F1 Visa Interview Experiences

F1 Visa Approved in Canada Without GRE Score

US department of StateSometimes students take a different route to study in the USA.

This students went from India to Canada and then to the USA to study Masters Degree.

Bachelors Degree in India

Diploma in Canada (quit half way)

Masters Degree in California.

Here is the twist with this student’s profile.

There is no GRE Score.

F1 Visa Interview in Canada

I did my bachelors back in India. As my academic profile is too weak.

I decided to go to Canada instead of going to the USA, But my choice is to do masters in the USA once I complete my Diploma in Canada.

I went to Canada to do my diploma course where it is similar to Bachelors degree.

After completing the first semester in Canada, I thought this was not my correct choice and I thought of applying to study in the USA from Canada. This is how my visa interview held.

VO: Good morning

Me: Good morning madam

VO: So, you are moving to California to complete your Diploma?

Me: No madam. I’m going to do my Masters. I already completed my under graduation where this diploma is also at under graduation level and I felt, this is not the right chocie of program for me.

VO: Do you have the transcripts of your bachelors?

Me: Yes, madam and handovered my certificate and looked at it for 10 seconds.

VO: Ok, your F1 Visa is approved and you will receive yourr passport in a week.

Me: Thank you madam. Have a nice day.

VO: You Too.

As I told you, my academic profile is not strong.

I have not taken the GRE Test.

My Bachelor’s Percentage of s 56.7 and 35 backlogs.

My visa got approved.

I think I was able to get the F1 Visa because I made an effort to study in Canada. And I realized that this was not the right choice.

Even though the Visa officer looked at my Transcripts from Bachelors Degree that had backlogs, I believe that my efforts to come to Canada ended up helping me get the F1 Visa to study in the USA.

I’m not sure if I would have got F1 Visa if had directly applied for Masters degree and attended the visa interview from India.

If you have backlogs and if you try this route, would you be able to get F1 Visa?

There is a pretty good chance.

Effort Counts!

You would often hear Visa Officers while rejecting the visa, would ask students to make considerable changes to the profile.

Getting a degree from another country counts as a considerable change.

This F1 Visa interview in Canada is a prime example of a low profile, backlogs ended up in the USA.

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  1. Dear Sir

    I’m looking Phd in Electronics Engg (microelectronics/VLSI). I’ve completed my B.Tech with 68% from UPTU Lucknow and M. Tech from M.M.M. Engg. College Gorkhpur, UP. I have 10 publications in International journals and International and national Conferences. I have applied for vacancied posted online but couldn’t get any confirmation. I tried for TOEFL iBT but scored 76. So I need help.

  2. I need advice I jst finishd my hnd in a polytechnic n got admision in us want t strt alovr my study. my passport reads 28yr old jst got my i20 prepairin for my intrview pls hlp wit likly questions. will appreciate

  3. hi karthik ! congrats ! did you went to canada under SPP scheme ?? and you studied diploma or PG diploma ?

  4. nice post !! superb job by hsb ! i want to ask karthik that how did he got admit in university for masters without gre scores ? i mean does’t gre an requirement for getting admission in masters in usa !!

  5. hello karthik pemmaraju pls do reply to our comments dude here everyone is so much excited ow did you get into that so post your comment in brief manner

  6. Did you actually apply to a US school and get an acceptance before applying for a visa?
    Why do you think the interview went so smoothly and the visa was granted so easily?

    1. We have to be accepted at a US Univ which would issue us an I-20 form before applying for a student’s visa,otherwise we can’t apply. He already answered your 2nd question in the post.

      1. that means before applying to Canada visa we must have the I-20 and then we can get it through easily i mean after going to Canada we can apply for US CONSULATE, but i have one doubt when we are applying for Canada visa we have to pay 75% of institution fees in Canadian universities then how about that money will they refund it or the whole money is gone?

  7. hi Karthik
    I’m curious. why did you want to move to the US where you will have to be facing yet more visa interviews and especially with the economy being what it is. Would it not have been wiser to remain in Canada which in some provinces has special processes for PGs who have completed a year in a school in Canada (eg Ontario has a provincial nominee programme i think) to get permanent residency? And most importantly in many areas Canadian schools are excellent (though i am sure there are not so good schools as well).

    1. hello prakash the reason he is shifting to us because he is not eligible to get masters over in Canada and as i much i know who will leave the golden opportunity when he is getting masters directly without wasting his time in doing the diploma course i guess karthik is from pharmacy if i am not wrong and in Canada there is no much scope as it is in USA

  8. Hi Dear,

    Have you completed your graduation in india and then moved to Canada ?
    Can u brief us about your stream in Diploma?


    1. yeah done with my graduation from b-pharmacy but in Canada i wont get direct masters so after going to canda can i apply for us visa on what bases can i attend could you pls share with me it would be grateful for you

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