F1 Stamping Experience – Cameroon

Thanks to Emmnuel for sharing his Student F1 Visa Stamping and Interview Experience for USA. Many students are appearing for Spring 2011 student visa interview at various US consulates. Try to understand the mistakes and learn from them. Do read all the comments, for greater insights.

Good day i am a cameroonian student and i wish to share with you all on HSB my visa interview here at the younde consulate .I want first to say that this blog helped me so much in preparing for my interview this is how it went

F1 Visa Stamping

me: good morning sir
VO: good morning, and tells me wait for a second, turns around i after some few minutes turns back to me

VO: why did tou choose laroche college
me: sir i was looking for an institution that daoes not require TOEFL as a prerequest for admission and again it is a little college with abou 1800 students and with a faculty ratio of 12:1 this will help the lecturer to know the student and undestand his problem and help him to overcome it

VO: why run away from TOEFL
me: actually sir i was not runing from it but if i had done toefl i will not hae the admission deadline for spring and it will have caused me to do up till one year in the wchich is not good for a student

VO: who will sponsor you
me: my father

VO: waht does he do
me: he is a retired journalist but now his source of income is his retirement benefit and money he gots from his house rents and also on the rairing of pigs and chickens and also i have a ten thousand dollars schilarship

VO: will your father be able of paying the remaining 20000 dollars
me: yes sir
VO: show me your GCE A level results gave him the A and O level

VO: ok we will issu you the VISA got and come back tomorow and collect it

I just want to say that go there and be confident do not baffle on your answers and be honest on your answer say what your parents do and be truthful with youe answers. Hope this helps other as other pple postings helped me.