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F1 Visa Interview Tips for USA and How to Answer Questions

Getting a U.S. Student Visa (F1) will get you one step closer to attending a college/university in the United States. Every international student must go through the U.S. visa interview process.

The F1 Visa interview tips in this article will help you understand what a Visa Officer (VO) expects from prospective students. Based on that, you can prepare for the interview.

You could read 100s of F1 visa interview experiences, but unless you make actual preparations for the interview, it’s tough to crack the interview. Following these F1 visa interview tips for the U.S.A. will help you prepare for the interview.

U.S. F1 Visa Interview Basics

  • Proper Documentation
  • How will you present yourself during the interview
  • Ways to answer questions.

Key to getting visa stamping is to understand how the process works and to prepare based on that process.

Can you expect to get high marks in an exam without any preparation? I don’t think so. The same case applies in a visa interview.

U.S. F1 Visa Interview Process

Visa interview officers are well trained to identify qualified from unqualified students.

If you are well prepared with answers for F1 Visa Interview Questions, then you can get through the interview with ease. VOs are trained to find out:

  • Who you are
  • If you have the academic capability to complete studies in the U.S.
  • Whether you have enough financial resources to cover the cost of education in the U.S.

You could have done mistakes in your documents, or have faked some documents related to finance, degree certificates, property documents, etc. But the VO’s job is to make a decision about you in a few minutes.

You might have all the right credentials, yet you may be denied of an F1 Visa, but someone with fake documents might get F1 Visa stamping. It all depends on those few minutes that you present yourself.

Now, let’s assume you are in the queue waiting to be called for the interview.

F1 Visa Interview Tips

  • When you walk to the interview window, make a big smile and wish them well. You could say greetings like “Hi,” “Hello,” “Good Morning,” “Good Evening,” etc.
  • Making eye contact is a MUST. From the moment you walk towards the window, look deep into their eyes, smile, and wish them well.
  • If you don’t make good eye contact, then you are reducing your chances of getting an F1 Visa. After you have made good eye contact, then it’s about how to present your answers.
  • The next big thing – Don’t lie when answering questions.
  • If you lie and if they discovered that you are lying when you gave contradicting answers, then your entry into the U.S. will be a tough one.
  • Yes, some have mastered the art of lying. If you belong to that category, don’t mess it up (again, that’s not recommended).
  • If you are not sure and not comfortable to make up an answer, then DON’T LIE.
  • Now I hope you are convinced to make a decision not to lie. Then the VO will ask this question: “What’s your plan after graduation?”

Majority of students will say answers like these:

+ “My field of interest is growing in India, I will get good job opportunities when I come back.”

+ “I will work for 1 year in OPT period, gain some experience and come back.”

  • Do you really think answers like “I will return back to India” will suffice with them? They know how many students go to U.S. every year and how many will return back home.
  • A VO clearly understands why would you spend $40,000 for 2 years and just come back to India to earn Rs40,000 per month. VOs are very aware of the fact that students tend to prefer not to return back due to obvious reasons. And that only a low percentage of international students do return back home.
  • So, for such  question, give an honest answer: “After graduation, I will party hard, and then will look to spend my OPT period working for a U.S. company.” That’s simple and straight-forward reply. Another way is to say, “I plan to work for a few years to get some U.S. corporate life experience and then plan to come back.”
  • I know the above answers would be different from what you have on your list. But I assure you, the above answers should work.
  • Next, for the question related to finance documents, make sure you know the source of each funds in your bank statement. The VO will ask about transactions only if he or she feels something might be wrong in your financial documents.

In general, it will be like

+ Who is your sponsor?

+ What does your sponsor do?

+ How much is his/her income?

  • Make sure you have the bank statement for student visa with you. Also, don’t forget to read F1 Visa Interview Tips [15 rock solid tips].

In the upcoming posts, I will write about bank documents tailored for Student F1 Visa applications, how much bank balance to show, and how to create a fund flow chart for student visa interview.

A few of my friends have received F1 student visas after getting rejected for 3-4 times.

Some students prefer to use the same bank statement that was used for college admission. Those statements used for college admission will already be old and probably the funds presented during the college admission application will be lesser.

For successful student visa applications, you would need to show higher balance in your bank account.

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  1. I wish everyone best of luck. Just want to encourage those that might have been rejected, don’t give up. Fight for what you want. Be a better you, learn from past mistake(s). Thank you!

  2. hi ,i completed b.tech (cs)+mba(hr).now i got admit inUS ( ms in INFORMATIONSYSTEMS).but my first visa was rejected…they asked y mis ,,,after mba…no need…..please help me how can i answer next time

  3. Good day my good people I got my I20 and other supporting documents, from cousin who is sponsoring my BSC program is the US. Am I force to carry my own bank statement as well? Please help me.

  4. I am a graduate from a vocation and I got my I-20. I am a undergraduate going to study in the US. Can u please help with this question what are your prospect in this field

  5. hai this is maddi anoosha applied for UHCL,CSU EB,SEMO,TAMUK,CLEVEND STATE UNIV.i wish to whether plenty of part time or on campus jobs are avaliable around these universities.kindly let me know as soon as possible because i want to put my visa date in may 1st week

  6. I am applying for f1 US visa. I have paid the I-109
    sevis fee online. I have the print of the confirmation page , generated online after fee payment. I have still not received the original sevis fee receipt. Can someone tell me, if the original document is a must for finger print and visa interview ?

  7. I have completed my b.tech in 2010 and didn’t get a job after that so i had 2 years gap what should i tell if the VO asks me about the gap?

    please please reply soon i really need help

    plsssssssssssss reply

  8. Hi. Please help me. I have a valid F1 till november 2012. I came back India like 2 yrs back. I recently applied for B2 visa, which got rejected. Now i want to extend my F1 on another i-20. is there a way or should i do it frsh and go through interview process. thank you.

  9. hi i am coming to NOVA to get my associate degree; before the community college told me you must do intensive English because I am francophone ( second language is french) my question is can i do my interview with Arabic or English i speak basic English answer me please

  10. Hi,
    i am on F1 visa now,i don’t have the money to pay my tuition fee for next semester. just i want to know if i became an out status, can i come back in status by paying other semester fees . and can you please tell me what would be happen if i stay in the US while i am in out of status. please reply me i need help.

  11. i just want to ask hw can i get the question and the anwser for the interview SIR explain to me very well because i have interview in the month of AUG

  12. I was a teacher in the US for three years on a J1 visa status and my visa expired on June 30, 2009.
    While I was there I started an M.A. at a college and I was on campus that summer until the end of July, which means the time to leave the country had already passed. However, according to information from my sponsor, you are given one extra month to leave if you are also studying; that is, I could still be in the US lawfully (?) until July 30, 2009. On July 27, 2009 I filed a change of status petition: I sent an I-539 because I wanted to get an F1 status so I could complete the whole M.A. program while in the US before leaving. I stayed in the US for over another month studying and expecting my case to be considered. However, my family had some personal difficulties in my country, and I had to leave the US and go back to my home country before I knew about my case.
    I left on Sep. 3, 2009. Later, I knew that on Sep. 4 the USCIS had mailed me a notice requesting certain initial evidence to process my form, which I never received because I was not there. On Sep. 25, knowing that they might send me mail regarding my case, I decided to fill the USCIS online change of address form so an American friend would get any coming mail for me. Well, my American friend said she received (on Oct. 13) a second notice for me (with a remail date: Oct. 7, and a response due date: Oct. 7) asking for the above evidence. In conclusion, I could never send such evidence because the due date had already expired.
    Long story short, I left my country without knowing if I would get the F1 status and I still do not know my current situation regarding my visa. Was my stay after June 30, 2009 unlawful even though I filed the I-539? When I filed the I-539, (Jul. 27) was I still in the US legally?
    I am currently in the process of requesting another J1 visa but I do not know what probability I will have to get it based on my case.
    Please, advice on my situation and what I should do now. Please do it asap.

  13. Hello,

    I am a PhD student at University of Maryland on F1 visa. I am planing to go back home and I need to apply for the visa again. I had some concerns and I appreciate your comments and experience on this:

    3 years ago, when I first got the student visa, my parents lived back home, and my brother was in the US on F1 visa.

    Now, my parents has obtained green card and my brother has also finished his PhD and is now on working visa (H1B). My parents have green card but they just travel back and forth to the US and they don’t permanently live here.

    My concern is that I get rejected because of insufficient family ties and my study here remains unfinished. Do you think I should risk this?

  14. Dear HSB,

    I really need your help iam in quicksand now as my f1 visa was rejected because of the less GRE scores.My gre score is 287 with 143 in verbal&144 in quant. Iama student from pharmacy background,when VO asked me that “why you got low score in GRE” &”WHY HAVE NOT YOU TAKE IT AGAIN” i was failed to convince the VO,please let me know the effective response as early as possible as my next visa interview date is on 25th of this month

  15. hi friends,

    please post your experiences those who already face this type of situation,regarding less toefl and gre scores ,post your answers friends.

  16. hi friends,
    this is likitha,i am pursuing mca final year i am planning to do MS in US,i got a less toefl score 66 with that score i got a I20 in NYIT newyork(conditional that english as second language). gre score 270, my acedamics are good , from 10th to mca i got distinction.my brother is working in USA recently he got a job.

    IS it possible to get a visa with this scores and that to my brother is working there.can i tell to them are not, that my brother is working there.please help me out, so many of my friends are saying that visa is doubt for NYIT .please reply to my mail friends.

    1. hi likitha,I too got admssion in nyit old westbury and i applied for tamuc also but admsn decesion is pending at tamuc ,i would like to go to visa interview on behalf of tamuc.my ielts score is 6.5,gre is 950 cooming to my acadmics % i got 64(btech).can u please tell me when is your visa intrvw date????

    2. Although I do not have any idea of NYIT. But, talking in general, on my experience with VISA issues (and pink slips :D), DO NOT BOTHER WHAT OTHER SAYS. Because at the time of interview, no one knows what’s on their mind. But, all you need is to be confident. Believe me, getting a low score is not uncommon. GO AHEAD AND GET PREPARED for the Interview.

      Even my scores were alright and still I got pink slip. So THERE ISN’T ANYTHING FIXED for US VISA applicants. It depends on their mood and your luck, what comes into their mind once they see your I-20.

      There are friends of mine, in my university, who had low scores. All of them took English as a course and that’s it.

      All the best!

  17. The tips from the article are very useful! I received my visa at the beginning of June. Thanks!

    There were 3 things that also helped me:
    – going on youtube.com and watching videos that explain the whole process of getting a visa (from your arrival to the embassy until you actually receive it). This will relieve a lot of useless stress on the interview day;
    – looking up sample visa interview questions and making flashcards (question on one side and the answer on the other side);
    – having your documents nicely organized in a folder.

    Good luck to everyone!

    1. Please am applying for F-1 Visa as an Undergraduate Student here in my Country NIGERIA..My Appointment date is May 18th,2011….I have been given an Undergraduate admission for the fall Term at Indiana State University ( Economic General )..Please sir am in need of all the likely Interview questions and how to answer them correctly.. I hope to hear from you real soon Sir/Ma… Thanks.

    2. Please i ave been denied for F-1 Visa twice ..….I have been given admission at Indiana State University ( Management information system )..Please sir am in need of all the likely Interview questions and how to answer them correctly.. I hope to hear from you real soon Sir/Ma… Thanks.

      1. Here is a good article with sample interview questions:


        For College and University-related questions, show the VO that you have done a great deal of research about your school. Don’t tell the VO just the facts from the brochure. Instead, look the VO in the eyes and tell them about the professor with whom you would like to conduct research in the USA or a club that you want to join. These details play an impressive role.

        Relatives and Family Members questions – be sincere, of course. If the VO asks about any family members who have been to the US, be so kind and say exactly how many/when any of your family members travelled to the US/ if they are still there and so on.

        Work/Job-related questions -prepare to show your income statements, if you work.

        General Student Visa questions – some of them are a little off (like “What if you fall in love in the US”, but think of an answer beforehand. Like, “If I fall in love in the US, I’ll bring my girlfriend in my home-country”.

        For Bank and Finance Related questions – be ready to present your work income statements (or your parents’, if you don’t work), bank statements, proof of any scholarship, letter from sponsor. Have everything ready. You can’t stumble on these questions.

        I know for a fact that VO’s are required to present a written explanation (upon request) about why your visa was denied. Have you requested one?

        Let me know if you have any problems opening the link. Here it is, once again.

  18. It doesn’t if u’ve great GRE and TOEFL scores.. And ya u’ve to be confident with what ya got.. Best of luck

  19. HI,
    I have completed by B.tech recently in april-2012,and my aggregate is only 56%and cleared backlogs but i want to study in US.Does aggregate & backlogs cause any problem at the time of visa interview or it is purely based on my communication skills and body language and the score that we got in GRE,TOEFL

  20. HI,
    I have completed by B.tech recently in april-2012,and my aggregate is only 56% but i want to study in US.Does aggregate cause any problem at the time of visa interview or it is purely based on my communication skills and body language.

    1. it def matters!! but it may not be the main criteria.. i know ppl who have been approved and rejecyed solely on their marks…. sometimes it just boils down to luck..

  21. hi,

    I have been accepted to UMass Lowell MS in Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology

    (BMEBT) for fall 2012. I already have a master’s in Microbiology and I have 4 gap years within

    which I was teaching part time and working in the University part time. What should be my

    answers to Why a double post grad and why the gap years?

    Kindly let me know as I will be appearing for the VI on the 29th of June.


  22. Hi sir,
    currently I am holding H4 visa. I am interested in doing my graduation for this fall. So to get work permit I would like to apply for change of status(COS) to F1. My husbands H1 will get expired in December 2012. So he is applying for Extension. My question is
    1. If at all i apply for COS and for Extension at same time will there be any clash in approval? and can I apply for both at same time?
    2.what is the duration for the approval of COS to F-1 from the date of submitting the application.

    Thank you

  23. hi
    i am living in sweden and i am originally come from iran,but as i am a refugee, i am a permanent swedish resident and holding swedish alien passport and travel document.
    my question is that can i apply for a student visa with that kind of passport in usa embassy in sweden.
    and also i wanna mention that once i apply for a usa student visa with my iranian passport in usa embassy in sweden and i became refuse.(as you did not host iranian application in usa embassy in sweden).can it become a problem for me again?

    and if not how long does it take to process a student visa?

    kind regards,

  24. Hello Peers

    I need help (my interview is the day after tomorrow) I am from Egypt. I got a Scholarship to a well ranked University in the US for the Ph.D. degree. That is good thanks God a lot. But I am terrified cos I was not lucky to get the visa as a tourist before and as an exchange student (J1 visa) another time. Also my dad and younger sister are living there, having Citizenship and Green cards, respectively. Does this compromise my position ???? knowing that, my mum and elder sister are in my home country, I owe a position of TA (teaching assistant) in my home country and I AM EXPECTED TO get a position of a lecturer once I RETURN !

  25. I am very happy to visit this blog which has good and accurate responses , Hopefully i can get some guidance and advice regarding my VISA.
    I am pursuing my bachelors in Canada as an International student (INDIAN ) , and My parents immigrated to United states 2 years ago , as Legal Green card holders , I applied a visiting Visa to see my parents and My Visa got rejected as they mentioned I do not have any strong ties with Canada and I should be applying my Visa from India showing I have strong Ties , Instead of me showing them proofs and evidences saying I just have 1 more years to complete my studies and would start to work as an Intern soon and get my Permanent Residency here , and they suspected I was a potential immigrant as I also have other relatives living in states.
    NOW my concern here is I have got a sponsor whose sponsoring me and I am waiting for my I-20 , Have no clue how to face this interview again , I am preparing myself this time real hard because truely i also want to see my family .
    I was just looking out for some good answers for questions like
    1) Why aren’t your parent’s sponsoring you ?
    2) You have all your family there ?why would you even come back to India?
    3) What kind of Ties should I be showing them ?
    4) My sponsor has his own hospital and a big Govt firm in united states ?Whys is he sponsoring you when your parents are here .
    5) Who payed your tution fees till now(Parents ? And why do you need a Sponsor when your parents sponsored you for all this time ?
    I would really appreciate if I could get any Guidance or advice regarding this ..

    Thanking you,
    Joe Uday.

  26. Hello HSB,

    Need your help. I gave GRE twice, my first score was 1270 screwed my quants with 670 and my second attempt, I scored 1180 with 740 in Quants. I wanted to know I will be grilled about ,multiple GRE scores. I ‘ve been admitted into USC and Boulder, planning to take Colorado Boulder only..what reason should I give for two GRE attempts. WIll that be a reason for VISA rejection????

    Reason truly is I was ill and couldn’t do well in my first attempt..but got 740 again..and my math grads have been A or better in my curriculum..is my reason convincing?

    1. I am in same situation!
      Please help me…what to answer if they ask u why less score in 2nd attempt? I have more quant score in 2nd but total score is less in later.

  27. 1- how to justify for low gre (1250, v-490) and decent toefl, 104? if asked?
    2- i applied for 10 univs of which 4admits, 5 rejects, 1 pending… will this numbers have impact on my visa decision???

    pls help

    1. I guess your scores aren’t too bad as u think, which university are u going to matters. If it s a good university, your visa will not be denied! 🙂

  28. thanks to this site. it really helped me a lot. I’m glad i got to know this site . i went for the interview and applied all i learnt here and my visa was granted the first time i went. thanks a lot buddies for your shared experiences.

      1. just make sure you dress well and greet the v.o with a big smile and you will be surprised he will smile back at you. dont be nervous, there is absolutely no reason to be nervous. they are just normal guys and ladies and very friendly too depending on how you relate with them.
        Ensure the eye contact thing to make him see your confidence and it will make him believe you too. Then let your answers be precise and on point and straight forward. Dont say what you are not asked. He didnt even check any of my documents once we became friendly with each other, he developed interest in me and approved it….

  29. I’m 28yrs old and i got admitted in one of the community college in the US. and now I’m planning to go for interview in my nearest US embassy by November. will there be any problem at the embassy becoz of my age. applying to community college?

    pls i need urgent reply….

    1. Optional Practical Training (OPT) is a period during which undergraduate and graduate students with F-1 status who have completed or have been pursuing their degrees for more than nine months are permitted by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to work for at most one year on a student visa without needing to acquire a work H-1B visa towards getting a practical training to complement their field of studies.

  30. deae sir,
    i am livign in uk as a student .and my nationality is indian so can i apply from uk and what document we need it.and wher is your office in london.

  31. I have student visa of uk for 3 years but I am hust cominf in pakistan for my mother criticcal condition without in latter of colaage no I live in pakistan last 1and half year I want to go uk for my satadies what am ido please avise and guide me may all always hapines and dua for u all if you good advise for me please.


  33. I came to US in 2009 accompanying my wife who was a PhD student with a research assistantship. After one year I applied to my wifes university. I didnt have a bachelors degree in SL, instead I had a higher Diploma. So my intention is to complete a bachelors degree. I requested a change of status from F-2 to F-1 and got it approved. Now in 2012, I m in the middle of my program. I plan to go home with my wife for a monthly vacation which in case I will have to go to visa interview to stamp my visa. Im little bit nervous because when my wifes tax returned was filed, I was given a tax payer ID which is asked in the form DS 160. We did not file tax with the university But filed it with a Law firm . ALthough we are not sure, some people say we are not entitled to a tax return. With all these background, Im scared about the situation.
    Any help for me??

  34. i applied for admission at ISU and i cudnt resume when the school resumed because i was sick nd operated,during dat period i cudnt check my gmail account even up til now,dats d acct i used for my admission.my admission status is no longer active and i want to change to another school,im an international student but already in america

  35. Hi there!
    My wife and I have both got admission from Texas A&M University. We don’t know how to apply for F1 Visa. Is it good if we both apply for F1 Visa or it is better for one of us to apply for F1 and the other as a dependent (F2 Visa). Which way is more probable for both of us to get our visas?
    Thank you in advance for your solutions!

  36. Hi there!
    My wife and I have both got admission from Texas A&M University. We don’t know how to apply for F1 Visa. Is it good if we both apply for F1 Visa or it is better for one of us to apply for F1 and the other as a dependent (F2 Visa). Which way is more probable for both of us to get our visas? Thank you in advance for your solutions!

  37. Do you have to have a sponsor?
    I want to go to America to study but I don’t have any family in America. Can someone in Bangladesh where I live sponsor?
    Please reply. Thank u.

  38. hi

    only one question i want to ask
    what would be the best anser for
    ” what is ur future plans?”
    as HSB is sayng speak truth like will use my opt period but mostly says to nt show ur any inclination towards USA . you are just going there fr ur stuies.
    reply me fast as i have interview in three days .

  39. Hello. I would like to ask you a few questions about F-1 Visa friends! Just my I-20 is coming from school which located in New York.after 20 days i have got an interview i will go to the Embassy for taking my F-1 Visa! And i really afraid don’t know how to control myself! Let’s see right now i am 11th form from in Tajikistan and in January i would like to go to the ALCC school, i would like to study there in New York my 11th form! And really wanna get My F-1 Visa! Could you suggest me friends what to do and what not! and can i get my F-1 Visa or not because i am going from 11th form I am just going to take an English course for three month!
    Waiting your answer friends! Apply me as soon as possible please!

  40. Hey I Got rejected twice in june/July, can I Apply for third interview with different university in jan 2012 its six month gap is itok, Pls reply??

  41. Hi HSB,

    my visa got rejected on 15 dec and i got 2 admits south east missouri and university of houston clearlake .First time went to visa with SEMO and for second attempt i am changing the univ if VO ask why did change the univ then what should i say?

    1. Hey Bibal,
      Take Valium. It would calm down your nerves . . ROFL LOL . Just kidding.
      Well, there is nothing that will make you “shiver” in front of the VO if you are well prepared and confident. Just surf through the blog, read through all the Visa experiences and tips posted by people and just maintain eye contact and DO NOT LIE. That’s it, . LOL . Good luck with your VI.


  42. hello,
    my visa got rejected on 14th dec 2011, didnt ask me for any documents.. the VO just saw my primary doc and asked my gre score i told 278/340 the new pattern ,he said ok.. and asked who’s my sponsor , i said dad has saving of more than XXlac and i hav also taken loan of 20 lac ,he said ok.. and gave me 214(b) form and said sorry i wont be able to issue ur visa.. tats all!!
    wat Questions can i expect for the second interview??

  43. hi..!!

    I had my visa interview on 7th of dec 2011 for LAMAR UNIVERSITY which was rejected. Surprisingly the consulate on asking for the reason answered : ” I AM NOT SUPPOSE TO TELL U SON BUT I GUESS YOU SHOULD HAVE APPLIED FOR A BETTER SCHOOL.”
    Now i have transferred my sevis fees to OLD DOMINION UNIVERSITY which i suppose is a better university, So please guide me for the reason i should tell if asked : WHY HAVE YOU CHANGED THE UNIVERSITY FROM LAMAR TO ODU.??

    pls reply ASAP

  44. Hi,
    I am going for Visa interview on 15th December 2011. However, i figured out now that i don’t have GRE & TOEFL score reports with me right now to carry it along for interview.
    Plz suggest whether how big that concerns for Visa officer. I m really concerned about this , as now i am fully funded with $2000/month and full tution waiver and dont want to loose it.
    Plz reply asap.


  45. i just want to ask hw can i get the question and the anwser for the interview f 120 pls explain to me very well because i have interview in the month of march

  46. Hi… I just got accepted to California State Uni.. I have to face F1 visa interview in two weeks time. I am a transfer student , supposed to transfer in 2010. but i didnt have enough funds to do so , now i will be transferring in 2012 spring with sufficient funds. If the VO ask me about the two year gap of not transferring how should i answer him? I can not say didnt have funds coz then he might reject my visa.. I have’nt done any courses meanwhile to provide proof of other studies in the 2year gap tooo. How should i address to this question? please do help me..

    1. There is nothing wrong in saying, you saved money for last 2 years to get transfer. they will ask you what you were doing for last 2 years.

  47. Please i have interview coming on this month and i am really nervous about it…my sponsor is a woman in the state and we meet online and love each other and she wanted to come here but they denied her visa so she went and pay for school for me to come…what will i tell them that they will allow me to go …because my sponsor is in the US..thsnks pls fast

  48. hi hsb,

    I have my visa interview on dec 7th. i have received admission in a better university(umass amherst). my question is – Is there a possibility to change the information on my visa application and also i have paid the sevis fee for another university..can i transfer that to umass..pls suggest

    1. I’d suggest you go for you interview confidently and act like the previous school is really where you want to go and use “umass amherst” as a supporting school. Because you do not want them thinking there is a particular reason you want to go to your new school. Also you can always get a transfer when you get here in the united states and go to any desired school of your choice.

  49. hey,
    my high school result was poor,i failed twice due to some problems,but now i passed all of my papers but i did my IELTS and SAT good.can i get into an ivy league….please help me out.

  50. Hi,i have got interview scheduled for 22nd of december..plz i want to know if i will be asked why i did just only Toelf and why not include with SAT as an undergraduate..pls help me because i truely want to knw

    1. Hi emika.. Have u got da VISA.. even Iam facing da SAME PROBLEM.. PLZ DO REPLY.. WHAT THE VO told in chat language

    2. Hi….. you can say like this to VO my university is not providing scholarship for international students so for that sake i dint write the SAT

  51. hiii, please help me out ……….. i’m an electrical student of 61.5% and 13 backlogs, have gre score of 720 and my ielts score is of 6.5 ‘ll this be a problem ????? i have got admission in western michigan university………………is there chances of getting me visa????

  52. hi, my visa interview is on 7th of dec and i have 13 backlogs, i have low gre score of 720…….
    i have ielts band of 6.5 will dis be problem???? and is there chances of getting visa???
    please help meeee

  53. Hello Frns

    I got a letter from my company that i’ll be given a job if vacancy is available after i complete my PGfrom USA and this letter is addressed to THE AMBASSADOR, USA EMBASSY…

    Should I show this letter to VO without he ask or not?

  54. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    pls pals, i was denial visa once the VF ask me a question in maths but i did answer well. i don’t know if the still have the record with them or is going 2 affect me in my second interview?????? pls reply me……..

    1. Its not recorded but you have to study well ..when you feel your ready book for another interview i believe you get the Visa

  55. pls pals, i was denial visa once the VF ask me a question in maths but i did ask well. i don’t know if the still have the record with them or is going 2 affect me in my second interview?????? pls reply me……..

  56. please, I was denied a student visa for not having any work experience since I finished college (2008), what should I do if I re-apply?

  57. please need ur help guys…
    my problem

    2010 December 19 th my visa interview …i didn’t attend for interview so this makes any problem for attending interview now my visa date on “”9 December 2011″” Texas a&m commerce

    PLEASE Friends reply me

  58. HI

  59. Dear Friend, i have been rejected twice for a student visa, i thought that they rejected me because they don’t really issue visa for studying english, my I-20 said that i will learn english, because the school want a TOEFL score 61, i made 58, so it’s been so long since i made it. Now i change to go to a community college which is Kirkwood community college, for studying med, now the I-2o says, general studies. As i change college, can i still use the same SEVIS?
    What is my chance to get a student visa?

    1. Hey Johnson,
      The probability of getting a visa would be less. I am sorry to tell you this but international applicants who choose community colleges are mostly denied a visa and that you have changed your institution to a community college, the chance I would say, is very thin. You can wait for a while, gain some experience in a related field and then try applying so that the chances of getting a visa are significantly improved.


  60. Hi can any one suggest me , i have my visa interview on friday that is 25/11/11 , but i got a letter from toefl,ibt that my toefl score has been cancelled due to some reasons that center has not reached the toefl standard in meeting the examinations requirements . I am totally Confused what to do i am unable to understand . What is the best reason to tell in consulte

    1. so sad to you,simple thing if they checked they definitely rejected you,moreover they can’t believe u what ever the reasons u going to say in the time of interview,lets hope for the best shilpa -if u get visa based on Ur faith only-don’t panic in the time of visa interview ,ets tofel officials definitely mention the reason why the tofel score canceled so you have explain to the VO clearly any way all the best for you visa

      1. no i didt get visa , the interview went well but , some of the things which VO asked i could’t hear properly i think that may be the reason , hope for the next time it may be better by the GOD’s grace . all the best to u guys .

  61. Hi
    I have visa interview in next week .I didn’t take my gre how can i escape with this question
    from VO if they asks .I was 2010 passed out i have 66% with 4 backlogs and my IELTS Band is 6.
    Please reply me…

      1. TQ for reply vinod , but i got rejected it was unfortunate i answered all the questions confidently he was simply rejected 6 visa’s continuously,he asked same questions for all the 6 members. Again I paid my HDFC receipt for my second interview can u please tell me how can i convince VO i’m working for last 10 months in IT company. Please reply soon…

  62. hello HSB,

    i m really worried for my visa interview. as i hv got 2 rejections for fall and now going for same university 3rd time for winter. plz tell me could student got visa after 2 rejections……….

      1. Hi jagroop,

        plz tell me california state university is good one university?

        can i get visa through this university? i hv changed my profile last time my uncle was sponsering me but now my parents are sponsering

        plz reply soon

        1. california state university has good reputation indeed,,and VO know that not every student is going to PRINCETON or Ivy league,,yeah always mention your parents as sponsors,,even if they can’t get big Bank statements,,they hardly ask for any financial doc,,trust me,,and uncle=sponsor no way,,AND you must apply to more than three universities in different states cuz of “potenitial immigrant prob” ,,you should know about your field of study and research work,,,don’t ever give VO a feeling that you have prepared for Interview,,talk like a friend,,they are very kind,,

          1. hi jagroop,

            THANX for reply .

            but i hv made a mistake……….. i hv applied only in one university for which i got rejections in july and aug…. and now got I-20 from that university again . if i will tell VO that i hv applied in two universities and i got rejected ( just lie). will they hv any information regarding that in how many universities i hv applied? ??????

          2. Hi anu,

            Dont ever lie to him about the number of universities applied, the number of rejects or acceptance. The VO has all this information thanks to SEVIS. Just tell him you were confident that you would get thru the university because you qualify all their requirement, hence you did not apply to other universities..

          3. Hi kinnera,

            Thanks for reply kinnera.
            I have read that they have record of our previous interviews
            answers . so can i modify my answers this time as last time i was so nervous and my answers to there questions were not strong . i know vo rejected my visa becoz of mine mistake (my weak answer to there questions with huge nervousness)

  63. Hello, My F-1 visa was rejected because of GRE not done for master’s program in Electrical engineering at Wichita state university. But GRE is not the requirement for this specific program at that university. Now I have taken certificate from university for embassy, can I reapply with same I-20 but from different country! Please reply at your earliest.

  64. Hello this is vanamali and i applied just for only one university. Is that a problem when it comes to Visa. Please let me know.
    MY GRE score =1000 (Q 660 & V 340 & AWA 3.5)
    have 2 international publications and distinction in my undergraduation (72%) hyd.

  65. hi HSB
    i got rejected twice for ms in electrical engg. for california state university, long beach in 26 july and august 2011 now i again got admitted in that university for winter and this time i m going to show bank balance of $ 36000 as I-20 has 12 months fee $34285 .so there are chances of getting visa with that same university?????????????

  66. I live in the U.K. and have just been accepted into a prestigous course at a hair and make up academy in Los Angeles, it starts in a month and I need to get a student visa quickly. It is an incredible opportunity. The problem is two and a half years ago I was denied entry to the States because I was naive and didnt know I needed a visa to go model for photographers. The Embassy has recently denied me a tourist visa with out giving me an opportunity to explain. My question is:
    Now that I have legitimate paperwork that I am accepted to an academy and a sponsor to pay for it – is it even possible to get a student visa after they have already denied me for a tourist visa?

    1. Yes! If you have legitimate paper work and good school or college. Sometimes they never ask for the sponsors, but they will sure ask for your school. So before you go for the interview get all the information about your school as much as you can.

      Good Luck!

  67. I have diploma in Mech. Engr. And i have not gotten any job yet.
    Will soon be going for a visa interview to pursue thesame cousre in American university. If I am being ask the question, ‘ what have u been doing since 3 years you completed your National diploma degree’? What should i say?

      1. Thanks alot. I had looked forward to hearing from you.
        I have not gone for the interview yet. I finished my diploma in Mech. Engrn. in 2009. No job yet. If the VO asked what i have been doing since 3 years, what should i say?

    1. Hey Sharukh
      as per query
      You just have to tell them about a brief about your university ,that why you choosen this particular university only.what so special about university,ranking and all.
      All the best

  68. Please i need your advice,,will b goin for my interview soon,,av finished high school since 3yrs ago,,if d v.o shud ask wat av bn doin for d 3 yrs,pls wat can i say??

    1. Hello Bidemi
      As per your question,it depends what have you done for 3 years,if you have worked then it could be positive point that you are going after having experience,the question of Gap always arise,because they have to make sure whether u were not involved in illegal activity or so.

      All the Best

  69. i got 1120 in GRe and 82 in toefl . got i 20 and im in the process of applyng fr visa. im tnsd whethr my low toefl score leads to rejction . plz help

  70. i hav fixed my visa appointment on 25 august at hyd embassy.
    iam more tensed.i have low score in gre 820.
    if he saw this and ask wat the reason then wat i hav to reply?

  71. i have visa interview on 22 august at hyd embassy.
    my aggregate in b.tech is 55% and have backlogs upto 18.
    can i get visa?
    if he ask me about this wat i hav 2 tell? can anybody give me some tips?

  72. I have fixed my visa appointment 25 august at hyd embassy.
    iam more tensed now. i have low score in gre 840.
    wat i have to tell when he saw the score?


  74. Hi,

    I got rejected twice for University Of Bridgeport in MS Biomedical Engineering.
    Now for Fall 2011 I had changed the university and got the acceptance from Roosevelt University, Chicago in MS Biotechnology and Chemical Science. Soon I will be going for 3rd time interview.

    I want to know is this University good enough for Visa.? And What questions should I prepare for the third time ?
    Please help me.
    Thank you.

  75. Hey hi….I am having a doubt regarding visa stamping..i am already havin us F-1 visa(which i got recently) but i am expecting adm in a canadian univ.so il i have a prob ? do i have to cancel us visa stampin before I submit my passport to canadian embassy??
    Please help me out..
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  76. i am planning to apply f1 visa i am bachelor degree in nursing planning to do masters what all the documents needed and how much bank balance shows and please tell what is i20 give me all details . anybody help me please,its request

    1. binny i-20 is a offer letter from the college that you get after fulfilling all the requirements of the college like academics,funds etc.

    2. Thanks punam
      will you please send more details about bank balance and what all the exams for eligibility,please madam..

    3. Hello benny
      As per your question,actually you just have to show them that you are capable to do expenditure for your study period,usually VO aks for your first year of expenditure for your tution fees and accomodation.but although you have to make them sure that you have enough funds to coverup your 2-3 years expenses.@I-20,its an letter from your college in which they confirm that they admits you.and you have to take I-20 for your visa interview.

      all the best

  77. I’ d like just to ask.. .I already received my form I- 20 and I
    was wondering if I should sign it already before my visa
    interview. Can you help me?
    And does the stuent visa applicant must have a medical test/
    check- up before going to the interview ?

    1. You have to sign the I-20 before you go for the interview, moreover you don’t need to do any medical test for the F1 STUDENT VISA.

  78. Hello everyone,
    I am up for a VISA interview on 14th July, I have done Btech in Cs , GRE – 950 and IELTS- 5.5, got I20 from SCARED Heart University for MS in CS . However, I have attented my interview 4th time at hyderabad consulate. Vo told that u have no signifucant changes from last time to this time.I get nervous pretty fast, so what are my chances for getting a VISA.

  79. Hi
    evrybody, plz help me?
    i got admit from liu brroklyn, my problem is i have low gre score and high toefl score , so again i am going to take regre on july 15th, so plz clarify my doughts…..
    how many days it will take to get a online score in ets wbsite?
    is it mandatory to have a gre original score card to go to visa interview or can i go to visa interview with online score print out?……..

    1. no shiva u should carry gre original score report to d interview. no problem just hide ur gre score&show ur tofel score card& i didnt written gre only toefei coz der is so many tofel based universities is there my frd already done dis dont feel.

  80. I applied to 8 univs with 1310 in gre and 102 toefl..
    bt got rejects from 5 of them. 2 univs moved my application to spring.
    i got only one admit..
    will this make an negative impact in Visa interview

  81. I had a problem while booking the visa appointment. In the emails the consular sounded irritated because of the confusion I had caused with the dates. But now it is pretty much resolved and I have got a final date. But will this confusion effect their attitude towards my interview? my toefl ibt score is 112 n GRE is 1280 (710 quant, 570 verbal) and have cgpa of 8.65/10. my course is PSM course.

  82. Hi, My visa got denied… don’t know the exact reason but i think t could be the ties to Funding my friend in from the states is funding my studies….. could that be the problem… i have all the related documents, like letter of support, affidavit of support and her tax and balance statement. she is american ….my question is could that be the reason , secondly i was also asked how many colleges i applied for … i applied for one and got in that so did not bother to apply any where else… and that a good college …please help… re visa interview is net Friday…. thank you so much.

    1. hi geeta1

      i also have the same problem plz tell me you got visa or not in your 3rd interview.
      plz reply soon

      all the best

  83. What is a backlog?The number of subjects or the number of attempts made to clear the subject?Both in the first and second year of my engineering I failed in 8 subjects.However Im thinking if the VO asks me about my acads this time I would say No Backlog and I would show the CMM.Is that acceptable.

  84. in 2005 i went uk on student visa for master degree i tried my best to complete master .but i did not because im suffering from ill health.i got diploma in business administration.Do i need to write toefl exam for applying to usa universities.i have been in uk for two years.

  85. hi, can anyone help me please ………
    here is my problem ….. I had applied for only one university and i got my admission and the problem is if the VO asks me why i have applied for only one university means, then how should i support my answer???

  86. Hi my name is K.Koushik.I got admissioun for fall 2011 in NPU,california.I have gre-950,toefl-88.My problem is that I had 13 backlogs I have cleared them but they are still counted as backlogs so I know I have very less chance of gettin visa to U.S. so please anyone tell me can I get visa do I stand a chance.And where do u guys think I should appear for my visa interview HYDERABAD consulate or CHENNAI please anybody tell me

    1. hello bro im also an applicant of the NPU university i hav got admission in tat ubniversity only..so u dont worry give ur best.

  87. can u tell me what to answer at visa interview about, “why to changing ur field from electronics to computer science?”

    1. ya…! ya…! A small query….!!!
      “why to changing ur field from electronics to computer science?”

  88. i have completed my gruadution in 2008with microbiology ,,… now i wana study mba in usa. is there any chances to reject with the reason of strange combination

  89. Hello everyone,
    I am up for a VISA interview on 7 th June, I have done Btech in Civil from IIT delhi, GRE – 1350 and TOEFL – 109, got I20 from Colorado state University for MS in Civil (Structures) and I have no siblings. However, I have no confidence in myself as I get nervous pretty fast, so what are my chances for getting a VISA.

  90. hello guys i want to go Australia iam getting difficulty to prepare ielts test.. it’s very tough if u have any idea plz share with me iam getting trouble and i have to apply visa as soon as i can. if u have any knowledge or any types of tips obout ielts pls pls tell me..

  91. hi frnds,
    i my going to visa on 2nd june,
    my profile is
    got admits from lsu and siuc(going to lsu), no funding,in EE
    i am worried about questions like
    why US and why this university?
    how should i answer these questions
    can any one help me plzzzzzzz

  92. For spring session i was denied my F1 visa so i applied in fall session and i had my interview yesterday but i was given 221(g) and VO told me that my file is kept for administrative processing and they will call me when they r finished does any one know what is that and what are the chances for me to get a visa after that.Do I have to give interview again

  93. I did my masters and returned to India.I am working in India from 2years.I am planning to do masters again.I have a valid F1 visa…should i go for an interview…so yes then what r my chances.I dont have my previous master’s certficate

  94. Hello guys,i have a problem here,i am from africa and live in eastern europe,i was rejected f1 visa yesterday on grounds that i do not have sufficient ties with this country,firstly i don’t understand what that means and secondly,i wanna go to my country and ask for visa,since the lady at the embassy said it is better i go to my country,now my problem is,should i ask my university to issue a new i20 and another letter bearing my home adress in africa or should i just go with the one i have already? as my new interview has already been scheduled. Please someone help!

  95. any one went to hyd consulate for visa? some ppl tell that consulate asking gre and large number of rejections in this week i am going to visa on 12th may plz give fast reply

  96. hello

    i have to show $ 3500 per yr by my I-20 and rest will be covered by university funding. i dont have enough cash bu my father has a Fixed deposit of $ 7000. is Fixed deposit is acceptable as source of fund? or i have to show cash only?

    please help.


  97. hiii all , i ve got i20 from NPU, CA for fall-2011 ….i would like enquire on how good is the univ. and if anyone else with i20 from NPU buzz me so tht we can have a talk

  98. I want to ask that My Uncles Company is sponsoring me for My studies in USA so which documents would I be needing for the Visa interview as I am only having Companys Bank Statement Right now , what other documents would I need .

    I will be thankful to you if any1 of you please reply to my message please please please.

    Thank you..

  99. I want to ask that My Uncles Company is sponsoring me for My studies in USA so which documents would I be needing for the Visa interview as I am only having Companys Bank Statement Right now , what other documents would I need .

    I will be thankful to you if any1 of you please reply to my message please please please.

    Thank you.

  100. i gott admitted to for MS Total expense for 1 year is $32000 and I have scholarship of $5000.I am not going for a loan
    Can I show a saviongs accunt for this much amount and if so how long it has to be there in the account pls reply

    1. u can show nearly about 30000-35000$ in saving bank account ..and u can say that that would be for my first year tution and living expenses ..and u must show the movable assets of at least 1.5 times( 2 times would be better) of your i20 amount ..so u can say …we have enough investments to full fill my second year expenses …

  101. My passport bears hostel address as it was issued when i was studying, do i have to change my address before going for Visa?

    Please guide


    1. no need to change it. it’s not a problem. you can go with that address for visa interview.

      All the best!!!!

  102. he he i am too happy today because i got visa to usa. i am really thankful to happy school blogs as it provides me with the useful tips to go through my interview…..

  103. Hi All,

    I have received an accept from SIUC with financial assistance. Do you think I could still have a hard time at the visa interview?

  104. Hi,

    I was rejected F1 VISA previously twice in month of dec10. I scheduled my interview once agin in the month of april11.

    If I will be rejected thrice unforrtunately, then can I schedule my interview again within the same intake? Because all the rejections will be within the same 6 months.

    Thanks & Regards

    1. Hey what happened about your interview , It was today , Hope it would go nice,waiting for your response,share your experience.


  105. Hi guys!
    I hav been denied for visa(f1). On 6th jan 2011. And am preparing 4 another visa process. I was denied because i couldn't give an answer related to my previous course.. Pls guys help!!!

  106. hi guys how r u? i want to get student visa so tell me universities will remain good to get visa or colleges tell me which university have low fee in usa for bachelor pragrams

    1. Hi, thanks a lot for the site. Really very useful. My f1 visa interview is in April 15, 2011. I was accepted to Virginia International University although my toefl score is 78. And VIU didn't give me any scholarships and financial aids. So, plz tell me what is the percentage of being issued visa to me? now I am really worring about it cause taking a visa is very crucial for my future.
      Thanks a lot to answers.

  107. Sir,

    The main reason for rejection was the course .it is a new course offered by union university ..TN,Jackson.so they said they are not much aware of the course and they can't believe the candidates . now the program co-ordinator from union university has wrote a mail to the consultancy ,saying the details of the course. they have also send a copy of the mail to us, and advised to keep the copy with us. i will appear for the interview on 25 th. so as it is a new course offered by the university what would be their response after receiving the mail ? Please reply.

  108. sir,

    some of my friends had interview on 17th(today), and all of them got rejected the visa.the estimated amount of money in i20 is 19240 dollars…most of them had a bank balance of 20000 dollars . and i have got 19473 dollars as show money and my sponsor has an other savings account which has got 22414 dollars and it is not m ….i have mentioned about it in the CA report and also about other owned properties of my sponsor(my father is my sponsor) it would come around 243370 dollars . those who have more than 20000 dollars mentioned in i 20 got rejected and then what about me. i am waiting for the confirmation date of my visa interview. is there any problem with my visa stamping? please reply

    1. Bad decision and observation. Don't conclude because your friends got rejected with 20,000 that you will also get rejected.

  109. Please can you really speak to USA Embassy in Ghana to really update their psychological way for querying embassy visa seekers. They refused me based upon no ocular proof, wit out going through my details well.

    Getting visa from Ghana is I quote" IS A LUCK"

    People with original documents are refused whiles even fake document seekers even get the permit.

  110. Hello friends. as i have stated my name guess i don't need to do so again. but can any one tell me what is 'BACKLOG'?

  111. I am a 19year old in Japanese and I want to go study in the States for four years at a college. I graduated last year and I have a part-time job right now ,to save money. With only a part-time job and since Im still young,I dont know how I can prove that I will return to Japan. Could you help me out?????

  112. i was refused F1 last year, had applied fro bachelors degree in Public Administration, now l have been accepted for a PH.D in business Administration. Changed degree becasue my situation has changed and the later will enable me to be more competitive in the job market. l hold a British pasport and a B1/B2 visa valid for 10years.

    should l go for F1 visa or go t the USA and do change of status, any advise?

  113. I have been rejected for F1 Visa twice. First time, the VO said that the income source was not credible. So, for the second time, I added the sponsorship of my sisters and brother-in-laws who are abroad. In the second interview, the lady said that I was seen as an intending immigrant, though I had ties to my country(land ,building etc). Also I had mentioned about my plan after coming back; which was said this way "I will have immense opportunity as a software developer or as a software architect. My previous employer has also given me encouraging words. Besides working for 2-4 years, I will setup my own IT Company." What will be the probability of getting visa the third time If I provide the job agreement letter with my employer which states that I can rejoin the company after completion of the masters degree.

    1. Well well well you gave them a very Wrong answer that is why you didn’t get it since your answer was straight and,with No logic,so your answer has to be Short and Specific with proper Eye contact.

  114. hey hsb my name is rahman i posted before tht i was in uk
    did my advance diploma and pg diploma from london,but when i had
    apply for pg diploma i have to wait till 14 months to get my
    passport,as it was in que in border agency and i did not get visa
    extension as my college was not there in tier 4,and they ask me for
    appeal but i did not feel good for appeal n i cme bck to india,so
    is thr any problme for me to get usa visa iam too confused abt this
    thank u

  115. sir i am planning to apply for fall 2011 for master in economics and i am giving my TOEFL exam but not gre as it was not required for admission . sir my not giving gre will reject my visa

    please help

  116. hi i have a lot off backlogs how do i answer the question wen asked to me any way that i can trick the VO or tell him in such a way that it wont look like i have a lot off back logs……help me guys…..

    1. ya am also having this doubt i posted this in my previous comment anyone reply this question .. i had 17 attempts of history of arrears .

  117. hi thai is abhinav frm hyd . my f1 visa is rejected on dec 29 at chennai , my tofel score is 105 and i hav 15 bacloks i didn't wrote gre .i lied infront of vo that my gre score is 1100 . vo asked where is ur gre score card i said that i had just writen 4 days back it will be dispatched in 10 – 15 days .so i have interview on jan 19 at hyd .is there any problm to my interview . what answer i hav to say again if vo asks again gre score card.plz help meeee


  118. hi thai is abhinav frm hyd . my f1 visa is rejected on dec 29 at chennai , my tofel score is 105 and i hav 15 bacloks i didn,t wrote gre .i lied infront of vo that my gre score is 1100 . vo asked where is ur gre score card i said that i had just writen 4 days back it will be dispatched in 10 – 15 days .so i have interview on jan 19 at hyd .is there any problm to my interview . what answer i hav to say again if vo asks again gre score card.plz help meeee

  119. Sorry for the many errors in my last post.

    I applied for MPH at the Uni Of Chicago and my uncle who is a US citizen my sponsor.What should I do? Should I change it(which would be difficult) and get another sponsor from here to pay my fees. Or can I use someone from home(here) with the amount of money required as my sponsor, but submit my uncle's bank statement to the school so that, while on the school's records it is my uncle that actually pays my fees,I go the embassy with a different bank statement from someone here at home. Please reply, someone!!

  120. i finished my secondary school in 2001 and i did part time course in one university but the result is not yet out and av been to american with l2 visa not yet expired but i wish to go for another undergraduate course in america please how can i go about it and will i be given f2 visa bcos of 2001 certificate.please i need help on this matter.

  121. when we are having embassy in our Hyderabad it is waste to go to chennai. Its nothing like but having food at your home and waiting in neighbors house for food. better you try to wait till hyd embassy releases the dates. If your course date is near apply for differment to next intake. Because in December and January its difficult to get dates. Or you can tell that you are doing some project in chennai and its difficult to get leaves to attend for visa interview at Hyderabad so you have booked the slot at chennai embassy. and try to think in this way that visa officer should convince with your officer and sanction you the visa. All the best (Sorry if i went wrong any way this is just a suggetion thats it) bye

  122. Hi, i am currently on F1 and planning to get married during summer in India. My GF also wants to pursue further education in USA and is planning to come there in Spring '12. What is the best way to make this happen?? I know for a fact that they reject F2 visas. And what are the chances that she will get an F1 visa if she says that her spouse is on F1. Please let me what can i do to maximize her chances of coming there.

  123. Prasad,
    sir/mam plz give information about visa process.And now i completed M.B.A and my future planning is to study in u.k (course name is company seceretary )

  124. I have been rejected thrice….. Last time when I was there , I was pretty sure abt my visa. VO was convinced but when I told dat my dad is doin an agriculture she made some weired face and denied my visa. Is there any problem with dis occupation? I have 4 I20s and scholarship in 2 out of them. I am planning for 1 more time on 28th DEC……how can I grab visa dis time?

  125. I wanted to know that can I apply to Canada & USA simultaneously for Student Visa for Fall 2011 to save my precious time? Because I have completed B.E. in Computer Engineering in 2010. Please help me out as soon as possible

  126. Hi guys…I am dinesh from Tamilnadu….My visa slot is on dec21…I am having very low toefl score of 63 and gre of 970…I got admit from stratford university..in virginia….Can u pls help me how to handle the questions regarding low gre and toefl…And i am having 15years degree only…how should i can convince vo while asking these questions…………..pls reply guys………

    1. Hi Dinesh.. Me too from TN.. My visa interview is also on 21st.. Dont think that you have very low score.. Be confident in your answer while you r speaking with VO.. and try to convince VO..

  127. I had Visa interview on 16th December 2010 at Mumbai Consulate & I got rejected. Can anyone please explain me the reason for my rejection? My interview went as follows:

    Me: Good morning Ma'am (with confidence, smile & looking into her eyes)

    VO: Good Morning dear.

    VO: So, tell me that where are you planing to go?

    Me: To Florida Institute of Technology, for M.S. in Computer Science where my focus is on Networks.

    VO: ok, So, which other Schools had you applied to?

    Me: XXX, XYZ etc. where I had 2 acceptions, 2 rejections & 1 pending.

    VO: So, how did you search about these Universities?

    Me: I had been searching about the various schools since my last year in Bachelors & have also got information from websties like webometrics.info, usanews. com etc.

    VO: Sorry, you are rejected.

    Me: what is the reason for rejection Ma'am?

    VO: You are not as compatible as compared to today's applicants.

    So, where did I go wrong????? I have received 1130 in GRE, 92 in TOEFL, have cleared my B.E. with Distinction in July 2010 & my GPA is 3.89. PLease reply me as soon as possible.

  128. Hai guys please help me….

    nxt month am going 4 my visa interview..My degree marks were low… at d time of course complition i had 13 backlogs..aftr d course complition, widin 2 year i clear all d papers.nw am applying 4 co.operative study program (MBA) .if i have any chances 2 get d visa..please comment guys please..am really worried…

  129. Hi guys,

    I am sanjeev reddy went to visa interview on dec 13th.I got the visa and my only suggestion is just the common thing wt u hear from many guys just be very confidant and keep smiling infront of VO.It is just the confidance level which saved me to get my visa.One girl was infront of me n she got the visa and i thought i might get the rejection but still am very confidant

    The questions asked by VO.

    I moved with a smiling face towards VO.Wished him Hi sir n very gud morning.

    1.when did u pass out?


    2.Wt did u do this one year?

    A:I worked on a project …………….. in my university.

    3.Can u explain about ur project?

    A:yes and i started explining my project on millets.

    4.Wt r ur father n mother?

    A:Farmer n ………………abt land n crops.

    As my project was on millets he asked

    5.Do u grow millets?

    A:yes sir we grow sorghum n bajra.

    6.Are sorghum n bajra millets?

    A:I came to he was testing my confidance level then with a very confidant face I said yes they are major millets.

    Then there came a blasting news from VO UR VISA IS GRANTED

  130. I need some guidance from you regarding studying in US.

    As I have finished my M.Sc in Geoinformatics, I am planning to do MS fallowed by Ph.D in US.

    What I want to ask you, is it possible for foreign student(From India) to study there in US and work at the same time. How much the scholarship covers your expenses?

    Is it possible to work even after getting a scholarship and earn to have savings or take care of oneself there?

    Please let me know about this, or what your advice on this?

    I appreciate taking some time out to read the mail and reply

    Thank you very much in advance.

  131. hey guys…i got admtd to IIT Chicago for MS ITM program…. i hav visa interview on 20th of dec…. if any one from that university who hav attended the visa can u please share ur visa experiences…. please help me

  132. I am indian citizen. At present working in Uruguay with the Uruguay business visa. This visa is valid for 6 months. It is going to expire by this Jan,2011. My company is ready to go for Permanent residenship rather than applying Visa renewal. I have my future plan of going for business studies in either US or UK. So I have a confusion here will this process impact my future studies by any chance ? Your suggesstion is higly appreciated.

    Thanks for your time.

    1. Hi,

      If you are interested in doin MS then only go for it because you are currently working and if you quit the job and you will not enjoy the MS education then you will be no where and take it seriouslly you want to do it or not… take one step but it should decide your future.

      Thank you.

  133. Hi, glad to see the blog. In fact i want to apply for a F1 visa but i don't have a high school diplomat and no toefl. Do i have any chance to get the visa.?

  134. Hai,

    am sanjeev I have my f-1 visa slot on dec 13th dec.i got the full tution waiver and GRA(graduate research assitantship).I am going for visa with bank loan but am showing a bank savings of 5 lacks.

    plzzz guide me

  135. Hello Sir,

    I hav F1 VISA interview on Dec 1st…i hav less TOEFL score(82)… i am going for the interview without bank loan(becoz i got scholarship from univ)

    plzz help me with suggestions….

    1. see Ramesh

      here i means in vfs office they are asking only

      what your/

      what is your background(study of course )

      what is time period of you will stay in USA. but dont tenss

      you will get F1 visa.

      more over 82 is not low score

      they accept even 72 also that is only their luck

      so my frnd

      All the best to you

      you will succeed in interview……..

    2. Hello Ramesh, TOEFL is for those countries that don't speak english at all. And I guess you are from India. I,m from Nigeria and we don't have to use TOEFL to get a F1 visa as Nigeria is an English speaking country and was once a British colony. So you will be fine. Just give an excuse for that score you had (Iwasn't feeling fine that day, I would have done better if I had) you just say that in good English and that score wont be a problem. You have a scholarship? lucky you. That means sponsorhip, and you don't have to provide a large bank statement or loan, some out there has volunteed to assist you achieve your goal, and this the VO will notice. So just go with a statement that will cover your airfair and some pocket money – if the scholarship is for tuition, room and board, books health etc.

  136. hi am harry and i have a doubt regarding visa .my gre score

    is 1120 and my toefl is 85 and ma academic background is 60%

    of average with 17 backlogs.the problem is will they reject

    me for having 17 backlogs ?? am really worried cause i was

    not knowing all these things b4 i applied.i came to know

    this today from my senior who had only 4 backlogs and he got

    rejected two times will i get rejected ?? and if not how

    should i handle this when they ask plss anyone help me its

    my life i worked hard to get into this realizing my future

  137. Plz guy i will like anybody to tell me what i need to take to the US embassy for i will be having my interview very soon and wat to expect there plz reply me back


    1. Yemmy my broda, u can go there to study english u no get wahala. Just check out an area in English you would like to specialise on, u will be asked why u want to spwcialize in that area and what u intend to achieve by specializing in that area. Yes, u will also be asked why u chose that school. Ur answer there ir that u are satisfied with its rich educational curriculum and its academic strenght. – i.e. Professors. but get in touch with a prof or two from the department and include the mail among ur papers to be presented.

      Go to the Interview with ur admission letter, i-20, i-901 thats the $200 sevis reciept, ur Secondary school results NECO or WAEC, and bank statements from ur sponsors with amount covering at least one year of ur total school expenditure, thats tuition, room and board, books, health etc.

      Just be came and friendly. They dont kill people there.

  138. Hi HSB,


    Is there any chance of my F1 rejection on basis of background and competitive marks ???

  139. Greetings HSB,

    To being with, many thanks for this active blog, I have learnt a lot from it.

    I completed B.Com in 1993 and have been working in the animation

    industry ever since. Learning mostly on the job, I earn a decent amount and

    have risen in position after gaining about 10-12 years of work experience.

    I am 39 and single, my tourist visa for US was rejected twice in 2000. I have visited UK, Singapore and Africa as a tourist, if that makes any difference to the visa officer.

    I have applied to only one university and have got an I-20 for Masters

    in Fine Arts with animation specialization for Spring 2011. My uncle who is a citizen in the US will be the sponsor.

    Most visa consultants have told me I shall be rejected on the grounds of

    being a potential immigrant and have adviced me to find an Indian sponsor.

    I could put my parents house to get a bank loan; my parents are retired

    which means I cant tell the visa officer that there is someone who

    can repay the loan if i cant. I am unable to find a sponsor here in India and

    sincere passion drives me to study further.

    The university also does not need a TOEFL or IELTS since they offer an exam

    there. Is it safe not to appear here and give one there instead?

    Your advice is much needed and shall be deeply appreciated.

    Thank you.


  140. my name is olawale solomon ige i just received my 1-20 from a bible school in U.S. actually i have been denied once that was in July last year,now am taking another bold step again.will the information in the last DS156 have any significant effect with the new DS160 am to fill? pls what type of question should i be expecting as i am going for bible study in the U.S.

  141. hello

    i have got i20 of webster university orlando can you tell me more about it as i m prepaing my self more and more for..

  142. hello

    my name is Emmanuel,i got my 1-20 from diablo valley college in California USA,i have gone for visa interview twice ,rejected twice,pls help me with answers to this question 1)how did u hear about this school.2why do you chose this college.cos i have an interview on Wednesday.thanks

    1. A college is 2 years of schooling after which u get an associate degree. How could u leave the shores of ur country to a school that offers a half degree? Apply to a university that has some credibilty and say u sourced for it ur self and u are satisfied with its rich academic culture etc. But been rejected twice, u have to change ur tempo

    2. Chidi…. if u are for Associates.. that doesn't mean u deserve rejection, u just need to explain that why you want Associates and how can it help you in your career when you will return back to your country. I applied for a community college too.. was rejected first time because I didn't know how to explain effectively.. second time I explained them. I am looking for transfer to university after completing necessary units at community college so, I told them the truth and explained how I would transfer and why I want to start from community college and why not from university. You need to prove every word you say! Good luck!

      1. Varun:

        What did you explain in detail? Could you please elaborate little more on your comments …"..I am looking for transfer to university after completing necessary units at community college so, I told them the truth and explained how I would transfer and why I want to start from community college and why not from university…"


  143. Hello,

    This is raj,Iam btech passed out in the year 2007 and i got my masters from middlesex uni,london.Now iam planning to do MBA in US,I got 950 gre and tofel 108.I have no time to take GMAT,do it creates any problem of getting the visa.

    Could please suggest me the possibilities of getting visa.

    Replys are appreciated…..

    Thanking you

  144. i was filling the form and i was asked for passport number but i do not have any with me, so tell me what am i going to do because i don't have a passport number …plsssss


  145. Hi Friends,

    I have done my b.pharmacy and looking 4 Us visa interview in November end or December starting .
    I m planning 4 MS in pharmaceutics.

    1)Is that any criteria for choosing Visa dates and if yes than which date will b great to choose for visa interview…?

    2) I will get I20 in November 1st week.. suggest me which date I have to chhose..? and some best suggestions for Visa interview.


  146. Hi sir
    Im looking to Do ms in Usa but i have one serious doubt…
    that is My edu background is 15yrs only bcozz i did Bsc
    but i was short listed who r giving the admission for thes Students But the thing is Ther any proble for VISA interview if VO ask for that wht would i say on 15 yr education …….. and anthr thing is I dn't hav GRE is any prb for visa …..if VO asked for that wht wod i say for that GRE

    PLzz Give the Right Info me
    Adv thx

  147. Hi sir
    Im looking to Do ms in Usa but i have one serious doubt…
    that is My edu background is 15yrs only bcozz i did Bsc
    but i was short listed who r giving the admission for thes Students But the thing is Ther any proble for VISA interview if VO ask for that wht would i say on 15 yr education …….. and anthr thing is I dn't hav GRE is any prb for visa …..if VO asked for that wht wod i say for that GRE

    PLzz Give the Right Info me
    Adv thx

  148. hi

    I entered to the David game College in Uk, but I have still some problem in my visa application , especially in bank statement , therefore I want to learn that , how much money we have to shown that they dont refuse it…………

    can you help me please !!!!!

    Sincerely Taleh Aliyev……


    AND U HAVE A CHANCE TO CHANGE YOUR ADMISSION i.e., Transfer of your university ..You can do that after going to US even..

  150. Hello mentors/Friends ,

    I am a BSc Graduate – 54% , Completed my PGDBM in Marketing – 7.6 CGPA,

    Since then working with HDFC Bank.

    Want to Pursue aDoctoral Prog in Psychology in a US university.

    Had a Tourist Visa interview ( Today itself ) to meet my bro Studying in US, I was rejected considering me a potential immigrant ( I am Unmarried ).

    My TOEFL Score is 99.

    Planning to Give my GRE General in Oct. and GRE Psychology (to prove my competence in this subject as I do not have any formal education in Psychology).

    My question here is would it effect that I was rejected for a Tourist Visa when I apply again for F1 in the future.

    And Considering my Background what sort of typical/Specific Questions can I expect from the VO.

    Your reply on this would be highly appreciated.

  151. im havng more than 13 backlogs would i get visa my dear frnds ……. plz advice me me nd send me ur's suggestions plz …..

  152. hey, i was rejected in fall 2009 2 times n recently fall 2010 also twice time. without any reason they are rejecting the people . they already have decision about visa just they do formalities . all the time give me rejection without any reason now i want to complain about it so how can i complain or where i mail for my complain.

    friends just give me information.

  153. hi.my F1 visa was rejected twice before. if asked.pls do they keep record of the answers i answered,how do i tackle questions.plz help.i need some guidance

  154. hi guys…my visa got rejected twice bcoz i dint perform well.it is my mistake only.i have applied 3rd time this aug 18.this time am confident tht i'll get my visa.how many time can i apply for visa in a year?

  155. hi

    i got twice rejection from ambassy so please give any comments to how i wll get visa please.

    i will have interview on 19th Augst

    1. Hi my friend I know how you're feeling cause I too did not get the visa 4 times but still I have not given up, therefore what I can tell you dont give up and soon you'll get the visa,and I wish you all the bset.

  156. Hi,

    I was denied F1 visa twice – 22nd July 2010 and 2nd Aug 2010. Both the time, under section 214(b). I don't really know what went wrong. I've to report on 23rd Aug to the university. I don't have much time left. Is there any hope if I apply again? Please help.

    1. we have got a similar case,pal ! i too got denied on aug 2 under 214b and have now made an appointment again on aug 9,my reporting date to UNI is aug 16..help us out MR HSB and GANG.this is really serious.

        1. No man, the date available for me is 27th and last date on my I20 is 23rd. I lost the chance. I've requested the university to defer my admission.

    2. Yes my friends there's always hope. I my self I was denied the F-1 visa four times because of bank statement my last interview was on 29th July this year, but I am planning to re-apply and I am also suppose to report to school on 23nd of August this year, therefore my friend Patil don't give up. Persistence overcome resistance and to be honest with you I wish you all the best.

      1. Dont worry patil, every thing will get fine. Apply again and be confident this time considering the fact that you have reached at this point and will transcend this barrier too with flying colors.

  157. GOT F1 VISA for 4 years, IN 3RD ATTEMPT, 3rd time they gave me 221g letter, after one month finally i got the visa.

    the main point was, i focussed on what wrong i did in my first 2 attempts and corrected it. the interviewer told me, if u would have done this in first attempt, i wud have given u visa that time only.

    thanks for all the support.



    1. Hi,

      It would be helpful for all of us here if you would elaborate on what you were doing wrong the first two times.

  158. I am an indian citizen while filling the Form DS-160 for the B2 kind of visa I entered the city name of my relatives staying in US as city Drive Hill while its just Drive Hill. Pl. suggest a possible correction/suggestion and the consequence its going to have on the interview if any.

    Thanks in advance

  159. i have visa interview on 6th august i got i20 from npu,fremont california.gre 870 toefl yet to be written on 24th july, any help….. btech 62% 4 backlogs

    1. I got i20 also from npu. where are you from?

      I'll have my visa interview in the middle of august.

      what's your main class?

  160. i have visa interview on 6th august i got i20 from npu,fremont california.gre 870 toefl yet to be written on 24th july, any help…..

  161. hi all, i have my intrvw on july 15….i had one i-20 from starford…i had completed my btech in 7 years with above 25 back logs….my gre is 950..plz suggest me how can i convenience them.

  162. i got i20 from north seattle community college can u please tell me about the reputation of thi s college my intv is on 19july isthis college is good one more thing what is the meaning ofbacklogs

    1. It is a good school like most community colleges. It is good if you are just starting out and want a smaller school with better services. Universities are too big and often have bad service for students. The community colleges are smaller, much less expensive and save a lot in costs your first two years and then you transfer to a university for years 3 and 4. It is a good money saving choice and the classes are really the same as university the first two years, dont be fooled by those who say its different.

  163. I got rejected on 25th june 2010…due to improper filling of ds form…i forget to mentioned about my working expeience .it is my mistake n than later i suffered alot.

    Heres the Conversation between vo n me.

    Me: Good morning mam

    Visa Officer: Give me your I20 n passport.

    Me: oh…Sure mam..here it is

    Visa officer: year passout?


    Visa officer:What u have done in this Gap?

    Me: m working in the pharma industry from the past 7 months

    Visa officer: which industry. where it is located. what is ur job?

    Me: RV LABS located in gunter, AP. Working as a chemist involved in operating the instruments like gc, hplc n various analyttical techniques to producing bulk drugs like paracetomol.

    Visa officer: Whats ur salary

    Me: 5500

    VO: Why u didn t u mentioned ur experience in ds form?

    Me: mam..actually i forgot to mention ….

    she stoped me

    VO: Why! dont know how to fill?..u can change it na

    Me: sorry mam i came to know this after submission of ds and gt visa appoinment…so there is no chance to change it n i didnt took risk.

    ( actually i wouldnt say like that)

    VO: Typing something in Computer and gave my passport, i20 and 214b form

    and said sorry sir this time u wouldnt get visa better luck for next time.

    Me: Took my passport and Said thank you. Thats all my Interview

    if really the VO suspects on me they can ask me the proof…but they didnt!

    Please help me… gimme a nice sugession

    Now this time i rectified my mistake in ds form. Again my visa interview is on 7th july {emergency slot- any problem)

    and my is acads is low i.e 58% with 8backlogs. what should i hav to say if vo asks why many backlogs

  164. my usa f1 visa is refused but no reason is given by vo to me.

    i got admitted in njit.

    now what should i write in a option y my visa is refused first time?

    pls help me.

    1. You have to recollect all the questions that were asked and identify the reason why your visa was rejected. Next time make sure you have right answers.

  165. Hallow my name is Ignatius Kweyu from Nairobi,Kenya; I got admitted to a U.S college last year. The person who was suppose to sponsor me, he really got me into a lot of trouble, see he was suppose to have been married to my sister but they broke up, so he knowingly gave me a fake bank statement and my visa was rejected.

    I have returned to the consulate twice but still to no avail. Now I have paid some school fee down payment and I have a genuine bank statement from my Uncle.

    On my last interview the Visa Office (VO) asked me to make some changes. Now I have paid part of my school fees and I am also doing a Diploma in computer programming, I take these as the changes that the VO would want to see.

    I'm dew to get an updated I-20 and my interview is on June 29th 2010.

    Please I really need your advice.

    Thank you and God bless you all.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Sincerely Ignatius

  166. Hii all,

    today i had f1 visa interview in kolkata, that was my 3rd attempt. at the end of interview i got 221g letter. Now i have to answer the questions mentioned in that along with that.

    After being rejected twice earlier, this time i m caught up with this, Dont know what to do now. Please Help ASAP. i m gng for MS in EE at Texas Tech. Fall-10


  167. Hi All,

    I am going to share one of the reasons behind visa rejection. We usually depend on consultancy from beginning to the end of visa processing assuming those people will be doing all the work and we just need to submit the required documents. But what they do is just grab some money and finally they make us to do the whole and there are few who dont even to guide. My friend got good scores,perfect financial documents but no sevis receipt which is the most important one to attend visa interview. All because he blindly believed on the consultancy people and attended visa interview and the VO as helpless as she cannot process further without sevis receipt and just rejected. So please before you attend the interview make it sure you have minimum required documents like sevis receipt and dont uneccessarily feed the consultany paying thousands even after doing the whole work by ourselves. I even want to mention the consultancy name as it is famous for visa processing but at the same time those people are most careless that they dint even cared to let the visa applicant know the crucial part Sevis fee and that is Jeevas,Hyderabad.

  168. Hi,

    I got admit in MS in Environmental Engg at Penn State for Fall 2010. I have completed my M.Tech. in Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering and for the past 1 year had been working as a Junior Research Fellow in microbial fuel cell, an interdisciplinary research topic. I wanted to pursue PhD on this field, hence applied only to those univs where work was carried on (for some other constraints I could apply to only to 3 univs in all). I got acceptance from Penn State for MS (they had a few subject requirements for PhD which I hadn’t done, I guess that is the reason they offered me MS, maybe also because of the change in field of study) but without funding. I plan to go there, pursue MS, try for funding as well (my father has money for the first year, and can arrange for 2nd year as well, but definitely would prefer some funding in the univ), and then apply through the internal exams for PhD, else apply to some other univ (US or Europe) for PhD.

    Do I tell the VO that I intend to pursue PhD after this, and if possible in the same univ? Will keeping the intended duration of stay in the DS160 form same as the course duration (24 months) pose a problem in this regard? If I tell him that I intend to pursue PhD, how do I convince him that I’ll come back to my country (since most pursue at least a couple of Post-Doc tenures in the US itself after PhD)?

    1. I had same question as yours but my field is different. I completed my M. Pharm 1 year back and I wish to pursue PhD but I got admission in MS programme. How can I present myself to them? Should I tell about my planning to do PhD?
      Please guide me, if you have some guidance.
      Thank you.

        1. Hey, the visa interview was crazy … 5 mins 6 questions , why US, course drtion, who's funding, what's salary, parents n siblings staying in india, how many siblings (none) …. n i got the visa…
          guess it helped to be very excited about the field i was going to work on/had been working on (do tell about some prof n his field of work there … maybe keep info on some other profs in other univs you applied working on the same field)… + good univ (both IIT n Penn state) helped …
          all the best to all

  169. Varun & Jeelan:

    VO is not going to ask you about your backlogs untill he sees something inappropriate in your application. If you will answer questions with confidence and with proper information he will not even ask you for your backlogs. I have a low score on GMAT Verbal, GMAT AWA and TOEFL. He didn’t ask me about any of three. Review your DS-160 and if you find any wrong information in DS-160 then fill new DS-160 and bring the new Confirmation page at the time of interview. You don’t need to cancel your appointment for this. Try to find the logical and statistical answers of these questions:


    Q.1) Why do you wish to study in USA and not in India?

    Q.2) What if you get a US degree here, would you like to go to US again for higher Studies?

    Q.3) Why did you select US for higher studies? Isn’t this course offered by any university or college in India?

    Q.4) What is the purpose of your trip?

    Q.5) Have you ever been to US?


    Q.6) Which university are you planning to go to?

    Q.7) Can you tell me some details about your university?

    Q.8) Why have you chosen this specific university?

    Q.9) Can you tell me the location of the university/college?

    Q.10) Why did you choose this institute and how did you find about it?

    Q.11) How many universities did you apply for? (Both admits and rejects)

    Q.12) Can you mention the names of some professors?

    Q.13) Did you receive any scholarships?


    Q.14) What course are you going for?

    Q.15) Why did you select this course? Is it relevant to your previous studies?

    Q.16) Why are you taking this course?

    Q.17) What is the course structure & contents?

    Q.18) Why don’t you do this course in your country?

    Q.19) How long will your studies last?

    Q.20) What is the scope of your course?

    Q.21) What do you plan to study at the university?

    Q.22) What benefit will bring this course to you?

    Q.23) What is the course commencement date?

    Q.24) What will be the total cost of per year?

    Q.25) Where will you stay in US?


    Q.26) Where did you do your last course of study?

    Q.27) What is your specialization?

    Q.28) What is your High School, Degree or Master’s percentage or grade?

    Q.29) What are your subjects in last course of study (High School, Degree or Master’s)?

    CURRENT JOB/BUSINESS (if applicable)

    Q.30) Show your Experience Certificate. (if applicable)

    Q.31) (If you are currently working) Why are you leaving your current job?

    %{font-size:16px; color:#7400b7}*TOEFL/IELTS, GRE, GMAT, SAT*%

    Q.32) Could you please show me your TOEFL/IELTS scorecard?

    Q.33) Why are your TOEFL/IELTS score low


    Q.34) What does your father do?

    Q.35) How many brothers and sisters do you have?

    Q.36) What is your father’s annual income?

    Q.37) Where your brother/parents did completed their studies.

    Q.38) Do you have a brother / sister, or any other relative already at this university?

    Q.39) Where did your brother/parents complete their studies?


    Q.40) Have you got any Loans?Q.41) What are the sources of income of your sponsor?

    Q.42) What proof do you have that your sponsor can support your studies?

    Q.43) Who is paying for your education and what is his/her income?

    Q.44) Who is sponsoring you?

    Q.45) Could you please show me the passbook or bank statements?

    Q.46) How many people are dependents of your sponsor?Q.47) Why is he sponsoring you? (if not father)

    Q.48) How much money is available for your stay in US?

    Q.49) How are you related to your sponsor (if not father)?

    Q.50) How will you finance your education funds for 4 years? (Generally you have to prove that you can fund the first year of your education but we suggest that you be prepared with this answer).


    Q.51) What are you plans after completing your studies?Q.52) Have you researched your career prospects?

    Q.53) What will you do after completing BA/B.SC/BS/PGD/MA/MBA/MS/M.Sc?

    Q.54) What will you do after coming back to Home?

    Q.55) How much money can you earn after your completion of studies?

    Q.56) What are you future plans after completion of your studies?

    Q.57) Do you intend to work in US during or after completion of your studies?

    Q.58) How can you prove that you will come back after finishing your studies?


    Q.59) Do you have any relatives in the US?

    Q.60) Do you know anyone (in USA) in your University?

    %{font-size:16px; color:#7400b7}*VISA OR REFUSAL*%

    Q.61) If the VISA officer asks why should I grant you VISA what should I answer?

    Q.62) What will you do if your Visa is rejected?


    Q.63) Have you ever visited any other country?

    Q.64) Will you come back to home during summers?

    Q.65) What will you do during the off period/semester?

  170. One more thing, do a good search about university, its course & its professors. You must also know what is the exact location of the college/university and how many campuses it has.

    I forgot to include one question that VO asked me.

    VO: What is location of your school?

    I: Its in westchester but it has two more campuses in New York city & Pleasantville though Pleasantville is not for graduates.

  171. Hi everybody, My US F-1 Visa was approved just two hours back by US VO. This website helped me a lot to conquer the Visa interview despite of a low TOEFL score which is 81. Well, here is the interview experience:

    I was waiting in queue for my turn and VO called me to move forward.

    I: Good Afternoon Sir

    VO: Good afternoon Mr. Deepak

    VO: which course did you apply for?

    I: MBA in financial Management

    VO: Which college/university?

    I: Pace University Lubin School of Business

    VO: Why only Pace? Why not any other university?

    I: Pace university Lubin school of business is well renowned for it MBA program in finance. It has real time trading floor and provides you real experience rather than just theoretical knowledge. There are only few Business Schools ahead of Lubin School when it comes to MBA in finance. Business School ahead of Lubin School in MBA Finance ranking are Harvard, Cornell, Columbia, NY Stern, Rochester Simon ……..

    VO interrupted me and said "Ok"

    VO: What do your parents do?

    I: My father is a Haryana Govt. employee and mother is a housewife.

    VO: Where are you from?

    I : Haryana

    VO started looking into my file on computer and I asked him for a query.

    I: Sir, I have one to say something. Can I?

    VO: yes, sure

    I: Actually, I forgot to mention some important information in my DS-160 so I filled a new DS-160 form which you have with you.

    VO: thats ok, no problem. Your Visa is approved.

    Its pretty easy if you prepare in advance guys. Even if you have low scores or your duration of course on I-20 is more than the normal program length, it'll not hurt your chances of getting visa. Only thing is that you should know how to justify your low scores. One more thing, VO takes a great concentration on your information that you have provided into DS-160. Fill your DS-160 with great care. Some guys complain that VOs are dumb and they reject visas without any reason. Well, VOs are well trained and have wast experience. Just by looking at your DS-160 they can tell about you.

    Here is one example:

    In DS-160 one question is “How long do you intend to stay in US?"

    You answered "36 months" in DS-160.

    If your course duration as mentioned on I-20 is 24 months.

    Now during Interview VO will ask the same question in different style. Question might be like this "Will you come back to India as soon as you complete your course?"

    Most of us will say "yes for sure"

    But guys what about the answer which you have provided in DS-160. (It was 36 months)

    VO is not dumb. He has your whole profile in front of him during interview and he is looking at the same thing at that time. The moment you said, “yes for sure". He will say only these words' “Sorry, we can't give you a visa" because you’re lying. In DS-160 you’re saying you’ll stay for 36 months and now during interview you’re saying that you will come back after 24 months.

    So fill all forms very carefully and answer question in DS-160 after thinking 10 times. Even if you're planning to go to US one month before your course commencement date then include it in your intended length of stay.

    I hope this information will help you.

    Best of luck

    1. Hi Deepak, you are right about the above comments. I have this question that have been popping in my mind for a while now:

      If the i-20 you are having is a two year i-20, what should you indicate as the amount of years you'll spend in the US? Should it be two years? Or four years?

      The reason why i indicated 4 years is; some people go in for ASSOCIATES DEGREE I-20, then after completion of the ASSOCIATES, they go in for their BACHELORS DEGREE.

      Please review my question and answer me as soon as possible.

      If not Deepak, then anybody that knows, can give an answer.

    2. Hello i am Praveen Yadav Vattela from Hyderabad i got rejected on 14th of july 2010 and i am having interview on 26th of July 2010.

      My interview was around 2 mins…..VO asked me abt the purpose of my trip, wht is ur course, wht is ur GPA, How many backlogs and why? and simply my visa was rejected……under 214(b).

      Coming to my profile

      10th (SSC) 71%

      Intermediate (BIE) 62%

      B.TECH (IT) 59.79%

      Backlogs 10 BL

      GRE 660

      TOEFL 87

      Univ: Central Michigan University this univ requires only TOEFL.

      Could u plz help me abt how to face the VO in next comming interview.

    3. hi Mr. Deepak…

      a small question..

      i hav 11 backlogs..

      so do i hav chance of getting USA visa..?

      is the backlog question compulsary in a visa interview..?

  172. hello all i am having visa interview on 25th june 2010 i hav 20 backlogs as i were absent if the vo ask abt y soo many backlogs then what i hav to tell plz sort my problem this help will be apriciated thnk u

  173. Hi sir

    im varun ..applying for us …i got the visa appointment on 24th june

    i got 3 i20's ..frm dat i hav choosen C.S IN nyit

    but i bother abt my backlogs 15 with agg 62% …but backlogs r frm 1st 2nd yrs only i hav cleared last 3 sems with 64% , 69%, 78% in regular ..and also upto inter iam 80% student but unfortnly i failed to concentrate on studies in 1st two yrs of engg…………….can u please suggest me wat i should tell abt backlogs and nyit college and specialisation in computer science….plz sir



    First they ask me about how i chose X university. I gave the answer-"i came thro' this univ on the internet.. n this univ offers rewarding curriculum n she stopped me n said, "don't give me a recited answer. evry colge offers exciting n rewarding curriculum jus gv me n honest answer" as i was about to giv my honest answer she interrupted me n changed the topic to my income sources. I gave her the answers. then came the topic bout my sibling. my siter whos been studying in us for almost 6 yrs.. c told me that shes been in us for 6 yrs n shes not even graduated also found out that she dropped off to a community colge for some yrs ( almost evry single nepalese does that.. many of them cant aford the univ they slect for f-1 visa as freshmen) ..So, she concluded talkig bout ma sisters n said ma parents cudn't affod meaning to say i'll follow the foot steps my sister. but actually my sister shes studying in a gud school right now with awful lot of scholarship..n o think applying second times not worth it..

    please comment on my story…

  175. hello sir,

    i am going for the visa interview on 14th june.

    actully iwas rejected thrice and i wasnt given any speacific reason but i think i was rejected because because me and my husband had applied toghether. i mean i had applied for f1 and he had applied for f2.i think i was rejected because we both had applied toghether so this time i m goin alone.so can you please help me out if they ask y u want to go alone now…????

    1. I dont think there is anything wrong in going with your husband but you will have to show funds which could support him to. In fact in our I20, they do ask if there are any dependednts who will accompany you..If you mention yes, sufficient funds must be shown

    2. I am a one time student who studied, lived and worked in the US.

      Could you please share the details of your case and what all transpired. All the details. I might be able to give you advice.

      1. hi friend i have a visa interview at 16 th august for f1 visa. this is first time i am appearing for visa interview. i want to clear the interview at first time because i dnt have much time for my college opening. i have good toefel but low gre and 3 backlogs. i have 3 i20 s with me , these are my details, so wouid you please give information what type of questions should be asked ,and which way i have to prepare and cover my low scores, and which way ihave to prepare for interview, please help me because i am so nervous about interview, and i have lots of hopes on my visa

  176. i had completed ma 3 year bachelors degree and ma toefl score was 84 n nw goin fr gre exm in july n i ll apply after gttin ma degree certificate like after september actully m applying to the universities having 15 year degree plan like which accept 3 year bachelors degree ma question s that applying to these universities will have any negative impact on ma interview plz help me

  177. Hi I m AMIR
    hello sir.
    I m admitted in Mountain state university Virgina ..i done B.com From Punjab university in 2007 .now i m doing job as a assistant accountant.i m don't have any experience to how i present for interview.and i have not TOEFL AND IELTS .RIGHT now.i apply for ELT (English language testing) before the starting my BS.PLZ give me answer how can i do this..

  178. hi

    i m going to face visa intv by end of june 2010

    actually i hv appliend to 5 univ but got only 1 I20 bcoz i didnt hv drgee certi(convocation certificate) which UUS uviv where demading

    will it create bad impression on VO of hving 1 i20

    my academic results r also of second class

    and my toefl score is 59 and gmat is 220

    is my case worse

  179. Assalam o alaikum,

    I have my interview on june 1st 2010. I got my I-20 from UMBC(University of Maryland Baltimore County) . My toefl score is 93 and GRE 990.I have been working for a US based firm for the past 2 and half years and i dont have any relative in US.
    Can you please guide me the correct line of action…i hold a decent financial record and im the only daughter of my mother who works as a manager in a firm.My father isnt alive.
    My questions are:
    Can i convince the VO that i cannot be a potential immigrant since i have my mother here and i m very attached to heror should a prepare a more refined answer?
    Also my mom gave one of our inheritance to my aunt n she gave me foreign currency in return.Will this effect my case?

  180. hi My name is Ifteqhar ahmed i have attempted the interview 4 time .but i got rejected .. now i m applying again .. can any one help me .how can i get F1 visa …

  181. i am ready to face intreview in July month.
    i had few questions plse give me the ans..
    1.why did u select this university?
    2.i had 7 backlocks.if they ask abt my back locks wht ans i must give?
    3.and my toefl score is 44 and once again i will give toefl in june 12?why thus much less if councilate ask means why ans i shd give?
    4. i have one yr gape i completed my m.com part -1 but after my t.y.b.com i had joined IATA

    1. ans1] Sir, i selected this university because, it matches my profile and
      living is comfortable as far as i know based on my research
      ans2] Sir, I have problem in remembering things, although i have
      good grip in subjects, i forget things like formula's etc. hence,
      my back logs is due to my memory problem but not due to
      lack of knowledge
      ans3]On exam day, i had fever, so couldn't perform well
      ans4] I realized later , the importance of higher education in USA

      1. hey is backlogs a big prob?i got a kt in my 7th semister just coz of 1mark and failed 2 clear in revaluation..wil they ask me reason n al??what 2 say??plz reply soon s my visa date is very near!

      2. hello sathya… i got visa refusal on 2nd august. It was my fault. VO asked about my present work. I was nervous, I said ” I am working in Accounting Solutions as an Accountant. I am working as an Accounts Manager there”. This was my mistake. Actually i am working as an accounts manager, but by mistake i said accountant earlier. I dont know exactly, but this could be the reason for rejection. PLEASE TELL ME THAT, THEY WILL NOT PERMANENTLY MAKE ME INELIGIBLE FOR INTERVIEW due to this contradictory statement.

  182. Hi, i have got an i 20 4rom nassau of NY. As dis is my first time am very narvos and have no clue about visa questions. Am 20yrs, i just finish my schl 2009. I dont even know how to convince the vo dat am not a potential immigrant. Can anyone plz help? I will be very glad and allah will help reward u.

    1. Alpha,
      See man
      you need to know few things very crystal>>
      1>why this university
      2>can you afford the expenditure of your whole education
      3>Be smooth
      4>se this site throughly you ll come to know what to say & what not to.

  183. I hav read ur this article and its very kind of u. Wat i dont understand is if u dis answer to the vo i.e wats ur plan afte u finish edu. Dont u thnk dat d vo might thnk dat u will be a potent immigrant? Plz somebody reply cuz soon i will be having my interview and i want to clear up ma mind.

  184. hi,
    this is basanta rai who is planning to take an interview in this fall session for united states. As my problem is that my sponsor would be my own brother who is Permanent Resident from Ireland.He is married and has one son. Do you think it works?
    Im a computer engineering student and planning to do my graduation in MBA in information system.
    please help to get out of this problem.
    thanking you
    basanta rai

  185. hi,
    my visa application got rejected early this month and the VO indirectly said he thinks i may be a potential immigrant, which is probably because of some questions that i answered too vaguely. I know how to answer those questions now. But on my second appointment another VO said that my financial statement states the exact amount of money that my college tuition is (including housing), which is not enough. this statement also contradicted the words of the first VO who said that my financial documents seem fine and i can obviously afford to go to University.
    I asked the second VO how much more money she thinks i should have in the bank, or what if I stay at my relative's house instead of living on campus, but she didn't give me a straight answer.
    will it help If I show the VO an e-mail from my University that states that i am permitted to live off campus?

    also, what is the best way of convincing them that i'm only going there for studying and will get back home as soon as i get my degree?

  186. Hi I am Ajay,

    I have got admits in 4 universities for M S in CS and I am now preparing for VISA. Now, that I have already completed Master’s(M.Tech in CS) in India will it cause problem during VISA interview process?
    What answers should I provide them to convince that I am interested in doing masters in particular stream and I am interested to go for research.
    Will they ask why I want to do second master’s in USA or will they straight away reject me for applying for a second master’s?
    Help needed.
    Expecting the reply.

  187. Hi I am Ajay,

    I have got admits in 4 universities for M S in CS and I am now preparing for VISA. Now, that I have already completed Master's(M.Tech in CS) in India will it cause problem during VISA interview process?

    What answers should I provide them to convince that I am interested in doing masters in particular stream and I am interested to go for research.

    Will they ask why I want to do second master's in USA or will they straight away reject me for applying for a second master's?

    Help needed.

    Expecting the reply.


  188. helo sir,
    i have done bca in 2004. got 72%.. now m planning to study abroad.MS in computers.
    my sister works in USA.
    i will apply for bank loan too
    wat r my chances to get the visa
    i have not written TOEFL or GRE
    without TOEFL,i wil get the admission.bt in consulate, if the VO asks me, y dint i write TOEFL.then im planning to tel him tat i have got good percentage in my bachelors.n have heard tat if i have good percentage then i dont need to write TOEFL
    wil u please help me out
    i wil b taking visa apointment in next month
    plz plz reply fast..plz

    thanx in advance
    plz reply fast

  189. Hey Raghu,
    i have only scored 730 in gre[Q-420,V-310].i have already applied to 5 universities in the US.i am pretty sure that i would be getting the I20 but should i go for an visa interview with such a low gre score?.my credentials are sort of average type but my undergraduate degree aggregate is pretty decent[78%],kindly help

  190. Am goin for fi visa on 13th of may & my sister is sponsoring me what are the posible questions i shld expect?

  191. Dear sir, I had an interview in US embassy in Armenia for once. Then the interviewer asked me after your return how much will be your salary, and i said that according to my information there are jobs available for 1000 dollar in a month. Then she said "you want me to believe that you spent more than 40000 dollars for your study in US and will return for that" then i said "How much do you think i spend on my last university which is the American university of Armenia". Anyway she told me to wait and after a while they called my name and she said there are some documents required that is why we will interview you again. The documents were financial support, affidavit of support, etc.. and fathers job salary, and she also added that i need to give her a better answer next time if i want to get my visa other wise they will deny it. Anyway i think i did give the best answer but is there anything i need to add, and what is the second interview, will it work or there is no hop. Please if there is anything i can do let me know.

    1. I am shocked that they reacted this way.. this is very unprofessional to say "Give better answer next time or you will be denied."

  192. hi all!

    i have been admitted in the michigan state university college of law master program with a full scolarship. my interview comes up in a few days and i am very nervous. i would like to know my chances of getting an f1 visa, and what possible questions i could be asked regarding the full scolarship granted me. thanks in advance!

  193. i m salman 4m bangladesh. i have got my i20 from N.VA.community college for ESL course..this is my situation…so next what should i do?i mean visa interview !!! is there anybody who can help me by providing me some information what should i do now? plz tell me? Allah will bless you.,

  194. I want my parents, my aunt( mom's sister) and uncle to attend my graduation cermony. I took permission from the univ and sent the paper work to India. Is it easy to get visa for them? Do you think my aunt and uncle also will get the visa?.My dad will sponsor for all of them for the trip.

    1. Be ready to answers the question why your parents are sponsoring your aunt and uncle? Does your parents have visa?

  195. I am a Doctor(GP).Officer denied me for F1 visa (admission from Kaplan prep for USMLE) do you have any advise for me?

    My interview was too short , My documents were compelet but he didn`t ask me any

    I really need your advise

    1. hii

      my f1 visa rejected twice in this month under 214(b).she says i could nt explain why iam rejected.i am aso want to go for kaplan test prep prog.did u got visa?

      iam applying again.give me ur advice to convinceVO.

  196. Sir am rejected in section 214(b). So i have another I-20 from the same school so how can i convince them that i will come back after the completion of my course?

  197. hi.my F1 visa was rejected twice before.the reason was mentioned as “potential immigrant”.how to tackle the question “prove me that i m not a potential immigrant?” if asked.plz help.i need some guidance

  198. Hi,

    I am laxmi from india.I am agraduate in BTech(EEE) in 2006.I want to do Masters in US,which one is better either MS/MBA.Presently i am doing job on .Net in Hyderabad.Am i eligible to study MS in Computer Science because i am a gradute in EEE?

  199. I am still in touch with happyschoolsblog.com since it has many more useful articles too. Like HOW TO USE STUDENT LOAN FROM INDIA? and HOW TO GET JOB AFTER YOUR DEGREE?

    These blogs help a lot and the struggle doesnt ends up at visa. You got to get a job after your degree. So, those who got visa I think we all be in touch with this website since its so helpful in boosting us towards one of the best turnong points in our life. Getting education is good and getting education where you desire is best!

  200. Hi Everyone,

    This is Mujtaba Ahmed from Andhra Pradesh. I am applying for F1 visa late this month(November 2009) for University of North Alabama for MBA program(Spring Intake). I would like to ask few questions, if any one can give me their valuable suggestions,feedbacks and their recommendations(advices) that would be very grateful.

    1. My University orientation program starts on 02 January 2010. I am taking "Emergency appointment". As right now, no dates available here in Hyderabad. Is it going to be an issue in the consulate? What should be the appropriate answer to this question if it is asked by VO.

    2. I have already paid the SEVIS fee on the same university(UNA), but I got another I-20 from different university and I would like to go that second university, are there any need to change SEVIS fee payment order or any other suggestions.

    3. I have a low score in TOEFL(below than 'Cut off') and I didnt write GMAT and I have 15 years education background. Does any one have questionaires regarding the situation.

    Encourage me, and I may not forget you.

    "I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks".

  201. hi i am hitesh . i am rejected for us visa two times . and i take the next date of interview is 20th november for interview.i appplied in govorners state university in ms in analytical chemistry.so suggest me that what type of questions interviewer will ask me and please give me the answer of that…

    thanking you


  202. my younger brother has been denied a tourist visa before,and he is going in now for his masters degree in the states,his interview is for 18th of november,he has no GMAT etc.his documents re ok,he is working in germany but he wants to go for his masters programes what re is chances pls help him solve dis problems,he is so shy………………GOD bless u d way u handle ppl questions

  203. i have gotten my date of interview,on 12th of november,i dnt have any of GMAT OR GRE,what re my chances 4 geting my visa? and i am also 4rm english country whould dat give me any chances?my brothers re in the usa,all my documentation re ok and finally i am going to study a diffrent course for my masters on like what i studied during my universities days pls help me wit dis questions thx.

  204. hi.

    prev 2 visa rejections for f-1 are in 2006 and in old expired passport.now applying again. wat to answer in DS?do they have records before 3 yrs?and tht time they used to stamp appl received.now they r entering electronically.

  205. Hello,I wanted to know if it's possible that VO issue an F1 visa for US to one person after rejected him 3times?

  206. I stand for visa at 7th augest 2009 i don't got visa.they ask me about my father's business ?my father has real asstet business . i can't answer this question pl give me answer about this question .what can say if i again stand for visa and they again ask me this question

    1. last 5th march 2010 i will refused in us because same ur problem.us lady asked same ur que.but bad luck i dont get visa.i will try again to prove my abily to study in us.after 10 days i will try again.

  207. Hi, I have 68% in BE Bio Info from a deemed univ in TN( Salem). I have my I20 from NJIT for masters in Bio Informatics. I have an eductional loan from SBI approved for 1st year, and sponcer for my second year, my uncle with details of source of funds. My visa got rejected. I was asked about the univ of admission, and my grade, and within fractions my visa was turned down.

    I am applying again, pls suggest.

  208. hi my visa interview date is 28 july and i hav received i 20 from bridgeport university but i hav 3 yrs of gap i am applying for bachelors

    1. i m also 2 years latter to study my bechlor degree.so dont worry .and lastly quick to go bombay and try to 1 time for us visa.ok my dear friend

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  210. hi friends,

    This is akshay n my visa date is 29th july. I've got i20 from Fairleigh Dickinson University only. I've applied for MS in Biology. So what should i do if VO asks me why only this university? Pls reply quick i m really tensed…

    1. u can say that i want to go to FDU and i got the I-20 from that so i m going in that university. I am not concern about any other universities.

  211. hi, i have seen your site just now nd its quite helpful.can i have answers for my doubts, my interview is on 10th july.

    1)i have choosen mississipi college as my friend stays ther. what must be my answer for vo question for why only this college?

    2)my percentages are in decreasing manner, what will be the best answer when vo asks regarding this?

    3) my branch in b.tech is EEE, but i am going to visa with MBA i-20,then how must i answer when they asks why mba?

    plz reply soon as only oneday is left for my interview.

  212. i was rejected on 27th may while saying that there's no surity of mine that i'll come back to india, i have been sponsered through my meternal uncle who's running his store at us… and my father is unable to afford the expense….. my interview is now on 17th of july……….. plz reply me soon………

  213. My interview is close.My sponsor is a close associate of my family.His bank statement is 4 times what is on my I-20.My question:is it Okay to tell the visa officer that a close associate of the family is sponsoring me.Thanks

  214. Hi

    I am having a query regrading backlog,i have written one subject 3 times in my entire Btech(4 years).Do i need to say single backlog or 3 backlogs for a VO

    Kindly reply me to the mail i am having visa in 2 days

    thanking you


  215. Hello,

    My interview is in 10 days. My sponsor is in US, and she is a very close family friend. She is like my aunt and she is sponsoring me. I got rejected last time, and my dad was sponsoring me at that time. My dad opposes my decision to go to US this time, and thus, he is not sponsoring me. Can I tell it during my interview that because my dad does not support my decision to go to US, he is not sponsoring?

      1. Hi there! can someone please help me up if what should my aunt will do because she wanted to sponsor my little brother to study in the USA perhaps in a 7th or 8th grade level since he is now a 13 years of age. My question would be is my brother will be under the so called F1 Visa?What would be the requirements for sponsoring body?Thanks for the help and best regards.

  216. I am a graduate engineer and i have applied for masters in C.E. I had 4 arrears in my B.E and i have completed it before graduation. If They ask why so much arrears what should i answer


    1. SUKHJIT ,

      you need to say why your visa was refused. The officers normally look up at 3 things- your financial support, your interest towards that university/course and what is your background, that creates the need for study abroad rather than your home country.

    2. hi friend even i have aaplied I 20 FOR my higher studies but i hav rejected 3 time can u help me.. how to convince the VO… REPLY

  218. I hve upto 4yrs gap in studies due to sm of my family problems during that time i did a job n a part time deploma from a prive computer institute now my uncle has sponsered me for usa f-1 visa in BSC-IT,so could u assist me for my interview

  219. I am an engineer, and I stood for 3 times for US F-1 visa. My father is a businessman and my grandfather is a farmer. For my visa interview who is the best as a sponsor. My father or my grandfather??? plz reply

  220. Please i will be going for my first interview to seek the F1 visa please give me guidelines before i get there.

  221. hello Gurpreet, I am rejected F1 visa first time. I was also not told properly about the reason of denial. I was in need of rejection letter as I had to get refund of advance fees paid to homestay agency in US. I went to the VFS office for US. They advised me to send request to the embassy for the visa rejection letter. I send them alot of emails. So many emails, I was just very irritated. At last they replied me with visa rejection letter in email. In that letter, it is clrearly mentioned that WHY VISA IS REJECTED. I suggest you to do same. Request them about the visa rejection letter. When they will send you the letter, it will be mentioned about the reason of denial. Then work on that and apply again. Without working on that lacking portion it is immpossible to get visa, no matter how many times you apply. I wish you good luck.

    (Response in this blog if you want.)

  222. HI

    I am Gurpreet SIngh from Chandigarh. I have been rejected 3 rd time and my answers were very clear this time. but i was rejected and i am not given any particular reason. I am said that i do not qualify of student visa can u help me out with this

    Thanks a lot

  223. Hello Raghu Sir


    Last month, I applied for F-1 visa for US. Unfortunatly, I got rejected. I have decided to reapply. My relatives had sponsered me. I plan to apply after 5 months. I have a querry that "Will I have to make the support affadavits again with new date?"

    For how long the affadavit for US embassy can be valid. No information has changed, everything is same. Same college, same country and same amount of money.

    Your websites have helped me alot, you are really doing a humantarian job. People waste alot of money to agents. But I just followed the guidelines on your website.

    Though I was rejected the visa but it was just because of a foolish mistake. Anyhow, please reply to my querry.

    Yours friend,

    Varun Kumar

  224. 44.

    dey wil interview me at the US embassy for my student visa next month and im really nervous bout it. I want to know the possible questions they would ask me…Please help me….

  225. 44.

    dey wil interview me at the US embassy next month and im really nervous bout it I want to know the possible questions they would ask me…Please help me….

  226. dey wil interview at the US embassy next month and im really nervous bout it I want to know the possible questions they would ask me…Please help me….

  227. raghu Sir, Please tell me that do US consular have any criteria for viewing any application. I had all genuine documents but they did'nt even looked at them. They just saw my I-20 and asked me that why I want to go US. They inquired about my family. But they rejected my visa just on the basis that they are not convinced that whether I will return to my homecountry. I cant understand that I have alot of property in India. Then why will I try to live in US for any fake reason. I want to earn education and work as employee after my study. I have never planned to settle permanently in US. Just my wish is to live in US as long as I work there. I didnt like their culture then why will I settle in US. How can I convince them that I will not remain in US ilegally.

  228. after 6days I have an interview for student visa so sir plz give me some questions with answers which are commony asked.

  229. My father has been in the antique business for a long time.But my elder brother has helped running the business for priti long now.Well my borther has already married.We have a business account showing about 15 lakhs plus my borthers own savings account.My father doesnot have any bank account because he is illiterate.So basically my brother has all the bank account in his name.Well as my father and my brother have differnt houses.But we are living togther right now.Plese could you suggest.

  230. I am applying for student visa for the spring session.I would like to know if there is any chances that i will be rejected if i do not show my brother who is already in the united states.

  231. I am applying for the spring session and i am very worried about my chances for getting a visa if i don't mention my brother who is in the united states.i would like to know if this wil have any effect on my visa.

  232. I have got admissions into an associate degree program at a community college. Honestly, I choose the community college bcuz it meets my needs. I feel comfortable at a community college as I want me to first improve my basics. After completing the study at the college then i will transfer to university.

    I want to know a question – ” I have enough money for my college study which is for 2 yrs…….after college I will transfered to a university. WILL THE EMBASSY ASK ME TO SHOW MONEY FOR UNIVERSITY STUDY ALSO., THE UNIVERSITY STUDY WILL START AFTER 2 YEARS.

    Will I have to just show money for my college or will I have to show money for the university too?

  233. @Varun: You will have to have enough money to show proof for your educational expense in U.S. you will need to get affidavit from all the relatives who are sponsoring you.

  234. Hi, I am Varun from Punjab. I have my interview at US consulate in the near future. My parents and my relatives are sponsering me for study. I have a doubt that how the embassy will come to know that my sponser is my relative. The relative who is sponsering me is of other relegion. Thats why I am little bit doubtful that- “Am I required to present the proof of relationship with the sponser?”

    What kind of proof it can be?
    Please tell me?

  235. Hi, I am Varun from Punjab. I have my interview at US consulate in the near future. My parents and my relatives are sponsering me for study. I have a doubt that how the embassy will come to know that my sponser is my relative. The relative who is sponsering me is of other relegion. Thats why I am little bit doubtful that- “Am I required to present the proof of relationship with the sponser?”

    What kind of proof it can be?
    Please tell me?

  236. hello sir .
    i do have some questions.I am admitted to four universities ..for MS CHEMISTRY got the i20 and have a visa interview in dec.my GRE score is 890 i am worried about it ,what do you suggest is 1]a valid reason for such a low score ,i have got a 101 TOEFL ibt score .
    The second thing is that my sister ,who has been in US for the last 9years and is married now ..is sponsoring me … 2] what if the VO asks me why is she sponsoring me or what if she refuses to sponsor me in the middle of the semister ?
    i don’t have any other financial aid till now ..I would be greateful if you answer me and about my chances..
    thank you .

  237. i got rejecton for f1 visa very first time.. now i am going to apply next time..

    i have doubt is only that i have very big gap from my 12th

    i passed my 12th in 2002 now i am going to usa for bechlore… so what i do please help me or e-mail me on my : [email protected]

  238. Sir,
    Iam Sagar. I have an visa appointment in dec. How much Bank bal and assets i have to show.kindly farword me some visa interview tips.

    1. sagar dont take any tension they aren't ckeking anything.but you have 2 prepare for interview and just go with confident.. best of luck.

  239. @sagar: Bank balance depends on how much you required by I-20. Usually First year fees as Liquid is must. Second year can be in Liquid or FD or combination of FD and Student Loan.

  240. Hi, My visa got rejected today. The reason told by visa officer is that iam an potential immigrant. What are my chances of getting visa for next time ?

  241. hi i have got visa interview for f1 visa on december for spring ,wud u please kindly mail me about the questoins n answers about facing embassy.



  242. hi i am ali i have applied for bba program i am from science background .i have completed my 12th in 2005 and i am appl for fall 2009 dose this thing effect in getting a fi visa

  243. Dude,

    i've got the date of 26th november for my F1 visa interview.Could you plz email me the visa interview questions and answers?


  244. respected sir

    can you provide me with some tips regarding visa interview

    please email me with some tips i need them desperately



  245. You have written a very nice document to help those who are applying for F1 visa but the whole of it is not included, i am looking forward for more updates on it. you have left this article on october 27, 2007, more than a year, i will be thankful if you complete this article.

    Please email me if you do complete this article,


  246. hi,
    you can all agree with brian.let me tell you about myself. i got my visa on 21st july. my interview went on for about 2mins max.90% of visa interview is all about your confidence, communication skills and how well you are serious about your graduate study.

  247. hi,
    mrinalini first of all whats your gre score and when did u take the same. the officer will not issue visa only if u have no valid reason as for why u got a low score.

  248. Hi,

    I got my visa rejected on 23 July 2008. I am planning to apply again..The visa was rejected because the visa officer told that my GRE score is less.Is this a wise decision to apply again for visa? Any one help me out in this regard

  249. You guys really need to learn to communicate better. Man, the moment you open your mouth, the VO will know that you are a potential immigrant. Trust me.

    I had my visa interview for 20 seconds, and it was first time. I got my visa and I am attending college in August. Guys, its all about communication. You fail in that, you fail in everything.

  250. hi, my US F1 visa interview is on 21st at chennai. now sources of income are-
    1. my bank balance of 6lakhs
    2. my moms bank balance of 5 lakhs
    the above are readily avalibale funds also i have 15 lakhs loan from bank, the above mentioned bank balance is enough for first year study, do i have to provide embassy the evidence frm where did i get that money, as the balance in my account are mainly form the gift money provided from my relatives and moms balance from her father, through agricultural income.

  251. i got rejected ones ,i am going to face again on 16 th july,i have changed my university,
    can u give proper guidance.
    why u have changed university..?
    what should i tell for that question…?
    can u send the answer urgently..
    i am goin to face vo with in four days…

  252. Why do you want to pursue MS In US?

    Why did you select the specific univ?

    How will this specific course help you in your future development/realization of your professional career?

    Why do you want to go to US and not continue higher edu in India?

    Can you please suggest me some answers on these question.

    Thanks in advance

  253. hii…

    im in a hot water situation pls help me out this is my very first interview n im goin 2 face it in few days the question is lke i got sme backlogs wat wud b the best answer for this question n olso lke i do have some queries regarding my finance lke i hv managed my ol my education course fee for U.S bt the thng is i hv small small amt in diffent banks n in FDs(my mom is my sponsor & she is not educated bt on the other hand my sister is working as Assistent manager in Ltd company n her salary is arnd Rs20,000 in total n moms salary is 10,000 so in total its arnd 28000 to 30000) so plz help me how cn i show my finance plz plz u r d light of my ambition iwll b really gr8full to u plz ill b waitin 4 ur reply n plz reply soon….

  254. Hi,
    Could you please help me with more practical answers for common questions like
    1>Why so many backlogs.
    2>Where did you get information about this college.
    3>What would you do after 2 years .. to convince them am not potential immigrant.
    Thanks in advance.

  255. haiiiiiii
    i am ready to face intreview in next month.
    i had few questions plse give me the ans
    1.why did u select this university?
    2.i had 7 backlocks.if they ask abt my back locks wht ans i must give?
    3.and my gre score is 840?why thus much less if councilate ask means why ans i shd give?
    if u replay for this ans i am very thank ful to uuuu

  256. Hi,

    hear i put my situation clearly , i got rejected 3rice because of my Gre score that is 720 ,for the first time wen i took my gre i got passport with out my Surname in it but VO dint observed that ,but 3rd time she dint even luk at my scores ask me to go and i know thats my fault and but it saved me bc at that time i took gre twice on other passport with my surname in it so my scores came on other sheet with out including first score that is 960 i know that too is bad score but VO dint check on that luckily. All i wanna do right now is take my GRE 1 more time with just including my old score of 720 by showing up my old pass port with out my surname ….sorry its kinda tangled situation but i need lil help coz i tried hard enough to get job on my b.tech acads but i cud make it only in BPO's and CC's and i want to do masters to make it better and 1 more thing can i show the VO that i was doin business for past 11 months bc thats wat i was doin . thank u

  257. Hi, earlier my tourist visa has ben rejected rsoned by that not able to satsify the visa counsellar. h1b visa is under petiton and i am waiting for the reply . now i have one query that i am able to apply for the f1 student visa and how many chances are there for getting the student visa . i have cleared the gre test and tofel

  258. @ Sri

    AS I have said in all my articles, don't lie in your Visa application. I would say the truth and decrease my Visa chances, rather hiding the truth and getting banned to enter U.S. for life. If they find you have 2 siblings. It's very easy for them to track all your siblings. What if your bro/sis doing M.S. had mentioned that sibling is in U.S. and you didn't?

  259. hi….

    Your previous reply for my doubt really helped me.First i would like to say thanks for that,well,I have an another question.I have two siblings.One of them is working in US and the other one is doing his master's in US. Here, my doubt is, in filling the visa application form (DS-156&157) they asked me to mention about my siblings,if any are there.People are saying that if you mention both of your siblings are putting up in US,the VO might consider you as a potential immigrant and your chances of getting visa might be less.So,I thought of mentioning only about my sibling who is doing his MS.Can you let me know what should I mention in application form and what should I reply if a question of that sort is asked to me by the VO.Thanks for your time in advance.

  260. @ rekha,

    you can try showing more bank balance and assets and if you are only child, you can say that too. Good luck.

  261. hi.my F1 visa was rejected twice before.the reason was mentioned as "potential immigrant".how to tackle the question "prove me tht u r not a potential immigrant?" if asked.plz help.i need some guidance

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