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Don’t Attend F1 Visa Interview Without Reading These 3 Rules

unaccreditedThis visa interview  is one perfect examples of what not to do when visa was rejected in previous attempts.

This person was rejected twice in Hyderabad Consulate. But, third attempts shows, the person has no clue about the visa interview process.

Profile : 

  • B-Tech 65%
  • Backlogs : 18
  • GRE 920
  • IELTS 6.0
  • First  attempt  : US Consulate, Hyderabad

Me : Good morning Sir

VO : No reply

VO :  Concordia university right ?
Me :  Yes Sir.

VO :  How did you hear about this university?
Me : Internet, friends and some research.

VO : (Right on my face) How many backlogs
Me : 18 Sire

VO : Eighteen! ( Unbelievable look)
Me: Yes sir. 18 backlogs.

VO : What makes you think that you will get visa
Me : Tried to explain, but he said can’t give visa.

Second Attempt

  • Hyderabad Consulate at 11 AM
  • University : Monmouth University.

VO : You have been to visa interview before ?
Me : Yes sir. Last May 2012

VO : How many backlogs?
ME: Sir 18.

VO : How many for the last 3 semester
Me :  4
Me :  920

VO : Why did you change the university.
ME  : told

VO : I don’t think you can complete your masters in time.
Me:  Tried to convince

VO: Check yourself whether your capable or not for studying in USA. Can’t give you visa.

Third Attempt

Hyderabad consulate within in 2 weeks. This VO  is very cool and I’m the first person of the day.

VO : How are you doing?
Me: Wished Well.

VO : Why this university?
Me :  Told

VO : Why only this university?
Me : Best of my admits, deferred admission to this university and told him the research going on over their under the professor name.

VO : What are the changes you made in your profile .

Me: Nothing much. But I gathered some courage to come for the visa interview.
VO : Laughed

Me: Silent and gained some confidence.
VO : When did you graduate?

Me: May 2011
VO : What are you doing for last 2 years?

Me : I have been working as a SAP consultant for the last 2 years.
VO : Why this university?

Me: Best university of my admits and there is a research going on database which is quite related to my work profile.
VO : How many backlogs?

Me: 18
VO : But it was written as 20 in my records.
Me : No Sir. It’s 18.

Vo : Fine can’t give you visa this time, but I would like to tell you one thing.

Just take some time and make changes in your profile like GRE and come back for the next semester. With these many backlogs you have to push yourself hard to improve your profile.

Me: Thank you sir.
VO : All the best.

Please suggest me what to do next? Should I appear for the visa interview again or should work on my profile.


What do you think about this interview?

The very last line of the interview kind of  shows the personality of the student. Someone reading this interview can figure out that with 18 backlogs and GRE of 920, chances of getting visa is very limited.i

During the second interview, this person changed to different university. This shows lack of understanding about interview process.  Visa was rejected in first attempt due to the academic profile.

Even after 2 visa interviews, the person haven’t realized why his visa was rejected. If you can’t learn from your mistakes, how can you convince the visa officer to give visa to study in USA?

Third visa interview kinds proves the same points why visa was rejected in first two attempts.

You don’t typically see Visa officer giving advice after rejection.  But, the VO was kind enough to give advice and explain the reason for rejection.

Even after that, the person is asking what should I do? Should I appear for 4th attempt?

That’s pure display of lack of maturity.

  1. Rule #1 :  If you visa is rejected : Know why you visa was rejected. If you can’t figure out, then seek expert’s help.
  2. Rule #2 : Address the mistakes from the first interview.
  3. Rule #3 : If you don’t know why your visa was rejected, then don’t make yourself look bad. That’s exactly what happened in third interview.

It’s like aiming at the target with eyes closed and in the dark.

Learn from mistakes. Make improvements, then give it a try.

Read this  F1 Visa Interview Tips, learn from F1 Visa interview experiences and see what visa officer from Delhi has to say about the student interview.

This is what you should have done and be doing, if you haven’t started.

Re-take GRE, improve to score above 310. You can re-Take TOEFL (90+) or IELTS (7.0+) and get good score.

Enroll in a course like certificate degree program, and show you can improve on your academics.  If you don’t want to school again, think about other ways to improve your profile.

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  1. I am planning for second attempt but I don’t know where I went wrong for my first interview.
    My first interview in Abuja
    Consular: why do you choose la Roche University?
    Me: I found out about the academic programs which describe how modern instructional materials are being used for teaching and I was awarded a $14000 scholarship every year
    Consular : how did u hear about the university
    Me: I heard about la Roche University through a professor in my church, his children graduated from the university
    Consular: who is sponsoring you
    Me: my step father has been the one responsible for my education since 15years ago my mum remarried.
    Collected my financial documents, checked and typed something on the system.
    Consular: will confirm this documents.
    Gave me a white paper and congratulated me and told my visa has been approved, told me I will receive an sms on where to get my passport.

    Few days after I got an email message that my visa has been refused with section 214b attached to it. Can someone explain what went wrong pls?

  2. My F1 visa was denied twice in 2016 for 2 different universities and later i applied for F1 again after 18months of my work experience and also retook GRE somehow managed to get descent score in quants.

    And today I applied for different University. What happens if I apply for NEU, Boston i received admit today.

    Help much appreciated
    Contact: 7795459461

  3. I am planning for second attempt but I don’t know what changes should I make. I am very confused about the reason of my 1st rejection.

    My 1st Interview

    Me= Good morning sir.
    Vo= Morning pass me your passport
    Me= Here sir ( I gave him only my passport)
    Vo= I mean all the documents.
    Me= Sorry sir, here they are.
    Vo=Why bba?
    Me= Cause sir, my interest lies in this particular field. As my father is also a business man he have great influence on me. So, I have always been very interested in business and always thought to be a successful business man in my future.
    Vo= What business does your father own?
    Me= Told
    Vo= What will you do after pursuing this degree?
    Me= After graduation, 1st I will join my fathers business as directly starting my own business isn’t that easy then after getting some work experience I will start my own business.
    Vo= What business?
    Me= Herbal medicine.
    Vo= Sorry I can’t issue your VISA due to immigration issue.
    Me= Can you please tell me the reason behind my rejection?
    Vo= It’s all in this yellow paper.

    I think the reason behind my 1st rejection was my future plan of starting business of herbal medicine(as it is totally unrelated to my faculty).

    If anyone notice other reasons behind my rejection please let me know. And also suggest me about what changes should I make for second attempt. (please, it will be of great help)

  4. Hi Raghu,
    This is Kiran my visa got rejected twice and both the times the vo gave 214 b form

    My first interview at hyderabad on June 22 at 10 am

    Me : good morning mam
    Vo: good morning
    Vo:why Northern Illinois university(niu)?
    Me: I want to do my specialisation in big data and data mining and I would like to study under professor Hameed haloori and professor gibbelli. It would be prevailage for me to study under these professors which would help me to gain some knowledge and skills.
    Vo: what is the difference between data mining and big data?
    Me: I told the differences……
    Vo: show me your financials?
    Me: I was passing the documents one by one
    Vo: you don’t have enough funds
    Me: mam this are the remaining financial documents
    Vo:vo was checking all the documents and later she asked the transaction of 5 lacks from my mother account
    Me: My father has transferred the money from his account to my mother account
    Vo: Then vo was checking my father bank transactions and she asked about 10 lacks transaction and why this huge transactions?
    Me: My father has sold some land and that amount has been deposited in the bank account.
    Vo: vo was typing and she gave me 214 b form

    I have 15 lacks of education loan and bank savings of 12 lacks and pf of 16 lacks and other savings of 4 lacs.

    Second visa interview at Mumbai on July 21 at 8:30 am
    Me: good morning mam
    Vo:good morning
    Vo:why are you heading to Niu?
    Me:I told the same reason as I told in the first visa interview
    Vo:what are the other universities you applied?
    Me:I told
    Vo: vo asked your first interview was at Hyderabad?
    Me:yes mam
    Vo:did u made any changes?
    Me: This time I am well prepared with my answers and documents and last time I was unable to explain properly.
    Vo: sorry you still don’t meet the requirements and she gave me 214 b form

    So I am planning to attend for third visa interview and please guide me where I went wrong and why visa officer has rejected me twice and what are the changes to be made .

    If visa officer asks for changes what could I say whether yes or no?

    For third visa interview what are the changes to be made and also any guidance for third visa interview and what are the chances for getting the visa?

    1. hello Kiran….
      same case goes of me. Can you suggest me what changes should be made for third interview. As I want to apply for the same university so no idea what to make changes….

  5. They dont pay much heed to academic qualifications, at least not in my case they didn’t.I was refused without ever being asked for any transcripts i.e O/A levels , Ielts(7.5).But they did emphasize pretty damn strongly on my sponsor.I guess it depends from person to person.

  6. If you are very despirate about US, then u have to voraciously work on your gre and try to improve on the revised format. Orelse the best option is going for canada:)

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