F1 Visa Interview Experiences

F-1 Visa for Masters in Kinesiology After a Long Interview

> Following post was shared by Abhinav Mahajan

  • University Selected– Northern Michigan University, Marquette,MI.
  • Course- MS. Exercise Science & Kinesiology.

Friends my interview was on 20th june,2012 at Mumbai embassy at 07.45am.

Here is my journey to US visa started-

I reached embassy at around 7.30 am and there was a long queue there on the road outside embassy and it was raining, I was completely wet and trying to preserve my documents.

Then Security people called everyone inside, done with security check, passport token collection and finger print. My token number was N435. Interview at 24 number counter, it was a middle aged American lady.

Finally my token number displayed on screen at around 9.35am at counter no.24.

Here is the start—–@9.46 am

VO.-Hello Good Morning!
Me- Good Morning Mam.

Vo- Pass me your documents please.
Me- Passed only passport and I-20.

VO- Looked at I-20 & said ok…..

VO- What you are going to do in this program kinesiology?
Me- Explained her everything about course, its structure and content.

VO- ok ok sounds good.

VO- How you are going to fund your studies?
Me- Mam I have a liquid funds worth INR x,y,z & I have a bank loan also worth INR x,y,z.

VO- What are your parents?
Me- My father is a retired bank official and mother is a housewife.

VO- So whats your fees?
Me- Mam its 21,000$ a year.

VO- Looked at the I-20, ok so its gona to be a 42000$ for 2 years right?
Me- Yes mam.

VO- You are working also it seems?
Me- Yes Mam, I am working as a resident Physiotherapist since 2.5 years in Pune.

VO- oh okie?

VO- What are your clients in job?
Me- I answered accordingly.

VO- Why you want to leave your job and study?
Me- Mam I am working since 2.5 years and it feel that my UG degree in PT is just a basic learning about patient Rx and Clinical skills, but now in order to take much compititive role in the health care society and to become a masters in my field, I really need a masters degree and according to me US is the only country which can provide me world class degree in PT and also…………

VO- Interupted me and told me whats your monthly income?
Me- XYZ.

VO- Typed something in computer……

VO- Is this your only top class university?
Me- pardon Mam.

VO- Is this your only top university, u r not me???
Me- I applied to California Baptist Univ also but I prefers this univ because[Explained everything about university]

VO- Oh good, u read a lot about univ.
Me- Thnx mam.

VO- What you are going to do after masters?
Me- Explained everything about my plans.

VO- Hold my passport in her hand and type something in computer with very tensed expressions and the wait for some time.

VO- Returned me my I 20 from the window.

Me- What happened mam? Any problem with I-20.
VO- No Mr. Mahajan, I granted you visa for 5 years, make your travel plans soon.[@ 10.3am]

Me- Thanks a lot mam!
VO- Your Welcome, I cant really deny it for you, Good luck.
Me- Many thanks to you.

Friends what I observe from my interview is they only judge your confidence, way of answering and your knowledge about University, course etc, nothing else.

I have only 84 score in TOEFL and no GRE but my GPA is 3.81.
She has not even seen a single document of mine.

And before me she has rejected 3 visas of the persons who are in queue before me.

Thanks to God and HSB.

If any1 else going to same university, please let me know.

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  1. Hello Abhinav Sir,I’m very happy to see you after such a long time. I’m one of your junior at Laxmi from 2006 batch. I have made applications for few universities. got admitt in one. waiting for the admission to be done in other universities. I have choose the same program. And expecting to appear for interview in first week of july. My profile is TOEFL-93 GRE-290 Agrregate percentage in BPT-67.49 with 2 backlogs. i have been working as a physiotherapist for 1 year. Your inputs on preparing for visa interview will be most beneficial.

  2. hello sir .i want to pursue masters in kinesiology .in us .i am yet to give my gre and tofel this month .sir can u tell me as i came to know that the license rules for NY changed recently which was the only state where we could apply directly with bachelors degree .sir for which other states will our credentials suit wth less extra courses to be done ??eagerly waiting for ur reply

    1. Hello Manmeet!
      Well, we can apply for any state in the USA other than NY, as it requires MPT W.E.F 17th August,2012. But all other states do requires credits to complete. And every state requires atleast 60 general credits, however some requires more than that,e.g- MI requires 63 and Albama requires 65 and so on.

  3. Hello Suchita!
    Its not really mandatory to give GRE,if your GPA is >3.5 then in the visa interview you have the answer like I have my GPA >3.5, so university has waived gre for me.
    Moreover, there are so many universities in USA which can really give you admission without gre also.

  4. Hiiii,
    I got my VISA approved for M.S. IN KINESIOLOGY course at SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY on 23rd july 2012 … I have actually postponed my VISA date from 13th july to 23rd july. I hope there is no end for fall admission interviews…
    All the best physios….


  5. Abhinav Mahajan Sir,
    I was denied visa for DPT program in Loma Linda University. I have a TOEFL score between 100 to 110 and no GRE. The VO was confused between DPT and PHD. I explained the difference. She also seemed unhappy with the current break in my experience. (I quit my job sometime ago and dint join anywhere as i was going for higher studies)
    I had applied only to LLU… And I was asked why LLU, why only LLU? I explained everything quite well and was confident till the end, when she reached out for the 214(b) slip and returned my PP. I was told “under US Immigration laws you don’t qualify for a student visa”.

    I was not asked about plans after coming back, how I am financing my education etc. I was so shocked after the denial that I dint even ask her the reason. She told that it is mentioned in the slip she gave me. she had ticked the place which said that i haven’t shown intentions of returning to India after my studies. But how can she come to such a wrong conclusion?
    I am planning for my interview again in the coming weeks. I am putting all my trust on God and going for it again.

    Would you have any advice for me sir?

  6. @raghavendra I have read an article on HSB itself that one fellow got visa after 4 rejections , so I guess dun give up n carry on for next attempt .

  7. Hi Guys Happy to see so many ppl with same field of masters.I got confidence for next intake or so . I got rejected 2 times (6 June – 13 July) for Masters in Kinesiology with exercise science at University of Central Missouri. Confused don’t know to apply again or apply for next intake.Help. My profile 61.8%,4 backlogs,289 gre,87 toefl,1.5 year expericence.

    1. Better you apply to either NZ or Canada.
      If you are interesting to apply any1 of NZ or Canada, let me know I have done a lot of research on universities and colleges on canada regarding courses and all for physios only.
      However,Australia is also a good but if u can afford, because its expensive.

      1. sir my visa has been rejected twice for dpt in llu….i want to pursue any masters course from canada..MPT OR MPH ,MSC KINESILOGY…..am i eligible for canada physio licence with bpt degree…..your response wl b helpful

        1. I am so sorry, but you are not eligible for both of tracks, i.e you are not eligible to do masters in canada after bpt and neither you are eligible for a licence.
          well for a licence in canada u need to give a license exam, and our bpt is not at par with license eligibility.
          for more details give me your e mail id i will send you attach details
          But good option is you can do a diploma in either kinesiology or exercise science in canada, its easy to get addmission in that, and its cheap also, 2years duration.

  8. hello,
    its good to hear a interview from a PHYSIO as I was searching such articles from long .
    Mahajan sir even I do have interview on 20 July and earlier had on 19 June .
    I got rejected under most common reason .
    I am a physio., applying for doctarate of physical therapy programme.

    after reading ur post I got lil higher level of confidence .

    1. Rahul, I suggest you to apply again to any USA university for such program kinesiology or exercise science and stand for an interview.
      Best for luck for future!

        1. vo knows that after bachelors , masters is the preferrable degree to complete instead of jumping directly to DPT/PHD.
          Untill or unless you have rich experience after bpt, dont try to go for DPT, although university gives you admission but VO knows that you are not intentionally going exclusively for studies.
          So, its better to go for masters instead of PHD direct.
          Choice is purely yours, but my 4 friend’s DPT visas got rejected and to one of them at Delhi consulate VO told him” do you think, you fits best and potential for DPT degree at this time, umm, i means directly after bachelors”??
          He explained his supporting reasons and then VO again rerplied-
          “ok tell me whether in India, do your school, allows you to go for
          phd after bachelors”
          He started explained, but VO at the same time interrupts him and told “anyways, sorry u r not a potential guy for F1 visa,so I cant grant you visa for USA”.

  9. there should be an edit button on this site. Anyway, I meant to ask NAVYA if the F1 interview he is attending on July 13th is for the fall admission. and when does interviews for fall admission end in 2012?

  10. Hello,,

    I am going for the same course for SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY , CARBONDALE.
    Congratulations and have a bright career ahead..

    My VISA is on 13th july…

    hope the best…


    1. Ok navya!
      Good Luck and read as much as possible for your university and course content, structure.
      She confessed me a lot like- “Its a good scope of PT there,so why you want to come back??
      I answered accordingly, but she was pressurising on me to stay there, but I maintain my confidence on ‘NO’.
      So u also>
      If any help requires,email me.

    2. Abhinav Mahajan’s master program is unique and is persued by people who happen to be passionate about a particular field of work and I respect him for that. If I was the VO, I will just give you 5-10 years visa soon as I notice you are going to the US to read THAT kind of program. Goodluck and study smart, not necessary hard.
      By the way NAVYA, is your visa interview for the fall admission? When does F1 visa interview for Fall admission end? Got any idea? HSB can you help?

      1. Thanks a lot Adolf!
        Even VO at the last told me that “oh I cant deny visa”.
        That time even I realized that right program and right University matters a lot.

    3. Hello Navya!
      What about your visa, Hope you got it!
      Let me know whether it is approved or rejected.

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