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F1 Visa – Chennai Consulate – Missouri University of Science & Technology

I’m Srinivas. And I had known HSB for a long time even when I started preparing for my GRE, TOEFL. To tell you the truth, HSB is simply awesome! I’m sharing my F1 Visa Stamping experience today with you. It has been great for what HSB has been doing for students like us. So, thanks a lot HSB!

My career dream had come true now! Yes, guys! Now I’m in Missouri University of Science & Technology at Rolla, Missouri State, USA for MS in Mechanical Engg.

I just got my visa 10 days back, 23 July. And I started from Chennai on 1 August itself. So, I had no time to share my experience with you. So now I’ll do and at the last I’ll just brief abt my f1 visa stamping experience so that someone might benefit out of it 🙂 🙂

First of all, I had a CLEAN record till sixth semester; 79% with a couple of decent projects, inplant trainings, workshops, certified courses. But then unfortunately, I had a backlog in my seventh. So obviously, everything I mean everything turned out to be late for me. I finished my final semester exams on May 11. And I knew that I have cleared all of my exams including the one backlog only on July 28.

Phew! But now again the problem started. The provisional certificate! Meanwhile, I was working on other stuff. Bank loan, parents income tax papers, finding roomies, shopping for my travel to US. But even then, I used to think that without getting my visa, how could I buy anything? So I would go to a shop and come back with only one or two items. Then, I had my provisionals with me only on 16 August. So, within that time I booked for my visa interview, payed the SEVIS fee and all that stuff. And now for the most heart-pounding moments – visa interview. [ Read F1 Visa Interview questions and answers]

F1 Visa Stamping Interview

It was a lady VO.

VO : Good morning.
Me : (Oops….missed it. Should hv wished her first) Good morning. (Smiling and making a good eye contact)

VO : Folder pls!
Me : (I gave her my folder)

VO : Did you graduate recently? I mean now…. (Looking me into the eye)?
Me : Yes, maam. (Said as I was smiling and eye contact)

VO : Can I see your degree certificates?
Me : Yes, maam. (Then I gave that too)

VO : Whats your academic percentage (Looking down at the certificates)?
Me : 79%, maam.

VO : Any backlogs (Still looking down)?
Me : Ya, maam. Just one. And I cleared that too during my last semester.

VO : Why the backlog (She just asked it in a very soft tone while turning her eye balls towards me and then again it went down)?
Me : I was sick the day before the exam. And unfortunately, I wasn’t able to prepare sufficiently prepare for that exam alone. So once I get to my university I’d make sure that I dont fell sick before
exams. (I too said this with a liitttlllee bit of confidence and a nervous feeling)

VO : (Until I answered that qn, she was heavily checking my eight semester certificate whether I hv cleared all of my exams! And now when she heard my answer, she just turns up and smiles at me)
Me : (Still my heart was like pounding whether my answer has convenienced her or not! I became a little tensed what she might react for my answer but then I felt better when she smiled)

VO : How will you funding your education?
Me : My parents will be supporting me. And I have a bank loan as a backup.

VO : What does your parents do?
Me : My dad’s a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and my mom’s a home maker.

And thats it guys! I got my visa! (Although she didnt mention that I had been granted a visa and I had to stay at the edge of my seat till I saw my passport stamped with visa 2 days later 😉 ;)!)

So guys, pls PLAN IN ADVANCE! Read the blog contents as much as possible! Do get along with friends early who are also dreaming of pursuing their career here in the US, so that you’ll get to know stuff updated. All the best to you guys!

By the way, dont worry abt the visa interview! The blog has a list of F1 visa qns. Print it. You will have a idea of what all F1 Visa interview questions you may face during that time. If still you are unsatisfied, think of the HARSHEST question that a VO can ask you during an interview. And pls tell only the TRUTH! TRUTH! TRUTH! And nothing but the truth. If you are going to make up answers, pls be logical. Practicing before a mirror boosts your confidence. There’s no shame in it. And no fake documents also! Otherwise your dream of coming here to the US is finished.

So thank you HSB, once again. And good luck guys!

See Karthik’s video interview : Student Life and Lessons Learned with Karthik Thandavan (Video)

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  1. hi guys..
    june 1st week m gng to attend visa interview….
    actually i did mba.and again am gng to pursue mba..if vo ask why again mba…
    what should i say…..
    please help me…
    thanking you.

  2. Hi guys!!! i am taking up my VI!!! i had 2 arrears in my first sem!! but completed it only in the 5th sem!!!

    I am sure that there will be royal screwment! how am i supposed to answer the question

  3. hey i finished my BE this year ….

    but i applied for jan intake (thats a six month break )….

    will that be a problem??

  4. @Banwari : Hi! If you think you feel like doing PhD, then go ahead. But it would be better if you consult a person who is someone from your field. Because I'm sorry to say that I dont know anything abt your field and I'd not be able to guide you. Someone from your field might judge you correctly, understand what you want to do in a better way and guide you through the process correctly. Dont worry that HSB didnt reply to you. The admin cannot reply for each and every qn posted in the site. So you just hv to consult people related to your field. You are desperate! Calm down and everything will be clear to you 🙂 🙂

    @ Ankit : Thank you!

    @ Rajkumar : Ya what muthu is right. You should ask your friend to speak for himself. But anyways, I'll share whatever I know. Its just that you have to give to be VERY CLEAR in what you speak. There should be confidence in your voice while you speak to the VO. They are the experts. They can judge abt your attitude, confidence, how clear are you with your thoughts, plans, goals and so on. Everything matters in the visa interview. As I said, prepare for the visa interview in advance. And you'll be through it happily 🙂 🙂

    1. Hello srinivas tnx for reply. Well I dont have any friends who know about US education and I tired many guys here but no response, of course all were belong same my field. Anyway its ok if they really dont want; but dear I can show them that I engaged with work or study and not sitting simply.


  5. Congrats Srinivas!!!!! :->

    i had a year drop after my 2nd year engg. now i'm in BE final year(comp). i hav had many backlogs. never tuk my studies seriously….but now i have taken myself very seriously..and i want to pursue my MS in Computer Science and make my Parents proud. (:

    i'm taking GRE in dec 2010.

    my academic backgroud bothers me a lot, and ven i wud go for my Visa Interview..i want to be honest.. i hav decided to tell VO that i had not studied for my exams and i had so many backlogs

    i will be rejected right???!???!!?

    1. @Pri : Please refer to the other comment I left here in this thread. There I hv given a couple of points regarding how to present your answer to the VO 🙂 🙂 All the best!

  6. Congrats buddy……hmm….I want to ask that 74 in toefl is good for MS in Computer Science or should I give it again??….

    1. @Harshil : I'd like to mention here that a few universities do ask for minimum TOEFL score of 90 and should have a score of above 25 in each section. But scoring 80 in total and above 20 in each section would do good in TOEFL. See to that you practice more. But TOEFL scores depends on your inherent skill set for proficiency in English language. It cannot be improved drastically just by practicing a days before the TOEFL exam. It is the skill which you have been having it for years right from your childhood. I'm sorry to say this but this is the truth. But keep practicing 🙂 🙂

  7. @rajkumar .. visa interviews are subjective and differs from individual to individual .. i have heard abt cases of 20+ back logs and have still got a visa … so ask ur frnd to be confident … 🙂

    P.S. Ask ur friend take interest and post questions for himself… so that the conversation will be lively ..and productive for everyone 🙂

  8. Congratulation Srinivas for getting dream. Well srinivas i have very complicated education and wrote many times to HSb but till now no reply and very tensed about it mean while Im going to write my GRE so please clear my doubts.

    I'm quiet afraid about my education back ground. I think its not impressive to satisfy university’s and VO's, may be they have lots of questions about it while such person going to visa interview. Well My education back ground is follow.

    I have completed…

    # 10th with 56.55% in 1997 from Rajasthan Board.

    # 12th with 58.62% in 2000 from Rajasthan Board.

    # B.Sc with 57.13% in 2004 from Kota University.

    # M.Sc with 62.60% in 2008 from Periyar University.

    Extra qualifications-

    # DMLT with 61.62% in 2002 from reputed institute.

    # DISM in 2005 with B+ from reputed institute.(During job)

    # Currently pursuing PGDIPR from IGNOU (Jan 2001- Dec 2010 session) result awaited.

    I have many of gapes its just due to my financial and personal problems. Here I want to mention all gaps with you my with specific reasons.

    # First gape in 1998 which just due to grade improvement during 12th.

    # Second in 2002 after completing First year B.Sc( Regular) because I was stuck with financial problem, was unable to continue my study so I enrolled DMLT. That's the main reason to completing 3 years Bachelor Degree in 4 years. From 2002 to 2006 I joined some of Laboratories.

    # After that I went for M.Sc in Aug. 2006 and completed (July 2008) on right time and have one back log in first semester which I cleared in third semester, but after July 2008 I was busy in the preparation for CSIR but unluckily not selected (Dec. 2008) than in March 2009 I joined one of food processing company on the the post of QC and resigned it in Aug 2009. Then I back to my study for the preparation GRE & TOEFL and wrote my first TOEFL exam on Oct 10, 2009 but the score was not so good and since that I'm working hard on GRE and now planning to write GRE in coming Sep 2010. I would like to apply for PhD (Biotechnology) for 2011 session.

    Of course I have gap in every steps but really it was not my fault. I can satisfy University as well as VO for all the gaps because I have valid reason, but sometime I regret myself.

    I have 4years work experience in medical laboratory after B.Sc and 7months after M.Sc and 2 projects on my hand (one of summer non thesis and second is final project with thesis). I have one national level training certificate and one best poster presentation certificate.

    After all my questions are..

    What do you say about it? M I eligible for PhD or not?

    I can finish 2-3 mini projects within 3-4 months, so can I add these projects in current CV which I’m going to join in Jan or Feb 2011? Because I think these projects will be enhance my skill and chance to get admission.

    Please reply and all comments will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

  9. my friend has a total of20 backlogs from the first year,he had cleared all those backlogs,does it gonna create any problems in VISA process and in the university,please suggest me………………

    1. Hi me too hav same prob no one is replying.. i hav 10 backlogs i cleared everything as i finished my B.E.. will this be a prob pls help me.. what is the best answer for it..

    2. @Hari Hara Sudhan : Guys! You cant expect to get answers for F1 visa qns from someone else. If you do so, then you are not telling the truth. You are trying to use someone's brain for your work. How can you just sit back and expect others to give you answers for your qn? And you also complain that people arent replying to you. But anyways, I'll just help you to find your own answers, Ok. What matters is that 'What is your answer?' and 'How do you present it to the VO?' Dont just say abruptly like "Sorry. I had backlogs coz I didnt prepare well or write it well". The VO should feel like "Ok. This guy has done something wrong. And so the backlog. But now he has corrected himself. And he sounds confident abt it!" They can see it in your eyes, body language, the tone of your voice and everything that you have to be noted by them. Think from the VO's point of you for every answer that pops in your mind. That is what its called "Preparing for your visa interview"…….Pls guys! Dont complain abt no replies! You have to sit and work before a mirror along with the qns. Do your work by yourself.

      Anyways! All the best! Do well! My best wishes to you all!

      1. This is enough.I thought i cant get through with ten backlogs. but now i think a perfect answer will clear my problems. Ill work on it and will find the best solution for it..Thanks 4 ur reply dude.

      2. could u please suggest me,what is the proper reason to tell about having 20 backlogs at the VISA counselor…please suggest me,and what is the ideal score to get so that i can get the admission into some descent colleges………….please suggest me……..

        1. @ Rajkumar : First, for whom are you posting the qns? Yourself or your friend? If you keep asking qns like this and you'd prob not get any answers from anyone. Didn't you read my comments to Hari Hara Sudhan's qn? Thats how you have to find your answer. Dont ask silly and useless qns. People get fed-up man. Be clear in what you ask. What ideal score? Which test are you asking abt? To which schools are you asking?

        2. sorry to frustrate u all,i wanna ask u about what should be the good score to get in GRE & TOEFL to get admission into the computer related background good universities with an aggregate of 55% in B.TECH….please suggest me……..so as per ur valuable suggestion clearing backlogs will not raise any problem na,so we need to give the answer with confident is that what u suggest for me…………….

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