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F1 Visa Interview – Kenya US Consulate

Dear friends, I’m from Nairobi, Kenya. I got my visa this week (december 2010).

The first time that i went to the american embassy on 16/12/2010. I was not interviewed because my passport had torn edges so i was sent back. Therefore i got a new one and the following week I went for the interview.

When I went to the vo told me that since i was there before, I must wait for her to interview the people who had applied on that day. She told me to wait outside which I did. SadlyI was the last one to be interviewed that day on the queue.

F1 Visa interview went..

VO: OK.were you denied visa last time?
ME: No, i was not denied, because i had a problem with my passport i was not even interviewed.
VO: You want to go to the USA?
ME: Yes.

VO: What for?
ME: Masters in multidisciplinary studies.

VO: Where did you do your undergraduate?
ME: Kampala International University.

VO: What did you study?
ME: Bachelor of Mass Communication.

VO: What have you done since you graduate?
ME: I graduated last year in November 2009, since then, to gain experience i have been a trainee at Kenya Broadcasting Corporation newsroom, currently i am a trainee at Fontana media productions. (ASKS FOR RECOMMENDATION LETTERS AND TYPES SOMETHING IN HER COMPUTER.)

VO: What were you duties at KBC?
ME: Attending press conferences,directing news and searching for local and international news.

VO: How did you know about SUNY, Buffalo State college?
Me: Through my former professors at Kampala International University and also through educational magazines and journals like education Kenya.(ALSO ASKS FOR MY TRANSCRIPTS AND RECORDS SOMETHING IN HER COMPUTER.)

VO:Why this course?
ME:I will gain more knowledge related to my area of specialization and i will also be more proficient when i come back to Kenya.

VO: Name the courses that you will study in your first semester?
ME: Public relations management,Applications of public relations,Strategic public relations,Communication for managers and leaders and Independent study.(TYPES SOMETHING IN HER COMPUTER)

VO: Who is your sponsor?
ME: My Aunt.

VO: What does she do?
ME: She is a large scale poultry farmer and government employee.

VO: Which Ministry?
ME: Ministry of Planning.

VO: What does she do?
ME: She is a planning officer.

VO: What about your parents?
ME: My father abandoned us when we were young and my mother is a housewife and does subsistence farming for her basic needs.(ASKS FOR BANK STATEMENT AND STARTS TO VERIFY,SAYS OK.)

VO: Who supports your mother?
ME: She supports herself through the subsistence farming that she does.

VO: OK.I will issue you visa.please make sure tat you contact the school official written on the i-20.
ME: OK.Than you.

Dear friends, all over the world that is how i got my visa.All i know is that she grilled me a-lot because i was the last and no one else was present to interview.

All the best thanks to Happy Schools Blog ( F1 Visa interview Experiences), and all of those who contributed to this website as,through them we know what to expect.

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  1. hey that was a good interview session.You answered the questions accurately and tactfully.I will be going for an interview this December 2011 at the US embassy,Nairobi.I hope to pursue a degree in the US and the university am supposed to enroll in is a small private one.I was wondering if you guys can give me some possible questions?

  2. ples l have to go to the US Embassy by July 2011, can you help me with some in tervirew?
    I was in the US Embassy on 5-01-2011 and I danie the visa and my school have sent to me my I-20 again;
    Thanks and i hope to read from you

  3. i went for my visa interview on the 16th of december and i did not get it. they told me that i don't have a good reason that prove that i'll be back after the end of my studies( i used the family business we have there as the reason why i travel and the poof of my return).In fact i have my elder sister and her husband and two children who live there and i don't know if it's a problem. So please tell me what i can do or tell to convice them that i'll return. I plan to tell that my country is a beautifull one with many potentiallyties which need to be develop and i am sure that with my us degree i will take part to this development becose it will permit me to get a good job in one of the big industries we have there. Additionally, tha fact that i'll work in the country will benefit to my family(espacially my parents) becose i will be very helpful in terms of money and by being there and this at any time.

  4. Congratulations on getting the visa and all the best for your studies. This is not the first time we have heard of VO giving the applicant a tough time but you have handled it very well. It seems you were prepared for any question and confident about your answers. This i guess should server as an example to many others on how one should prepare for a visa interview. Hope you have a good time in the US.

  5. Congratulations! ! !
    yes its quite apparent that she did grill you a lot, but the thing to see is that
    you were better prepared. You were aware of all the documents needed, what to say, to the point, precise answers.

    this is what we should all prepare for and aim at. NICE!!!

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