F1 Visa Interview Experiences

F1 Visa Appointment Experience – Without GRE and TOEFL

Ankit posted his F1 Visa interview experience for MBA in Marketing. Looks like he was given admission without GRE and TOEFL.

Generally speaking F1 Visa Appointment seems to be an adventure to many of you. If you prepare well for the appointment and know what to expect, your interview will not be an adventure.  There could be several reasons for F1 visa was rejection  for Ankit, but Private university (non-prestigious or renowned) without GRE and TOEFL, its always risky.

F1 Visa Appointment

hi i got rejected under section (214b).  My interview is like that

Vo: which un u r going to apply
Me: sulliven uno

Vo: which corse r u going to apply
Me: mba in marketing

Vo: why specified university
Me: sulliven is the kantqys largest privet university ,the mba program they offer is well renoved , they offer modern facility and advance technology with good infraction , they provide real experience rather than just theoretical knowledge

Vo: show me u r gre/toffel scorecards
Me: I am not given gre or toffel because I gave online aptitude exam conducted by sulliven un and telephonic round by mr. mike king who is admonition coordinator over their, and on the basses of this thing they have given me exception from writing gre or toffel

I don’t know what happen she reject me even she didn’t ask me about my financial doc. help me my next f1 visa appointment date is 13 dec.

Why Visa was Rejected

Visa could have been rejected due to following reasons

  • No GRE Score
  • No TOEFL Score
  • Several mistakes in your experience you have posted. If your interview was exactly the same, then you need to improve your English.
  • Without GRE and TOEFL, show you are trying to take short cut, eventhough university doesn’t require them for admit.

I would suggest you read all the F1 Visa Interview Experience and learn from the mistakes and also understand how students who got visa answered similar questions.

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  1. Hello;

    I’m student in Master1 Engineering Electrical and industrial computing, i have contacte a university in U.S.A and i have explain them that my english is not good than i dont have the TOFEL test, and i want to complete my study in U.S.A.
    They are answer me to must be apply for learn english in Language and Culture Institute.
    I have some question please to respond me for it:

    1- I want to apply to get visa F-1 for to study english in this university: can i apply for to get my visa F-1 without test TOFEL ?

    2- How must be i do my interview ? in english or my native language ?

    3-can iprovide a financial certification in (Euro) ?

    Please to respond me for my question, because i need to know all this and you can to explain me more for it

    Many Thank’s

  2. Hi All,

    I have applied for my MA in Communication Studies to unis in the US. I have been admitted into Arizona State Uni. The course did not require me to give GRE . My TOEFL score is 112 IBT. Can anyone tell me what my chances are of getting a F1 visa please….


  3. Hi to all,
    I am one of reader of this blog since decided to pursue my MS,now its my turn!!!

    I am in big trouble now, I got I20 from National university(GRE score not required) ,But my GRE score -276 and took IELTS -6(overall).I am a may 2011 passedout(69.38%,# Backlogs),since then i searched for JOb but I couldn’t stick into any(JOB),these way 3 months passed from june to september,then i decided to do MS in US and gave GRE(urgently without prep more than 10 days) and applied 5 Universities for spring,most of universities which applied by defermented my appl to fall because of late recieving of my scores,so I chose that univ among others .Now, My visa interview is on 3rd JANUARY-2012,I m From chennai and chose chennai consulate for my interview

    Now my question is,
    1,Will they asked about my gap during june to sept?then wat shud i say? please help me out to get rid of this question
    2.In my I20 states that “NO GRE REQD”,will it make any pblm in my interview?
    3.I took ielts instead of toefl(there is no available dates to appear at my time,will it be the question?
    4. General FAQ- why ur GRE score is low(plz help me for tz too)
    I am really afraid because of this dillemmas,please help me out dudes,
    please reply all dudes and HSB.

  4. Never heard of this university, and google didn’t help me much. I got an online university in Kentucky….Says alot…

  5. i have recently wrote my toefl exam.score is yet to come.i want to take healthcare and environment in united states of america. i completed my b.pharmacy . can i apply for this course? is there any problem during visa.

  6. hiiiiiiiii this is chandu…..

    i would like to ask u some qusetions…. i had taken my gre exam on jan 2011 but i had got less score i mean i got 710 marks… sooo me went for second attempted but me got less score… soooo that me lived gre and prepared for toefl then i got 95marks in toefl…. soooo that is there any problem in visa stamping depending on this score… what type of questions they ask…??? im planing to for us only on the bases of toefl score…. if they may ask y didnt u went gre then what i want ans for such qusetions…??? is universities expect only toefl score…??? pls kindly sugges me… what i want do…???

  7. hiiiiiiiii this is chandu…..

    i would like to ask u some qusetions…. i had taken my gre exam on jan 2011 but i had got less score i mean i got 710 marks… sooo me went for second attempted but me got less score… soooo that me lived gre and prepared for toefl then i got 95marks in toefl…. soooo that is there any problem in visa stamping depending on this score… what type of questions they ask…??? im planing to for us only on the bases of toefl score…. if they may ask y didnt u went gre then what i want ans for such qusetions…??? is universities expect only toefl score…??? pls kindly sugges me… what i want do…???

  8. During spring intake i was rejected twice on the basis of
    214b section at hyderabad. Can i re apply again for visa. Please
    help with possible answers.

  9. I had my interview at Mumbai consulate on 16th Dec 2010 and got rejected plz help me. The VO asked me just three questions

    Me: Good Morning sir,

    VO: Good Morning

    VO: Why USA?

    Me: answered

    VO: Why the specific University?

    Me: It provides higher quality education and practical training……… Also my brother stays there so I can stay with him

    VO: what you will do after completing MS?

    Me: I will work for a US company for a year and then come back to india

    He said sorry i cant approve your visa this time and gave me 214(b) and said you can try again. Please help me what should i answer if he again ask me what after MS?

    1. Your answers were suicidal and unforgivable. A question like what you will do after completing MS? was poorly answered. if i were you my response would have been that after completing MS i intend to do OPT for a year to gain more practical experience after which intend coming back home to take advantages in my countries. your response created the notion of a potential immigrant rather than someone wanting to acquire knowledge. secondly, why the specific university? you could have extoll the virtues of the university by saying that they have a well established and distinguished faculty, very good research laboratories as well as the flexibility of the courses and again the courses curriculum suit your academic aspiration. better luck next time

  10. i got reject again this time she asked me 10 questions and i got same answer should i try for third or try for uk or any other option because aniway i loss my 6 manths .i am totaly blank i dont no what to do

  11. SS is 100% right…. Yes, forget about F-1 visa from this university; never go to universities which offer you i20 without TOEFL and GRE. They need money. You finished 3years degree and applying for MBA right ? unless you have good scored in TOEFL you cont get i20 from good college/university.

  12. hi

    my visa was rejected on dec 1st and again i kept the visa appoiment on dec 28th .i heard that i is the ending moment for visa .what is the present status now .any one getting F-1 visa now??

    plz reply

  13. i got 67 in toefl , is this score worth accepted by the universities? is there any to help me , im planning to book visa slot for dec 25th, as i have already explained my situation i have completed Bsc (microbiology) and have 2 years of work experience as a lecturer in the microbiology subject and i got i-20 from silicon valley university for mba in health care management programme . what are the things that i should bear in ma head preparing for visa? what should be my strategy for getting visa for my mba programme?

  14. Hey Ankit,

    Which consulate did you go to? In Hyderabad, there is one lady named Nancy and I heard she is born to reject visas.

    I have my visa on Monday, 06th Dec,2010

    Just keeping my fingers crossed..



  15. thanks every one i know english is my problam But my dad give me only two year and after that I have to handle his business

    I can give answer's with some preparation so tell me what should I do I have 10 days so please …….

  16. Since your next appointment is on Dec 13, you cannot change your university nor give GRE n TOEFL. So what i suggest you is to be confident. What i find wrong with yor interview is the answer to the third question…why this university?…you should be able to explain them clearly how this course or university is helping you to reach your goals. For ex: If you have exp in your family business…you can say that the course at this university matches my skills and career goals etc…

    Coming to next question GRE & TOEFL?

    Guys i dont advice anyone to attend with out GRE & TOEFL but if you have not given them for some reason…you can answer in this way…since i have gud grades in academics and 16 years of education in English medium and also specify experience (if any)…i was clearly meeting admission requirements of the university. Also remember that u have to be very confident and fluent while answering. I suggest you to prepare well and improve your english too…

    All The Best!!!

    1. Nice to see that you are coming up with some solution atleast.. Aniket posted his interview details here so that we can help him, and by sharing his experience he has also helped us.

      So, Aniket make sure you come with some clear answers.. Make some research about Sullivan and tell how it fits you. Every student cannot go to the best schools in US. The thing is you have to speak with utmost confidence..

  17. i have got an i20 from silican valley university for mba programme , as i heard of it is a small university and there is doubt of getting visa approved. Help me my educational profile, i have done Bsc(microbiology) and have 2 yrs of work experience as a lecturer , do i get visa for mba with this educational profile? help me out , i will be very thankful. Anyone knowing any information with such kind of education profile applying for usa may pass ur mobile num………………….

  18. I would say to this person… forget about F-1 visa from this university. This university is probably cheating you, it will probably milk you for your money and there is little chance you will get a job after graduating from this place.

    Think about it: they don't ask for any documents in admission process…no GRE.. no TOEFL. They just do some telephone interview and accept you. Do you realise this means they have almost no standards at all?

    This is almost like the email from the Nigerian Prince who is ready to transfer millions of dollars into your account. Treat this university as spam and move on.

    1. This is a situation in which I will say USCIS is being your friend. No, USCIS is not a sadistic organisation whose purpose is to torture people who wish to come to the United States. One of the purposes of the USCIS is also to protect prospective immigrants like you from being cheated and swindled in a foreign land. The USCIS officer easily understood that this university will probably cheat you and saved you from losing your money and valuable years of your life.

      Of course, USCIS, like any government body, is hopelessly hard headed and inefficient, but one thing you can be sure is that USCIS has nothing to gain by cheating you.

    2. SS , I was reading through your advice and was enjoying it until your last paragraph where you pointed a finger at my country Nigeria.

      Yes some of my country people involves in scam activities,are you telling me nothing like that happens in your's? Is your country without scam? crimes ? Huge fraud activities? Is your own country free of all of this? Tell me.

  19. Hey i took Ielts back in 2009. ANd im going to apply with Ielts score-7 bands .GRE 1170

    Would it bother them if i took IELTS Instead of toefl???

    1. Hey MAC , to me, it really depends , on the requirements of the school. If they told you they do accept ielts for the program you are going for, then you need not worry at all.If the VO check sonline to see the requirments of the school for the program you are going for,he will see it himself.So if he asks you, why ielts and not toefl which is more recognized in the USA, You just say, the program specifically said ielts is acceptable and your band score is greater than what they requested for,so you are in good standing.

      1. Woh !!!!!!Thanks a lot ………i was confused cuz im from India and majority of people use toefl score for US. I got admitted in VCU(virginia common. univ and Arkansas State Univ only applied in 2)with my IELTS score(again 7). My visa interview is on 14th jul hope to get it.thanks for the info!!!!

  20. Even I didn't have TOEFL score, but I got F1 visa. I guess, the problem is not with not having a toefl score, but his english fluency.

  21. Poor English is the reason. Nothing else. How can the VO will let this guy in her country for "MBA course" with such bad English?

  22. lol!!

    this guy will experience the same on 13 dec.

    really poor english

    no GRE

    no Toefl

    AND his answers to the VO seems to me like he had studied like a school student while preparing to the interview(byhearted)

    1. dude, you seriously didn’t speak in this way….did you??

      well, then u better trash your dream of mba and get enrolled in some classes to learn spoken english first……surely people will think twice before giving you ‘admonition’ anywhere…lol!!

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