F1 Visa Interview Experiences

F1 Visa Interview Experience at US Consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


I have been reading Happy Schools ever since I got my US consulate appointment date for F1 Visa Interview.

And would love to share my F1 Student Visa interview experience in Jeddah- Saudi Arabia

Vo: Hello, Good Morning! How are you? (smiling)
Me: I’m good and what about you? (Smiling)

VO: Ok, So you are going for Masters in Public Health (he already went through my I 20)
Me: Yes

VO: Where do you wanna work after doing Public health program?
Me: I wanna in any public health organization, community clinics, pharma company, red cross

VO: Where did you do your undergrad from?
Me: Hyderabad, India.

VO: Ohhhhh, so since when are you living here?
Me: Ever since I was born, I was born here in Jedediah, went to India for studying and got back here.

VO: Ok, so do you wanna come back to Jedediah or India to work?
Me: Jeddah

VO: Who is sponsoring you?
Me: My father and my uncle

VO: Is your uncle here?
Me: Yes

VO: Can I see his financial documents?
Me: showed

VO: Where does he work?
Me: told  about my uncle.

He typed something for 1 minute and told me congratulations!

You will receive your F1 visa in 1 week.

San Diego is a beautiful city :) Actually he knew I was going for National University, San Diego. (Saw my I 20 but didn’t ask me during my interview)

F1 Visa Interviews in Saudi Arabia

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  1. i do have some backlogs bro ..which i cleared them later..so just wanted to know …whther it is possible to get a study visa or not ? coz usually in india they are rejecting visas which has bcklogs..but as i am residing in jeddah ..i do xpect smething better ..wat do u say bro ?
    thanx in advance.

  2. Hi thanks for your post its really very encouraging.
    I am from India and am working here in Saudi in a uni as proff since 2 years. Should i apply from Delhi or from Saudi?? if saudi then which is better for me Jeddah or Riyadh , both are almost the same distance for me. Do they tell you on the day of interview if your visa is approved or not ? And how much time do they take to return the Visa, I met few saudi friends they told me that it always takes 1 to 1.5 months to get the passport back and they never tell them on the interview date if they will get a visa or not. Please help as I will be applying as soon as i get my I20 this month.. Thanks !!

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