F1 Visa Interview Experiences

F1 Visa for Community College at US Consulate in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Here’s another proof that we have readers from all over that world.

That included Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Hello everybody.

I had an interview for F1 visa in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

And my F1 visa is Approved.

Thanks to Happy Schools. I learned a lot from the articles here.

I going to study at Mira Costa community college.

It’s not high ranking college! Now I would like to share my visa experience with you!

F1 Visa Interview – Tashkent, Uzbekistan

ME: Good morning Sir. How r you ?
VO: Good morning. VO: what are you doing here ?
ME: ( I hear that he asking me ‘What will you do in the US’ ) I want to do my bachelors in Business Administration.

VO: I’m asking what are you doing now here ?
ME: Oh sorry ! I’ve just finished the lyceum and want to pursue my study in the US.

VO: Why you are not studying here for your bachelors ?
ME: Because I want to gain some experience and want to improve my English

VO: Why did you choose MiraCosta ?
ME: Because of it’s flexible curriculum and ambitious academic programs !

VO: Who is sponsoring you ?
ME: My parents are sponsoring me !

VO: What your parents do ?
ME: father works in the University as a teacher and mother also works at the same University as a head of personnel department !

VO: How they can support your education in US ? They are just teachers !
ME: They are not just teachers ! And mother has a other source , she has tutoring company.

VO: Can I see your marksheet and Bank statement ?
ME: Yes here it is ! ( Gave Bank statement and Marksheet transcript )

VO: OK came on Monday at 3pm
ME: Is my visa approved ?

VO: He just show me OK !!
ME : Thank you !! Have a great day !!! :)

Here is my visa experience ! One thing can I say you is ” Be confident and speak louder it shows that you are confident !

Above experience was shared by Jakhongir. Congrats on Visa approval.

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  1. i was denied at the embassay two days ago, first he ask me how long have i stay in the country and i reply, he them ask why wanna study abroad i told him because they offered the best education and then,,next who is sponsorin me and i reply my dad, nd where is my dad reply he is in a different country, he then again ask nd i reply the same next was, he gave me a denial letter

  2. Congratulations man, I am also expecting my I-20 & acceptance letter from a Community College in US to study Biological Science but I have completed my Higher National Diploma here in Nigeria in Environmental Biology as my field.
    I will be booking for my appointment soonest, can anyone please help with information or advice on how the interview will look like and my statement of account is not that bouyant.
    Please palz advice .

  3. I have a visa interview for Spokane community college on the coming Monday,18th March at US embassy in Addis Ababa.Any advice for my interview welcome. Thank you!

  4. good for you,I have interview next month,in the same embassy,I applied for a commiunity college too.
    I’m so nervous but your experience made me a little confident 😉

  5. Then, this means that, in order to succeed in obtaining F1-visa, the student have to demonstrate his PARENT’S wealth-bank statements and boast his PARENT’S ability to pay for a college in America, WHEREAS he is even not smart, look at his telling his visa experience story !!!(just boasting and gives tips only to them who has huge money) stupid… :/

    1. How can they know that you r rich or you haven ‘t money ? They just make desicion belonging to their intuition and impressions from 2 or 3 minutes interview time !

  6. One plus side of attending to community college is the prices are affordable ! Why spend so much money if you can get the same degree ? My interview was at 9 but they call me at 12 ! I lister all people who were in the interview ! The most of people got rejected because of confidence ! I prayed a lot and god hear me ! Good luck everybody !! Thank all HSB group !

  7. this really helped me out becz i my self preparation for Community college admission and for interview and its now confirmed that even a visa can be granted for Community college 🙂

  8. Good job! Do you have any plans of which university you want to attend after you finish your 2 years at this college?

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