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How to get Affidavit from US Sponsor for F1 Visa Interview

What do you need to get from a sponsor who is living in the USA for F1 Visa Interview?

Gopi Asks

Regarding visa interview, no one is giving me the proper answer for this question. If my brother is working in USA and he is sponsoring for my higher studies, do I need to get the sponsor affidavit from him which would be signed by an American notary public? If so please provide me the template for the affidavit.

US Sponsor – Affidavit for F1 Visa

  • Sponsor residing in India (Parents, Relatives, ..)
  • Sponsor residing in America

If your sponsor is residing in India then read this article –  Sample Affidavit for F1 Student Visa.

For sponsors residing in America, they would send Form I-134 – Affidavit of Support.

It doesn’t require a public notary signature.

You can take I-134 completed and signed by the sponsor for your F1 visa interview.

If you look at the required documents, the affidavit will not be listed as a mandatory document. But, you are required to show proof of funds for your education and living expenses for the duration of the course.

In addition to an affidavit, I would get the following document from the US Sponsor

  • Tax returns for the previous one to three (Form 1040)
  • Bank Statements for 2 to 3 months with transactions
  • Letter from the bank with Average Balance for the last 3 months

If your sponsor is hesitant to give 1040, you should at the minimum get the letter from the bank. 1040 is tax returns and most folks will bot give that out.

If your spouse is based in the US and you are applying for F2 Visa, then additional documents are required.

  • I-20 for F1 Visa
  • I-20 for F2 Visa
  • Pay Statements from the Spouse if working on OPT
  • Job Offer Letter

Hope this helps, leave your questions as comments.

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  1. My problem is basically the same.
    I’ve been trying to see responses and analysis on this issue but i haven’t gotten any.
    Please is it disadvantageous for an uncle resident in US to sponsor an F1 sponsor?
    Or is it better to have an uncle in the same country to be a sponsor.
    Please i want to know the pros and cons.

  2. In case your relative who is working on H1B visa wishes to sponsor you, then will the VO will be convinced to grant you the Visa?

  3. good day!

    I have this query about a financial support. We have this so closed familr friend to us , an almost closely relative to us. He offer and willing to finance everything for my study in US. Do i need to show a bank statement from myself though my sponsor has enough money to finance for my study…please reply… thank you in advance and have a good day

  4. when i apeared for the first interview my uncle leaving in the US sponsors me and the vo told me that my financial support is not good enough and rejected me. now my sponsor is going to be a friend of my uncle, ha has a good money in his account. will it have any problem for my second interview? And if i'm asked about relatives in the us should i have to tell the vo that i have an uncle there?

  5. what if my brother in-law who is already sponsoring his brother is the one that will be sponsoring my education in the US, will it affect my not getting the visa?

  6. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I want to apply my USA student visa in near feature.Please replay me, my 1st cousin living in New York and driving a Taxi. Can he sponsor me for study in USA.

  7. Hello,

    I am nischal from India. I applied for f1 visa 2 weeks ago and got rejected. The VO told that the amount mentioned in the I20 was big and my parents could not afford. I have a scholarship amount of $6242 and my I-20 mentions that i need to pay $15740 per year(tuition + liivng). Just 3 days before the interview I had also received a scholarship letter from the university which worth $6000 for this year. So, the total amount I need to pay becomes $9740 for this year. I showed the scholarship letter to the VO but still he said insufficient. (I had with me: My dad bank balance 20 lakhs + mother 8 lakhs+ 3 lakhs dad’s provident fund and i had shown the income source of $32000 per year).

    Could you please suggest me what to do?

  8. Please I have a US sponsor and he is aware of the I-134,please apart from taking his bank details to the US embassy in Nigeria,do I need any bank statement from Nigeria as I am working currently.I applied for Masters program in US?

  9. I have got my I-20 from University of Nebraska, Lincoln for PhD Chemistry, where it is clearly shown that my stipend for the first year is much greater than the living expenses for a year. Do i still need to show the visa officer , proof of financial support? Is it possible that my visa could be rejected if i don't show?

  10. How can I show my sponsorship letter in front of visa officer? will he ask himself or I will have to show it my self at the time of interview?


  12. Hi,
    My parents are in UAE and my uncle who will be my sponsor is also in UAE,
    Should i follow the same affidavit or is there any other format and procedure for that.


  13. Bank Statement ( Print out of recent transactions + letter from bank)

    Would it be sufficient to take the printout of the recent transactions? In that case how long should be the duration of the statement printout?
    -Last 30 days?? or Last 60 days??

    What about the letter from bank? What should it specify?? Balance?

    1. Yes, you can printout 60 to 90 days of recent transactions. Banks will have standard letter template for Immigration purposes and it will list average balance for last 3 to 12 months.

  14. Hi,

    I went for F1 visa interview on 24th May in UAE,and they rejected me by saying that I dont have enough funds but my maternal uncle had shown business accounts as he is a successful business living in the states for almost 18 yrs and the average bal for 12 months on each account was 30 k above(4 accounts)
    Can you please tell me how to overcome this issue as I would be going again for interview,it is for my undergrads.
    I would appreciate your reply on this.


  15. Hello,

    Even my brother is sponsoring my education but he is residing in Australia. What should be the procedure in that case?

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