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Visa Officer’s Jaw Dropped When I Gave this Answer. I Still Got the F1 Visa.

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Having applied to just one university in USA, F1 visa interview was going to be a challenge. Piyush Garg knew that all along.

He has read hundred’s of Student F1 Visa rejections when they applied to just one university.

After reading the advice from Visa Officer in U.S. Embassy in New Delhi, he know he had work cut out for him to be successful with his visa interview to come to U.S.A.

So, how did he prepare to answer this question “Why did you apply to just one university”?

Before that, you should  read Piyush’s journey to USA – An Awe-Inspiring  Student’s Journey to USA. Emotional and Motivational

In today’s article, he’s sharing his F1 Visa interview Experience ( more or less an adventure ) at U.S. Embassy in New Delhi.

F1 Visa Interview – Applied to One University

Hi folks. I am writing down my Visa experience at U.S.A Delhi Embassy.

  • U.S. Embassy : New Delhi
  • Date : 7th July,2014
  • Time : 08:30 AM

The night before the interview, I was a little nervous. But, I strongly believed that things will fall in place somehow.

My Dad booked a cab for this big day and there I was, standing in front of Delhi Embassy doors at around 7.30 am.

Now, I was standing in a long line with all sorts of people around who were kind of more interested in judging others rather than concentrating on themselves (typical Delhi).

Now after the initial security check we were let into the premises.

Then I waited in a specific seat in the waiting hall.

(  To learn the step-by-step process in Delhi Embassy, read this J1 Visa Experience at New Delhi Embassy )

I was not at all nervous at this point of time as I was very well aware of the fact that “This is not the end of the world! “.

So now, we were called into the main interview area.

I even made a friend on the way who was going to NYU Polytechnic. I was next to him. But, eventually my number came before him and I got a very sweet VO, a lady who was in her late 30’s.

F1 Visa Interview – Questions and Answers

VO: Please come forward!
Me: Hi there, How are you doing?

VO: I’m good, thanks for asking and how are you doing?
Me: I’m doing good.

VO: So, which course are you going for?
Me: I am going to do my masters in Information Quality from University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

VO: Ok! Why this university and this program?
Me: This program is one of a kind and I am very much interested in it. I came to know about this program 3 years back and did my research and found it awesome. Plus this program is built in collaboration with MIT, so it adds to value.

VO: How many universities did you apply in?
Me: Just one!

VO: (Shocked) Why is that?
Me: This program in first place is the reason for me to go for MS and it is exclusively present in just two universities. My university and Marist College, New York. Moreover, my seat was secured in this program, as I am in touch with the HOD of this program for past 3 years and and he advised me on several fronts. One of them was the minimum score to get into it. I scored a decent score and the day I wrote my GRE, I was sure of getting admitted to this course.

VO: (Typing) What do you mean by secured seat?
Me: (I repeated some of the part of my above answer as I thought she didn’t listen to it properly)

VO: (Still typing) Ohh you got scholarship? (amused)
Me: Yes mam, my out of state tuition is waived.

VO: (Her typing speed increased) What your parents do?
Me: Told.

VO: (Golden words) Congrats, you will receive a message when you VISA is ready
Me: Thanks a lot mam, have a nice day.

That feeling was the best feeling one can have.

Moreover, I completed 8 years with my girl friend on the very same day.

This was the best gift I could give to her.

I was on the way back to home in cab. She called me up.

Her phone rang!

I picked it up and told her “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, I got it”.

She started crying because she was very well aware of all the struggle I had to go through for this thing. Everyone got so happy.

And now I am writing this stuff from my university’s library! 1 week in USA. So far so good! voila.


F-1 Visa Approved – Congrats!

That’s how Piyush got his visa to study in USA.

Congrats Piyush.

Amazing Experience right.

His email conversation with Professor got him the admission with scholarship. Can you believe that?

Lessons Learned

When talking to an Visa Officer, try to use terms that are used in American English.

Few Examples :

  • Secured Seat – Admitted
  • 9th Class –  9th Grade
  • HOD – Department Chair

How was your visa interview experience? Do you have any crazy story to share like this?

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  1. That whole girlfriend thing at the end gave me enough cringe for the day, thanks for that!.. and yes also made me think that this could become or is already a snippet out of some Ekta Kapoor soap opera.. :/

  2. Am a police officer in Ghana ,Have been rejected once for a visiting visa..I now have gained admission into two universities in the states one associate certificate in Nursing and the other Juvenal correction ..Have some doubts about the first rejected interview..Should i indicate that i have been rejected before and should give them the reason why i was rejected?I was rejected because of strong ties…Will that affects my new interview am about to schedule…


      1. Hi Sir,

        Please what are some of the questions i should be expecting from them since i am a police officer and am always using firearms as they will like to know if you have any skills concerning the use of firearms?Should i get a leave letter from my office and payslips,Annual income proves or what essentials should i be expecting…Thanks..

  3. Great work champ. I am in UNCC and I came here just 2months back and when I look back, it all appears as a dream. All the best.

  4. Good Job Piyush!

    Just a little add on note, you mention admitted for secured seat, accepted is actually a better word most of the times. “I was confident I will be accepted in the program”

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