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What Happens If You get Angry at Visa Officer?

Hello guys how are you doing? I have been rejected by one of the VOs two weeks before. Since I have spent a lot of time processing finding schools. It was very awkward for me, and I was angry at him.

I don’t recommend you guys to be angry on the VO because it will create nothing.

It takes me more than an hour to write you this my F1 visa experience. Because this and many sites helped me and I should have to return back what I got from others. So please read it carefully.

Yesterday I tried my second chance to get a visa, and GOD gave me the luck and I got my Visa to the USA, Very exciting, isn’t it?

Here I will try to tell my experience on the second interview, my English may be poor, because I am so in a hurry right now. Just follow me.

Before I tell about my experience let me tell you the things that will matter on getting Visa.

Getting  F1 Visa is:

  • not for everybody
  • needs patience
  • needs luck, but it is ur job to maximize ur luck by preparing, the more you prepared the more luckier u will be.
  • it depends on the mood of the VO at the time of ur interview.(If he gets angry may be by personal problems he might not give u or he may give u with easy questions)
  • clothes doesn’t matter. Just be yourself but neat and clean, and smell nice.
  • please COME UP ONLY WITH HONESTY AND THE RIGHT DOCUMENTS. This will give u a confidence. Because u come up with what u have.

Warning: Please, don’t change data on the DS-160 form when u re-apply, unless you made a mistake.

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Because they already have everything recorded on their system. They might suspect your are lying and you are an immigrant.

If you made a mistake and correct it, try to persuade the VO that you made it by mistake in DS-160.

Since all of my data on both the previous DS-160 and the new one were correct, I wasn’t asked and I was confident about that.

  • it is better to reapply with the same school’s I-20. Because they will think that u love the school not the USA. Try to apply for visa at least 2 or 3 months before and reapply with no more than 2 weeks gap if u got denied
  • come up with the necessary documents only. (come up with two cases, one with the mandatory documents and the other supplementary documents … because it may take time while searching the paper u will b asked by the VO,.,,.. and the VO may suspect you are panicking).

Now let me go to my real experience. Mine may be exceptional. It took about 10 min.

I have no idea it already to that much time.

Because the VO (a nice looking around 40 yrs old madam) was nice and she was checking every of my documents and asking me questions, some of my answers created another questions.

But since every of my answers were true, I didn’t panic, because all of my answers were true.

F1 Visa Stamping Experience

While I was waiting for my name to be called, I just saw that this VO was granting Visa for most of them except one lady, who was behind me (I saw her that she was silent and tensed, you can see in her face). There was another VO and she was denying visa except for 1 student and one Visitor.

So I was praying if GOD sent me to the nice VO, one girl was called (above lady). She stayed with the not more than 4 min and she was rejected (the first rejection by this VO).

Then my name was called. I go to her by smiling, which is true smile not exaggerated. Here is the talking. I may have missed few items.

VO: Good morning
Me: Good morning.

VO: Why you choose X university?
Me: Because they concentrate on MBA program rather than others. The students body is 90% international students. And the students size is 15-20 in a class. These are the main reasons.

VO: Where other schools u applied?
Me: X, Y, and Z universities.

VO: Since I live in that are, I don’t know any of the schools. Why didn’t you choose school that are popular?
Me: My main concern is not popularity. My main concern is the schools MBA program. I don’t care whether the school is known or not. But if it has a good MBA , that is my main concern. Other schools might exist but their tuition fee is so high. So I considered price also.

VO: What did u get from this school which you didn’t get from others?
Me: Because the school is cheap compared to others, its students body is around 90% international students. The teachers are experienced. Can I add another?

VO: Sure u can.
Me: For example one of the instructors, named X works in the white house in the bush administration for the Vice president.

VO: That is not a big deal. every body works in the white house.
Me: sorry madam, I didn’t know that.

VO: How many schools accepted.
Me: Only X accepted me. The other 2 schools need my final degree (because I am already an undergraduate student and I will finish after a month) they told me to proceed to Spring term.

VO: What courses are offered by this school? Do you have the courses
Me: Sorry madam, I only have the pre-MBA courses which the school told me to take before I start my MBA program.(for one year). Can I show u that?

VO: Sure.
VO: Ok, that is nice. For how many years u wanted to stay in the USA?
ME: For 3 years.

VO: Is that not a long time to do your Masters.
Me: Yes. But, since I am not a business student in my undergraduate program, they need me to take one year pre MBA courses. That is why.

VO: Ok. That is good. Emmm … What kind of other documents you want to show me, which you think are valuable.
Me: emm … can I show you my transcript?

VO: No, I already saw you have 3.5 and you are a good student (this data was taken by the previous VO who rejected my visa). But ok, let me see it.

VO: (After checking my transcript, she just saw that it says Winter 2010,) where is this term? And why you took only 2 courses?
Me: it is the last term, and by the way I took 3 courses, one of the grade wasn’t available. That is why I come up with only the 2 courses. And our school also allow us to take as many courses as we need. If  you the want a letter I can show u that.

VO: No problem. Who is going to pay u?
ME: My father.

VO: Can u show me some of his documents?
ME: Sure (I gave her his salary, and bank account … since he works in the UN and get a lot … I was confident with that)

VO: OK. He works in UN , that is nice. I heard that UN covers tuition for employee’s children.
ME:Yes. They already paid my full undergrad tuition and they also pay some percent if get a visa to the USA.

VO:  Ok. Now I am going to issue you a Visa.
ME: Thank you.

VO: But once u go there, please find other schools which are popular, because wasting your money in schools which are not helpful is not smart. So try to transfer to some popular schools. Ok?

ME:OK. Thank you. Good bye.
VO: have a good day.

You see, guys. She was nice. She saw everything I had. I was confident and it creates me luck.

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  1. Thank you for this post. I believe it was the straight-forward approach and level of preparedness that created your “luck”. Best wishes.
    However, I was just wondering if you’d want to consider changing the title of this post; the actual post seems to cover more of a proper interview rather than how you lost your cool. The title may mislead others who may skip this and thereby miss out how your preparedness ultimately won.
    Good luck.

  2. “it is better to reapply with the same school’s I-20. Because they will think that u love the school not the USA. Try to apply for visa at least 2 or 3 months before and reapply with no more than 2 weeks gap if u got denied”
    If you get into a very low ranked school, it is better to get into a better school and then apply for VISA (assuming your first rejection was because you are trying to sneak into USA through not so good school”.

    “it depends on the mood of the VO at the time of ur interview.(If he gets angry may be by personal problems he might not give u or he may give u with easy questions”. Another myth about VISA process.

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