F1 Student Visa Approval – MS Pharmaceutics and Drug Design

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Hello everyone, I am Gaurav Sharma from Agra and I got My Visa today.

I am highly thankful to HSB for my success

  • Univ: Idaho State University (MS Pharmaceutics and Drug Design)
  • GRE: 1290
  • TOEFL: 96.
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy: 70 %

Good things in my profile:

Have 12 research papers, 10 International Conference, 8 Poster Presentation, 1 yr teaching experience, 3 industrial training and many more.

Folly of my profile: got offer from only 1 univ., univ. ranking is not very good, visa denial 20 days before.

F! Visa Interview –

Me: Good morning sir. How are you (with a smile)
VO: good morning
Passed the documents

Me: USA is a leading country for the latest pharmaceutical research and I want to learn those techniques.

VO: Which course
Me: MS in Pharmaceutics and drug design

VO: Schools you have applied
Me: Idaho state univ, Virginia commonwealth univ, texas tech univ.

VO: How many admits
Me: Only form Idaho

VO: Why only these univ.
Me: Because the research which I have done in my bachelor of Pharmacy parallels to the research being done at Idaho State University.

VO: What research
Me: To increase the solubility of drug.

VO: What you were doing previously
Me: For 10 months I was a lecturer of pharmacueutics and for 1 months I did training at NJIL, Agra

VO: You are from
Me: Agra, Near Taj Mehal

VO: What you will do after MS
Me: I’ll go for PhD. I will return back to India and do PhD under my father

VO: What is your father?
Me: He is a scientist. Senior scientist. At agra

VO: In which journals your publication have been published
Me: Told some journals names

VO: Do you have copies of your publication
Me: No. but I have list of publication. (he didn’t asked for it but a gave it to him)
He checked them on internet

VO: Why you don’t want to take admission in India
Me: Because USA is the leading country for Pharmaceutical research and wants to learn those techniques.

VO: Your visa has been approved and you will get your passport in 7 days.
I don’t know what to say

Me: Thank you sir
VO: Ok Bye bye

I am highly thankful to HSB. It is because of HSB I got my visa. I was thinking that instead of spending thousands of money on counselor I should have given it to HSB.

HSB please give me your account no. I will transfer the money.

  • F1 Visa Rejected – Biotechnology – Spring 2012 (Rejected)

Key of visa is Confidence (yes other documents are also required but most important is your personality)

Practice for the test by yourself at least 20 times and your job is done.

Shopping time  🙂

USA – Student  F1 Visa Interview Experiences


  1. shuvo on July 16, 2012 at 8:40 AM

    wow , nice to see you interview session. basically interview session is very easy part , if you have basic sense .
    i would like to give suggestion for upcoming interview session. be relaxed and try to realized actual fact of you subject and information which country is your destiny

  2. AKB on July 14, 2012 at 9:25 AM

    Hmm., whr did u finish your bachelors? If I’m lucky I Will c y soon in pocatello.

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