F1 Visa Interview – Totally a Stupid Blunder

F1 Visa interview experience posted by saksham at the F1 Visa Group.

Horrible for me. Totally a very stupid blunder

  • Status- rejected
  • US Consulate – Delhi,16th december
  • Reason – Potential Immigrant – 214(b)

Student Visa Experience – Denied 3 Times under 214(b)

I was very confident in waiting room , my no is flashed nd went to the counter no. 15( i had been seeing him since half an hour and praying god save me from him becoz he was asking several question every one for any kind of visa , may say taking atleast 7 mints )here u go .

… VO-what do u do?(never expected first question like this)
me – fine (confused)

vo-no no what r u doing ?
me -oh sir , I am lecturer in the academic institution.

vo- what is ur age?
me – 26 (very very stupid answer ,,, m 25). He quickly reached to my DS-160 form and he randomly start typing after this.

Vo- Under Graduate Schoool?
me – Uttar Pradesh technical university.(wrote down on the print of DS-160)

Vo- whe did you graduate ?
me -2008. No No sir 2009

vo- Are you sure?
me -yes sir ( after thinking ,he wrote down besides the U.P.T.U)

vo- Where else did you apply?
me – SUNY, Buff lo, Worcester polytechnic, NJIT.

vo- Why u choose SUNY Binghamton?
me – told.

vo- why MS.
me- told.

vo- Why US?
me- told.

Vo – which university did you apply?
me – Again with same.

vo- why did you apply Worcester?
me – told him sir it is also very good for computer science

vo- What is your first job?(he continuously typing)
me – tell him to teach engg. undergrauate(line are changed with previous one)

vo – why u choose these university only while there is 1000 universities.
me – As usual answer.

Then there is pause around 50 seconds to take decision (in between he was typing) and hand over me 214(B)

I think he give me 2-3 chance between the conversation to grab my pace (ignoring my starting blunder) but I failed.

So is there any hope to get visa , what changes i need to to in this please?

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