F1 Visa Interview Experiences

Herguan University – F1 Visa Interview Experience – Visa Denied

News Flash – Herguan University Raid – 450 Students in Trouble.

Herguan University F1 visa Interview experience.

I received email from a reader today and it was very obvious to see why he F1 Visa was rejected. Please, don’t ever make this mistake again and hope everyone learns from this experience.

I applied for Herguan University and today was my interview where I was rejected but I am not sure about what exactly went wrong with my case.

I completed my bachelors in 2006 since then I am working as System Admin for a company. Now I planed for my higher studies in US and I got I20 from two different universities and I selected Herguan University from the options.

My interview went for only 3 min

Me: Good Morning Mam
VO: Good Morning

Me: How are you doing today?
VO: No answer.

VO: Your Passport and Sevis receipt
Me: Handed over to her.

VO: Your I20 please
Me: Handed over my I20 and asked do you require acceptance letter of the university?

VO: No

VO: Why are you going to US?
Me: For pursuing Master’s in Computer Science.

VO: When did you completed your bachelors?
Me: In 2006.

VO: Since then what were you doing?
Me: Working as a System Admin for so and so company since 2006.

VO: Why are you leaving your job?
Me: I not leaving my job, I was granted a long leave for pursuing my Master’s and I will be supporting my company remotely.

VO: You mean you will be working for your company from US?
Me: Not exactly but if there is any issue I will be providing solutions through mail.

VO: Started writing something on a paper and handed over a white slip saying we are unable to issue you the visa.

In the white paper there are three check boxes from which she marked on second check box which says that


  • They are a bone fide student and the primary purpose of travel is to be a student;
  • They have sufficient funds to cover the first year total expenses, plus access to a continuing source of funds to cover all subsequent years of study; and
  • They have a residence abroad they intend to return to following the completion of their studies, demonstrated through family, social and economic prospects, etc

I am confused in these three points what would be the issue in my case. Can you help in this and what should be my answer if the same question were asked.

Should I resign from my duties and get a re-leaving letter from the company or what?

Like I am having a gap of 4 years from my bachelor to masters is that be a problem, how should I answer if they ask about my job.

When can I reapply for my next interview as my joining date is 9th Sep, can I fill my DS-160 today itself so that it will take three days for paying the fee.

If I fill DS-160 today can I pay the fee tomorrow and block the date after two day? Is that possible? Please help me in this, I will be thankful to you. I need your help as soon as possible.

F1 Visa is not Work Visa

How can you expect to get F1 visa when you admitted that you are going to work in USA while studying. When you apply for US Visa, you have to know the immigration rules. You can work while in US in F1 Visa under 3 conditions

  • Part Time job within Campus
  • Internship using CPT
  • With approved work authorization due to financial hardship

Working outside campus is illlegal and against the law. How can you expect to get visa when you have admitted to take part in illgeal activity?

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  1. Sir
    i’m a diehard fan of hsb but it pains me to say that the kind of ads you are displaying these days….you can’t read any article without watching seminude women….you cant read these blogs with your sister, daughter or female colleagues…its really embarrassing. I do respect your decision but you will loose valuable readers….

  2. I went on my interview for an extension yesterday and was unfortunately denied due to the fact that they knew that I had missed a semester, stayed in the US but wasn’t given a dead line to leave the country no emails, calls, etc. I did the following semesters after leaving before a six month period and getting a re-admit and I do know if I try again I will be denied. But is there any way that I can go there and not be denied or is it over for me

  3. Why would you ever say you’ll help the company from USA? If the company gave you an education leave, and many companies do give students that, just leave it at that.

  4. if i get f1 visa. after than can i work part time in usa first 6 months ?
    please reply me sir ,,,

  5. Hi friends my interview was on 30th august. I had mixed results. Here is my conversation.

    Me: Good morning madam

    Vo: good morning, took my passport,i20, sevies, ds form

    Vo: why us?

    me: I want to peruse my masters in the field of information assurance. I have done several project on it and my xxx university is also working on them which are more advanced than my project.

    Vo: explain me about your project and the university project.

    me: I did

    vo:any backlogs?

    me:I have 5 backlogs madam

    vo: percentage?


    vo:give me u r certificates. and I handed over to them

    then she wrote something and I was very confident that I would get visa. Then she gave me my passport back!!!!! and said we need additional information about you. Got to counter no 15 .

    I went and there was a indian lady took my passport, i20 ,sevies, ds and resume. She gave me a printed paper and told me to fill it up.

    It asked me the following

    1. your details

    2. flight information and contact info in US.

    3. Explain your project in detail( write like you are explaining to a technical person)

    4. How does the course help you in your career.

    5. what would u do after the course?

    and few other questions like your previous visas etc..

    I have been given a number and they told me to check my status online every day. and it takes min of 1 week to process it.

    All the projects that I mentioned are done by me. They didn't ask me about my gre , toefl scores, my financial details, why this university and all.

    1. Hi Pradeep, as far as I know, you'll get your visa in 3 weeks time (22nd-23rd day). In case you get it before, you'll probably be a lucky aspirant..US visa procedure has a TAL in their database, its basically Technology alert list. You can google it, there is even a facebook community on this topic. People who have done research in any of the fields mentioned in that list, and who probably unknowingly focus on their research in the interview get a white slip (221g) i.e. the one that you have got most probably. Anyways I don't think there is anything to worry, it'll be cleared soon. Good luck!

      1. HaHa I never knew that my projects will stop me from going to US. Basically my projects are on super computing, hacking and cracking. So friends please don't mention these kind of projects. All the very best everyone.

  6. Hi,

    With my TOEFL mark I got admitted for master’s in univ of michigan-dearborn.Is it mandatory to submit my GRE mark in VISA interview??

  7. Hai HSB and Followers of HSB. I Love u r attention towards the student how r interested about MS in USA.

    I am 2009 passed out in CS

    I Had a doubt regarding DS – 160 form.

    For the first VISA interview – I didnt show any experience from 2009 to 2010.

    ( Due to, its the first time i am filling the form face some tense so i skip the page and Submitt the form)

    Any way i rejected.

    For the 2nd VISA interview – This time i show my experience period of time in the DS form.

    Again I rejected.

    Tell me y. Being changes in my DS – 160 form leads to my rejections. Is it a reason.


    CAN WE CHANGE THE DS-160 FORM couple of time Or Not

    Please answer my Question Directly. I want to know it clearly.

  8. hi am planning to pursue my masters degree in USA in fall 2011 and planning to work there too after completing the program, is it possible?if so how will i do that? can u help me how to do that?

  9. Hey Buddy, I am sorry for what happened with you. Why you cared so much about your job? Americans are used to do only one thing at a time. You mentioned the opposite and she thought you would be working from the States. I think you have serious problem cause if you leave your job now and reapply, they will think you just want to go there and settle. I think you have no other option than just to take the leave letter with you in the interview and clearly say you have left your job and planning to return on the same job after your studies. Have your company write that they don object your study abroad program and they will welcome you in the company after your studies. This will make them(VO) think that you are surely coming back after your studies. I think this would help. This is Ron from the University of Wisconsin.

  10. Hi,

    I am planning to apply for FALL 2011 to pursue my Phd.I have graduated in 2010.I got a job through campus placement cell in a company.I didn't took it because I wanted to study more and to prepare well for GRE.

    My question is when I will be arriving for the VISA interview next year,I will be having a gap of 8-10 months from my graduation.Will that be a problem me getting a visa?If yes then what should I do to fill in the gap or what should i tell the officer?

    Please advice.

    1. Hey Arnab,

      The time gap would not at all be a problem. But if the gap is significantly long like one and a half years or so then you better have a solid reason to tell to the VO what you were doing those days. . .



      1. You sure Rajkamal?Because this 8-10months also is quite nearly a year..!!!!!

        Will doing an internship somewhere help?

        1. Definitely it will!! Or you could demonstrate that you were doing free lancing during that time. One of my friends had a similar case, he got a certificate from an NGO and the Visa Officer was very impressed. But since you are opting for a PhD, an internship in the same field would boost your profile. Another option can be a small research (if possible). You can communicate the research paper to any journal of your particular field and await their response. 10 months is a long period for doing a small research and adding a publication to your resume would be great!(Incase you don't receive a response from the journal you can always write 'communicated' in front of the publication title in your resume). I hope this gives you some options on how to go about your next 10 months, but yes GRE should be the priority. Good luck Arnab 🙂 ..Regards

          1. @sukaran.Thanks for the reply and your answer.I am trying to get an internship somewhere,but suppose the worst case scenario I don't end up having anything,no internship,job or work.Then what would it be like.Then will I have problem?

          2. Well, I don't think its that big an issue. Even if the VO asks you this question (probability is less since you have graduated in 2010) you'll have to answer in 10-15secs. And you can justify yourself by telling him that in this time you prepared for GRE and did some research on various universities, their programs etc. A brilliant GRE and TOEFL score will definitely help you in justifying your position. So don't worry too much about these 8-10 months. Even Americans opt for education in breaks. Very few go for a higher degree the same year they graduate, so even VO will be aware of the fact. Personally I don't feel there will be any problem in your quest, but yes an internship/research will count as a plus point. Just focus on GRE, get a good score, everything will be just great!

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