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F1 Visa Interview – Totally a Stupid Blunder

F1 Visa interview experience posted by saksham at the F1 Visa Group.

Horrible for me. Totally a very stupid blunder

  • Status- rejected
  • US Consulate – Delhi,16th december
  • Reason – Potential Immigrant – 214(b)

Student Visa Experience – Denied 3 Times under 214(b)

I was very confident in waiting room , my no is flashed nd went to the counter no. 15( i had been seeing him since half an hour and praying god save me from him becoz he was asking several question every one for any kind of visa , may say taking atleast 7 mints )here u go .

… VO-what do u do?(never expected first question like this)
me – fine (confused)

vo-no no what r u doing ?
me -oh sir , I am lecturer in the academic institution.

vo- what is ur age?
me – 26 (very very stupid answer ,,, m 25). He quickly reached to my DS-160 form and he randomly start typing after this.

Vo- Under Graduate Schoool?
me – Uttar Pradesh technical university.(wrote down on the print of DS-160)

Vo- whe did you graduate ?
me -2008. No No sir 2009

vo- Are you sure?
me -yes sir ( after thinking ,he wrote down besides the U.P.T.U)

vo- Where else did you apply?
me – SUNY, Buff lo, Worcester polytechnic, NJIT.

vo- Why u choose SUNY Binghamton?
me – told.

vo- why MS.
me- told.

vo- Why US?
me- told.

Vo – which university did you apply?
me – Again with same.

vo- why did you apply Worcester?
me – told him sir it is also very good for computer science

vo- What is your first job?(he continuously typing)
me – tell him to teach engg. undergrauate(line are changed with previous one)

vo – why u choose these university only while there is 1000 universities.
me – As usual answer.

Then there is pause around 50 seconds to take decision (in between he was typing) and hand over me 214(B)

I think he give me 2-3 chance between the conversation to grab my pace (ignoring my starting blunder) but I failed.

So is there any hope to get visa , what changes i need to to in this please?

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  1. Bad day dude. This blog can help you from starting your preparation till landing in other country. You should go through others interview experience. Better luck next time…

  2. payal says,”More than anything…. i think u rejected you for your ATROCIOUS English!!”
    it should rather be. . “More than anything…. i think HE( not u ) rejected you for your ATROCIOUS English!!”

  3. Hi everyone ,i attended a interview for F1 VISA on 22nd sept 2011,at chennai consulate and was rejected ,now am working in saudi arabia ,same case of brother imtiyaz, Please suggest how to apply from saudi arabia. Thanks in advance…

  4. If you desperately want to go to USA for higher studies, you can try going to Canada which is similar to USA. also try going to australia, UK. If your aim is to find job after completing your masters in USA, take this rejection as a blessing in disguise as job situation is bad in USA.

    1. @munna: Job situation is bad but the level of education is still uncompromised. A quality degree from there can get you a job anywhere. Why do u assume you have to work there?? and by d way, job scope in UK is much much worse than US

  5. From your responses I could guess that you weren’t well prepared & nervous. You can apply as many times you want. Make sure you practice for the interview, search the internet & prepare your answers, be relaxed during the interview. Good luck next time…

  6. Hi everyone i wanna ask you people that i had given F1 visa interview in aug 2011 and i got rejected at that time i had been working in saudi arabia and to take interview i was visited to india and now also im working in saudi arabia only, so
    THANKING YOU ALL.(waiting for your suggestions)

    1. Would you like to share your credentials,Universities applied and visa interview experience as i am having the same circumstances.
      I am an electrical engineer passed out in 2009 and working in abu-dhabi UAE , i have applied in 5 universities for fall 2012 intake. Should I consider taking F1 visa interview in Abu-dhbai or back in Pakistan?

      1. i think it will be better for you to take in UAE it self because there will be less number of applicant for F1……compared to pak….

        1. @Vignesh, I agree with you. I think he has to work on his grammar. And, please, next time when you comment on someone’s grammar, never make any mistake. You might end up embarrassing yourself. 😛
          @A Vignesh never meant that he himself doesn’t need to learn grammar. He made a valid point. You can’t just go to a VO with very weak grammar.

          1. @RohitSingh Never said he has to learn it himself. I’m here just to bring about “embarrassment” to people 😀

    1. Hi,
      Do not hurt anybody like that. Learn to be polite to others and remember yo are not Shakespeare.


    2. You are no better Payel. Mastering a language is an achievement in itself . It takes years to attain that and you mock him for getting his grammar wrong. I d rather you point out the exact mistakes in his grammar and suggest ways to correct them. The easiest way out is to criticize.

    3. m sure u cant speak his regional langg too,Payel. dont judge people on their english skills like that. m ready to bet that u are a conventee!

        1. Payel says,”More than anything…. i think u rejected you for your ATROCIOUS English!!”. It should rather be,”More than anything…. i think HE(not u) rejected you for your ATROCIOUS English!! . .

          1. @Khan – Since when did we start writing words in capital letters midway through a sentence . I think we should stop with the Payel bashing though. She must have got our point by now.

          2. @Khan spare her now,man! We dont want her suicidal, do we? 😛
            and by d way,I’m a conventee too. I take your comment as an insult. Only a conventee can abuse/slur another conventee 😛

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