Options – F1 Visa Stamping Delayed – Defer, Transfer, Wait for Next Semester

What would you do if your F1 Visa stamp is delayed due to Administrative Processing?

Perhaps, you got the F1 Visa, but the deadline to report to the camps has come and gone.

That’s what this F1 visa applicant wants to know.

I got my F1 Visa for Spring semester just one weak before after administrative processing under 221g. But, When I got my visa my university reporting time is over and university has differed my admission to next upcoming fall semester as there is no Summer intake in my university.

Could you please advise me can I enter into the US for my Fall intake with the visa that I got now. I am willing to go to the same university for which Visa is issued.

I can think of two possible solutions.

  1. Request for additional time to enter the USA and get a letter
  2. Defer Admission to next semester
  3. Attend different university for Spring Semester and then transfer to your top school

Request Additional Time

Universities will try to accommodate you for delayed start date by up to 14 days.

Some universities, will not encourage delayed arrival on campus by an International student.

I have picked-up students from the Airport while studying in UT Arlington on the day of the Internatio0nal Student Orientation.

You have to ask your University for options. If they can’t accommodate you, then you have no other choice.

F1 Visa Stamped. College Started

  1. Confirm if your admission is deferred.
  2. Get a new I-20 for Fall Semester
  3. You can travel to the same university with existing visa stamping.

Attend Different University

  • You have to understand how to enter the US with the stamp for different school
  • Once you have successfully entered the US, complete one semester, then you can transfer to the other school

If you want to know, how to make this work, please schedule a consulting call and we can discuss in detail.

Till then you can do the following to make your life easier in the USA

You are not going to get to spend so much time with your family for the next few years while in the USA. So, make use of every minute and have fun.