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US F1 Visa Interview – You Are Not Married

Very interesting F1 Visa Experience from Mumbai Consulate posted in comments by Christina. She posted this back in February first week.
I am in real confusion after my recent F1 visa experience at the Mumbai Consulate. ill first throw some light on my history of travel to USA.
I have been approved B1/b2 visa twice in the last 20 years. my father works for an airline here in India and we have been to many countries and hold visas for , Australia, USA, South Africa, Singapore, Thailand and i have visited US 5 times now on B1/B2 visa and do not have an extension or change of status whatsoever.

F1 Visa Interview

I had appeared for my F1 visa interview at Mumbai Consulate on 23rd Dec 2010 and was denied under section 214 (b).

I did appear for my second interview on 02nd February 2011, it was as follows,

Me:Goodmorning Sir.How are you?
Vo: Lazy Morning darling.How are you doing?
Me: Im doing fine as of now.Thankyou

VO: So you wanna do Masters?

VO: May i see you undergrad coursework?I wanna see what qualifies you for MBA
ME: Yes you may Sir( gave my TYBcom Marksheet and ceritificate)

VO: So you graduated in 2007.what have you been doing since then?
Me: Sir i have been working.I worked with J P Morgan Chase for 8 months and then went to US for a short vacation and came back and then I was working with Tata Consultancy services for 1 year(Oct 2009 to Nov2010)

VO:May i see your sal slips from TCS
Me: Sir im sorry but im not carrying my salary slips.

VO: Okay im gonna ask you a very personal question. its very personal.

VO: You are 25 and your not married.like other people your age In India who get into arrange marriage .
Me: Sir the community where i belong,which is Christian Protestant, we dont get married till we have a strong career supporting us to be independent.And likewise i would first want a stable career for myself before i get married and move on with a family of my own.

VO: okay well Why do you want to study in US?
ME: Sir I want to pursue a masters in HR. According to survey from 2008 till now, Institutes in India like Symbiosis and Manipal offer the masters in HR but it is part of MBA and not a full fledged course. I have a list of subjects that these institutes in India offer and also a list of subjects offered in MBA-Human resource by NYIT. After thorough scrutiny of the curriculums ,I decided to do my Masters from NYIT and it did give me an admit.

Vo: Which other universities did You apply?
Me: university of massacheusetts,florida institute o technology, NJIT, Harvard business school, Nyit and LIU.

VO:Okay im gonna have to ask you to submit your sal slips with TCS.I want to know your Job history from 2009 to 2010.(gave me a yellow form for administrative processing,with the last option ticked and he mentioned salary history 2009,2010 in other)

He returned my passport and I20.

VO: you can send these documents with a representative and submit them at any VFS office.You dont have to come personally .

Me:Thank you Sir.Have a nice day..

I am really confused,if it is a sign of approval or denial. Also I am pursuing my MCOm part 1 from Univ of Mumbai. So i can have my bridge program waived with NYIT. I am going to submit my salary slips with TCS and JP morgan chase from 2009 t0 2010 as soon as my Ceac barcode number appears on the list of pending visas on mumbai.usconsulate.gov.

  • Has anyone at HSB come across s f1 visa denials after administrative processing?
  • Please let me know if you have been in a situation similar as mine?

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  1. 214(b) is given to people who are ineligible for a VISA. In your case, I do not understand why 214(b) was given instead of a 221(g) but I'm sure something is weired here. Anyways, better luck next time.



  2. If it's under Administrative Processing, it's not 214(b). It's 221(g). You have mentioned the rejection type as 214(b) but in the end you have said it was due to administrative processing. Kindly check that out first.



  3. Hi Christina,

    Your Visa will be approved after submission of your TCS salary slips, the VO has asked for the documentation for verification purpose only. Send the documents to the VFS office and you will be intimated shortly.

  4. But HSB, I've heard that there are no more F-1 Visas that are being granted at Mumbai consulate???

  5. I remember being asked in 2009:

    VO: (flipping through passport)

    So you graduated from XXX University in the US?

    — Yes

    VO: And now you are going to work as a (fumbles and looks for job title)

    — (finish his sentence…say job title)

    VO: Are you married?

    — NO!

    VO: Are you planning to get married soon?

    — NO! Not for a decade at least.

    VO: Really? Why not?

    — I may not look like it, but I am having a lot of fun.

    VO: laughs out aloud. Okay…your visa is approved ….keep this…

    this one's important (pushes I-797 back to me)

    — Thank you very much.

  6. I have never heard about the visa being rejected after administrative processing- white slip, but i have never heard about the Yellow form. May be it'll be similar to the white slip-form 221g administrative processing.

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