F1 Visa Interview Experiences

F1 Visa Interview – Issued 221(g) at Chennai Consulate

Why me?

What did I do to get 221(g) processing at Chennai Consulate?

VLSI is not part of Technology Alert List.

Any F1 Visa applicant issues Administrative processing goes through similar emotions.

F1 Student Visa Interview – Chennai Consulate

VO: Hey!
Me: Hello!

VO: So, You are going to University of Cincinnati?
Me: Yes.

VO: How many Admits did you get?
Me: 2

VO: Which was the other admit?
Me: UMass Amherst

VO: Oh.. But why did you choose this university?
Me: It is basically because of the UGS award that covers 85% of my tuition fee there.

VO: What are you specializing in?

VO: What about your parents?
Me: I answered.

VO: What is your undergraduate percentage?
Me: We have a Cumulative Grade point Average at our university and mine is around a 9.7/10.

VO: Oh.. I am convinced but lets see whether there are some more questions to you. She gave me my passport and a pink slip and asked me to go to another counter.

I found this strange because my friends never had such an experience.

I moved to counter F. He checked my paper and the pink slip that the VO gave me. He gave me a 3 page questionnaire. The questions were like

  • Anybody accompanying you?
  • Planned itenary
  • SOP
  • Research background.
  • Plans after coming back
  • Resume with all the paper publications
  • Who will be guiding you once you are there?
  • Where will you stay

I filled it up. I gave it back while I was waiting in the interview hall.

VO2: So you have some Research publications.
Me: Yes, I have.

VO2: Can you give me a copy of your resume?
Me: Sir, I dont have it now.

He tore the first pink slip and took a new one. He wrote some number and striked out many things.

He told me I have to e-mail my CV as soon as possible for further processing. I did not understand.

Then I asked, “IS my visa approved?”

He replied, “Yes, but it has to be processed”. He kept my passport with him.

Only when I looked at it I understood it was a “Pink Slip” 221(g) form.

I sent my CV to the e-mail ID they gave me. It has been mentioned in the slip it will take around 4 to 6 weeks for processing.

From some websites, I understand It can take more than that. I know wat 221(g) is. But why me? VLSI doesn’t come under TAL subjects.


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  1. attended f1 visa on 5 th dec @chennai ….after intrvw by 2 vos they issued me 221g white slip with case number ticking that they need addtional time for processing before taking a final decision and taken my gre, i2o, ielts.and returnd all my documents back including passport…..i cant find my case number on case no list provide by chennai consulate wat i need to do plz do assist me i mailed to them but reply was by computer…….help me

  2. I also got a 221(g) but on the day day I was supposed to receive the F-1 stamped passport.Mine is a very peculiar situation,my passport front page showed expiry on dec 2016 but inside a stamp was put which said it would expire on dec2011.No one noticed it including VFS,now they handed me the pink slip where they have asked me to issue a new passport and submit it back to VFS for stamping.Time is running out.Does anyone ever faced this kind of problem?Please help,let me know how long this process takes.

  3. Hi Everyone,

    I had my visa interview on 3oth June at Chennai consulate. I was on OPT had to attend visa. They have taken all documents and given me pink form.
    Can anyone suggests me how long it will take?


    1. There’s no clear timeline for this, anywhere from days to months, even years, but that’s really rare. Nothing you can do but wait.

        1. They do various backgrounds checks from what I’ve gotten from searching the internet basically. And, if the subject you’re majoring in is a threat to the states, they have to get clearance from D.C to issue a visa. Nobody actually knows what goes on for each specific case except them.

    2. Hi Saroja,
      Mine is the same case, I attended the Visa interview on 8 th April 2013 and I was issued 221 g pink slip and I am on F1 OPT, please let me know if you were issued a visa, if yes how many days did they take.

  4. my interview has been finished on 11th july, they have given me a white form under 214(b) and they have returned me the passport and they told me to leave… what does this mean, am i eligible for the next time of the visa interview…
    thank you for your comments

  5. Hi guys,

    I am an indian student in singapore.
    Did my interview on 5/5/2011 and lady said ur app is fine but needs further administrative processing. Gave a yellow form and i havent recieved any news yet.
    My case is probably a name check issue. Anyone with any idea about how long i have to wait and if i should book tickets as my uni orientation is on the 18th of august…


        1. Hi Vicky,
          I am Plant Bio technologist and applied for J1 Visa from Sweden. They took my passport and other documents but asked me to submit my CV under 221(g) section. (I guess, it is due to Biotechnology). Please tell me about your experience. Did you get Visa after submission of your CV? How much time it took?

          1. Hello, thus exactly happend to me in the sweden embassy 2 days ago… I would be happy if you could tell me me if you get any reply yet or not?

  6. Guys with respecto to 221(g) I have a query. I had received 221(g)(3 years back which applying for H1b) but as I never got the relevant docs from my sponsor company I never re-applied. As I am applying for F1 visa interview for Fall 2011, In the DS 160 form Do I need to mention if my visa was ever rejected . Also does getting 221(g) imply that your visa was rejected.

    Please post your answers ASAP.


  7. hiii guys…i gave my interview on 6th of june…after the interview VO asked me to reply to an email that he has sent to me and i was not given any form of slip by the VO. Later,when I saw the email, I was asked to include the case number in the subject line for the reply mail but I was not given any case number either by the VO or in the mail. My passport is with the consulate itself. I am confused. Can someone please help me in this issue??Is this 221g??If its a 221g,then I am not given any form slip.

    1. hey ram did u get any updates… my situation also same like u… and evn VO did not said anything… do u recive ur passport and visa pls rply me…
      i attended visa interview on 14 june…

  8. don worry…u vl get mostly reply in 3 weeks …if u dont have any holidays in btwn other wise a max of month……..mostly 221G is given to students who have some courses which US may feel threat to their country …..n many more issues involved ………..

  9. i got 221g white slip and my interview was on 19th of may and now i want to know in how many days i will get my passport and my classes will start on 29th of august

  10. Did you get you visa stamped? How many days did it take? Please reply. I have given 221g white slip with a questionnaire sent to email. I replied them will all the necessary information. They said they will get back to me in 5 days. It is 7th day today. Please suggest.

    1. Hi Vijaya,
      Well I am sailing in the same boat as you…only i got a 221 green slip.
      i have mailed them all necessary information.
      have you got a reply?

  11. I, harbhajan singh have attend a IR1 visa interview on 16 dec 2010 at NEW DELHI and got white page 221g , they need tax paper from my spouse and i submit it on 14-2-2011 and passport but till now i’m waiting for my visa anybody know about it?????

  12. I have attend a IR1 visa interview on 16 dec 2010 at NEW DELHI and got white page 221g , they need tax paper from my spouse and i submit it on 14-2-2011 and passport but till now i'm waiting for my visa anybody know about it?????

  13. I have atteended h1-b interview on 22nd Nov and got 221(g) blue form required additional inforamtion.. i have submitted the document on 13th decmber and still waiting for passpport.. how long it woud take?

  14. I went to the chennai consulate for F1 visa on dec 14th.

    I got the pink slip 221 g.

    Does anybody applying for spring, 2011 have an idea about how much time it is taking for student visas ??

    1. Hi vjzq I went for F1 visa renewal on Dec 14. Got a 221g
      pink slip and was asked to submit my resume, I submitted my resume
      along with other details asked in the pink sheet (didnt want to
      take chances as it asked to send answers for all the questions in
      the pink slip). I have not seen any update in the website other
      than "pending processing". It has been 4 weeks and my semester has
      started. I informed my prof and international services. Still
      waiting, did you get your visa stamped? what did they ask you to

  15. hello everyone,

    i got my pasport back after 20 days and visa was not stamped on it. it is really upseting. as now i have to do the whole application process for some other country.
    there is no garuntee that you will get visa if they kept your passport. you may get your passport in 10 days, 20 days, 30 days and so on and so forth. there is no fixed time. all the best for evryone who are still waiting for their passport to come.

  16. This is about my Visa interview from the Hyderabad consulate on 22nd November 2010.


  17. I attended interview on 3rd of this month in HYD. VO took my passport, acceptance letter, resume, I20 and the application form. He offered me white slip. Generally, how many days they’ll take for the processing??? VO asked me only the backlogs and the percentage. I replied him no backlogs and my aggregate percentage as76.83. Then he said wow and move to the counter 16. There I was given white slip with the case no. Please tell me how many days they will take for the processing??? In that counter I was not asked to submit any set of documents except the above mentioned.

    1. Same is the case with me……he asked me %age n gre scores i answered 80 and 1200 he asked me to move to counter 16 …mine was on Dec 8th and waiting ….my univ last day to attend is on jan 10th otherwise defer the admit….

  18. I attended interview on 3rd of this month in HYD. VO took my passport, acceptance letter, resume, I20 and the application form. He offered me white slip. Generally, how many days they'll take for the processing??? VO asked me only the backlogs and the percentage. I replied him no backlogs and my aggregate percentage as76.83. Then he said wow and move to the counter 16. There I was given white slip.

    1. Hii..i faced the same scenario…but now the status shows Error message(some database unknown!)…don't know why. Even mailing the consulate didn't work out…any similar cases?

  19. hello everyone,

    i had my visa interview on 16th nov 2010. the vo told me that i will have to wait as my case is under processing.i asked him if my visa is rejcted he said no no it is under processing. then i asked him sir by when will i get my passport back he said you will get it in 4 5 days. i said ok and left.he did not give me any slip and no case number. i had my interview in delhi. i am rely worried as evryone else has been given the case numbers.please suggest me something.

    1. Now i’m facing the same situation that u have faced earlier. May i know how many days it took to receive your passport back????
      Please mail be details. i was also not issued any case number or slips. just they took my passport and said it is under processing.

      1. Hi Chanty,
        Don’t worry. If they kept your passport that means your case is under process, they are just verifying ur documents etc. and you will get visa after 3-4 weeks for sure.

        Best wishes

  20. Mumbai consulate

    F1 visa – 221g yellow slip on 26th july 2010

    2nd option checked

    no docs asked till today

    got an email from mumbai consulate to submit passport on 2nd sept 2010

    submitted on 3rd sept 2010

    got my passport back on 10th but visa is not stamped

    instead there is a new yellow slip in the envelope, 2nd yellow slip

    221g 2nd option checked

    new date :- reads :- application received on 8 sept 2010

    I had to defer my admit to sprng due to this issue

    got an email from 3RD TIME from mumbai consulate to submit passport on 28th oct 2010

    submitted on 29th Oct 2010

    got my passport back on 3rd Nov but visa is not stamped

    instead there is a new yellow slip in the envelope, 3RD YELLOW SLIP for same 221g case

    221g 2nd option checked

    new date :- reads :- application received on 2nd Nov 2010

    Spring Join date is 19/1/2010, missed Fall already…

    New I20 for spring, old i20 for fall and passport submission letter returned back

    TOTAL DAYS : 101 DAYSS….lol getting WORST

    not sure if i wud get ma visa before spring….

  21. I went for visa interview on july 22 2010 for F1( Phd in chemical engineering) Got a pink form. And am waiting for 100 days.

    My admission was deferred to Spring 2011 by Univ and I got my new I20 too. Still no visa. I already did my MS in US, I donno why this pink form now, since I have already spent 2 yrs in US.

    Each day passes by with so much pain. My career, my dreams, everything is at stake. Its very difficult to go through this process of getting an admit. and this pink form is such a physical blow on me, that im shattered literally.

    I hope I make it atleast in Spring and write here about it… Wishing all of u luck!!

  22. hi all i faced my interview on 16th september2010 in hyderabad and was given a white slip that is under administrative process,and told that you will receive your passport with visa stamped within 3 to 4 weeks through bluedart courier, so i want to ask that is it true that I will receive the passport within 3 to 4weeks or not and should i ask directly in the consulate.please do reply today i completed my 23 days after the interview.

  23. I finally get my visa today…the interview was on 19 july and i after say nearly 8 weeks of a tortuous wait..i finally got a 5 year visa today.. i do feel kinda relieved but had to defer my admission to january…doing a course in the mean while… prob had to work out that way..

    for people who are waiting.. honestly…one just has to keep waiting..infact there's no point thinking about it.. we're helpless in such situations.. but keep following it up…keep calling them…emailing them..let them know you're waiting.Always used to read others replies on getting their visas ..I got min e today and I thank my lucky stars….

    I'll be honest now… HSB at times did give me the right input…but more than that it brought together people with similar problems… the discussions sometimes did help..but the support was always there.

    God bless.

    1. Hi Aman

      Congrats!! I got my visa today (after 12 weeks of wait). I defered my admissions to spring and even got my new I-20. Do you know what all we need to do from now?

      Is this visa and new I-20 will admit as to enter USA?

  24. hi guys

    here is my issue

    mumbai consulate

    F1 visa – 221g yellow slip on 26th july 2010

    2nd option checked

    no docs asked till today

    got an email from mumbai consulate to submit passport on 2nd sept 2010

    submitted on 3rd sept 2010

    got my passport back today but visa is not stamped

    instead there is a new yellow slip in the envelope

    221g 2nd option checked

    new date :- reads :- application received on 8 sept 2010

    and on envelope it still has a sticker stating DD REQD(demand draft required)

    since i had paid visa fees before june 4 2010 but Visa interview was after june 4 2010 so i had to pay the difference(since visa fees increased after june 4 2010) on the day of interview via DD which i had already did..but envelope still has a sticker stating DD REQD….

    now i am blank dont know wats rong again….???

    ne 1 wid similar issue ?

    1. You must call Mumbai consulate immediately and ask about specifics of your case. It is very strange though that your visa was not stamped on the passport. I am sure this must be a screw-up on the part of consulate and you hsould be able to get things in order soon.

      Good Luck!!


      1. duno whos mistake it is …but…its lame

        mumbai consulate doesnt have any contact no… only email contact….or contact vfs helpline….none of which is helpfull

        i called DOS washington dc they told me its still under admi process

        if they wanted to perform admin process den y in d world did they ask me to submit passport and 221g letter and issue a new 221g letter with new date as 8th sept on it…..how does it make sense …does it mean they will start admin process all over again ??

        1. Sorry to hear about your case.I can feel your pain. I just looked up at the mumbai consulate website and they have this contact information:

          U.S. Consulate General, Mumbai

          Consul General: Paul A. Folmsbee

          Lincoln House

          78 Bhulabhai Desai Road

          Mumbai 400 026

          Phone: (22) 2363-3611

          Fax: (22) 2363-0350

          Let us know if calling at this number works.

          Good Luck!!


          1. the no is not for visa enquires call n check if u want u wud know……..for visa enquires they have only vfs helpline nothing else…and an email address

  25. So I found out today that my F-1 visa was approved on September 3rd and will be couriered tomorrow. Not sure why they didn't send it on 3rd (Friday) itself, considering it was a long weekend (Labor day) for the embassy. Anyway, I'm just glad the ordeal is over.

    Well to recap, I had my interview on the 4th of August and was given the "pink" 221g form and my visa was approved on the 3rd of September. So one month of pure unadulterated "fun"!

    Thanks y'all for sharing your experiences and best of luck to those who are still waiting for their visas.

    Aight guys, I'm outta here, PEACE!!


    PS. I had contacted the International Office of my school regarding my visa situation and they sent some emails to the consulate on my behalf. Not sure if it helped but might be worth a try.

    1. hey….where did you appear for your visa interview?? its been over 7 weeks and I'm still waiting…delhi takes a looong time

      1. I had my interview in Delhi. Wow 7 weeks is a lot. I'd suggest contacting your intl. office folks and see if they can email the consulate on your behalf. Or worst case deferring to Spring '11.

  26. hi frns,

    I attended da interview on 12th aug nd even i got da white form..its been 3 weeks nd still ma status z pending….ma reportin date in da univ iz 7th sep so do i need to mail da extention letter vch i hav taken frm da univ to da consulate or do i need to wait untill dey hav asked me to submit?? will b waitin 4 ur reply..

  27. VISA ISSUED TODAY (30th Aug), my info may be useful for you.

    US consulate Chennai, Interview 30th July 2010. F-1 Visa for undergraduation.

    Got pink slip G221 – daily checking for status – no changes for 30 days.

    Orientation is on 30th Aug. Class starting on 7th Sept. (I-20)

    Contacted University – they agreed to exempt from orientation.

    Contacted US consulate many times – no use. on 26th Aug I sent a email stating that there is no use of visa if I cant reach on 7th sept to US. On 27th Aug I got email reply that my visa process is completed. but my status on website changed only today 30th Aug. Passport is still in Chennai, they will despatch tomorrow. Hopefully If I get PP tomorrow, I made arrangements to travel on Wednesday (I changed my ticket 2 times paying heavy penalty).

    All the best to you all,


    1. That's great Steven. Congrats! Which address did you send the email to? I have my flight scheduled for the 1st. I looking at my second change of flight!

  28. I appeared for the interview on 27th of aug 2010 and i was handed a white slip after the interview with VO. As far as i know who ever has been given a white slip or pink sleep are being issued the visa after a certain span of time.. so jus keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best : )

    1. hi MAk,

      Thats a very gud news for the people who handed the white slip or pink slip,but many got the visa for a duration of less than 3yrs i.e., duration mentioned in i20.Please can u nqiuire about the duration for our visa.

      Good Luck,

      1. Hey Madhu,

        It does not matter for how long you get the visa………….visa is only required to get in U.S. thereafter you can have your status extended internally……..your school will be bale to help you with that. However whenever you travel out of U.S. you need to have valid visa to enter back.

        Best Luck,


        1. hi Tushar,

          I got a mail from embassy to submit a latest joining date or acceptance letter to the univ i applied .

          1. Hey Madhu,

            That's a good news!!!……..hopefully they will issue you visa soon enough. Do keep us posted.



        2. hey Tushar ,

          Any updates from you ,i have a small doubt in the process of submitting an extension letter ,whether to submit letter directly or can i mail to the embassy people plz clarify it .

          1. I guess you should contact embassy by calling the mand ask them this question…….I don't want to give you an information which might not be correct.

  29. I have received an email from the embassy with the requirement for me to submit an INDIAN POLICE REPORT. I would request you to please provide detials of :

    1. The format of the Indian police report .

    2.The issuing authority i.e who should issue the report and from where should such a report be issued.

    please help…require urgent assistance

  30. hi guys,

    Did anyone got visa ,i am still waiting for my visa and 3 weeks for now the case was still under process,i missed my orientation date and applied xtension i was very tensed plz if anyone had the same share the info it vl b helpful

    1. Hi Madhu,

      I am in the same boat……..I missed my orientation as well and had my admission deferred to next session…………..btw are you travelling to U.S. for the first time??? Does embassy have your passport or did they return it to you???

      Good Luck,


      1. Hi ,

        I missed my orientation too, it was on the 22nd….i got an extension till the 3rd of sepember.Have yet to get my visa…the passport is with them.

        I got a mail from the embassy asking for my indian police record…. i had to come down to the place where my passport was issued to get the record.

        hope i get it soon

      2. hi Tushar,

        ofcourse this was the 1st time i was travelling to us ,embassy people kept my passport with them only.Please tell me i u get any other updates abt ur visa.

        1. Hey Madhu,

          I asked because I have been in US for last 6 years and came to india for F1 stamping and yet my case was withheld. I am still waiting for my visa for over two months.

          Anyway lets hope we all get our visas soon. Keep us all posted.


        2. hi Tushar,

          pls tell me the univ u applied ,i really dnt know how the life vl be in us pls share some info bcoz u are there from d past 6yrs .Even i was very muh tensed abt my visa hope we vl be successul in getting our visa.

          Good luck,

          1. Hey Madhu,

            I got admitted to UVA for MBA program…….let me know if there is any thing specific that you'd like to know about U.S.


      3. hi Tushar,

        I cant ask abt a specific point but i was really tensed abt my living xpenses and part time job……….bcoz i had a bank loan and hav to clear it by my own……..

      4. I appeared for F1 visa on July 22..for PhD in chemical engineering.. Got a pink slip.. And am still waiting for approval. I missed my orientation, and I ll be missing my classes too… God!!

        Why all this fuss to issue Visa?

  31. Hi Guys,

    I had my visa interview on the 4th of August and was given the pink 221g slip. I have already had to postpone my flight once, paying ~$400! I am scheduled to fly out on the 1st of September now. I somehow don't like my chances.

    Have people in this forum started getting their visas? Nobody seems to have gotten theirs which is pretty depressing.

    1. hi manuj,

      We r sailing in same boat and mine is on 6th of Aug hope we vl receive our visas shortly don't worry couple of my frds got dis and received their visas in 21-28 days pls check ur case status daily.

    2. in the same boat right now too..have asked my uni for an extension…but still quite desperate to get the visa…lets see what works out

  32. Hey, I just found out that there were four students from SUNY Buffalo joining this fall who are facing a problem with their reporting dates, just like me.We could really help each other out ,we're all in the same boat. Anyone joining late can get in touch and exchange details.We can really help ech other out.


  33. Hey, I just found out that there were four students from SUNY Buffalo joining this fall who are facing a problem with their reporting dates, just like me.We could really help each other out ,we're all in the same boat. Anyone?

  34. Chennai consulate as of today 20th Aug 2010

    total cases (for 2010) in the list = 1314

    total issused = 396.

    On an average 70-80 % applications are processed and Visa Issued after 30 days.

    1. Hi Steven,

      This seems like a very important information…………where did you get this from????…………Is there a way to find out the same data for 2010 for the New Delhi Embassy??? Will greatly appreciate if you can throw some pointers.

      Best Wishes,


      1. Dear Tushar,

        In chennai Consulate there is a link for checking the pending cases, which is daily updated at arround 2 pm.

        The pdf file may be copied and pasted to excel which shows list of case numbers. I compare every day, but result is not encouraging. Everyday they add about 20-30 cases but issuance is very less average 10.


  35. have u recd the visa? i am yet to recieve . today when i called up the consulate they say they have despatched but my status shows pending. so have they rejected? or issued or want more details.if i dont get today i miss at least a term

    1. Hi Auna,

      Hope they have issued visa to you, Pls update whatever happens. Appreciate if you could tell us which consulate. when was your interview. Lot of us get some good info on this place. Embassy never gives any info. they just state check website.

      As usual everyone here write until they have their problem. Once they get visa they forget to put some info here.

      Dear friends pls dont forget us after you get visa. News of you getting visa is a hope for us to wait.

  36. Hi,
    This is concerning everyone whose I-20 start date is near approaching and have yet not receiived their visa.
    Does the university need to issue a new I-20 with an extended date? Will the embassy still issue a visa if the start date is missed.

    My reporting date is 22nd August.Will the embassy still issue a visa even after the 22nd? My case is under administrative processing too.

    Thanks.Please reply.It would reaaly help a tonne of people.


  37. my issue :-

    VI Date :- 26 july 2010

    mumbai consulate

    221g yellow slip

    2nd option checked

    no docs asked

    I20 date – reporting – 25 aug 2010

    looks like a name check issue

    no email or info received from mumbai consulate till now


    any guys wit similar issue…can share info

    guuys with experience can throw some light on my issue

    wen do u think i shd get my visa ???

    1. hi rockky,

      I too have the same xperience basically students who got this 221g have to wait around 21 to 28 days please wait for some more days or call the embassy people they will update you.

      1. well madhu…

        I have been waiting all dis time….and der r no updates wat so ever from any 1…take it either mumbai con, vfs or dos….same thing all say its pending nothing else…wat r d chances of getting visa in next 5-6 days

        share ur info ..

        vi date

        wat color slip

        which consulate

        any docs asked or submitted

        i20 reporting date


        1. hi rockky,

          vi date-6th Aug 2010

          clr slip-white

          consulate -hyderabad

          documents -nothing expect my resume and admission letter

          i20-25th of this month

          any way i have enquired many of my frds who got different cl slips ,note that clr doesnt matter in 221g surely they will issue our visa hope for the best.which univ did u applied?

          1. hi

            my son also struck with 221 G

            Interview date "26-07-10

            i20 date 25-08-10

            we are in tense dont no what to so

  38. I had my F-1 interview at Chennai on 30th july. issued 221g pink paper. waiting for visa. orientation is on 30th August. Meantime I need my passport urgently to travel to Kuwait for some emmergency. Can anyone pls help me to know how to get my Passport back from US consulate. I can return the passport as when required to stamp the US F-1 Visa.

  39. I attended my visa interview on the 3rd of june. I got a pink slip. However, I was neither asked to fill up any questionnaire nor was I asked to send any additional documents. My orientation is on the 10th of Aug. I have already rebooked my ticket once. I’m confused now. Is there some document I should send them or a questionnaire that I should fill out?

    1. Hi Vinod,

      I am pretty much in the same boat……………did you speak with your university about extending your start date……………I spoke with mine and they said no…………..not sure what to do next.

      1. Hi Tushar,

        I spoke to my school. They are willing to let me arrive 2-3 days late. Otherwise I can defer to the next semester. Why dont you ask them if you can do that?

        1. Hi Vinod,

          Have you received your visa yet? I was reading at the embassy website that Admin Processing could add upto 8 additional weeks but I am seeing that for some it takes longer than that. Do we know what is the max time that embassy could take? I hope you are able to attend your orientation prog.

          All the best.


          1. Hey Tushar,

            Apparently you can approach the embassy and file an official enquiry after 90 days. It will prob be too late by then. So make sure that you speak to the university regarding deferment. I still haven't got my visa. How about you? Any luck? By the way, where did you get admission?

        2. hi vinod,

          I got 221g on 6th Aug my school starts from 25th in how many days can i expect visa, please tell me if u know any info regarding this.

  40. Hi all… I had my visa interview in Chennai on 4th Aug… I got a pink slip saying my Passport needs Additional processing… when can i expect my Visa…….

    I hope u ppl will help me out by giving appropriate reply……..

  41. i received a pink slip on June 6th. I am yet to receive my visa and it has been 2 months. My case status continues to be "under administrative processing". On contacting the embassy a week ago I was told it is still being processed. Orientation is on Aug 10th πŸ™ Any suggestions ??

    1. Hey Internet User,
      Sorry to hear this…. But as fate would have it,sometimes things do not go our way. And in this regard,there is nothing we can do to help ourselves,everything lies in the hands of the consulate. What you can do is inform your university of this as soon as possible. And also try calling the consulate and try telling them your scenario . Tell them you have your orientation on 10th and you need a quick reply on when the visa would be issued so that you can make necessary arrangements. You will get the visa,don't worry,be confident. πŸ™‚

  42. Hi i went for my interview on june 9th and was awarded the pink slip. I am still waiting for my visa . Its 57 days and i am counting !!!

    1. Hey Aruna,
      Just don't lose heart. 221(g) is administrative Processing and there is nothing to worry about it. You will get the visa but it'll be delayed. That's it. No worries. πŸ™‚ .

  43. Hi all,

    My F1 visa was on 22nd June @ New Delhi and was issued a pink slip (dreadful 221g) ……I am still awaiting response from US Embassy……….my orientation is going to kick off on 12th August………….so far I have not seen anyone on HSB who did not get visa prior to commencement of classes so I certainly hope not to be the first one…………….please advise if someone is in the boat…….and if someone has already missed a session due to visa processing????

    1. 221(g) is not dreadful brother. It is the 214(b) which is the deadliest. 221(g) is just administrative processing and the consulate needs additional documents to process your visa. Don't lose heart, you will receive your visa soon.

      1. Dear Rajkamal,

        Thanks for your message. My concern, though, is that if I am not able to attend orientation session on 12th August then my admission will have to be defered by the school……………….something I certainly don't want………….that's why I was hoping to see if I am the only one in this situation or are there others as well???


        1. Hey Tushar,
          See I see this happen often. There are others who are sailing in the same boat as you do. There is nothing in our hands. Try calling the consulate and tell them your situation. Tell them this is an emergency. May be that will help.

        2. Hey Thushar,

          See another HSB follower "Internet User" is in the same scenario. As this case is an emergency, you both can talk to Raghu(Creator of the HSB) before taking the next step. Hope he'll help you.



  44. Hi Everybody,

    My visa interview was on 6th july at Delhi Embassy. Next day i got email from them asking for all time same stuff so i emailed them. On 30th july my case status has changed to Case processed. Though i still dont know if i have issued the visa or not. But to all guys out there i wanna tell u all that no need to panky!! as US embassy says that it takes only less than a month to complete admin. processing. Hance it proved!!!!!!!!!!!!! So just enjoy!!! Delhities you dont need to worry okyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Hopefully my visa would be issued and i will collect it on Monday. Thankxxxxx HSB…

    1. Hi all,

      Its 21 days after i was in admin processing. Now i got visa for 4 years. So it was all true tht no need to worry jst enjoy ur days in india till all u guys get ur visa too. Visa is sure. as i said my interview was at us embassy delhi.

      Thx to all

      Thx to HSb. Love u all byeeeeeeeeeee

    2. hi sanjeev,

      I went for visa on Aug 6th i too got 221(g) and gave me some case num i was really worried about it can i expect visa or is there any problem in it

  45. Hey friends i have my visa interview coming up in a months time.I wanted to know.If they ask me about my parents occupation presently my dad is in some legal quibble regards his job.He is in suspension and not holding a job presently would i be rejectd my visa because o that?

    1. Hey.. They'll ask u wat ur dad is doing.. just tell his job πŸ™‚ Dont mention abt suspension etc and make it more complex.

      1. They wouldnt plan to enquire and all?what if they ask me further questions regards where does he work and all that? i m seriously confused about this.DId u get your visa Mr venkat?I m so tensed as to how i d answer this question πŸ™

  46. hi…

    i had my visa interview on 16 july at hyderabad. they gave me a white slip specifying a case no. They told me check my status using this case no. they asked me to send the resume and admission leter. i send them on 17 july. From dat day onwards my status is saying " currently undergoing processing". my university start date is 23 aug. will i get my visa by den r nt ? can ny one suggest me how many daz it would to get my visa?

    1. try 2 call the embassy 2 to 3 times with few days gap from Monday onwards…. From my experience …… definitely this works….. try it….. Dont worry…i think u vil get ur visa before august 2nd week… continue ur shopping…. ALL D BST…..

      1. hi sriharsha….
        thnx a lot 4 d rply……. i dont hav ny cntct no of the embassy.. will u plz hlp me with dat…….

        1. hey just google..u cn get the contact of the embassies dude….no worries..Btw even mine ws under admin procesing and mine visa was issued on 33rd day from the day of interview….so chillax and enjoy ur days..

          Thanks HSB..once again…really helpfull for the beginners…to start with..

  47. My F-1 VI was completed on June 28 2010 and I was issued a White slip 221 G in Hyderabad…………. After such a shit finally I got my passport in to my hands 2day i.e, 26 July 2010 … In the mean time I have contacted the embassy 3 times….For the 1st time I just asked my status and the 2nd time(22 July)I asked my status and also asked still how many days does it take… for that she replied please call me 2mrw…and I called them on 23 July and asked them that I was said 2 call 2day 4 my status and finally she said your passport was issued please collect it on Monday or else it gets posted…..So i went direct 2 collect my passport…..But the bad thing happened was I got only 2yrs Visa…. But I think itz not a big problem….anyway I got the VISA…… Finally I say that start trying 2 contact the embassy during the mid 3rd week……

    1. I went to interview on 24/6 got the pink slip………….still waiting…….what is this administrative processing……….

      1. Hi.. Administrative processing is generally required when the VO suspects that ur specialisation comes in TAL or you have insufficient documents. But now a days 221g has become common.. many r getting..

        1. Hi Venkat, The VO did not ask for any docs, He asked abou my specialisation & I told him VLSI………

          1. Hi..

            I am going for VLSI as well.. I got 221(g).
            VLSI doesnt come under TAL.. But some areas like parallel processing etc which may b related to VLSI indirectly come in TAL.. may b thts y they give 221(g). I have heard from many who r going for VLSI who had the same problem. I hope u ll get by this month or next monday at the latest. πŸ™‚

          2. Venkat, thanks for sharing your thoughts & all the info constantly……..I hope to get the visa soon, & out of this mess.

  48. had my f1 visa interview on june 23rd.. was under administrative processing… it got issued today. thanks for the info πŸ™‚

  49. @All I had my VI on 25th June 2010 at the Chennai Consulate. I mentioned my specialization as DSP owing 2 which I got a Pink Slip. I filled up a questionnaire and mailed my resume dat day itself. I got a documentation letter from my university addressed to d visa officials and mailed the letter on 9th July. But I got a mail on 22nd July 2010 2 submit my admission letter. I mailed my admission letter and the documentation letter on 23rd July 2010. Ppl with similar experiences ???

    1. Hey, I also went for VI on June 25th 2010 at Chennai consulate and also got a pink slip for my biotechnology course. I think we might have met each other on that F counter. So, till date my visa is under processing. What about you ? reply me to my mail id [email protected]

  50. Hey..thanks Venkat…really appreciate the input.I guess from all that I've heard..ill have to wait a minimum of one month..lets hope for the best!!!!!

  51. Hi all..

    I had my Visa Interview on 21st June.. and I had posted my issue here.. My visa has been sanctioned today.. πŸ™‚

    Thanks to all for the support and Thanks to HSB.. πŸ™‚

        1. Hi Venkat

          My case is the same as yours, went to interview on 22/7 , told the VLSI about specialization in VLSI, facing the pink slip trauma…..

          1. Hey Krishna,

            Dont worry as long as its Chennai consulate I can assure you tht you will get in a month.. its because until i went for the interview I didnot know abt this 221g so I was very tensed. then I started searching for ppl who got 221g.. there were many who attended the interview in June.. before me.. they all got in 1 month and my case is the same.. So I hope you will also get by 22/8.. When does your sem start and which univ??

          2. sorry, my interview was on 22/6- its IIT chicago………reporting date is Aug 20th, ——-feeling a bit better reading ur mails….hope to get the visa soon

          3. Hi Venkat,

            Congrats for ur visa. I took the interview on 20th July at chennai consulate and got a pink slip. They asked me for my resume which i did not have with me at that time. They said it was ok and i should sent it through e-mail to [email protected] ASAP. I've sent my resume already but my case status has not changed from SEND information. Can you tell me to which e-mail id you sent ur documents to? And did your case status change after sending documents?


          4. Hi,

            Even mine is under pink slip trauma and its been 1 month on 23rd July and my wait is still on…….I still dint receive my passport and my college starts on Aug 13th..Hope to get soon..

            Can any1 tell,once the status in online link is turned to issue,in how many days will i get my passport in my hand.I need this info to plan my travel…Kindly help with some info,,,,who has already been out of this pink slip headache…

          5. Hi Rajeev.

            I had also sent my resume to the same email ID. You mite have also recieved an automated reply that they have recieved it. your status mite have also changed from 'Send Information' to 'Pending Processing' Once the status is changed to pending processing, u ll get the status changed to 'Issued' in a month or so. Keeping checking your status everyday. there r lucky ones u get visa issued in a week.. Even if u dont get it early max time in chennai consulate is 35 days. All the best.

          6. Hi Venkat,

            I did receive the automated reply, so hoping that they have received my documents. I got the automated e-mail yesterday but till today's evening my status was again SEND INFORMATION. How many days did it take for ur status to change to PROCESSING after you had sent the documents?

          7. @ abhi Once your status changes to ISSUED you ll recieve ur passport at the address you gave in 3 days. you can also collect the passport at the VFS office on the same day.

          8. @ Rajeev.

            Hey my status changed to 'Pending Processing' the very next day after I sent the info.. Your case should also be the same. Any change in the status?

          9. hi

            I am going to the CSE dept at Pennsylvania State University. I had my visa interview on 16th July and i got a pink slip , 221g. I wasn't given any questionnaire, the VO just told me I am fully qualified for the visa and there will be some administrative processing , and the lady at the counter took my CV. I need to be there on 9th August, and i have got it extended till 18th August but I really don't think I'll be able to go there before 18th either. I sent an email to [email protected], they said it takes longer than a month usually. I am so scared and tensed ….

          10. @ Nandhini: you shud have gone for the VI earlier. But now lets hope for the best πŸ™‚

            Get ur tickets done. Hopefully u ll get on 16th august which is a monday πŸ™‚ Even n that case u need to collect the passport the same day from VFS if u have to go on 18th.

          11. I got my I20 only on 12th July , so booked my interview on 16th …..I think I'll have to ask the university again … I have a TA.. So i am worried that they might not be so helpful ..

          12. Hey! dont worry. It ll be fine. there are people who get it sanctioned in less than 1 month. plz book your tickets and keep. Hope u get it soon πŸ™‚

          13. Hi people,

            I got my visa issued on 6th and it arrived by courier on 7th .. So the processing took exactly 3 weeks for me ! I am going to penn state this friday .. Good luck everyone πŸ™‚

  52. I had my Visa interview today at the Delhi Consulate.I was admitted into Buffallo University for a Masters in comp. Science..The interview went really well, infact the VO said that my Visa was Highly recommended and said that it required further processing.

    The lady at the other counter did not hand me the pink slip …saying it wasnt req. and neither did she hand me any questionnaire. she gave me the tracker ID and said that it would take 1 to 4 weeks and that i should keep checking the status online.

    My query is: 1) No pink slip or questionnaire was handed to me.Infact my Passport and all the documents including the I-20 were retained.I'm guessing that the fact that they retained my docs and ppt is a good thing.Please comment.

    2)How long would I have to wait in such a scenario.? Please Advise.

    Would really appreciate the help.

    1. Hi..

      I got a 221g from chennai consulate so like the way I posted in HSB I also got some email ids from edulix and i was i touch with them. Many get 221g like the one you got. Chennai consulate all the 221gs are mostly cleared in max of 6 weeks for F1 Visa. Thats how people say. I am not sure abt Delhi consulate though.

    2. HEY HI,

      Same has happened to me at Delhi embassy, but the only difference is- i got an email from them one day later asking same questions. So i have sent them same. Now my status is still pending. So you also wait for some time hopfully we will both get through in time ( as said by VO lol…). And hey i wanna suggest you one thing that dont be panky!!! as on webside you will see blogs mostly from students who got in big problems at visa interview and for sure these arew rare. Second thing i read on delhi embassy website that last year only 1 out of 1000 pending cases took more than 1 month to get visa. I think this is enough for you to smileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

      1. hey sanjeev

        thanx… the sencond point you mentioned did get me smiling ( i also got 221g on 19th july)… and i am very worried since i have to report to my university on 24th aug…

        1. Yes Manpreet,

          My ststus is also pending… i had my visa on 6ht july. So, i believe that my case should take max. up to 9th aug. and same for you. i have looked on internet , n i jst got that atlest visa issuance is sure. so enjoy your time in india, even i m working in pune so i m earning aswell. It will help me later on in USA lol…………bye buddy..

          1. hi everybody. I got my passport with visa stamped today. I was suprised to see it. My status changed to case processed on 5th aug afternoon. I called embassy yesterday and they said my visa was issued today only….and i should contact VFS on monday to c whn will i gt my PP but today morning i got it. so to all my friends waiting there keep faith and prepare ur self for US. every thing is going to be ok…

            thanks to HSB for all guidance… i am finally going to US.

          2. Hi manpreet and sanjeev

            Like Manpreet , my case was also suggested for administrative processing on 19th July 2010 in the Delhi embassy.I have to report on 22 Aug.Have been waiting for quite some time now….but havent received my Visa.

            Its funny how Sanjeev had appeared for his interview before you and still hasn't received his Visa as yet.

            Its nice to see that Manpreet got her visa…I'm just really worried about mine.

            Is a visa assured.How much longer would it take?


  53. Hi

    I am pras

    This is about F1 Visa interview at Chennai consulate.

    The concerned person who got admission to Univ of Cincinatti has asked why he had problems For VLSI course.

    I have worked in the industry for 22 yrs of which my experience in VLSI design and development is 16++ yrs

    You have chances of designing intelligent systems , like robots, satellites and many others using Application specific IC s and FPGAs and probably they thought it could be a threat

  54. hello folks

    i hd visa interview on jun 29th…

    i was given pink slip…

    currently status is "pending process"……..

    can any1 tel me wt vl dey luk for during administrative processing???????????

    am worried…..

    pls reply……

  55. hi all, i had my visa interview on 15 june(Mumbai) & its still on pending status

    Can anyone tell how much time it will take to process??, i have my college starting from 13 august πŸ™

  56. I am a resident of hyderbad applying for F-1 visa…..So can i book the visa appointment in delhi, kolkata or chennai as i am not getting the dates in hyderabad….?????

  57. My visa application was rejected at chennai embassy on 8th july 2010…. so i am going to re-apply now….but theres a question in ds-160 form that "whether you were rejected a visa before"…..if i click yes its asking for an explanation….so what should i write???? plz help…..

  58. its a very easy process guys. Even though im going to a community college in CA, i still got my visa so dont be scared. Just relax and speak confidently. I went for my interview yesterday, GOT IT! πŸ™‚

  59. hi all

    I had my interview on june 15th and got the Gr8 Pink Slip πŸ™

    till date the process status is pending..

    College starts on August 23…

    What they will do in the process ???

    Would they be fast sending the Visa stamped passport ???

    1. no idea dude… v r sailing in same boat…

      hope some1 vl come up wit a proper reply….

      nd do inform by postng a msg,wen u gt ur visa….

  60. hi;

    people HSB is rocking and is very useful,i think 221g checks out our research whether it is any problematic to its country thats it,no prob u will get ur visa approved

  61. Hi all,

    I had my visa interview scheduled on 19th july in the mumbai consulate. I have a bachelors degree in chem. engg. I was issued a 221 g and was given a yellow form and was asked to submit relevant documents such as cv, qualification questionnaire and offer letter from the US univ.

    As per my knowledge, almost all the F1 fresh cases are handled within 1 month of scrutiny. I got this info on a facebook group regarding 221 g forms:

    My apologies to those who have already joined this group.

    I am still awaiting the status of my visa


  62. Hi,
    I had my visa interview at chennai embassy on 23rd june 2010. Even i got the pink slip for Administrative processing.. It stil says pending process. I was a little tensed but after seein this post and all the comments, really felt better. Thanks a lot ppl. πŸ™‚ Hope mine’s approved soon.

    1. @Vivek,
      ME too in the sam boat as you are.. I also gave my interview on 23rd June and was put for Admin PRocess 221g..My classess are starting from August 2nd week..Is it possible to get passport back within this duration….When is yours starting….share some info… πŸ™‚

  63. hi…. i hd my visa interview a couple of days back….

    i ve applied for specialisation in DSP…

    every thng went out well, @ end D Visa Officer said ” i ve granted ur visa” den after 10 sec he said ” V need additional time ,for ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING” nd gave me pink slip…

    i knw wt pink slip is, nd heard its now a days given for Electronics students just like me..

    bt my question is ” WT WILL DEY CHCK OR VERIFY IN ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING??????????????????????????????/”…

    apart frm my resume , no other document was asked by dem….

    nd how long will it take for me to gt my visa, ive tro report to university by AUGUST 5TH…. before tat time vl i gt my visa???????????????????????????????…


  64. Hi Friends…..on 28th june 2010 after 15seconds of my interview I was sent to other counter and there I received a white slip under section 221(g) and was asked to wait for a period of minimum 2 to 4 weeks and I have submitted my copy of resume and also 1 year gap proof of experience as asked by her………My semester starts on AUGUST 8th 2010…. Can I expect to have my passport cum Visa before the date..??

  65. my case is different i have already approved my visa on 25th june but on 28th june i got a mail that ur visa is suspended and u should answer the following questionare (221(g)) and email them to some web address ………………………………….

    do any one know abt this case?????? plz help me

    and how much time it takes because i sent mail to them so will it take much time????????

    awaiting for reply

    1. can u be more specific on what they actually said in mail……

      wt al was asked…

      also mention abt ur course details nd university ur headng for….

  66. Hey guys… I got a 221g pink slip on June 9th at Chennai.. I was asked to do the same things like filling up a questionnaire and was told bout 4-8 weeks of usual processing time. But thank God I got my Visa yesterday 29th June. It just took me 20 days. So guys whoever has got a 221g just be patience and keep praying. U ll get ur VISA stamping ASAP.


    Yasar Arafath.

    1. thnx for info bro………

      bt do uve any idea wt xactly s meant by dis administrative processing….

      wt r dey gonna verify???????????????

      ppl help………..

  67. Hi everyone,

    My visa interview was on 2nd June 2010..I am going to US for my PhD, but they have kept my case on administrative processing under 221g…they had issued me a pink form. I am really worried as till date my case is on pending only. Can I mail them to expedite the process as I have to make my travel plans.



  68. Hi all..

    I have been reading through the comments..

    I feel very better now.. Thanks to all and HSB..

    Hope i ll get it done very soon.. πŸ™‚

  69. hey ppl.. i had my via interview on 21st in hyd… and got a 221 g… I believe i got is as i am frm biology background its 221G white slp.. wich verifies my research backgroung.. ppl wid bio related or chem related or ppl falling under subjects included in TAL gonna get dis…… as 3 of my classmates got it.. and especially of ur going to the 10th counter.. dat lady gonna giv a 221g no matter wat..

  70. Hi all,

    I have my interview on the 2nd at the Chennai consulate. I would be pursuing my MS in Information Technology at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and hope to specialize in DBMS. I have funding for the first year. What questions do I need to anticipate? And what are the chances that all goes well without being issued the pink slip et all?


    1. notng can b said as to y VO issues pink slip…

      some gt it some wont…

      always b true to urself nd give correct ans….

  71. Hi!!!every one i have booked the date for my f-1 visa interview at chennai on 8th july 2010 but my home town is hyderabad….So will the Visa officer accept this or there are chances of denial as i am not giving the interview in my home town??? I have booked the date in chennai because the dates are not available in hyderabad..

    1. Call VFS and ask if you can attend interview at Chennai. If I were you I would have called them first before booking the dates.

  72. Hey there

    I believe the pink slip(221 g) is becoming quite common with the VISA consulates these days. I was also issued one when I interviewed for my F1 VISA at New Delhi earlier this year for a spring admission for a PhD program. They took around 20 days to issue my VISA. Just keep checking your status on their website and hang in there, it will all work out.

    Best Wishes


  73. I too got 221g pink slip at Chennai consulate. Interview date: May 27. It's still in pending status. Is it ok to write to the embassy and ask them by when I can expect my passport back?

  74. Most PhD students I know of got pink slip including me. It's not a problem, it will delay your visa by around 2-3 weeks. For students, it might not take more than that.

  75. Hi,

    Dont worry, it should not take that much time. For student visa, the processing happens faster, you should get reply in max 3 weeks. All the best! and dont loose hope.

  76. Hi,

    Same happend with me also.

    I had my visa interview on 23rd June 2010,but my case has been issued as Administrative processing and the same above said steps occured with me.But I had a copy of my resume so I submitted there itself.They have given me a case ID to check the status in a link.At counter 'F' the desi lady sitting confirmed that,the your visa is approved but need additional processing.She asked my travel plans(10th August),she said by then you mite get your passport back.

    I have still no clue why the status has kept as pending when I had all docs with me to show them there,and the VO dint even check a single doc of mine,just she had a look over I-20,GRE,TOEFL scores and SEVIS forms etc.No academic or funding docs were asked by the VO.

    Kindly share the views if any have details about this.

  77. what i know is that 221(g) is basically visa rejection because u dint submit some essential documents or information that are required for your visa approval.

    In order for an application to be reconsidered it may be necessary to do one of the following:

    Appear personally for an interview

    Apply in your consular district, if you had applied elsewhere

    Submit additional documentation as requested

    Wait for approved I-129 and I-797 forms from BCIS (Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services)

    Wait for the results of additional administrative processing.

    During the interview, the applicant will be asked to respond further to questions regarding the intended purpose of travel, or the applicant's personal ties to his/her country of permanent residence.

    This rule is the same for all applicants regardless of their social rank or financial situation. "Application Received – U.S. Consulate" will be stamped on the last page of the applicant's passport and "221g" or "AIP" ( apply in person) will be written by hand as well.

    Further Documentation for 221(g)

    Often 221g indicates that you need to submit more documentation to bolster the information you have already provided. You will be informed at the time of your application/interview what further information is required and be given a chance to resubmit your application

  78. Dear Sir,

    I hope u r doing well.My interview date for F1 Visa is on the 28th June,2010.I am studying at Bangladesh and transfer my credits to Devry University but i want to know one thing.I have some physical problem when i m studying at B.sc that's why i have some study break.can i tell the truth to the VO at my interview time.i m afraid if he reject my VISA for my physical probleb and also my study break.Actually my plan is to study USA and treatment my physical problem.So, can I mention it to the VO for my purpose of study.another thing is that my class will be start on the 5th July,2010.Is this the reason for refusing my VISA.Please inform me about that.

  79. hi venkat.

    greetings, congrats

    i am sorry to know that u have been given pink slip

    take courage and hope for the best

    good luck

    this blog really rocks



  80. Hey Jeevan

    Do not worry. You will get visa soon. My friend had his visa interview on 24th May at Chennai consulate and he also got 221(g). His visa has been approved.

    I had my visa interview on 12th May at Mumbai Consulate and I also got 221(g) but it has been not yet approved. I hope to get it soon.

  81. Venkat I guess they will look into your research background, they will just make sure that u r not doing any research under TAL subjects or other laws.

    I guess u will get the VISA if ur research papers and resume show your research is just in VLSI.

    Wish u all the best with career..

  82. Hi Venkat

    One of my friends also got a 221(g) form during his visa interview. Although it was not a student visa. It was given to him as they needed some more documents. He got his visa 3 days after he submitted his documents. So be happy its just the system following the process. So just chill and watch those movies you always wanted to…

  83. Don't worry about it. I went through the exact same convoluted process last year and I did get my visa after about 3-4 weeks. I am sure you have that time space. No need to panic! Many I know got a 221g last year and all of them made it on time.

    Good Luck!

  84. Dont worry, you will be fine, they will do some administrative processing and as they complete it, they will send your passport with visa. The good thing is that they didnt gave you your passport. Sometimes, they give the passport back and ask to come back again when the processing is complete. This processing could be anything, it doesn't need to be related to your studies.

    The whole process should be completed within 2 months.


    1. My dear friends, dont ever go to US for studies. US people are vultures they are gonna suck your blood and dont give anything in return. I am a victim of bully US. they will make lot of fuss for giving visas and treat all of us like shit. I spent 50 thousand dollars on F1 did MS , 10 thousand dollars for H1 and my H1 visa is denied. I am pissed off now.

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