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F1 Visa Interview For PhD – Fall 2013

f1 interview bachelorsExperience – F1 Visa Interview for PhD in USA (Fall 2013)

I had my offsite interview on 10th of May 2013. On 22 May 2013 I had my visa interview appointment for 8 AM at Delhi Consulate.

I reached around 7:30 AM and all the people waiting for 8AM appointment were allowed to go inside around 7:40 AM.

After the checking procedure and waiting, I soon had my turn to go inside the main office where interviews were being conducted. My right hand finger prints were taken again.

After a minute I was standing in the queue at counter no 13 for the interview. Everything was happening so quickly I had no time to be nervous.

Moreover I kept saying to myself that whatever he will ask I will be honest, so I shouldn’t worry. I could listen to the answers of two applicants (before me) when they were having their interviews. They both were accepted.

Then came my turn and it was unbelievably short!!! I had read almost all F1 Visa interviews on Happy Schools Blog to be prepared for any kind of F1 Visa interview for PhD questions.

F1 Visa Interview for PhD

Me: Good morning Sir, How are you? (I handed my passport and required documents to him)
VO: Good Morning I am good. So, which school are you going to and which program?
Me: I am going to pursue PhD program in **** from University ****.

VO: Ok, Did you receive assistantship from any other university apart from this?
Me: No, I had applied in 5 and got admit from 1.

VO: this one?
Me: Yes

VO: where did you last graduate from?
Me: I did my bachelors in *** from ***, Delhi.

VO: So, how do you intend to cover your other expenses apart form scholarship?
Me: My parents are having regular and permanent job at *** so sponsoring will not be a problem just in case I dont receive a scholarship.
VO: Ok great.

He was then typing something in the computer and handed me 2 cards and asked have you ever checked these websites? If not, just have a look at them, they ll be useful

On the card was of USIEF and the other having website links to US Embassy. This particular card had a print on the other side mentioning ‘Your visa has been accepted’.

I had not read that. So, I was still standing at the counter expecting some more questions atleast something like ‘Why USA/ Why this university?’
He then looked at me with a look ‘still standing here!’ and then said…”ok, Good Luck!”

It was then I realized that he has kept my passport and even said Good Luck…So yes its time to be happy now.  I thanked him and left.

I was so surprised there were so less questions and he didn’t ask me/see my gre/toefl grades. Nothing except the essential ones-Passport, DS 160 and SEVIS.


Congrats on your F1 visa interview for PhD. It would have been useful, if you could have listed the name of the university.

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  1. Dear sir,
    I want to study in abroad (USA) for PhD in Pharmaceutical science.I have no GRE score.can I do…? if I can do then plz tell me detail about this by mail.

    Thanks & Regards

  2. What exactly does your scholarship concern? Did you get any tuition fee waiver + stipend? In case of getting a tuition waiver and a reasonable stipend, would the ask about finance related info?

  3. More and more people who post information here are leaving out crucial bits of information that would be useful to the candidates who browse this website for guidance. The name of the university where you have gained admission, the program, the college and the major subject you studied in India, the cost of education at this particular university, your parents’ job titles, the bank from where you got a loan (if you have taken a loan) and so on. These are not particularly sensitive or private information. I don’t know why people are so reluctant to post these.

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