F1 Visa Interview For PhD – Fall 2013

f1 interview bachelorsExperience – F1 Visa Interview for PhD in USA (Fall 2013)

I had my offsite interview on 10th of May 2013. On 22 May 2013 I had my visa interview appointment for 8 AM at Delhi Consulate.

I reached around 7:30 AM and all the people waiting for 8AM appointment were allowed to go inside around 7:40 AM.

After the checking procedure and waiting, I soon had my turn to go inside the main office where interviews were being conducted. My right hand finger prints were taken again.

After a minute I was standing in the queue at counter no 13 for the interview. Everything was happening so quickly I had no time to be nervous.

Moreover I kept saying to myself that whatever he will ask I will be honest, so I shouldn’t worry. I could listen to the answers of two applicants (before me) when they were having their interviews. They both were accepted.

Then came my turn and it was unbelievably short!!! I had read almost all F1 Visa interviews on Happy Schools Blog to be prepared for any kind of F1 Visa interview for PhD questions.

F1 Visa Interview for PhD

Me: Good morning Sir, How are you? (I handed my passport and required documents to him)
VO: Good Morning I am good. So, which school are you going to and which program?
Me: I am going to pursue PhD program in **** from University ****.

VO: Ok, Did you receive assistantship from any other university apart from this?
Me: No, I had applied in 5 and got admit from 1.

VO: this one?
Me: Yes

VO: where did you last graduate from?
Me: I did my bachelors in *** from ***, Delhi.

VO: So, how do you intend to cover your other expenses apart form scholarship?
Me: My parents are having regular and permanent job at *** so sponsoring will not be a problem just in case I dont receive a scholarship.
VO: Ok great.

He was then typing something in the computer and handed me 2 cards and asked have you ever checked these websites? If not, just have a look at them, they ll be useful

On the card was of USIEF and the other having website links to US Embassy. This particular card had a print on the other side mentioning ‘Your visa has been accepted’.

I had not read that. So, I was still standing at the counter expecting some more questions atleast something like ‘Why USA/ Why this university?’
He then looked at me with a look ‘still standing here!’ and then said…”ok, Good Luck!”

It was then I realized that he has kept my passport and even said Good Luck…So yes its time to be happy now.  I thanked him and left.

I was so surprised there were so less questions and he didn’t ask me/see my gre/toefl grades. Nothing except the essential ones-Passport, DS 160 and SEVIS.


Congrats on your F1 visa interview for PhD. It would have been useful, if you could have listed the name of the university.