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F1 Visa: Chennai – Rejected Twice; Kolkata – Passport Damaged

F1 Visa is denied three times. Here’s what I would recommend.

  • Chances of getting F1 Student Visa doesn’t change if you change the US consulate.
  • If the visa is rejected, then you have identified the reasons for denial
  • If the above reasons are not addressed, then there is no use in attending visa interview again.

F1 Visa Rejected in Kolkata

I really have a problem  and I do not know how its going to affect. I applied for F1 visa for twice in Chennai consulate and got rejected. So, I took a month gap and reapplied for the visa. This time I could not find a slot in Chennai so booked a slot in Kolkata and where I was rejected again.

The sadest part is that when traveling back to Chennai my passport got damaged.

When I spoke with my consultant she said to go to the passport office and ask for a reissue of a new passport as it is damaged and it cannot be used for the visa interview.

So please help me sir will this reissue of the new passport affect my us visa interview?

If your passport is damaged, then you have to get a new passport.

Looks like you are working with a consultant, ask them for the procedure to reapply to apply for the passport, if not go to nearby passport office and find out the procedure to reapply for the passport.

New Passport and US Visa

Having new passport will not influence your visa chances unless you figure out the reasons for F1 rejection and fix those mistakes.

If in case you were wondering if you can get a visa with a new passport, without mentioning your old passport, you are wrong.

Please, don’t be foolish to think that the new passport will not show your previous rejections!

When the new passport is issued, it will have a not about old passport. Here is the question on DS-160 form!

lost passport ds160 question

And the authorities will know about the old passport.

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  1. Adding to this, if you go to a different consulate after rejection for NO valid reason, you create unwanted suspicion and probably hurt your chances marginally.
    Damaged passports don’t really hurt (unless you are missing pages), lost passports may hurt (how much depends on circumstances).

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