F1 Visa Interview Experiences

15 Awesome F1 Visa Interview Tips : Prepare for the Worst Case

Shilpla posted the following comment at F1 Visa Rejected due to 214(b) – They were unfair.

Her tips were really good and informative. It is worth bumping up  her comment on F1 Visa interview tips to a blog post.

I attended my F1-Visa interview on 13th July. I can jot down few important points you can follow.

  1. Wish them with a smile once your turn comes
  2. Remember 1st impression is the best impression.
  3. Always answer to the point
  4. Be very polite and respectful to the VO
  5. Even when you stand in the queue they do observe your body language, be confident, calm and cool.
  6. Be loud enough while speaking, this shows you are confident.
  7. Listen properly what the VO says before answering him/her
  8. People always have a tendency to get negative thoughts about your honesty if you are nervous. Atleast don’t show the nervousness in your voice and face when you stand in front of the VO. And VOs are specially trained with human psychological behaviors , they can make out very quickly.
  9. Neatly arrange all your documents
  10. Though you feel nervous, look & sound confident in your voice and body language.
  11. You should have the proof for each and everything you present the VO. For eg: Having 6 yrs of experience I had got a waiver for both GRE & TOEFL, hence I have not written those exams. When the VO asked me why is this waiver specially for you? I presented her the email print out I had taken for the waiver which I received from the University grad admission dept & the Director of the MS SE dept of San Jose State University and explained that same.
  12. Its good if you have written proof of communication with your university professors regarding the courses, university facilities etc so that you can present the VO with better proofs.
  13. Ultimately it is how you present yourself in just few minutes matters whether you get your visa or not. Luck apart, but you can try your level best.
  14. I think you should not lose your heart, but try again with better preparation and document proofs.
  15. Remember each visa interview will be a fresh one, they might not ask you the same questions, hence be prepared the worst.

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  1. Hi,
    Is it mandatory that the sponsor is my father / mother ? I mean can my elder brother or any of my relative could be my sponsor right ?
    Please commment.

    1. Hi Naresh,
      Your siblings can also sponsor you for your education. There is no hard and fast regulation that your parents alone can sponsor your for your higher education abroad.
      Take Care!

      1. Hi,
        Since my parents have multiple accounts in various banks, they consolidated the necessary funds into one single account which is my account, in order to avoid hassles of getting multiple statements…. Is this OK???
        In this case whom do i show as sponsor? Bcoz technically the account is in my name…

  2. Hello All,

    I have got acceptance for phd in biomedical sciences with full funding. I gave interview on 18th June, 2012. My visa was on pending. They gave me green form and ask to send info through email. It includes invitation letter pdf scan copy, resume with references and publications. Intended research, previous research, (all research practical applications), current job, purpose to visit u.s., itinerary,funding,travelers and travels.

    I have sincere request to students going for phd to prepare all these information in advance to avoid unnecessary time delay. All these info need to arrange in word doc one by one (continue) and pdf (university invitation letter ).

    The whole process take 20-26 days. Try to mail them after 12-15 days, so that they process your application fast. I did after 20 days.

    All the best.

    1. Hi,

      Hi Shanshak,

      Thank you for this information. I got acceptance for Ph.D in materials Science and had my visa interview yesterday, July 26, 2012. I am also asked for all these documents. Can you please tell me what should be the format of invitation letter and can my advisor send it to me on university’s letter head.


  3. Hi………….shipa, your VI tips are really excellent.They are useful for each candidate who is attending an interview.Thank you so much.


  4. Good day everyone. I got my visa denial twice last year and am planning on reapplying this year. But this time am going with a different sponsor. Will that affect me? Will they know i change sponsor? Please let me know.

  5. The tips from the article are very useful! I received my visa at the beginning of June.

    There were 3 things that also helped me:
    – going on youtube.com and watching videos that explain the whole process of getting a visa (from your arrival to the embassy until you actually receive it). This will relieve a lot of useless stress on the interview day;
    – looking up sample visa interview questions and making flashcards (question on one side and the answer on the other side);
    – having your documents nicely organized in a folder.

    Good luck to everyone!

  6. Hi, guys.. I have done my masters in 2010 , i have been working in a bio-company. I have applied for masters in RIT and i got I20 with 30% scholarship?

    1)I have got rejection(214(b)) from chennai consulate for query why again MS??

    2) I have got rejection from chennai consulate. Can i apply again for visa interview in Hyderabad or i should apply in chennai?

    please give me the answers for above queries? Hoping for a positive reply.

    1. Hi avaneesh,
      you can apply for a visa in any consulate in India, if they asks you why again MS, just tell them that i need some practical knowledge which would built a best career.

  7. Hi, guys.. I have done my masters in 2010 , i have been working since in company. what If the VO asks me why Again MS??

    1)I have got rejection(214(b)) from chennai consulate for query why again MS??

    2) I have got rejection from chennai consulate. Can i apply again for visa interview in Hyderabad or i should apply in chennai

    please give me the answer please. Waiting for the reply reply.

  8. What can ppl advise me? I got pass in ssce that what i use to gain admission here and i have nd 1 and 2 also get admission in usa i can present the same the result day of my interview.

  9. I have an interview soon.

    I applied for Business Admin for a school in the USA. I have my i20 and it written on my i20 that i have met the required English proficiency , By schools resumes Jan 10, i couldnt find a better interview date until Jan 12. Will this affect my chances of getting a F1 Visa….

    Thank u

    1. Guy on your Dashboard the scheduling appointment website..you can get an early date by applying for an emergency appointment you will see that on the appointment Dashboard..

  10. visa interview at hyd 29th nov 2011
    vo: Hello gud mrng
    me:Hello sir very gud mrng
    vo:wich year pass out
    me:2011 sir
    vo:whats ur aggregate
    me:first class degree with 60% sir
    vo:any back logs?
    me:i have three back logs sir but i have completed in the next attempt and secured gud marks.
    vo:wats ur gre?
    me:I got 910 sir
    vo:isnt it low?
    me:gre was my first computer adaptive test so i am not comfortable with the exam in the starting.by the time i was comfortable i ran out of time so i managed to get 910 sir.
    vo sorry sir u need some experience i cant issue visa now.

    guys i have applied again to chennai what shld i tell why Texas A&M univ kingsville,why low gre

    1. You cannot apply in chennai consulate while your visa was rejected already in hydrebad, check embassy website and apply in hyd. best of luck

  11. Hi HSB,

    I have to make a decision regarding choosing taking visa interview at chennai vs delhi. And I want to decide based on the convenience at both the places for visa interview like, more number of accepts, friendly VOs, comfortable waiting areas, etc.

    Please help me soon as I have to book tickets accordingly. My visa interview date is 25th Nov. 2011.

    1. HI,





      1. HI Rekha,
        if you want to do MBA in US, you must have GRE/GMAT score, but now some universities are offering MBA with out GRE/GMAT score, if the student have 3 years of experience in related field. you can apply for FIU( Florida International University) . this university offering accerlated MBA which can finish in one year, but it is little bit expensive.

  12. Hello, I just received my I-20 to major in Electrical and Computer Engineering and on my I-20 it says Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I sent an email informing them of the “error” and asked for a new I-20 but I was told that while the school calls my program Electrical and Computer Engineering, there are other programs at other universities similarly called Electrical and ABC Engineering. So the SEVIS system created a generic name- using Electronics in place of Computer- just to encompass more programs.
    Please I need help in filling out my DS-160,
    1). should I put my actual course name for the school or the SEVIS generated name?
    2). I do not know any one personally in the USA, what should I put in as my contact person with the school address?
    3). My actual course duration is 4 yrs and it states 5 yrs on my I-20. What should I put in my DS-160? 4 or 5 yrs?
    I am 16 and have a scholarship given to me by an organisation to study in the US. Will my age be a problem at the interview? Please can I get some helpful tips?

  13. I have 5 yrs of exp , taken my toefl got 73 , and gre i have taken yet to get my score ,I have appiled for DBU and got I20 for MBA- with EPI required ,what are my chance , at visa interview will they ask me why GRE for MBA

  14. hey,
    I have a question,kindly give me a sincere opioin,
    well I am going to take my F1 visa interview after few days.The problem is that my brother is in US,he holds green card.Few months back my parents applied for visit visa but it was rejected.Now i am wondereing that if i would mention my brother,it my be a negative impact and incase a wont mention him being there,it ll be considered as a lie as they would have details of my parents visa request in their record…………..What should I do????????

    1. be frank and tell them the truth. when it comes to the point o rejection, it depends on the way you perform for the 2-3minutes and the rejection of your parents visa deosn’t affect you

  15. Hi,

    I got rejected twice for University Of Bridgeport in MS Biomedical Engineering.
    Now for Fall 2011 I had changed the university and got the acceptance from Roosevelt University, Chicago in MS Biotechnology and Chemical Science. Soon I will be going for 3rd time interview.

    I want to know is this University good enough for Visa.? And What questions should I prepare for the third time ?
    Please help me.
    Thank you.

  16. Hello ! I have an Interview on 22 July ! I have a bank statement of 19 000 $ for d first year ! And my father is sponsoring me ! however my father’s annual income is about 6000$ ! Is that ok ??? Please reply !!

  17. hi this is ravi my tofl score is low 52 and my degree percentage is about 51 %.. give me some answers to present infront of vo please…. thanks and regards from ravi..

  18. I’m doing my second master here in Germany and I’ve got admission for PhD in Plant & Environmental Science with full funding. I’ve applied for Visa from Germany itself, I’ve already started to prepare for Visa Interview which is schedule on 22 July, 2011. Can someone helps me that what kind of questions are expected for PhD F1 Visa at German Consulates?, as I’m following all different comments on happyschoolblog from some time ago.


  19. Hi ,

    My i 20 shows amt $ 25,000 as first year tuition and expenditure .
    my course is of 2 years duration.

    For first year i have $ 30 ,000 in my saving account ( thru family funds and personal savings ) and for second year my company is sponsoring me…
    now wht do i have to show apart from my company s sponsorship letter…???
    plz guide me … am gonna have my interview in less than 15 days.



  20. Hi everyone,
    My name is Ben. My GRE score is 1160 and TOEFL is 80. My aggregate is 69.30% and have no backlogs. I got an I20 from LIU Brooklyn. I have my visa interview in Hyderabad on 13/July/2011. What are my chances of survival. Please do reply.

  21. Hey dude first time when I applied with noth western polytechnic university I-20 I was denied.Now I got an I-20 from San Jose state university SE dept.Now will the interviewer comes to know that it is my second time?Also how is the visa rating for the university?

    1. Hi Nikhil,

      Just now I saw your message you have mentioned that you applied for NPU even I have applied for the same university why your visa was rejected for the first time can you advise please I am worried.


  22. hi! my name is dipesh . . . i had a visa interview in this june 7th and i was rejected …. VO told that reason behind my rejection was my income source and also she thinks that m not gonna return back to nepal….. so i am planning to add the sponser ship of my uncle and reapply. . . . is there any chances for me to get a visa…… what certain changes i need to make. . . . . can anybody help me……..?????

  23. hi! my name is dipesh … i had a visa interview in this june 7th and i was rejected …. VO told that reason behind my rejection was my income source and also she thinks that m not gonna return back to nepal….. so i am planning to add the sponser ship of my uncle and reapply…. is there any chances for me to get a visa…… what certain changes i need to make….. can anybody help me……..?????

  24. Hi my name is K.Koushik.I got admissioun for fall 2011 in NPU,california.I have gre-950,toefl-88.My problem is that I had 13 backlogs I have cleared them but they are still counted as backlogs so I know I have very less chance of gettin visa to U.S. so please anyone tell me can I get visa do I stand a chance.And where do u guys think I should appear for my visa interview HYDERABAD consulate or CHENNAI please anybody tell me

  25. Hi, i finished my high in yr 2000 @ age 13 and went 4 computer course in 2002 and 2004.at d moment a part time student @ lagos state university since 2008.due 2 strike and unnecessary breaks,my sister decided i go usa 2 school @ one of d city colleges of chicago where she applied 4 me and i given an admission letter dou i do not have toefl result.plz,i want 2 kno if i can stil go ahead wth d visa applicatn despite d yrs btw high school and now,nd no toefl result?

    1. Hey…Dog!……good day,

      First thing first, TOEFL is for country whose mother tongue is not English. And for you, picking up admission in the States, is better u seat for TOEFL cos it will sprout ur chances of getting the VISA. Secondly, as for ur gap, right from 2000 till 2011, i will advice u put up an activity gap letter, in the letter vomit everything u have been doing since den. The letter should be well formatted, there should be proper use of words and it should be edited without errors. Outside the two things I have mentioned, the TOEFL, and the Activity Gap Letter, my brother, u dont have any Probes………..

      Note: Make sure u write the TOEFL b4 applying for Visa….outside that, u must be a very lucky Dog!….to have crossed the VO….without any TOEFL…. But all the same, All d best…DOG!

  26. i will be going for my F1 Visa by July 2011 , I am to study Bio engineer and i pass out in 2010 , I am presently in Cameroon .i wish someone to help me with the most ask and answer question which i should expect from the Vo , my contact e-mail is ( [email protected] )

    God bless

    1. The Only Question that most persons have failed to answer properly is: “Why This University”?…..Jessi, i would want u to work on this point, “Why this University”?…cos, that is the only question that will determine ur faith. Every other questions u can maneuver….

      All d Best!

  27. Hi all

    This site helps a lot, i wouldn't have been denied for student visa if i got this site before going to the visa interview!! i would like to ask u some questions that are in my mind, i have refused my f1 visa march 31st 2010 for entry to the US which i have been admitted for summer session 2010 in one of US universities. the interview was good until i have showed my sponsor's bank statement. the vo told me that, i am disqualified for the student visa; i asked the reason and the vo told me that my financial support was not enough (i was there with $ 21,000, but the tuition was $22,444 for my education. the vo was right!), i have got admission from the same university for the summer session 2011 undergraduate with the same major. so i would like to call for ur help for the following questions:

    1.What should i say if the vo asks me "why didn't you reapply for the next session from your first student visa rejection?" (i have been studying in my former university since i have refused for the visa.)

    2. What is changed now from your first application?

    3. How much money should i have to show for the vo?

    4. My uncle was the sponsor , what will be the problem if he sponsor me for the second time with good bank statement?

    please help me out…

  28. Hello All,

    I have a work exp of 5 yrs and now i want to pursue my MS.

    In this thread i hae come accross GRE/TOEFL waiver..

    can someone tell me how we can apply to universities without the gre n toefl.

    I do have a good edu background..but still is it possible to apply with this experience?

    1. Dev, without GRE and TOEFL? men u’ve just started digging ur grave by urself. Come on, the University will only get u admission but they can’t get u a VISA. U will get urself a Visa. So, do anything, i mean anything u can to get the Dem Visa. Cos, VO will ask all dis shits like; GRE and TOEFL Scores. So to be on the safer side, write ur GRE and TOEFL and stop looking for shorter cuts bcos they will definitely wound U…

      Hope this helps?

  29. please,

    I am one of future international student in SEINA HEIGHTS UNIVERSITY and undergraduate study.The course i want to study is Accounting

    i want to know if is possible for me to attend F1 Visa Interview in America embassy without TOEFL.

    1. Gbenga it depends…..if and only if the University you are applying for is waiving off TOEFL pending on ur arrival to get u enrolled in the university’s English Test Studies (ETS). But prior to that, u should give a back up document to present b4 “VO” stating that TOEFL would be waived on ur arrival to enrolling in an ETS class.. Best of luck Dude…


  30. Hi Shilpa and HSB

    Could You Please tell me, what all the university will considered for giving a waiver for GRE and TOFEL

    Please Answer Me Fast I'm Rusing Out Of Time


  31. Hi Shilpa,

    I’ve 4.5 years of experience as System Admin
    I’m Going To Attend Visa interview on 20thNov
    My University doesnot require GRE and Tofel Scores
    By I dont have any proof about the waiver as the univ didnt send me any
    If you post me the format and a sample letter that you have submitted regarding waiver from University grad admission dept & the Director of the MS SE dept, I could request university to send a letter with a format like yours.
    It would be a great help for providing a written communication proof to VO

    Thank you

  32. Hi Shilpa,
    my visa date is pretty near could you please help me with my question
    i just need a format


  33. Hey?

    Am ray,i got my i=20 to study bsc in forensic science at the university of central oklahoma.i have a bachelors degree in madicel laboratory sciences with a TOEFL score of 94.i got a visa appointment for tommorrow 18th nov 2010. how tue is it that its hard for students nowadays to be issued with f=1 visas for undergraduate study?

  34. i am not taken gre or toffel this university gives me i-20 how should i answer for that (sullivan university,kantaky) if i dont given exam

  35. iam a single parent my mother is the sponsor, when they ask who is sponsorer and what is you father income. can i be frank to say, iam a single parent child, my mother is the sponsorer

  36. hi guyz….i have read all but my problem is my paper work is impeccable nd everything is in proper order…i have prepared well for my interview also but god knowz why i m scared….wat can i do for it… 🙁

  37. hie guys!!!!!

    this website has done a great deal of help with all preparations for visa interviews and am sure they help many more people. On the contrary, the sad truth is that these VO's actually have days and moods, so sometimes you might find them in the worst or the best, the last VO i went to, there were about 8people before me and he granted the whole lot visas without questioning them for more than 30seconds, so to be on the safe side, be fully prepared and show uttermost confidence, and remember not to despair after a rejection, you can apply again and again if it is what you really want and remember to keep a positive mind, visualize the VO telling you that 'ur visa has been approved' and so it will be. all the best everyone

  38. i have no gre score and i have 91 of toefl score…….and 1 year exp as a php developer …and i have 66% in btech computer science can u suggest any answers plzzz

  39. Hi there,

    I got rejection on 27th july under 214(b). I could not perform well on that day. But now i am reapplying again on 16th august. But for another university because deadline for first is been over. What are significant question VO can ask and what should me my reply

    for why I changed my university

    why your visa was rejected earlier

    actually the university for which i apply earlier has deadline 16th august. its all over. therefore i am applying for another university.

    Please reply

    Thanks in advance.


  40. Dear Shilpa,

    Another problem is also there……actual in my DS form i made a mistake i.e. i gave wrong college name and passed out details……actually my employer made this mistake…..but now i made changes when i applied for second time which is on 13th august….can you please help me out what shud i tell VO regarding this changes made in DS form…….

  41. Shilpa mam,

    here my previous interview was held…….

    hai shilpa , On july 16th i went through the interview but my visa was got rejected…. i was waiting for my turn b4 me there are 3 people who got rejected…i was very tensed wen my turn came …

    Me : Good morning sir,

    VO: hello

    VO: when did you passed out?

    me: i have pased out in 2007 sir,

    VO: since then what you did?

    me: im working as a software developer in sapienzsolutions…….

    VO: whaaat sapienz solutions but here it is Dreamfire ineteractive system?( i Made a mistake in DS form according to DS form he asked me)

    me: he is our client we worked for them…..

    VO:How many backlogs do you have?

    me: sir nineteen

    VO:what ninety?

    me: no sir, Nineteen….unfortunately i was surounded by some family circumstances which effected on my education..later i improved ….i stopped there waiting for next que i was really tensed he did not listened to my answer he simply gave me the white form under 214(b)…which he cannot issue the visa…….

    Shilpa can you please sugest me …the convincing answers to visaoficer…..and another problem is also there……actual in my first interview i made a mistake in DS form i.e. actually i gave wrong college name and passed out details……as my employer made this mistake…..but now i made changes when i applied for second time which is on 13th august….can you please help me out what shud i tell VO regarding this changes made in DS form…….

    may b they are not issuing the visas who have more backlogs & low percentage….as well im fail to convince him abt my baklgs…may i knw the right answer how to convince him abt my backlogs…..can any one sujest im going to reapply in 10 days….

    1. Hi There,

      Its a learning experience for most of us on the comment what u have posted.

      Few things to note:-

      Whatever the questions are please say truth,TRUTH and TRUTH.Dreamfire ineteractive system is the company you are working with not sapient. If you do development for IBM through infosys, IBM is not your company. Point Justified.

      Face is the index of mind. If you are nervous, its a clear indication that you are concealing facts from the VO.Make sure your paperwork is intact.

      Nineteen bcklogs.. Well you did mention the reason that due to family circumstances, however its better to mention that u did manage to clear all these subjects amidst adversity and will be able to do better in the future.

      One last sutra to remember speak Truth.. and be confident.

  42. Hi all,

    I'm currently planning to go for my graduate education in the US for Fall 2011. However, I have a pending US immigrant petition (I-130). I do not know how long this will take to be approved.

    What do you think a VO would say about this? Could this hinder me from getting the F1 visa?

    If yes, please what do you advise?



  43. Thank u shilpa for sharing u r experience ,

    i have a doubt, can u able to help me please. Hello Sir,

    I had a low GRE score but, with a Good TOEFL score 108 out of 120. I secured first class in my graduation. I got rejected in the visa interview held on 21st July,2010. But, again i book my slot for the Visa interview on 12th of August,2010.

    How can i proceed to provide me GRE waiver by the university people.

    Thanking You,

    Yours Sincerely,

    Nimma. Yagna Durga Naga Sagar

    1. Dear Yagnasagar,

      Congrats for getting such a great score in TOEFL.

      But in technical courses GRE scores value higher than TOEFL.

      * First thing I would like to know is, did the VO mention the reason for rejection? If it was low score, i dont think it will be feasible for you to attend GRE again and get the scores before you attend your Visa intw on 12th.

      * Next, I would like to know if you have any work experience, if yes- how many years and in what field?

      * Options to try for GRE waiver:

      Even if you do not have work experience, if you are going to pursue your Masters in the similar field that you have done your undergraduate, try to mention that to the university. Submit your recommendation letters from your professors, make sure your recommendation letters are very specific which will depict a good impression on your technical abilities, your team handling skills, presentation skills or any other specialities related to your studies.

      If you have already got admission in the university, then you need not bother about scores, but still if the VO asks for it, then you should find some good convincing reason to substantiate your answers.

      Let me know about your education background, work experience if any, which course and university you are applying etc.

      If you can be more specific about your problems and situation /status you are in right now regarding your admissions, or visa interview etc then I can probably try to help you in a better way.



      1. Hello Shilpa..I have one query regards to recommendation letter; apart from this I can collect 2 recommendation first one from my HOD and second one is from my project guide. So my question is, can I collect 3rd one RL from others who just know me even I dont have any work experience under them but they r familiar and ready to right it for me. So can I collect RL from them or I should try from other teacher or employer.

        Tnx in advance

      2. Hi Shilpa mam,

        "For eg: Having 6 yrs of experience I had got a waiver for both GRE & TOEFL, hence I have not written those exams. When the VO asked me why is this waiver specially for you? I presented her the email print out I had taken for the waiver which I received from the University grad admission dept & the Director of the MS SE dept of SanJose State University and explained that same."

        I've 4.5 years of experience as System Admin

        I'm Going To Attend Visa interview on 20thNov

        My University doesnot require GRE and Tofel Scores

        By I dont have any proof about the waiver as the univ didnt send me any

        If you post me the format and a sample letter that you have submitted regarding waiver from University grad admission dept & the Director of the MS SE dept, I could request university to send a letter with a format like yours.

        It would be a great help for providing a written communication proof to VO

        Thank you


  44. Whoah………is gettin a Visa really that hard a deal.?

    I mean…….my whole famiily has visas…………dad has an occupation one for 10 years…though hes not there anymore.

    And every one of my immediate uncles….(thats 4 of them has one)….

    N yes……most of them are real dorks…!

    Is it that bad?

  45. Hi guys
    Iam new to this blog
    Can anyone tell me when u can reapply for visa once it has been rejected


  46. Hello HSB and Friends,
    I'm quiet afraid about my education back ground. I think its not impressive to satisfy university’s and VO's, may be they have lots of questions about it while such person going to visa interview. Well My education back ground is follow.
    I have completed…
    # 10th with 56.55% in 1997 from Rajasthan Board.
    # 12th with 58.62% in 2000 from Rajasthan Board.
    # B.Sc with 57.13% in 2004 from Kota University.
    # M.Sc with 62.60% in 2008 from Periyar University.

    Extra qualifications-
    # DMLT with 61.62% in 2002 from reputed institute.
    # DISM in 2005 with B+ from reputed institute.(During job)
    # Currently pursuing PGDIPR from IGNOU (Jan 2001- Dec 2010 session) result awaited.

    I have many of gapes its just due to my financial and personal problems. Here I want to mention all gaps with you my with specific reasons.
    # First gape in 1998 which just due to grade improvement during 12th.

    # Second in 2002 after completing First year B.Sc( Regular) because I was stuck with financial problem, was unable to continue my study so I enrolled DMLT. That's the main reason to completing 3 years Bachelor Degree in 4 years. From 2002 to 2006 I joined some of Laboratories.

    # After that I went for M.Sc in Aug. 2006 and completed (July 2008) on right time and have one back log in first semester which I cleared in third semester, but after July 2008 I was busy in the preparation for CSIR but unluckily not selected (Dec. 2008) than in feb 2009 I joined one of food processing company on the the post of QC and resigned it in Aug 2009. Then I back to my study for the preparation GRE & TOEFL and wrote my first TOEFL exam on Oct 10, 2009 but the score was not so good and since that I'm working hard on GRE and now planning to write GRE in coming Sep 2010. I would like to apply for PhD (Biotechnology) for 2011 session.

    Of course I have gap in every steps but really it was not my fault. I can satisfy University as well as VO for all the gaps because I have valid reason, but sometime I regret myself.

    I have 4years work experience in medical laboratory after B.Sc and 7months after M.Sc and 2 projects on my hand (one of summer non thesis and second is final project with thesis). I have one national level training certificate and one best poster presentation certificate.

    After all my questions are..
    What do you say about it? M I eligible for PhD or not?
    I can finish 2-3 mini projects within 3-4 months, so can I add these projects in current CV which I’m going to join in Jan or Feb 2011? Because I think these projects will be enhance my skill and chance to get admission.

    Please reply and all comments will be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

  47. These are very much impressive.. and i guess will work for sure.. HSB, i have 1 doubt in my mind…that.. i have completed my engineering recently with up's and down's , i.e., i use to fail in some subjects every semester through out the duration of my engineering. But , i have completed them at the end. And i have about 15 Marks memo's ( regular + Supply ) , will this matters in case of visa interview? Do i have to face any kind of problem? Am i in serious trouble? Help Me…

  48. hi Guys,

    Can anyone let me know what a C-visit Business visa to Uk means.? I gave my TOEFL and achieved 92. I am also planning to give GRE. I am planning to apply for a Ph.D program for Fall 2011. I was offered a C-vivit Business visa to UK, valid for six months. I accepted the visa but am dubious if this really would have any impact on the F1 visa to US. Could you please clarify if there would be a positive or negative impact due to this on my F1 study visa to US. How would it affect??? please answer the question immediately as I need to zero in on my decision.


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