F1 Visa Interview Experiences

F1 Visa Experiences Chennai – SUNY Buffalo

My experience in my F1 visa experiences Chennai consulate on 8/7/11. (Got 221g)

  • I got admission from SUNY Buffalo for MS in Aerospace engg for Fall 2011.
  • I got my visa interview date in the US consulate, Chennai on 8/7/11 at 9 AM.
  • I got the expedited interview date after mailing them my emergency and validating my appeal.

I reached my Chennai consulate there at 8.25 and my turn came only at 9.25 after all the intermediate waiting and processing.

Based on feed back from various sources, I struggled to arrange for all the financial documents such as Bank statements, Chartered accountant reports about the properties, Affidavit for my parents’ support for my finance etc.

In addition to that my parents struggled a lot to deposit money in FD’s in bank to show more funds. These process have taken enormous time and costs. But during my interview in the consulate, none of these were asked.

F1 Visa Experiences Chennai

My F1 Visa interview in Chennai went as below-

Me: Good morning
VO: Pass me your documents ( No reply to my greeting, she directly cut to the document).she just flips through them and asks nothing more.
Me:Here (nervous and wondering why she’ s rude)

VO: SUNY buffalo…why?
Me: i heard from a few seniors there that the professors in the aerospace dept are good, friendly and very qualified. There is this prof.. MR XXX he is a phd from XXX and the research he is doing in XXx is very alluring and i would be lucky if could be involved…bla bla..

VO: (She was constantly typing as i was talking…typing looots..After a while..)What in Aerospace?
Me: Fluid mechanics

VO: Whose sponsoring your studies?
Me: My father ma’am..actually both my parents.

Vo: Ok ..tell me this..whats the relation between fluid mechnics and fluid dynamics.
Me: (for a second, startled as i was wondering where she heard or saw about fluid dynamics)Actually, Fluid mechanics is split into 2 major subjects fluid dynamics and fluid statics.

VO: what re you interested in those 2?
Me: Fluid dynamics and vorticity..

VO: hmmm…Good. Well.. this is all I can do.(taking out the pink slip and writes down my case number)..go to this counter when your number is called..we will need further processing on your case.thank you.
me: thank you madam ( alll sad as i knew what the pink slip does!!!)

I waited for my second call and went to another VO( a tamilian by face..a sweet aunty kinds..lol)
VO: Pass me your documents.
ME: trying to figure out from her face, my state of the visa.

Vo: do you have a resume with you?
Me: yes madam. here.

VO:( she looks through that and keeps it along with the DS 160 and SEVIS fee receipt and my passport , returns back my gre score card, i20 )Ok..youll get your visa after 4 to 8 weeks after processing

ME: (i burst out pleading..)Please please..with a smile…don’t reject me. I haven’t done anything bad.
VO: (smiling with assurance)its not a reject pa.. It’s just some time for processing. After its done, you’ll get your visa.

Me: I have my joining date on aug 21..i don wanna miss it
Vo: most probably you’ll get it by then..but still..you can never say. Just have hope you’ll get it before that.
Me: thank you mam.

Thanks to Alpha for sharing F1 Visa interview experience at Chennai.

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  1. Hi to all,
    I am one of reader of this blog since decided to pursue my MS,now its my turn!!!

    I am in big trouble now, I got I20 from National university(GRE score not required) ,But my GRE score -276 and took IELTS -6(overall).I am a may 2011 passedout(69.38%,# Backlogs),since then i searched for JOb but I couldn’t stick into any(JOB),these way 3 months passed from june to september,then i decided to do MS in US and gave GRE(urgently without prep more than 10 days) and applied 5 Universities for spring,most of universities which applied by defermented my appl to fall because of late recieving of my scores,so I chose that univ among others .Now, My visa interview is on 3rd JANUARY-2012,I m From chennai and chose chennai consulate for my interview

    Now my question is,
    1,Will they asked about my gap during june to sept?then wat shud i say? please help me out to get rid of this question
    2.In my I20 states that “NO GRE REQD”,will it make any pblm in my interview?
    3.I took ielts instead of toefl(there is no available dates to appear at my time,will it be the question?
    4. General FAQ- why ur GRE score is low(plz help me for tz too)
    I am really afraid because of this dillemmas,please help me out dudes,
    please reply all dudes and HSB.

  2. hey guys i got a score of 720 In quant and 460 in verbal…..i took my exam on may 24th…..But i got a good profile and CGPA of 9.05…i don’t know which grade of colleges to apply …im kinda confused whther to take my GRE once more or to go with the same score…please suggest me some options….

  3. Hey even I had d same experience from d same consulate,…………….n tooo d same university.I had my interview on 5th july..n my process is still pending.

  4. dude … i had the same prob …. i got admit in sunny and uah choose uah…im from chennai as well …and got 221 g (freaking pink slip)…dont worry mine came in 24 days (app 4 weeks)….the prob is aerospace, it comes under Technical alert list (TAL)…all the best for ur future…

  5. Hi,
    I have attended my interview at 22/06/2011 at Dhaka, Bangladesh. And the VO also given me one slip which containing the PIN number. I have not gotten the VISA up to now. I have attended one student seminar arranged by American center here. They told that after the interview they take time fro further processing. But they have the record of each student’s school attend date.
    I am waiting for the VISA and best of luck to you too.

  6. He buddy for the first question of pass me your documents what documents did you show her?

    Because there are so many documents with me work exo related , previous education related, prospective university related and of course fiunancial documents.

    Please assist ASAP as i have interiew on 15th

  7. Yep Aerospace Engineering, touchy subject, I hope you can get the visa before your reporting date buddy. Good luck!

      1. @ALL..i got my visa issued on the website yesterday..exactly 25 days later!!!..
        thank you everybody for your prayers and wishes!!..Cheers.. ill update you after receiving my passport.

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