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F1 Visa Interview Experiences

F1 Visa Was Rejected Twice on 214(b) – Interview Analysis

I applied fto four universities and got an admit from just one university – IIT Chicago for Food Safety and Technology. I attended F1 Visa interview twice and F1 Visa was rejected twice on 214(b).

At the time of token assignment,  I told a lie for him stating that I haven’t changed my application details which I later realized that I did change it. I wanted to know if this could be the reason for rejection of my F1 Visa?

Interview One: F1 Visa Rejected on 214(b)

VO: Hello
Me: Good morning sir

VO: Pass your I 20 and the other documents ( I20, Degree completion certificate, SEVIS Fee, Score Reports)
Me: I passed it to him and was waiting for him to ask the questions

VO: So Which school are you going for ?
Me: Pardon Sir.

VO: Which University did you apply for?
Me: IIT, Chicago

VO: So, why this university?
Me: I started out very bad saying  that the university is good and it has an MOU with FDA and IFSH which helps students get to work with the government funded projects.

VO: Which major are you applying for
Me: Food safety and Technology

VO: What’s your academic percentage?
me: 68%

VO: Any backlogs
me : None sir

VO: When did you graduate?
me: Answered.

VO: Checked out my Gre and Toefl scores (290 and 86)
Me: I was positive enough that it was a 100% approval

VO: I think the requirements that you have presented us are not enough and I don’t think that you will complete the course work.
Me: But the university was OK with me and my profile

VO: Angrily replied “That is not enough for the VISA interview sir”
Me: I was issued a 214 (b)

I thought he didn’t check my profile like checking out my transcripts, financial certificates CA statements, etc.

I applied for the visa once again to try out my luck this time. This time prepared very well and was 100% sure that I would get the F1 Visa.

Interview Two: Rejected in 214(b) Again

I applied again for the Chennai consulate. This time, it was another guy ( thought that I would get the same guy because he was just two counters away from where I got).

VO: I think we have examined your profile once and rejected you so what changes have you done from the first interview
Me: None. ( And I could see his face changed with a NO visa approval for this guy)

VO: So why did you apply for the VISA interview again.
Me: The first time I was not given a chance for showing my documents and other information so I applied it once again. Then he typed something.

VO: So what’s your academic score?
Me: Said

VO: I think that without any changes made attending the visa interview is kind of complicated issue
Me: But the first time I couldn’t prove myself by showing my documents.

VO: I don’t need to see the documents and then took the 214 (b) paper again
Me: What sought of changes do you require for my profile when I have everything requirement cleared

VO: This time I don’t think we can approve your visa sir.

So please suggest me what are those loopholes where I couldn’t get through F1 Visa twice?

Here’s another example of a student who got caught lying about total number of backlogs


F1 Visa Interview Analysis:

  • Understanding: 0/10
  • Preparation:  2/10
  • Answers: 3/10
  • Execution: 2/10

You just cannot schedule second interview after 214(b) rejection with reason that you did not have an opportunity to show the documents.

Plus, you are answering that there’s ZERO change since the last interview. How do you expect to get the visa again?

Why is it so hard to get F1 Visa?

Indian Visa applicants don’t not self-select. Anyone who a degree and admission assume that they qualify and deserve an F1 Visa. That’s not the case.

Don’t believe me? Read what a Visa Officer have to say about it why several Indian visa applicants get 214(b) refusal.

What Could Have Been Done?

  • Made considerable changes to profile
  • Waited for a semester or a year
  • Showing Documents doesn’t guarantee Visa.


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  1. Students and applicants really need to assess the schools they apply to. One’s selection of school tells a lot about their desire to go to USA to study/learn or just land a job/get there somehow. The Visa officers look at this very carefully.

  2. I got reject twice for F1 and F2 visa. Me and my wife applied for F1 and F2 visa together and faced the interview together, the following is the experience kindly go through and suggest should I reapply alone for an F-1 Visa. Awaiting suggestions,

    1st Interview (Me and my wife both facing interview together)
    Dated- 10.05.2018 (Time 9:00 AM)
    Me: Good Morning
    VO: Good Morning , Why are you here today
    Me: I am here for my F-1 visa interview since I have got admit for Master of Science in Engineering Management from Wayne State University.
    VO: How many admits
    Me: In addition to Wayne State I have got admits from University of Texas at Dallas and University of South Florida
    VO: Why WSU
    Me: The courses available under the Program in Wayne State for example Lean Operations and Manufacturing and Management of Technology Change are more inclined to my interests. Further , the research work going on in Wayne State for example Augmented Reality and Digital Diffusion are special interests to me.
    VO: In which year you have done your under grad and what was your subject:
    Me : In 2012 from Civil Engineering
    VO: What you were doing since then
    Me: For initial 2.5 years i worked as senior engineer civil in Larsen and Toubro Construction and then I joined indian jute mills association, the apex body of indian jute industry as Secretary and JGT Marketing Head and still working here.
    VO: (To my wife) You will go with him?
    My Wife: Yes
    VO: What is the I-20 amount?
    Me; 46016 $
    VO: The program is online or on campus:
    Me: The program is an on campus one with a total duration of 2 years.
    Have you enrolled for the classes?
    Me: No, I have been asked to come to campus where I will be assisted for registering classes
    VO: So how are going to fund yourself?
    Me: I have my own saving in addition to my savings my parents are sponsoring me and I have an education loan of 30 lakhs (did not mention the liquid cash I am having along with the amount of funds being sponsored by my wife and mother in law)
    VO: What your and mother do?
    Me: My father is a retired person having a pension of 15171 Rs per month and my wife is homemaker.
    VO: What is the pension amount? is it Rs 6000/- per month
    Me: No, Its Rs 15,171 per month
    VO: How are you going to repay your education
    Me: I have assets, I have my home and jewellery gifted to us in our marriage.
    VO: You are not going to sell your home to repay your loan
    (Here I forgot to mention that I am having a job offer in Hasina Banu Rice Mills with an annual remuneration of Rs 28 lakhs with a condition that I can join the company after successful completion of the Program from Wayne State University)
    VO: Sorry this time can not give you visa the reasons are mentioned in this document

    the visa officer handed over the document mentioning article 214 (B)

    2nd Interview date 08.06.2018
    Me and my wife together for Visa Interview on FI and F2 (Time 9:00 AM)

    Me: Good morning Office
    VO: Good Morning Pass me your I-20 and passports
    Me : Passed her the I-20 and Passports
    VO: Which course is this and why you have chosen this course?
    Me: The name of the course is Master of Science in Engineering Management. Being Secretary and Jute Geotextiles Marketing of Indian Jute Mills Association, I am aware about the technological change happening in global engineering and manufacturing market with respect to intervention of robotics and automation. I have experience in current practices of construction and manufacturing. However to get in dept knowledge and information I have planned to pursue Master of Science in Engineering Management.
    VO: Why Wayne State?
    Me: Told the answer as told in the 1st interview.
    VO: How are you going to fund yourself?
    Me: I have planned for my higher education for last two years accordingly I have savings which is available in form of liquid cash, my wife is sponsoring me who is having savings in form of Fixed deposits and liquid cash in addition to me and my wife my mother in law is sponsoring me who is having funds in form of liquid cash and fixed deposits
    Me; We have the financial documents with us
    VO: (To me) what is your annual income?
    Me: 7.88 lakhs per month
    VO: What is your annual income? (to my wife)
    My wife: 5.3 lakhs per annum
    VO: (After typing for some time) Sorry this time I can not give you visa
    Me: Officer last time also we were handed over this document and not clarified regarding the exact reason
    VO: Sorry the document here is all I can provide
    Me: Madam we are financially stable and can afford our stay in US
    VO: The decision has been taken Sorry.
    My wife: Can we reapply?
    VO: You can reapply as many times as you want

    This time also I did not get the opportunity to mention that I have a job offer here in my home country which i intend to join after doing my MS in Engineering Management

  3. My interview is on 14th Nov and a a long time American Family Friend is Sponsoring me!
    I will be living with the sponsor throughout my 4 yrs of bachlors at US so should i tell this to the interviewer and why?

    1. You should have thought about this when your started the decision to study in the US. How can someone answer you question on the public blog.. what would they know about you, your family or American sponsor?

  4. Hi Raghu

    Faced two f1 rejections, one in chennai & in Hyderabad.
    I have got admit from only one university which GMU George mason university in into pathway program data analytics which is accelerated program (one semester)
    I have completed my UG in electronics and communication in the year 2014 since then I am working as Microstrategy developer , I need to improve my skill sets to reach data architecture level that is the reason for pursing my masters program with a Gre of 281 & ielts of 6.5
    Please suggest me or advice me to improve this time for the interview???
    I have changed certain financial documents where there are certain transactions,what should I answer for the questions any changes made this time ??? Please let me know,it’s urgent tomorrow is my interview in chennai

    Thanks in advance

  5. My visa got rejected for fall 2016.
    GPA:6.73/10(2 back)
    TOEFL: 91/120.
    VO:Good morning sir!!!
    Good morning, sir.
    Vo:Why do u want to go USA?
    To pursue master in computer science at California state university Dominguez hills.(smile & full confidence)
    Vo:When did you graduate?
    June 2015.
    Vo:Did you deed job?
    No, sir I have did training, and preparing for my prerequisite GRE & TOEFL. I’ve scored 296 in GRE and 91 in TOEFL.
    VO:Why do you choose cal state university Dominguez hills?
    California state university Dominguez hills ranked 11 regionally for its master programme in computer science.
    It’s provides me courses which is excessively focused in the areas of software development, programming language and algorithms which are the my area of interest. (Seemed like impressed,
    Now listening to me carefully by eye contact. ) It also has two on campus project& research center.

    Vo:What your parents do?
    We have family business of software development.( I feel that here he decided, I need to say that my father is in diamond merchant, and we have family business of software development- uncle sponsor)

    Vo:Sorry, sir you doesn’t qualified for visa this time. Better luck for next time.
    (Feeling little bit tensed)
    Sir, please look at my academic & prerequisite score.

    Vo:I know you have GRE 296& TOEFL 91., but we have other requirements.

    Ok sir, Thank you.

    Now I want to apply for spring 2017.
    I’ve applied 2 more university UIS & TSU,San Marcos.

    my problem is that my father’s income is low 2.5 lakhs & 25 lakhs saving(transfer from uncle), but my uncle has has 40 lakhs saving & 36 lakhs annual income.
    whom name should I mention as person paying for your trip?

  6. Hi guys
    I got rejected once on northwestern polytechnic university ,last spring 2015
    now this fall 2016, I was denied 4 times on university of illinois at springfield which is very good tHan previous univ which I went last spring .
    visa officer told me to change ur profile.
    Unless change ur profile it’s waste of money for applying visa again n again.
    what it means-profile change??

    1. If you don’t have the competence to recognize what does VO mean by “profile changes”, that speaks volumes about your preparation for the interview and reasons why you are not getting visa.

    2. The VO is trying to tell you that you can never get a visa. This is because it is not possible to change your profile i.e your name, your thumb prints, your certificates etc. Also Visa application type.

  7. Your Comment *I got my visa rejected under section 214b. I have another date this August. This is how the interview went so I want to know what I should do now.

    vo: let me see your I-20
    me: OK ( then I gave him my I-20)

    vo: ( looks at my I-20) then asks “why Caldwell University? ”
    me: I chose Caldwell University because my friend gained admission at Caldwell University so he told me about the amount of research and training that goes on in the field of health science.

    vo: noo, I said why Caldwell University, and u saying my friend.
    me: yes because I didn’t know about the school and he did convince me enough so I confirmed and then decided to be part of the program which has always been my dream course.

    vo: who’s sponsoring?
    me: my uncle

    vo: what does he do?
    me: answered

    vo: let me see his financial documents
    me: OK ( gave him my financial docs )

    vo: (looks at the end balance and circles it with blue ink)
    and says: do you have relatives in the USA
    me: no

    vo: man let’s take it again, why Caldwell University.
    me : repeated the first answer because I thought he was checking for credibility. ( thus if I would say a different answer to know whether I was telling the truth or not).

    vo: ( shakes his head) and says you’re not eligible and hands over the denial letter under section 214b.
    me: OK thank you. ( smiles and go home).

  8. Hi Raghu,
    I got my visa denied under 214b at chennai, can I give 2nd try at Hyderabad since I’m suppose to travel this 14 of August .

    Please advise on the same.

    Lakshmi Krishnachari

  9. I have got my F1 Rejected Twice ..

    1st in Chennai Consulate ., 2nd in hyderabad consulate.

    University : Christian Brother’s University , Memphis , Tennessee.
    GRE : 284
    IELTS : 6.5
    GPA: 2 85
    UG : 2012
    Work Experience : 3.1 years of IT experience.

    Now on August 2nd i applied for the 3rd time ., with no change in University .,

    But slight changes in my Financial documents.

    1st and 2nd attempts .., i was not asked regarding my documents ..

    I just wanna know my chances of approval for this 3rd time .

    Regards ,

    1. It’s gonna be difficult unless there are things in your profile that you can use to your advantage. Sign-up for f1 Visa rejection analysis.

  10. Hello raghuram sukumar
    My visa was rejected on june 28th in chennai
    vo: what plans after MS?
    me: I’d like to take up the opt opportunity to gain practical experience for a year and then return to India to work for a Indian company tata , reliance .

    I gave an honest answer , but does it seem like i have intentions to settle there and not return ?

  11. I got rejection twice at mumbai consulate.
    Uni: SUNY Buffalo,
    PRogram: Industrial engieneering
    UG%:83.6%, pass out: 2015
    First time ques: what is industrial engineering?, What other uni you`ve applied to.. I wasn`t sound conviencing ,that migh t be reason for 214(b)

    2nd time: Why SUNY buffalo? and what are you most excited about? I sounded confident but he cut me out in second ans and handed me 214(b).
    Should I try at other consulate? If I will go to other consulate would they ask why you are here instead of near by consulates?

  12. My Visa was approved for Fall-2015 and but unfortunately I couldn’t travel because of some personnel reason, and I am applying for Fall-2016 and this time I have changed my school and the course, will I be getting the visa or is there any chance of rejection ?

  13. I was been denied f1 visa, simply on a ground that my uncle is sponsoring me.
    so the VO asked me how my uncle migrated to US? because my uncle is domiciling in US, so I didn’t know what to say order than I don’t know! what should I do in case the same question comes’ up again? because I have applied for another interview. pls help

  14. nice blog too informative. looking and reading your points its so impressive. doing more blog like this. i really appreciated doing like this.

      1. hi raghuram sukumar ,

        my F1 visa was rejected for two times under 214g .

        I was lacking in answering the following question

        I did my MS software engineering which is 5 years course

        so VO asked me u already done MS again y you are going.?

        could you please tell how to answer this question.?

  15. I applied for a f1 visa and was denied. I am genuinely interested in pursuing a degree in physical therapy. I applied severally to PTCAS to get into school for a doctor in physical degree – DPT. I contacted a university professor who advised that I apply to a community college because of my low GPA not up to 3.0 – i have a gpa of 2.85, which I did and got accepted into. The v o at the embassy told me that I should have applied for a higher degree since I have a bachelors degree and denied me on that grounds. A higher degree is a DPT. What should I do or get in order to get the visa when I apply next.

  16. When you sounded to VO that you get to work with the govt funded projects because of university tie-up is a big negative that he must have recorded in your profile about your intention to work & hence choosen this univ.

    As everyone stated above, change the univ (need to get the admission in better ranking univ) and state firmly that you have no intention to work but to study in US.

  17. I think you should change your profile firstly and secondly you should not think of the result. My friend got rejected 4 times before getting his visa approval. The first four times he went with the same profile and the last time when he got his approval he changed his school. So my suggestion would be to make some changes to your profile and then apply. I may take another 6 months or an year but the end result will be fruitful.

  18. I would suggest all the guys to change the profile or atleast change the university or bring improvement in financials. But your case is complicated you have everything alright. When the visa officer told you that you are rejected you would have atleast asked for a suggestion or improvement by the visa officer. The most pleasing way to ask for the improvement or suggestion is that. “Sir, Can you please give me a suggestion so that I can do it when I appear for the next time” By this you will get the reason why the visa officer rejected you and also you will also get an idea that what improvement you have to do next time when you appear for the visa inteview. Even I was rejected twice but the third time I changed the University and I got the visa.
    Best of luck

    1. Hi,
      I got rejected twice under 214b,once in Chennai and then in hyd.I have applied for only 2 universities university of Bridgeport and wilmington university.Out of which Bridgeport is very good university and applied visa on this and faced rejection.During my 2nd interview he asked me “Have u done any changes to your profile?” I said NO.
      I want to change my profile this time and want to apply on Wilmington university which is military undertaking small university and not as popular as Bridgeport.Can I do this change in university and can apply?Will it work?

      Please give me suggestions.

      1. FYI – Bridgetport is not a very good university and I can review your profile and can suggest changes if required. Check Services for F1 Visa Coaching.

        1. Hi Raghu,

          But many of my friends in Bridgeport are done with there visa. I got Scholarship of 6000$ also

          My Profile:
          UG (ECE):74.56%
          Pass out:2013
          Working as Programmer Analyst in Cognizant from March 2014.

          1. Just because your friends got visa or students studying there doesn’t make that university great. It’s just a OK school and several low profile students apply from India.

      2. Hi swetha, I also got rejected twice once in chennai and second in hyderabad for bridgeport univ, and my other admission is from murray state univ. but the fee is very high, So i don’t have choice but go with bridgeport. Do u make any changes other than changing school? And the other thing is i am also working for CTS

  19. Maybe the VO did not feel that your scores were not good enough. It is not necessary that he should look at all the documents. I feel that you probably thought that the main reason you did not get the visa is because you could not show your documents. So trying for the second time with no change in the profile was not good. And then, some of your answers are not assertive. for example:
    1. “but the university was OK with me and my profile”.
    2. “the first time i was not given chance for showing my documents and other information so i applied it once again”
    3. “but the first time i couldn’t prove my self by showing my documents”
    4. “what sought of changes do you require for my profile when i have everything requirement cleared”
    They sound quite aggressive

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