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F1 Visa Tips – Confidence and Persuasion Are Key Skills to Your Success

> Following F1 Visa Tips and Experience was  was shared by Sidharth.

  • GRE: 306 TOEFL: 102 B.Tech: 63.05% (2011)
  • Hyderabad Consulate

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F1 Visa Interview in Hyderabad

Me: Good Morning mam, how are you doing today?

VO: Good Morning, I am doing fine how about you?
Me: I am doing good mam, thanks for asking.
VO: Please pass your documents.

Started looking the documents

Me: I chose UMBC because of the Active research that is being conducted in my area of interest.I intend to specialize in Machine learning and Data Mining.

VO: When did you graduate?
Me: In 2011

VO: What were you doing from then?
Me: I took a break of 3 months and went to stay with my father in Delhi. After coming back from past xyz months i am Working as XYZ in ZZZ Company.

VO: Where does your Father stay?
Me: Delhi mam.

VO: Do u have backlogs??
Me: Told.

Paused the interview for a while and started to speak with her colleague, She didn’t know about UMBC so she was asking her colleague about UMBC.

VO: what are the other universities you applied for and why did you choose them?
Me: University of North Texas, Georgia state university, University of Maryland Baltimore County, Florida Atlantic University, Mississippi State University and Wright State University, because of the Active research in my area of interest.

VO: What does your father do?
Me: Told

VO: What is his annual income?

VO: Then how are you going to fund your education as it is very expensive?
Me: Mam, we have family savings of around XYZ and I have also applied for educational loan of xyz in SBI. So, it would be more than enough for my education.

VO: How much did you score in GRE and TOEFL?
Me: I scored 306 in GRE and 102 in TOEFL mam.

VO: Please pass your Score Cards.
After looking at the score card, she saw that I reported my score to West Virginia and UNCC.

VO: did you apply for these universities also?
Me: No mam, I didn’t apply for those universities.

VO: why not? They are good universities.
Me: As I told you mam, I was looking for universities with active research in my area of interest and I choose universities which are suitable for my profile.
VO: ok! But Why UMBC?

At this point of time I felt that she didn’t knew UMBC is a good school

Me: Mam, our schools I named thrice as the #1 up and coming national university by us news and world report. More over the CS department of UMBC is very good, and it is ranked 72 by US news.

VO: Oh, 72?
Me: yes mam, the research activity in UMBC is good and their faculty has outstanding reputation.

VO: ok! So, do you have any brother or sister?
Me: No mam. (Though I have a sister in Texas)

VO: What will you do after graduation?
Me: I would like to work for 1 year during my OPT before I return back to my country.

VO: Please pass your Undergrad certificates.
Gave them to her

VO: so, what is your aggregate?
Me: Told.

VO: Ok I am issuing your visa; you will receive it in a week.
Me: Thank you mam, Have a great day.

F1 Visa Tips

So, I believe if we confidently pursue the VO and convince him then we can easily succeed in the interview.


Awesome F1 Visa interview experience.

You have given an very important F1 Visa Tips – Confidence and Persuasion.

If  a student appearing for is not confident, then its tough to get visa.

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  1. ” VO: ok! So, do you have any brother or sister?
    Me: No mam. (Though I have a sister in Texas) ”

    Is it safe not to mention about your sibling in US in ds160 form and in Visa interview ?
    I have a sister working in US ,so will it be a problem if i mention the real fact ?

    HSB and HSB readers Please answer the above question and help me !

  2. I have studied Certificate and Advance diploma in Land Surveying and Mapping in my country Ghana.

    I have applied to only one university in the USA, thus East Tennessee State University. Additionally, my admission has been approved, my I-20 sent to me and am preparing to book for my Visa Interview.

    By way of asking, I would like to know if:
    1. My chances of getting the Visa are bright with the University I have Chosen above?
    2. The fact that I applied to only one university can pose a threat

    Thank you.

  3. She was surprised to know that you are saying the school to be ‘very good’ when it is ranked 72 !!

  4. why did he have to lie to the interviewer??m curious since i have my own sister in texas and i am from hyderabad tooo!!

  5. hi

    you forget to mention, -> Confidence and Persuasion + Lying(your sister is in US)

    Anyway, congrats and good luck

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