F1 Visa Interview Experiences

I Had 14 Backlogs. I Had Confidence. I Lied. I Got F1 Visa.

I want to share me F1 visa experience. I have been an ardent Happy Schools Follower. I  hardly missed an article from the day I discovered your blog.

Before starting the student visa interview, I would like to show you my profile.

  • B.Tech (production Engineering). Graduated on 2010
  • Visa for Masters in Mechanical engineering.
  • B.Tech  – 6.15 CGPA and 14 backlogs.
  • GRE 1260 (Q740 V520)
  • TOEFL: 88

I applied for 4 universities in the U.S. and was accepted into one university.

  • Lamar university (Accepted)
  • Bradley university
  • Montana state university
  • Lawrence Tech


My F1 Visa Interview

VO: Good morning, sir
Me: Good morning

Me: How are you this morning?
VO: No answer

VO: Why do you want to study in the U.S?
Me: Sir, Because US is way ahead in terms of technology. The course offered there are flexible and more research oriented.

VO: Where are you going to study in the USA?
ME: For Lamar university located at Beaumont Texas.

VO: How many universities did you apply?
ME: I applied for 4 universities.

VO: How many admits>
Me: I got admit from Lamar university and mentioned that other applications are under review (I did ntotell that I received rejections from 3 universities).

VO: Why didn’t you wait for the rest (I wasn’t expecting this question)
Me: Sir, since Lamar University is my first preference I decided to go with it.

VO: Why Lamar university is your preferred university?

Me: Explied my area of interest and research. I participated in a a competetion to make a concept car, Lamar university was also in the competition.

VO: What is your GRE and TOEFL

Me: Explaied the scores. (Till now he did not ask for any documents.

VO: What’s the percentage
Me: 61%

VO: Any backlogs (Here comes the twist)?
Me: NO (I knew if I tell the truth, I would be rejected. Even if he would check with the rebuttal “Sir, I don’t have any active backlogs and would clarify later, but he did not check, maybe he believed because of my confidence).

VO: What’s is your dad’s income
Me 3.5 Lakhs/annum

VO: What does your mom do?
Me: She has a fashion boutique.

VO: How are they going to pay?
Me: I have a sanctioned loan and they have saving of XXX in the bank account (which we borrowed and added to acc for visa purpose) I had only bank statement no pass book.

Then the golden words “YOUR VISA HAS BEEN APPROVED” he kept my passport with him.

Here’s the keys to F1 Visa:

  1. Confidence
  2. Eye contact
  3. Little bit of attire
  4. Practice for the interview question before going


As crazy as it sounds, if you are going to lie, then better be good at it. That’s what I said in this How to Get F1 Visa Again After Getting Caught Red Handed for Lying?


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  1. I am thinking to keep a fake gre ….Does the visa officer has our gre score on her end once she enter our passport ,so that they can cross check with us.

    1. How did you fake the GRE? Did someone else take the test for you? They are going to find that and it would probably come with lifetime ban from entering USA. Seriously, you don’t have the skills to study and score 300?

  2. Pls advice me. I had recently been rejected. I read most comments here talking about Toefl and GRE scores. I wasn’t asked about my Toefl score and my university transcript. I really don’t know the cause for my rejection. Could it be my choice of school? I got admit into Texas Southern University. Pls is Texas Southern University low standard to have gotten a visa denial?

  3. I made a mistake in my D160. I filled i No relative in USA but during my student application I filled I have a relative in the USA. I hope i won’t it affect my visa chances.


  4. What if lamar university authorities find out you haven’t yet passed your under graduate program?

    1. guys I’m engineering 3rd year and have 3 backlogs and if I get cleared them up before the completion of course do I get a good job and can I apply for MS in US ..

  5. Hello HSB and all other guys,
    My profile is similar somewhat stated above having backlogs about 9. Recently completed BE with 66% at 8th sem and overall 55% ( 1st to 8th)

    My question is what if the VO asks the proof (like certificates) when you say that you were a national champ or state? If you haven’t bought then I understand its the applicants mistake.

    May be he is bluffing to the VO (that he was national champ) and what if he gets caught that he is lying?

    Secondly, what if the applicants lie upon asking about the backlogs?
    Having ‘n’ number of backlogs and saying ” No backlogs” and how will the consequences of it?

    On other hand I have earned good number of extra curriculum certificated from the time of schooling to college. (about 26 certificated in all)
    How can or will I make use of them over here is possible?

    Please reply.
    Sincerely, Thanks you.

  6. oh good for you..i had 13 backlogs and 1280 on gre……. luckily for me, the VO dint ask the ‘any backlogs?’ question and my f1 was approved too.

  7. One of my cousin was asked by VO that ‘u have less toefl score (around 78/120)’,she replied, but I have good academic score ,’ and she got visa .

    Similarly , there are many thing which u are good in that .u can focus on that and say to visa officer or can convince to VO .

    For visa interview one can say I had so and so backlogs ,but i had cleared all of them or i had cleared with good score ,or there are many other convinciable answer that u can say. This is just example,this might be proper for many but for many there are other convincing answers.So u can say which ever is true and proper in one case.

  8. HI, dude

    First of all congrats for the visa…

    i’ve read the comments readers have posted for your visa experience.
    “Most of them were Criticizing”

    I would not deny that fact. But dude what if he would have caught you?

    he might have rejected, you said you had rebuttal to say but that was if else situations to get accepted or rejected.


    I had frnd who soberly stated i have 10backlogs. next statement he heared was “YOUR VISA IS REJECTED”

    You don’t mind at the comments readers have posted. Now concentrate on your future. you might had problems in your UG so you had ATKT’s but don’t ruin your future by depending by taking such kind of risk’s. “it is US not INDIA”

    “you took the risk and you suceeded. if you would have failed same ppl might have commented diffrent”

    Some people might takes out their frustration here of getting rejected or by seeing “students getting Visa with Weak profile then those people had” <—-Mind it.

    In your interview your "confidence" was the key. which came by "prepration" I think

    And finally, i was like you i had 15 backlog and said i don't have "Current backlogs". I never dared to post my VISA EXP. But you did. i know it is not correct path but see me. Today i am in US and about complete my MS.

    My message for the rest of studentswho face same problem is that " don't try unless you are confident and readyto face any consequesnces"

    I figure out one thing buddy i think you had problem with keyboard or you typed in hurry. so many typing mistake.

    Best of luck dude for your future. And don't mind readers.

  9. It is sad that people go to any extent by lying and cheating. Truth and ethics have no value now a days.
    Please discourage such emails as it may encourage others to act that way.
    It will bring ill repute to India and Indians

  10. I seriously warn you from posting such things…You got visa due to luck and nothing else…If he had seen your transcript then you will be permanently be banned..People dont like to VI just to get visa…You can tell the truth and convince him…I don’t know what big thing you achieved….Please do not misguide other ppl.

  11. Hai bro……is there any possibility to apply for visa with a GRE score of B 910 marks…..!

    and any TOEFL or IELTS can compensate the GRE score to apply for UNIVERSITIES in USA

  12. hi my toefl score is 90 and i am genuine student but i have not taken gre test and i have got addmission for MBA from university of FINDLAY and MS(human resource management) NYIT in so can anyone suggest me hw findlay is?? and would i get visa with out gre..coz in hyderabad i heard they reject straight away without gre….plz suggest

    1. Good schools have GRE as a requirement, you can’t skip it. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone get a visa here without taking GRE.

  13. sry bro i dont think u’ve done a great job, only a luck plays a vital role in your VI not your hard work plz dont share expe with others because everybody will not getta same as like you ,you made them lazy and a liar ,your experience like a wrong motivation

  14. Cleared backlogs don’t really matter to the US unis or Visa consulate.
    That’s provided they are a handful or lesser.
    You can easily fool the VO with full confidence, but not the universities.
    They can see it in your transcripts.
    They are far sharper than what most think they are…

    Secondly, u have aimed too low (only the regional unis).
    For such a good score of 1260 and a Q740 u could have aimed at ASU / Ohio with funding.

  15. can we escape even if we had baklogs,do help me out from this because i had 4 baklogs,so is there any alternate to escape pls mail me to my id frndz….

  16. It is quite baffling to read some of the comments. “Great job and good luck”, seriously?
    On one hand, people are condemned for taking TOEFL via agents and here we have someone who has lied about fourteen backlogs. How is this any different?

  17. Hmmm… Nothing to ponder upon! Guess luck has been playing a major role for you at that time 🙂 I didn’t like the part where you lied about the backlogs :-/

  18. Dude your English is poor ( Basic grammatical mistakes ) …are you sure you scored 520 in verbal ???….Anyways its none of my business , Attire is not at all the factor as most of them think , I draped with casual ” pepe jeans ” shirt and a Jeans pants , he wouldn’t even bother ……Secondly, lying to a visa officer is not a good idea , He will enter all your information into their database and any mismatch of information in the future might get you into trouble ….So never ever lie to a visa officer , Remember fortune never backs you forever , I understand you took a chance and succeeded but take my advice and not always bank on your fortune …congratulations !!

    1. In future they may ask, if there is any interview ,or such thing so be careful and say truth ( Cause when my cousin came to India ,he was interviewed again,though there may not be such past academic question(expected ))

  19. Who the hell are you man.. You are like my alter ego.. I have 6.13 CGPA 14 backlogs and 1280 GRE score.

    But please we discourage such posts.

  20. Okay, can any one atleast tell me what does back log means??

    i have no idea what is back log! kindly clarify!

    1. BackLogs means Carry -over courses…….I knw u are not an Indian…..is only here in India..that carry-Over Courses are called BackLogs….But Back in Africa, it is called; Carry-Over

      I hope That helps?


  21. U.S cheat to the whole world. We only cheat to earn and pay them back as loans and taxes and also work for them (only a small profit for us) so that was proactive approach. Wish you a prosperous career ! 😉

  22. This is wrong. You should not mess with the US! If they investigate your records in the future, your legality in the US will be in jeopardy. Not only will you face punishments, you will make the US consulates think all Indians will try to lie. This is will deny an opportunity for someone who does not have a single backlog.

    1. Don’t be too happy, just pray. I’m telling you the US government is not like the Indian government. They will find out in someway or the other.

  23. From your visa interview, I came to know that, you have came prepared for all the answers.. That good and you got the fruit for that. But lying in visa interview is very risky.

    1. congratulations buddy…..well going…keep it up….
      show ur magic in us too ….to all firangis…
      good luck
      happy journey

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