living are 40k USD. My father is my sponsor and he has 23k USD in his account and i am taking a loan of 17k USD.
    As phd is 5 years course, should i show funding for all 5 years?
    I will get Teaching Assistant job in campus and Tuition Fee waiver but this will happen after i reach university and talk to professors.
    Properties and other assets of my father amounts to 90k USD.
    My father is a govt employee earning 10k USD per month.

    Please guide me.
    Thank you!

    1. Author

      Please refer to F1 Visa Mastery course. I can provide consulting ( with mock interview).

  27. hii
    i want to persue my MS in US.
    one of my friend dad says that inorder to go to USA we need to show some bank balance in our account.
    The problem is in our account how much amount of we need to show(means transactions).

  28. Hello,
    I wud like to ask whether we can show full source of funds as loan?

  29. Hello sir,

    hey great posts…please help me out..asap

    my educational background :
    BE(Electronics and telecomm) from university of pune with an aggregate of 58% and i had 3 backlogs throughout the if i give gre m sure of getting above 300 on 340

    my parents income per annum is around 5lacs and we have a property with market value being around 30lacs..and savings around 5lacs..

    and m placed in an MNC and planning to work for 4 years

    so my question is as simple as it sounds

    what are my chances of persuing MS in US ?..also if u have an idea of what universities i might think of getting an admit from ?

    help me out please…
    thanks in advance

        1. Finances is a problem for all middle class students planning to study in USA. You have to find a way to manage it.

          1. i really appreciate ur prompt response..
            well wrong choice of words,i meant the finances that i have mentioned , are they sufficient to, u know , stand a better chance in visa approval..
            thanks again

  30. Hey can any one tell me whether GPF can be sent as a saving account along with other documents while applying for admit in universities. Plz…… me out

  31. Hi,

    My name is gowri shankar. I am planning to apply for ms in cs in fall 2013 and the problem is my dads business went bankrupt last year and we had to sell our old property and buy new property to cover the debt. we still have over 1.25 crore in properties and my dad started his business again fresh 2 months back with loan from bank. now i havent taken my gre yet but i am confident i can get above 300 and also my dads friend is a Professor and Arthur H. Feagin Chair of Civil Engineering in auburn university. Can help me to get admissions in us universitys? i am confident i can secure a loan for my studies in us but i am not sure i can show money for first year expenses for admission.. ur help will be appreciated… thanks in advance…

  32. I am applying for visa for PhD with full funding from the uni.. I have applied in one University only and got acceptance. How should i defend my interview ?

    1. I also got admitted in phd program. Can u please give more information on what happened during your visa interview…
      Plz help

  33. Hi, I will apply next year to university in US. I really cannot afford studying and I started freaking out now, one year before. Can you give me information about when I should make an appointment for visa interview, when I should go to bank to see if there’s any good deal for students loan and things like that. I would really appreciate this.
    Thank you in advance.

  34. Hey i’m hoping someone can reply quickly since my interview is this weekend.

    My I-20 states the average cost for the Bachelor’s Degree attendance costs about 25,000 (even though i have a scholarship from the school and choosing the cheapest housing costing me about 19,500$ USD total instead).

    Now i think i’m getting a bank statement from a family member who is basically my great aunt, but she only has about 12 or maybe at most 14,000$ USD in her bank account (i converted the money). If i show this bank statement, and a letter from my dads employer saying he get’s paid 5,000$ USD a month, would this be enough to show that I do have enough to cover the cost of the college?

    Please someone answer quickly!

  35. I forgot to add, that I already have a tourist visa, and have visited US twice.

  36. Hi,
    I am applying for F1 visa. But my siblings in US who are permanent residents will be sponsoring me, and not my parents. Would that be a problem? Should my parents sponsor me instead?
    Does it affect my chances of getting a visa approved, since my siblings are working in US? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you for your time.Please reply.Thanks.

  37. Hi
    in My 1-20 form they mention to show 13500US$ to show so if i show 14000US$ is it ok or have to show more ?
    please help soon as possible

  38. Hi,
    I am a retired Army Officer. Also I am a senior citizen of India. I would like to do MS in USA. What are the formalities. Is there any exemption from GRE and Toefl. I would like to study in Boston. Can I get scholarship? Can some information be given to me on this subject


      1. I got I-20. I will face visa interview. During my application to the university I have shown financial support by myself and from one of my family friend. But now I wish to show my sister as my sponsor , my own financial evidence is also exist. I only change my sponsor from friend to my sister for visa interview, is it make any problem. My university didn’t mentioned sponsor on I-20 ,total (my+ friend) fund is shown as student fund.Please let me know the matter.

  39. hi HSB,

    I have been following this blog and it is really great and full of information.
    My Question
    i got into a well reputed university with partial tuition waiver (40% for two years) . My parents are unable to sponsor my education. and furthermore my father is retired ( no regular income… has some savings and property). My uncle ( father’s friend) wants to sponsor my education. He owns a business and his annual income and assets is well beyond what is required. The only problem is that he is not my relative. He is providing me with all the documents ( bank statement, company portfolio, total assets, company audit reports and many other documents). What kind of questions should i expect during my interview?

    my interview on 4th june 2012 so any feedback would greatly help me..thanks

    1. How did it go? please write here abt ur experience, i too have an interview soon. I hope everything went well. Thanks.

  40. Hi ..

    All the funds needed for my masters are in the name of my dad . Is it ok for me to show this as proof during the visa interview ? please help me out !

  41. Hi HSb!
    Am goin2 atend VI dz june for d fall intake!
    in my i-20 itz iz shwn dat 19000$ tuition fee for 9-12 monthz….Got GA of juz 3000$ for 2 years!
    On da whole hw mch mney do i need 2 shw!
    Actually v approached a finance consultz…… he said ‘l do some transactions by openin an accnt on urz fathers name….finaly ‘ll place da whole amount dtz 20 lakhz on day of VI!
    n 5lakhz as FD n 5lakhz Chits n LIC’s???
    Iz this gonna wrk…as i dnt hav a bank loan…n eve1 sayin lyk max ppl ‘ll go by dz way!
    iz dz reliable!

  42. Firstly i would like to thank the admin of this blog for helping us out !

    I would love to get reply from anyone who knows well about it, but i would really appreciate if HSB would reply me.

    So, I got my I-20 from East Central University. I need to pay 9,482$ per year (total cost).
    My dad have 27,000 $ in Fixed Deposit (but the bank is of ‘C’ grade and the interest in 13 % )
    He have 18,000 $ in saving account. (Money is in ‘A’ grade bank, but there will be the bank transaction of just 2 months before i face my interview)

    So i was wondering will my Fixed Deposit money being in ‘C” grade bank will be bad?
    And now how much dollars of annual income do i need to show for this I-20 ?

    I need to take a date sooner, So i hope to receive reply asap.

    Thank you in advance.

  43. Hi ,

    I am in the process of applying to US universities and I wanted clarification for financial docs.
    1. Can anyone be the sponsor to support my education ?
    2. My grandparents are sponsoring my education. Will there be a problem in visa interview as in why your parents are not the sponsors?
    3. If there is no problem, will I need to show my parents docs also(Accounts,bank balance, IT returns,etc) if someone else is financing me and has provided me with all his docs?

  44. hello,
    i m having a sanctioned student loan of $40000….. i am also having house worth rs 6000000…………so is this be enough for funding please help me out …………….

  45. Please reply to my previous question to my personal email id too. i.e — Email removed —

  46. Hi, I would like to know whether I m required to show funds from father, or home for PhD program with full funding(all tuition fee plus insurance covered by univ and extra 18000$ will be given for an year during phd). Nobody answered this question. Could you please answer this asap and correctly.

    1. With full finding, you dont have to worry about finances. Take CA statement, bank balance you have.

      1. Hi HSB,

        this is my first post. My wife has got admission in PhD in Iowa state univ, US and she will be receiving her i20 within a week. total expenses required for PhD at ISU is $26,551 and she will be receiving $19000 ($10,000 assistantship and $9000 tution fees, etc). overall, we need $7551 per year more to get visa. I’ll be her sponsor for her studies as i have an annual salary package of 1500000 rupees. I just wanna know if my annual salary package statement would suffice for getting F1 visa for her as i have only 3 lakh rupees in my account. please help me with this and please do reply to my email ([email protected]). I have put my email id here and according to your policy you can remove it from the post. Thanks in advance!!

        Gagan Kapoor

    2. If you have full funding for the period you will be doing PhD then no issues. Take all the communications and sponsorship information letter. If it is partial funding, ie the program is for few years and the funding is for less than that period then you have to show evidence for that extra period.

  47. Hi,

    I was asked to send the bank balance of $36411 for my graduate admission for bank statement . That time i had the required money in my bank account. Then, I sent my bank statement to the university. Now i have taken some amount money from my bank account. can any one please tell me Whether university will verify my bank account and will i get admission from the university.

  48. Hey i Got the I20 and it 1st year overall expense in around $30,000. i have the loan sanction later of Rs 20,00,000. Can i show this later in visa interview for the first year expense.
    Thnx waiting for your quick answer ….

  49. Dear Hsb fun i am going to apply for canada student vis so would anyone show me the format of bank statment for the embasy. Note that my sister is going to sponser me.

  50. Hi

    My I 20 Shows total expenses for two years for Ms in Cs is 64000 $.My parents have an annual income of approx 9 lakhs P.A ,Dad has an PF of 4.5 Lakhs , savin of 4 lakhs in savings account,I have loan sanctioned for 15 lakhs,Ive got this loan on Security of 10 Lakhs Fixed Deposit.My question is for Visa interview can i include 10 lakhs which is fixed deposit(security) for my loan to show my expenses for MS ????like 15 lakh loan + 10 lakh fixed deposit + 4.5 lakh Pf + 4 lakh savin in account =33.5 lakh which is my total expense……..I NEED SOLUTION FOR THIS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE 🙁

    1. hi naveed.. i have the same problem as urs. can we combine FD and a loan based on the same ?
      pls help…

  51. Hi ,

    My i 20 shows amt $ 25,000 as first year tuition and expenditure .
    my course is of 2 years duration.

    For first year i have $ 30 ,000 in my saving account ( thru family funds and personal savings ) and for second year my company is sponsoring me…
    now wht do i have to show apart from my company s sponsorship letter…???
    plz guide me … am gonna have my interview in less than 15 days.


  52. Hello
    I have money in my account 10000$ inheritance and I don’t have prove for it , is the the vo will be convince or not?

  53. i wish to pursue a masters degree in US which is of parents annual income is 2lacs approx. but v hv lots of property and FD in our do i need a strong finanncial background 4r it.vl i req a sponsor 4r my parents can support my education but legally my annual income is low. pls help me solve my prob

  54. I am going for mba in Simon business school US (Univ of Rochester). For visa, can I show my expenses for first year expenses only in terms of Fixed Deposit (FD) or is it mandatory to show some amount in Savings account?

  55. Dear Sir,

    I have not given GMAT but i got admission in Alkansas State University.

    i am going for Bank Balance as a Loan for first and second year.

    is it ok for get visa.or i need to do some balance in my father account?

    Please help me i am planning to go for visa around 15th July-2011.

    please naswer me.

    Best Regards,
    Jigar Patel

  56. I am applying for visa for PhD without fundings. I have applied in one University only and got acceptance. How should i defend my interview ? How much bank balance required for that if my fees is 31,000 $ per year ?

  57. Sir
    I have finished 3rd year of my btech study in ece.
    I am in really dilemma situation. I am going for gre in coming days. I am from very weak financial background. I have already taken education loan for my btech and i will be dependent on scholarship and education loan for my further study in us. Kindly tell me how can i prepare myself from now onwards to be accepted by vo?
    Also if i go for a job for 1 year would it be acceptable as i wl take admission in 2013 accordingly. But new pattern is gng to introduce from august. So gre score in old pattern in 2013 will account how much value?
    I will be very thankful for your answer. Please consider this query as a priority as there would be lots of students like me who wish to pursue their career in us but are actually get discouraged due to weak financial background.

  58. Hi all,
    I’m an aspirant for the fall 2011 season and have got an admit from univ of maryland,college park for master of enginnering-electrical and computer. I’ve documents showing my 2yr expenses covered by fixed deposits + savings with edu loan as backup. I’m concerned about below 3 points for VI:
    1. my toefl scorecard is of nov 2009,so how do I justify it?
    2. I hvnt appeared for gre as it wasnt a reqmnt for my course.
    3. finally I had applied to only this univ where admit

  59. My first year cost of attendance is 28162$.I have got a scholarship of 7000$.Now I have a bank statement of 44550$.but it was kept there for two months.I have properties worth of 1095890$.My parents are sponsoring for me.Now i am worrying about the duration of my bank money.Will it cause any problem.Please give an answer.Its argent.

  60. I'll have the F-1 visa interviwe in a few months. My question is, a very nice family is going to sponsor me while I'll be there, and another family offered to house me. If I show them my sponsor's financial proof will that be ok? Because my father does not have enough money to pay for my tuition. If they'll pay for me shouldn't I be ok?

  61. Hii HSB,

    I have applied for MS in EE, and have almost decided on SUNY-Buffalo.I have two questions.

    1.I have a student loan of 10 Lakhs from Central bank of India and liquid cash of around 9 lakhs available with me. I am going to show my own account statement as I am going to sponsor my education with partial help from my father. (I

    have around four years of work experience with per annum salary of

    2.93-3.5 lakhs). As such, does having a student loan of 10 Lakhs may have negative impact on my chances of getting a Visa successfully?

    Also, do I have to prepare CA statements?

    2. Being from Assam, I will have to pay the VISA Application fee at HDFC branch at Kolkata as in Assam, no HDFC Bank branch has this provision. but do I have to personally go to Kolkata to deposit the fee at the designated branch? Can someone on behalf of me can deposit it and do they have to show my original documents

    including the passport?

    It will be of my great help if you could kindly help

    me regarding this!

  62. sir i want to that can i shoe gold as liquid asset, my i20 cost is around 12 lakh,so please tell me the breakup for financial backup,i have taken 8 lakh how much cash i should show.

  63. My i20 is 28k$ per year. I am planning to show around 30k as liquid funds and around 30k as bank loan. Is that fine or will it create any problem????

  64. I'm appearing gre on jan 2012 and planned to got admitted in fall 13. but i've hered yhat the amount of deposite is been doubled after fall 10 it is raised to around 35 lacks is it true? i'm able to deposite about 22 lack but cant 35. i'm got confused right now please give me the right information


    1. it shuld be remaing till u r dere. if u got any assistnt ship or sponcer then it will be returned to u

  66. Hi I am going to appear for my fI visa interview. I have a question to ask before i go for my interview.My two brothers are already in usa and how VO will react if i say them i am also going to usa.They both are working on h1b visas. And I have no plans to stay in usa after my mba because i am interested in doing my business which is already running successfully in india…..let me know what answer should i give it to Vo.if you have any suggestions. Thanks.

  67. Hey

    I have a FD statement that I plan to show as my funds proof. Is there like a validity for the document. I had got the statement in July 2010 and My interview might be in Jan2011.


  68. i'm getting fear of GRE verbal, basially i'm a science student and lost my grip in quantitative too, how can i improve?

  69. hey HSB,

    My dad works in Dubai and he doesnt require to pay IT there. i stay with mom and sisters in Hyderabad. So i do not have any form of IT returns to produce during the visa interview.. Will I be able to convince the VO in this case??

  70. Hi,

    I am pretty confused right now about the visa requirements. So my father will be funding my education and he doesn't have a lot of money in savings accounts. I guess the fixed plus savings will be about 4 to 5 lakhs but he has a a decent inventory of stocks. About 20 lakhs at the current market rate and we have a property which under current rates is 1 crore +. Also, I have a very strong academic record and I won't have any trouble at all in getting student loans. So do I have a good chance of getting the visa? Also which of the above option statements should i provide ? One more question … I haven't applied yet (I will be another week) and I have to send the bank documents right ? … how much should I show there just to get admission ?

    Thanks for your time..

  71. Hi

    i have studied 1 yr in uk (london) in Dip business Administartion but my I have done B-tech in (CSE) i plan to go 4 an MBA can someone tell that what should i tell to VO that why u wanna go USA rather not study thier MBA in UK

  72. Hello friends,

    I am planning for a Doctoral Prog in US, would it be fine if tell the VO that my expences would be taken care by my brother who has recently got H1 visa and is working there, he went to US initially on F1 for studies.

    On the other hand would I not be considered a potential immigrant If the VO gets to know that my Brother is working in US???

    What do you suggest me???

    Your reply would be highly appreciated.

  73. hiiii

    i have a question..if i get a full scholarship from an us university ,then do i need to show my bank balance?if so then how much bank balance do i have to show?

    1. Hi,

      In that case you need to show the money for your presonal expenses.

      To be on the safer side show as much as you can.

  74. hi there,

    I am applying for F1 visa.I dont know what things i should make strong to get visa..

    my BE gpa is 2.1 only and IELTS is also 6 only,,I got admission in VIU for masters in information systems..I am not showing my GRE score since its too low around 900 only…I am preparing for the documents for applying visa right now…

    If anyone knows please tell me if my visa is rejected which documents are valid again to apply for the visa for the second time…I20??sevis fee??financial documents???etc etc

    thnk you


  75. my daughter is planning to do her phd in bio medical in us. her gre mark is 1300/1600 and toefel is yet to take place, for which she is expecting good marks. with this mark

    is it poss to get a scholarship/waiver in tuition fee?

    pl clarify how much bank balance i have to show in her name and the same can be

    shown as fixed deposit? my husband is in uae and for my salary there is no it deduction.

    what are the financial docs to be submitted to the university. also came to know that the financial stmt has to be forwarded to the university along with the application. is it ture?

    and the fd has to be shown for a period of 2 years? our relations are in states and is it o.k. if their bank balance statement be produced for my daughter's education?

    also what are the docs that required to accomapny the application forms?

    pl clarify the above points immediately as i have to proceed further with the application process.

    tks n rgds


  76. Hi,
    Help me, I have applied Master degree religous course at usa. total annual fees and living expenses is $22600 in that scholership is $6290 and $1000 campus job .I am job holder my annual salary is 3 laks, and other income I have earned that bank balance have 7 lakhs. but I didnot show in IT returns. Even My parents have properity and business income but not have IT returns, can I show my salary slip, appointment letter and other income balance bank statement, Audit letter. it can to met sufficinet fund. Can agree VO?.

  77. Recently I applied for us F-1 Visa but got rejected.Well I was a little nervous but I answered all the questions of VO's correctly and it seemed that she was happy.But in the end she told me that my intentions were not to study and rejected me.One question she asked was how many i-20s you applied for and I did not wanted to lie and told her 3. Should I have done that and is there any thing that might help me when applying for second time? help me guys.

  78. I want to pursue my MS in USA,the facts regarding money,loans,bank statements are confusing me.I want to clarify some of my doubts.

    1:what is to state in bank statement,is it just the amount of money in savings or study loan is included or be included here?

    2:generally how much is the minimum amount I must have in my savings to pursue my dream?

    3:Any information regarding these or similar to these or essential information on bank loans,bank statements will be appreciated

    4:what is the concept of 1 st year and 2nd year?why the mode is changed?I didn't understood?

    Please Help.

  79. hi….i am going to give my gre next month… dad has an ancestral agricultural land worth 5,000,000 INR…….i wish to do my MS from USA…..but i have to first explain all the expenses to my parents… brother is a CA and is ready to be a 3rd party guarantor …….

    my queries are-

    1.can i get a loan from a govt bank in india based on our ancestral property which is in the name of my father?

    2.i dont have sufficient liquid cash in bank….all i have is my brain-an ancestral property-a highly qualified brother who can b a 3rd party guarantee..

    kindly reply to my post as to how i should proceed if there is any way ,at all…i am doing mechanical engg. n my percentage upto 2nd year is 74%….(88% in 10th and 72% in 12th)

    my main concern is whether i will b able to get a visa and a bank loan with these available condition…..i am confident of getting a scholarship….pls reply to me all of u on [email protected]…thnkx

    1. You need to show liquid cash as bank balance while applying for admission and alos during visa for atleast 1st year fees. You should be able to get loan from the bank.

    2. Hi,
      1. I guess one cant get loan against Agricultural land
      2. For ancestral property if its in the name of your dad then its ok otherwise there can be a problem in getting loan against it.
      3.To increase the chances of getting the visa, I20 amount should be shown in liquid
      4.If you are sure that u can get a scholarship, then this scholarship would be mentioned in ur I20 which is a big +


  80. hello,i have i20 from loras college,iowa.i have a sister who uis also studying there for the last 2 annual fee is 1000$.what documents should i show in the time of interview?is it a good idea to show a sponsor as my sister is already stuyding there?becoz the counsellor can end up saying that your family cannot afford education for you and your sister.plz help………

  81. Hi,

    I went for F1 visa interview on 24th May in UAE,and they rejected me by saying that I dont have enough funds but my maternal uncle had shown business accounts as he is a successful business living in the states for almost 18 yrs and the average bal for 12 months on each account was 30 k above(4 accounts)

    Can you please tell me how to overcome this issue as I would be going again for interview,it is for my undergrads.

    I would appreciate your reply on this.


  82. Hi,

    I went for F1 visa interview on 24th May in UAE,and they rejected me by saying that I dont have enough funds but my maternal uncle had shown business accounts as he is a successful business living in the states for almost 18 yrs and the average bal for 12 months on each account was 30 k above(4 accounts)
    Can you please tell me how to overcome this issue as I would be going again for interview.


    1. They seen you as a possible migrant, Rather than a student,Show more Ties to your home country, You family, Your Work and show reasons why you will be returning!

  83. Hi

    I'm hoping to apply for F1 Visa for the Fall Semester 2010, i got my i20 from Wichita state University, Kansas. but i have 2 question.(1) I have not done TOEFL but i have done IELTS and i got a band score of 6.5 will this be problem in getting a visa (2) And my sponsor is my cousin sister Who is a UK citizen.(my fathers elder brothers Daughter)Will this be a problem in getting F1 visa.

    Thank you

    1. Hi,

      I need help from you.

      I saw your post regarding the F1.

      I am also in a similar situation.

      Can you please share your visa exp. with me.

      Do we need any affidavait of support also?

  84. hai,
    I am applying for fall 2010, due 2 some reasons my father can show up to 6 lakhs in the account, is it sufficient to get F1, I will also take a bank loan.

    1. hi,

      for f1 student visa you need to show your annual expenses including your fee, accommodation & your leaving 6 lacks is not inf. you will have to show minimum 15 to 17 lack liquid amount other wise you will got refused.

      All the best………..

  85. hi…..

    My parents have the required funds to show for my education. My father is a businessman and by his income tax he can show an annual income of only upto 2-2.25 lakh inr. My mothers income is not taxable and hence i have no is there a chance of visa being rejected due to low annual income inspite of having adequate funds with proof

    1. hey abhishek. even i m in this situation. kindly reply me as wel if u get any inf. regarding d same.

  86. Sir,

    My scores are:

    GRE: 1450

    TOEFL: 119/120

    Acads are average.

    2 years work exp in Accenture.

    I do not have adequate funds to sponsor my Masters. I only have around 7,000USD. Can you suggest me some decent universities where I might get aid for Masters in Computer Science.

  87. hi..i want to apply for next summer 2010semester in usa florida.and i have fixed deposit of 15 lacs taka in my bank..nd my brother in law is sponsoring me who has more than 25lacs taka in his bank account.and he has a income of almost 5 lacs taka per month.he is a manager in commercial bank of Qatar..nd he lives there with my sister.but i live in bangladesh..he is sponsoring me because my father is dead and my brother in law is our guardian now.will i get the visa with these requirements?????please some one help me with this.please please please

  88. My friend is taking up her masterals in the US. Because of the recession, banks have increased the interest on her credit cards and it’s becoming difficult for her to keep up. She’s thinking about filing for bankruptcy. Would this affect her F1 visa status?

  89. hi,

    i have one question.i am studying in australia .because of some reasons i dont want to study more in australia.i want to apply for f1

    student visa from here.its possible or not.and if possible then what chances i can get the student visa.thank you.

  90. I just faced US students interview twice. First was for the university with annual fee of around 35,000 USD, the second time was for 17000 USD.Both times they said I don't have enough fund. But I had shown the bank statement of 43,000 USD, along with properties and yearly income of 32000 USD. I dont know what went wrong because the documents are true and very strong. I have the gre score of 1200 and toefl ibt of 110. I am from Nepal and nowadays I can see a lot of visa being rejected. What went wrong, plz suggest me so that I wouldnot repeat the same mistakes again.


    1. i dont why?even i went to visa interview they says u dont have sufficient fund..nowdays Embassy of US nepal issues 5 visa a day.

      u better add a additional sponsorship…


  91. sir my dad,mom and brother has a combined savings and FD of 15 lac.i can take a loan for 18 lac on my fathers property.the problem is my father is working abroad outside India.he neither has a IT return filed in India nor can he give me a salary slip to prove his annual how can i convince visa officer about my families annual mom has a IT return filed but that too is very low of 1.5 lac brother's annual income is 1.5 lac but he dont have a IT return filed.we do have a agricultural land at our native place.kindly suggest me some idea what to do..if my I-20 (tuition+living) amount comes around 32,000$ per year.

  92. Dear Sir,

    I have scored 115/120 in TOEFL iBT and 1456/1600 in GRE.

    But I took the test without being so informed about the hurdles to get myself in USA.

    I actually lost my father in an early stage of my life, and have a very few bank balance of nearly 3 lac…

    My past educational performance are quite satisfactory…

    Now, to be granted with an educational loan I need to show the admission documents & papers given by the university I join…

    But, to get the VISA I need to show adequate Bank-balance…!!!

    Now, I find my dream to go to USA fading out…

    Is there any way which can help me out?

    Waiting for your Reply, Sir… Thank You…

    1. With your score, you should have got admission with some form of scholarship. Try your best to show the enough bank balance. If in case that doesn't work out, apply for Spring semester to schools where you can get some form of Aid.

    2. My suggestion-first apply
      With such excellent scores yo stand every chance of getting a good fee waiver if not a scholarship
      Nothing worth achieving comes easy-if it were so easy everyone will be in the US or elsewhere.Tell yourself it is going to be tough but hey I am going to go all out and find a way.
      so apply first and then see how much you really need

  93. hello,

    I am applying for MS in computer science in USA. My father gets loan upto 17 lakhs rupees. Is this amount sufficent for my 2 years study program or I have to show some more amount of money as a balance?? Please suggest me the best answer.

  94. Hi,

    I had my visa interview and it got rejected. Everything was in order, starting from TOEFL score (110/120), SAT score (2100,2400) and my high school grades. The visa officer was quiet impressed with everything. Even the bank statements were totally fine which had around first 2 years of my computer engineering course. I was about to get accepted, but she asked the final question. She asked what is your father's per month's income. I showed the official letter from his company stating his per month salary. She then said that the salary is somewhat low and she is not totally satisfied with it. She also told me to apply again and bring another sponsor who has more per month income or any scholarship, after that there wont be any problem at all. What do you suggest me to do?

    1. Just that!
      You have everything going for you-so find another sponsor.Relatives living in your own country,friends of your parents.
      the VO has given you another opportunity by saying apply again-so scramble,find that other support/sponsor

  95. Hi please post the latest info and keep in touch with latest info on student f 1 visa requirements. Thanks

  96. Dear sir,

    I have got admission for ms in us university.

    The fees comes to about 38000,dollars per year. including living exp. My parents intend to get a loan ofRs 18lakhs from a nationalised bank. They have a bank balance of Rs 8 lakhs in savings bank. my father also has an amt of Rs 12 lakhs in his GPF with Govt ofIndia. can this amt be shown as a financial statement,for visa purposes.Can you give me a guideline as to how this should be shown for higher studies.

    thanking you


  97. as i have done my B.pharm and i want to pursue M.S. in pharmaceutics or pharmacology . currently i am holding the score of gre : 840 and toefl score of 76 . tell me the universities that will provide me I-20 in M.S. in pharmaceutics.

  98. Hi, I got admission for MS in MIS for Spring 2009, Amt mentioned in the I-20 (Tution+Personal Expenses) is approx $24k.

    My father is my sponsor, but I've a slight problem. I have taken a education loan of 4L only (as I have fair chances of getting TA/RA) my father has a balance of 3L in SB and around 12L in PF(he has an approval to withdraw 8L for my studies) rest around 15-20L in Shares and LIC and other investments, Property worth 50L. But I'm not too sure if i money in shares and LI is taken as liquid..please let me know in this case wat documents i need to carry for the interview. I have made a summary sheet for all liquid and fixed assests..will that help? Plz advise..

  99. @grewal: You will need atleast liquid cash equivalent to 1 year+ expenses and rest student loan or in other forms.

  100. sir/ madam

    my query is that i've just started of taking GRE and ve hav favourable property bt no fixed deposits… so how should i plan d financial requirement?


  101. My parents have app18lakhs in FD AND LIC .How much more money should I show for doing B-TECH IN US IN COMPUTER ENGINEERING ?How much liquid cash ihave to show?

  102. @Raju raja: TOEFL score of 60 is low. Check with schools where you plan to apply. they will have minimum requirements. If they say 70, then you can consider taking TOEFL again.

  103. dear Sir/ madam,

    in TOEFL iBT i got only 60 . however i am willing to do post graduation in Law. Do you think I could find out university on this ground. However i got 21 in writing and speaking 20.

    I would be greatful if you will be able to advise me on this segment.

  104. i, I have been reading about the posts regarding the funds required to get the education in US. I want to generally share one thing.
    I have been selected for MS in New york University and fee is around $32000 yearly. I went to the bank to apply for loan and the Bank loan works like this:
    Bank checks how much liquid assets your have and then calculate the total expenditure of the education like in my case $64000.
    Now the bank is ready to give me complete loan or ($6400 – $liquid assets my sponsor have) as they put there money in the complete Project.
    My question is if the Saving a.c are creating so much problems then can’t we take the complete education loan from the bank?
    Can you please tell me what is the maximum amount of loan i should apply for.Suggest me the maximum.

  105. he is my real brother….what other documents will i require?? do i need to show his income proof too??? he has approx 12lacs in his account and my father has 5 lacs and he is a farmer …in this way can i show 17 lacs for 1st year and 15 lacs loan for 2nd year..??

  106. he is my real brother….what other documents will i require?? do i need to show his income proof too??? he has approx 12lacs in his account and my father had 5 lacs…in this way can i show 17 lacs for 1st year and 15 lacs loan for 2nd year..??

  107. @ Amarjit : you would need to get affidavit from him, saying he will be your sponsor. Which bank account really dosen't matter. What does your I-20 say about your Sponsor?

  108. hi,

    my brother lives in italy….we have made an nri account….can we show money from his account…he will be sponsoring me…what are the chances..?

  109. hi am a fall 08 applicant for MS in US..i am not planning to a consultancy… i would appreciate if you could help me with preparing for 1st yr tution fee is 24000$ and am plannning to get 15L loan permit letter and 5L as bank balance…pls tell me whether if it would be sufficient documents…and the bank balance wil be showed in my mom’s account..but she is home maker.. kindly tell me if it is advicable to show money on her account…

  110. Hi,

    Please tell me about the bank statement required for F1 visa for a PhD student.

  111. hello sir, recently on nov 19th. visa was rejected for the reason of having low funds in my savings….my fees is actually 22600$ per annum…during my interview i was asked that how much i have in savings.. i answered 15lks.. however i had 20lks bank loan in processing.. but by the time i explained .. so started saying no to issue visa.. saying the only reason of not having sufficient funds….this time im moving with 15lks in savings,and 10lks fd..and will get bank loan of 20lks sanctioned is that ok.. sir.. plz comment ur reply. on this issue.

  112. @ hardik

    For your First year you can show $18,000 or more in Savings.

    For Second Year, aroound 18,000 to 20,000 in SAvings, or FD or Part of Bank Loan.

  113. hi , i have got my I20 from southeastern louisiana university.. i have showed 41000 $ in bank statement for admission for bank statement for application .. which is mentioned in I20 also ..

    my 1 year fees is 15000$ …

    do i need to show 41000$

    can u please guide me how much liquid i have to show in savings account and total…

  114. sir i scored 1200 in GRE, i have some queries regarding bank statements & bank solvancy letters, pls clarify that for this two do i need to show liquid cash in account or can show assets. how much bank balance it is required to show

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