F1 Visa Interview – Denied and Banned from USA for Fake & Fraudulent Documents

f1 visa with fake documentsWhile sorting through my inbox, I saw this question from a prospective student whose F1 Visa was rejected 4 times due to fake documents.

I’m sure you know that in India, there are always going to be a bunch of students who would pay the agents for getting bank statements.

US Embassy and the Consulates try to catch them and of course ban such students from entering the USA.

Then, I saw another student share similar experience from Nigeria as well. You will read about both experiences here on this page.

I have rejected my F1 visa 4 times.  I approached through consultancy, they provided all fake documents like financial documents.

At time of my 4th interview, interviewer caught all my fake documents and he took a letter by me regarding fake documents.

Now, Iam planning to apply again for F1 visa and also i am putting all original documents.

Is there any chance to get the visa for me. Can you please give me some valuable suggestions?

F1 Visa with Fake Documents

Before appearing for F1 Visa interview with Fake Documents, you must have to know about the consequence of the getting caught.

In spite of that, you appeared for F1 visa interview with Fake Documents 4 times.

Effect of taking fake documents was rejection and probably a BIG Red Tape on your file.

You decided to go through the route of fabricating the documents and you have to face and live with the consequence of that.

F1 Visa Denial for Fraudulent Documents

There is a section in the Immigration law for rejection for providing fraudulent documents. It’s called 212(a)6(c)(i).

f1 visa fake fraudulent documents

Can you go for F1 Visa for the 5th time?

Yes, you can try for the F1 visa for the 5th time.

Can I get F1 Visa to the USA?

I think chances of getting visa to the USA is very tough (impossible) after you have got caught with wrongdoing.  As the above screenshot says, don’t get caught.

You can do that by not going via the Fake documents route.

Over to Readers

  • Do you think  Ranjit should appear for F1 Visa interview again?
  • What do you think about the chances of getting F1 Visa within 5th try?

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