F1 Visa Stamping – University of Nebraska at Omaha

I am a regular HSB reader and following each and every post, VI experiences, suggestions, most of the comments, etc.

I have applied to 6 schools (MIS) in total – Univ of Arkansas Fayette ville, Georgia St. Univ, Oklahoma Univ, Utah St. Univ, Univ of Texas at Dallas, Univ of Nebraska at Omaha.

Out of these 6 schools, I got admits from UTD and Univ of Nebraska at Omaha. I was in dilemma in selecting these two universities. Both universities have got pros and cons in terms of cost, ranking, and other factors.

  • UTD – $33,000; no scholarship; top school for Electrical, reputation, weather
  • UNO – $23,000; $4410 with instate tuition fee; #6 according to US News in Information Technology and Management, excellent course work for MIS, lot of other factors, heard of its coolest temperatures and lastly my favorite ‘Information Security’ concentration

I have selected Univ of Nebraska at Omaha after reading University Picker eBook (I purchased it before my UNO admit). This book and other UNO tough seniors’ words helped me in choosing the second admit.

I am in hurry posting this experience and regret if there are any spelling mistakes.

Student Visa Interview experience

July 11, 2011 – Chennai

After regular security and other formalities…

[I noticed the VO rejected one lady before me. I heard she is a teacher and going to visit her Maternal uncle or somewhat similar…]

Me:        Good Morning Mam!
VO:        Hello There!

[I passed on the file and stood straight without leaning on the desk]

VO:        Which university you are heading to?
Me:        University of Nebraska at Omaha

VO:        How many universities you have applied?
Me:        6 in total Mam

VO:        Which year you have under graduated?
Me:        2006

VO:        What are doing since 2006?
Me:        I am working Mam

VO:        [Looking into computer screen] So, you are working for MAQ Software since 2006?
Me:        Yes Mam

VO:        Is this the same company you have been working since 2006?
Me:        Yes Mam. I am working since 4.8 years

VO:        How many backlogs in your undergrad?
Me:        One mam

VO:        Show me your memos?
[I took all the memos and passed them, she counted them and looking]

VO:        In which subject you got a backlog?
Me:        Analog Communications Mam

VO:        Ok, Who is sponsoring you?
Me:        My Father and I have also got a scholarship from school

[She looked my I-20 and replied]

VO:        Your Visa has been approved [Returned all the documents except Passport]
Me:        Thanks! Thanks a lot Mam [with a big smile J]

I have just received my passport at home a while ago – with stamping date 7th July 2016.

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