F1 Visa Interview Experiences

Case Study: F1 Visa Rejected for Fall 2017. What Are The Chances of Getting In Second Attempt?

Your fate to Study in the USA hinges on your performance during the F1 Visa Interview. I have seen on the faces of student and parents after F1 Visa is rejected. They all scramble to find F1 Visa Rejection reasons. There is a period of uncertainty that follows your student visa denial.

You would ask yourself – What do after F1 Visa Rejection. And you start debating about the chances of getting F1 Visa in the second attempt. I have coached students who were going for second, third time for the visa interview.

Your immediate reaction is when can I reapply for F1 Visa. What questions would Consular Office ask in the second attempt? What should be the answers? Wol can help me, Have anyone gone through similar experiences and got approval in the second or third time?

F1 Visa Rejection Rate

Here’s the F1 Visa Approval and Rejection Rate for FY2016 from the Department of State Visa Statistics.

f1 visa approval rejection rate statistics 2016

Let’s break down the numbers

  • F1 Visa Approval Rate = 471728/718342 = 65%
  • F1 Visa Rejection Rate =  246614/718342 = 35%
  • Overcome = 64449/718342 = 8.9% (Visa Approvals After Previous Rejection)
  • Approval After Rejection = 26% (Approximately)

In other words, I can sum-up your F1 Visa approval chances like the following:

  • First F1 Visa Attempt = Golden Opportunity
  • Second F1 Visa Attempt and Third  F1 Visa Attempt = Maybe Copper (value) Opportunity.

F1 Visa Coaching vs Three Kinds of Students

There are three kind of students joins F1 Visa Coaching here at Happy Schools

  1. Self-Applicant for Universities
  2. Applied for admission via Agent and Coaching from Happy Schools
  3. Self-Applicants or via Agent Applicant with Previous Rejections

Let’s focus on the third category of students.

Some student’s with Visa Rejection, join the F1 Visa Interview “Mini” Course and they come to know about F1 Visa Rejection Review and F1 Visa Coaching services offered. Sometimes they hear from their friends who got coaching with me in the past. But, there’s a solid number of F1 Visa Applicants, who are following Happy Schools news articles about F1 Visa. When someone joins the F1 Visa Mini Coaching (Free), they would go through the following:

  • Mini-Course delivered via Email
  • Attended Free F1 Visa Online Training
  • Watched the Feedback interviews about F1 Visa Coaching
  • Clearly aware of F1 Visa Approval and Rejection Rates
  • Exchanged Emails with Me (Raghu)

So, they have exposre to what’s offered through Happy Schools. For one reason or the others, they decide to attend the F1 visa interview on their own. And that’s perfectly ok with me. You may not have sufficient trust on my brand and coaching process. I have no problem with that. It’s your choice

Here’s where things get interesting. Right after F1 Visa is Rejected. Why don’t I show an example of what I’m talking about?

I had the following conversation with one of my reader.  Pay attention to the dates – April 30 and May 16. By the way, no one really calls me Ram 🙂


This student attended the Live Webinar event with Former Visa Officer as well. You can see he sent me an email and exchanged few IM’s.

Then, I got the following IM, that his F1 Visa was denied.



I have multiple examples like this, where students contact me right after the F1 Visa Rejection and asking for my help when they have been following Happy Schools for weeks, if not months.

Students send an email to me the moment they walk out of the U.S.Consulate after F1 Visa Rejection. Our conversation continued further a bit. Then, he joined F1 Visa Rejection Review (See the timestamp for Paid).

Then, I spoke to the student. I was upset because this is a missed opportunity for this student. I could have helped him perform better than the current F1 student visa interview experience. His F1 Visa approval chances would still depend on the Visa Officer, but our goals with coaching are pretty simple:

  • Train to avoid MAJOR Mistakes with answers
  • Give your best interview performance
  • Keep you in peak state of the mind at the Interview

After I spoke to above person during the F1 Visa Rejection Review consulting call, he decided to join the F1 Visa Coaching. Here’s the proof. He joined within few minutes after the Rejection Review Call and scheduled all three sessions for the Coaching.

f1 visa coaching joined

I understand the concerns about saving money. Think about it, you have spent over $2000 and several months if not years dreaming about studying in the USA. But, if you have negative factors, average to below average profile, low scores in English Speaking section, or lacking confidence, join F1 Visa Coaching at Happy Schools.

But, if you have negative factors like

  • Average to below average profile
  • Low scores in English Speaking section
  • Lacking confidence
  • Undecided with answers

I would recommend you to join F1 Visa Coaching. See below for the video feedback from a student, who accidentally found Happy Schools.

I employ several techniques and exercises when required to calm people down. Last week, one of my student, would start to sweat and breath heavily the  moment I start asking questions.  After few questions, I can see water running down his face. So, I taught him one exercise and asked him to practice the exercise to cam him down, to keep his composure.  In his second mock interview was better (he was smiling when Mock Interview 2 started).  Here’s what he had to say about his F1 Visa Coaching experience:

5. What did you do after the interview?
I was extremely happy and started crying outside the consulate, then I informed my parents and other relatives.
What were your objections before joining F1 Visa Coaching with Raghu?
I was looking for an experienced trainer for student visa preparation. I wanted to have mock interviews to find out my mistakes.
List MOST important Benefit You Got from the F1 Visa Coaching?
  1. To allay anxiety and nervousness.
  2. Mock interviews.
  3. Tips for some tricky questions like why so many universities, finance, etc.
  4. Advice to avoid technical terms
Now, your Interview is Complete, What do you think about F1 Visa Coaching Process?
Excellent and worth joining.


How to Self-Evaluate Your F1 Visa Approval Chances

Did you watch the video from the previous article – How to Analyze F1 Visa Interview Rejection Interview?

Potential F1 visa applicants should have the skill to do a self-evaluation which includes, but not limited to

  1. Identify the List of Strengths
  2. Identify the List of Weakness
  3. What Strengths can be used to mask your weakness
  4. Practicing for the Interview Questions and Answers
  5. What to Speak and How to Speak
  6. What not to speak and How not to speak

Here’s why above factors are important.

  • Only One in Three students get F1 Visa Approval in the First Visa Interview
  • Only One in Three Students get visa after previous Rejection.

This advice applies to all F1 Visa applicants, not just for average and below average students. If you miss your first chance, it’s going to be really hard to overcome. It can be time-consuming, requires additional work and maybe you have to look for other countries.

I have seen someone with 325+ in GRE getting F1 Visa Denied even with admission from a top university and someone with low test score overcome previous rejection.

Here’s F1 Visa Coaching Feedback from a student who speaks from bottom of his heart:

One of my best days of the life is when I got my fist admission and I-20 in my hand. By the time, the first university admission and I-20 arrives, I would have spent well over $2000 and several hours of time and sleepless nights.

From the Test Prep Coaching, Books, College Application Fee, Application Package Mailing fee and transportation and other fees add up. But, you know very well about the last stage of your journey – F1 Visa Interview. Don’t mess it up. Even if you have a shadow of doubt about your F1 Visa approval chances, join F1 Visa Coaching.

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  1. Hello Raghu

    I got F1 visa rejection on 23rd July 2018. Can you connect to me on 9886641549 and see how you can help


  2. The students ambition atlast lies in the hands of VO. Which i think is rediculous. The parents after making all funds ready. I20 in hand gets rejected makes the student physchogically ill.. This is actually bad.. Their dreams r shattered.. After having all the documents they issue reject letter. Very bad… Change rules atleast for f1 students who want to blossom.

  3. Got rejected for F1 visa interview for first tym in Hyderabad
    If I change the embassy to Chennai will it be useful or will it be a reason to deny for another tym
    If the visa officer asks me why did you change the embassy? What should I reply?

  4. Hi sir
    Iam planning to go to UC Davis I got the i20 and all my classes start in Davis at sep20 and two days before my visa got rejected and I had no clue it got rejected under 214 b and the interview goes this way actually
    Me: gud mrng officer
    Vo: pass me ur passport and i20 and sevis
    Me: handed it to him
    Vo:are you going to UC,DAVIS
    Me:yes sir
    Vo:A certification program?
    Me:yes sir a certification program(I dint said him iam gng for my 4 th year bachelor program as a exchange student and I dint explained him about the MOU because its given on i20 certification course so I said yes for certification program to be on safer side)
    Vo:why do u you want to spend that much amount for this course?
    Me:because research in UC Davis is good and even I had no intention to stay over there because iam single child for my parents
    Vo: he asked me what’s ur GRE and TOEFL score ?
    Me:I said the program iam going for its not required
    Vo: sorry sir you are rejected but I appreciate to come here
    Me: I was like what the hell?and asked him whats the case I got rejected
    Vo: 214b

    And later once again I checked my Ds 160 I rechecked and I came to I dint specified the specific time travel. Because I had no clue when iam gng to come back from uc Davis after one year in June so marked “no” for tge specific travel time .

    there’s a MOU between my university and UC Davis .I wrote a mail to Michelle baker DSO of UC Davis and planning to apply for my visa again can you pls help me out with in 5 days iam from Bangalore India

  5. Hello Sir, I got my F1 visa rejected twice. Here are the experiences
    My first visa experience went on this way:
    VO: Which university?
    Me: Univeristy of alabama in huntsville
    Vo what are you going to pursue?
    Me: Masters in computer engineering
    VO: Coding language used for artificial intelligence?
    Me: Python
    VO: what is your undergraduate aggregate?
    Me: I was trying to pick my documents
    VO: You are supposed to tell
    Me: Sure 65.56%
    VO: Fine
    VO: Any Backlogs?
    Me: No mam
    VO: What would you do after graduuation?
    Me: I might work for a couple of years and return back to india
    VO: Whats is your GRE?
    Me: 299
    VO: Who is going to sponser education?
    Me: MY parents
    VO: What do they do?
    Me: Father is an employee and mother is an accountant
    VO: Where does your father work?
    Me: Supermax Private limited
    VO: Are you interested in OTP?
    Me: 2 secs of silence and said no in tension
    VO: I am sorry your answers are not reliable and made me put in a conflict
    VO: Get prepared well and come again for your visa
    Me: saying thanks returned back holding passport, I 20 and 214 b form
    The Second Time
    Me: Good Morning mam/sir
    VO: Good Morning. How are you doing?
    Me: Fine Mam
    Vo: Pass me your I20 and passport
    Me: here you go
    Vo: When did you give your visa last time?
    Me: June 21 mam/sir
    Vo: what are the changes that you made in your profile?
    Me: Mam, Previously my 8 semester results were pending. after my visa interview my results were released. I had completed my undergraduation sucessfully in may 2017. In addition to that I updated my inancials too.
    Vo: What is your undergraduate percentage?
    Me: 66%
    Vo: When did you complete your undergraduation?
    Me: May 2017
    Vo: How many backlogs?
    Me: No backlogs
    VO: What is your GRE?
    Me: 299
    Vo: what course did you complete in undergraduate?
    Me: Electronics and communication engineering
    VO: Describe your course you are going to pursue?
    Me: Mam My course consists of 30 credit hours on whole. I.e Masters in computer engineering. I need to complete 10 subjects to become a masters graduate.
    The 10 subjects which include 3 mandatory subjects they are Parallel programming, Introduction to Vlsi and Computer architectre.
    And I would like to take a specialisation of 3 subjects i.e real time and embedded systems, Computer Organisation, system security.
    And the remaining four subjects are elective that consists of two math minor and two 700+ level core subjects.
    Vo: Sorry I cannot give you a visa here is the form regarding that.
    Me: Mam is there any specific reason for this rejection?
    Vo: I think you are not qualified student for a visa

  6. hi Raghu sir, I am supriya from India. I ejected my visa 3 times, is heir any chances to get vis aon fourth time.

  7. Really good business man.
    having passed from a third tier university in Texas it’s great to see you are doing good ‘business’. god bless you.

  8. HI Raghu sir, I am Sumel Ahmed from Bangladesh. Last year I faced F1 visa interview 2 times but unfortunately I was refused I don’t know despite having IELTS 6 as well as HND Diploma from UK. Should I apply for F1 visa again? Plz do me favor what should I do to get F1 visa? Are there any way to share immigration status between UK and USA like finger print?

    1. Wow. What happened? Schedule F1 Visa Rejection Review. I can work with you to see what can be done.

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