F1 Visa Interview – Delhi – 221(g)

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I would like to share my whole Student visa experience  to America till now with HSB. I would like to thank HSB for every way this blog helped me.

Firs thing about VISA interview. I reached there at 7.30 AM, but my appointment was of 9.00. I stood outside waiting for the call of 9.00 AM slot . Finally at 8:45 security guards put some slip  of 9.00AM. And I went to join the queue. Here they were checking appointment and passport.

Then they allowed to go inside. I put my file in one tray, and wallet and my pen as told by security. Then I went inside. I got token from there and one guy stapled my I20 passport, sevis fee and black slip of HDFC recipt (the 3rd one).

I was waiting for my number it displayed on the board and I went through corridor into new building. In this new building visa interviews were goin on. I went to one counter one lady asked to give the docs which were stapled together. I gave her she made entry in her computer. Then She said go to another counter for your finger prints. After fingerprints  I was waiting for my number.

Now the story starts, one girl and one boy was sitting besides me. They started talking Hiii… hello and they were discussing rejection. One guy rejected one more one more. They were taking about the rejection of their friends and girl started taking tension of that. She was saying Ohh GOD help me out. I hope I will get this (I will request you guys, please don’t concentrate on the people like this, they will try to make your moral down.)

Now the girl which was sitiing near by me, went to drink water, migh be she came into tension mood. I was waiting when she will go otherwise it will affect me also. Finally her no displayed and she went. I was waiting for my number.

At that time I saw one old lady VISA officer she shouted on one lady because she was trying to listen the questions of another person. VO told her to step back but VO granted her VISA.

Now at another counter one young lady she was asking 4-5 questions and rejecting most of the students. Now I was expecting my no on these 2 counters but I got my no displaying to counter no 20. I went there one guy who was before me he was going for some biodiesel work. He got accepted finally my turn came.

With smile I wished him.

Me: Good morning (made eye contact with VO)
VO: good morning, how are you doing?

Me: I am doing (then I don’t kno what happend I was stopped nothing was coming out of my mouth). Then again i said, I am doing fine thank you for asking.
VO: He smiled, Even I was smiling.

Vo: Why USA?
Me: To pursue my PhD from XXXXXX University, at XXXXXX

VO: PhD in what subject:
Me: (I realized that now he will issue me pink slip). I said PhD in biology.

Vo: What are you doing currently?
Me: I am pursuing my masters in Biotechnology from XXXX university. (now i was damn sure He will put  me in 221g)

VO: Who is funding you?
Me: I am getting scholarship in the form of assistantship, along with that if needed my fater will sponsor me.

VO: Wat does your father do?
ME: I said my father is an XXXX in XXXX department.

Atlast he said something, I was unable to hear, but I was able to hear that It will take sometime in administrative checking.

Finally he said: go to last counter. On that counter one Indian gave me pink slip and aksed to submit all the documents online via email. I told her I have all the documents expect itinerary, can you give me one A4 size sheet on which I can write and i asked her is it applicable? She said yes and gave me 3 pages. And I wrote on those papers and gave it back to lady with my documents.

I would like to tell you the points which I though you must keep in mind.

  1. Be confident maintain eye contact with smile while moving towards VO.
  2. Greet him/her.
  3. Don’t indulge yourself with unnecessary talk as the girl was doing who was sitting besides me. Sometimes it can demoralize you.
  4. Think, you are genuine candidate and going for study.

Now don’t do:

Please don’t go to any consultancy for the visa documentation and visa interview preparation they will say the same as of HSB. Please do some home work and try to do yourself.

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  1. and HSB discussions are much more informative than any consultancy, im sure…

  2. semi congo for the 221g…and ya…leave urself to ur own devices…

    1. Now a days, VO is issuing pink slip yto every student who is goin for PhD. Lucky you!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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