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F1 Visa Rejected under 214(b) – They Were Unfair

Another F1 Visa Rejected under Potential Immigrant Section 214(b). Here is link to all F1 Visa Interview Experiences posted in  the blog so far.

They were Unfair. I just had my visa interview and got rejected under 214(b).

F1 Visa Interview Rejection 214b

VO – hi, how are you ?
Me – I’m very well sir, how are you ?

VO- Where r you going?
Me- USA for my M.S

VO- Checked the I-20 & said oww ! So you are going to  CAL STATE, NORTHRIDGE ?
ME-  Yeah ! That’s  right.

VO- why this university?
ME- offering courses of my specialization BLAH BLAH !

ME- I did a good bit of research about this UNI BY myself and some seniors had given me positive feedback about its EE DEPT.

VO – What about other admits?
ME- TOLD HIM all the 3 names.

VO – do u have any experience?
ME- No sir.

VO- Do you have anything related to your UNDERGRAD?
ME- I have all my DMC’s and PROVISIONAL DEGREE, I passed the the same.
ME- I did my b.tech. First class with Distinction with a total AGGREGATE of 78 %

VO – I believe you and smiled
VO- watcha parents do?

ME-BOTH of them are in GOVT SERVICE for the past 30 years and I’m there only son

During all the interview time, he kept joking around with someone beyond him.

He saw me in the eyes for 2-3 times and I was 200 % sure I would sail through.

There was not a tinge of doubt about that.

While toking to his mate he uttered “i dot think you have strong home ties & according to 214[b] of U.S immigration Law.i cant give u the visa.”

While saying all this he had started giving me my PASSPORT BACK and i thought it was not necessary to convince him about my home ties because everything was over..


They played unfair.

THE VO din’t even ask me anything that “will i be coming back or such sorts.

After going through my I-20 and just my degree Certificate, he just pronounced his decision.

These people choose randomly ……]tell me if anyone could find a fault in this experience.

My Thoughts

I think you could have done better based on what you have posted. Answers were not impressive at all. Above all to everyone going for visa interview remember this very important point.

When VO asks a question, just give exact answer to the question.  In your case above

VO- watcha parents do?
ME- BOTH of them are in GOVT SERVICE for the past 30 years and i am there only son

VO didn’t ask if you have any brothers or sisters. Why did you say you are the only son.

I’m not sure what VO could have thought, but if I were you I would have said just about my parents.

Also, for question about Why this university, you were no way near to give that best answer.

You don’t decide on a university because your seniors said its good. It’s your life, you do the research about the university and you must be in charge on what you decide. Not your seniors.

You should have said – My area of interest is so and so.. Professor XYZ is working on that area. I’m interested in working under him.

I will let other readers comment on your Visa interview. They should have different thoughts and suggestion. You can definitely give another try.

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  1. Well, here is my opinion concerning the F1 VISA Interview: Sometimes, you may have all it takes- strong ties, complete and genuine documents, and excellent presentation- and you could still be rejected. Despite your documents and presentation preparation, you could still be rejected based on reasons unjustified, fatalistic, unreasonable, or biased. My advise? If you have an interview, complete and genuine document as well as impressive presentation may not be enough; luck, prayer, and divine blessing is as well needed. Some of the V.O’s are not considerable and nice.. True talk. But then, if you are sure you have all it takes, even after been rejected, don’t give up- go back and keep proving your point… eventually, you will get the VISA.

  2. @HSB,

    when the VO asked me why UTA , I gave the same answer you mentioned :
    “You should have said – My area of interest is so and so.. Professor XYZ is working on that area. I’m interested in working under him”

    I told I have been working on telecom/networks domain for 2 years and @ UTA I want to major in networks , The are dedicated labs in UTA (I sec lab ) , I have had a mail conversation with professor XXX and he told me that I can work on his projects under his guidance .

    My visa was denied under section 214 B ( potential immigrant) 🙁

    1. Yes I think you are rite Luther ….telling about professor would have convinced VO….anyways I am again applying for the visa….yet to take date….
      If VO ask me same question this time also.can I change the answer?
      Is there is any probability of asking me question like why I was rejected previously in the interview?
      In DS 160 form….should I have to mention about my visa denial?

  3. hi friends,

    I had interview on 12th july.My experience was also not good.
    VO asked me my university name
    I told him
    then he asked why this particular univrsity.
    I replied- I selected this university because subjects or modules I wanted to do in my course was present in this university.
    then he said-name the subjects which are exclusively present in that uiversity.
    I named three particular subjects
    then he asked me name of other university I selected to
    I named all the university in which I was selected..

    after then he refused visa and told me that you need to do more research …
    Y I didnot granted visa..help

  4. hi friends,

    I had interview on 12th july.My experience was also not good.
    VO asked me my university name
    I told them
    then he asked why this particular univrsity.
    I replied- I selected this university because subjects or modules I wanted to selected was present in this university.
    then he asked me name of other university I applied
    I named him all.
    after then he refused visa

  5. Hi, in the year 2011 I was in UK for a period of 9 months and had applied from London twice to go to US on visitors visa B1/B2. On both the occasions my visa got rejected as my only intention was vacation before leaving UK as the tickets were cheaper. I worked in UK as an established staff and was sent by my company on a sort term assignment to UK. I returned from UK in Dec 2011 and after that I gave my gre and decided that I want to pursue my higher education. I applied for just one university and got admit from North eastern university. I have enough personal funds and saving to comfortably complete my studies. For anything else I have my 3 brothers and 1 sister all in Mumbai working and earning well. I am the youngest of all, unfortunately I lost both my parents. I am keen on studying in US as after 4 yrs of experience I feel that there is a need to develop my skills which my course can help me to enhance it. As of now, I am in Russia on a short term assignment. UK and Russia due to work and have been to Dubai, Italy, Thailand, Paris and Barcelona for holiday. I have first class in my engg and my gre scores are 300/340 with Toefel as 95. I am really nervous about the past two visa rejection. My PM has also given me an official letter stating that after my MS company wants me back as I have always been a good employee. Can you please tell me what are my chances to get F1 visa. Any chances to make my application stronger.

    1. I think it should not be a problem. I think University reputation matters a lot. Did you apply? What was the result?

  6. hi all,
    i too had a similar experience.The visa officer just asked me which univ and I replied then asked my admits and why i have chosen only this univ out of them. I have explained him about the project works i am interested in.he did not ask me anything else just gave a 214(b) and rejected.please suggest me something as i want to apply again..

  7. Hello All,
    This is a very helpful blog. I am planning to apply for a F1 visa interviw soon. But I have a very big concern that my sister is a Green Card holder. If I declare this in the DS-160, will this completely diminish my chance of getting the F1? Please note that I have property,bank balance in my name in India and I have my mother (in India).

    Any advice is appreciated.

    1. its very important to mention in the DS from if u have own brother or sister in the US.There are people who got visa even after mentioning that they have bro/sis in US..so dont try to hide the details.there vl be a big problem if they come to know about that.

    2. I have a F1 Visa approved and my sister too is a green card holder plus my nephew is an american…but they didnt ask me a single thing about her status…

  8. Hi Everyone,
    There are few certification programs of 1 yr duration… will they offer F1 and OPT…
    could you suggest some institutions in New Jersey
    I have very confused.

  9. Hi
    I have done MCA and have 3yrs exp in software industry. Currently in US on H4 visa.
    Looking out for short term courses of 1 yr xto get F1 and OPT.
    Diploma courses are eligible for F1 and OPT?
    What are the other shortcuts to get a job.

  10. Could any one please let me know weather i have an opportunity in pursuing MS,as i had many back logs and an year detained ..But i am very much interested in studying MS,,If I get a very good score in my GRE would it be helpful in order to patch up my past records in B.E??

  11. Well i dont have much experience with Visa interviews and stuff but I believe the things where you probably went “out of track” if not wrong were…

    “VO-where r you going?
    Me- USA for my M.S”
    ——–here you would have rather been specific as in xyz,USA for xyz course for my higher studies…

    but the main reason i believe is here is where he caught you …
    “VO-i believe you and smiled
    VO-wtcha parents do?
    ME-BOTH of them are in GOVT SERVICE for the past 30 years and i am there only son”

    — the reason he smiled is because going by the answers u gave before it ,on closer look clearly shows you were trying hard to convince him…u were not being to the point.
    Also u completely messed it when u said i’m their only son… firstly he didn’t ask about it.. also it goes on to give him a reason to cancel ur visa .. because if u are the only son then why are u trying to leave them ??? given the convincing u did earlier…

    I am not 100% sure of the VO’s state of mind then but i believe these reasons are convincing enough…

  12. Well I dont think the same as the above commenter. I feel that people have given really shit answers and got the visa but in ur case I would say that ur answers were far better than what I have heard or read on this website. I feel in ur case he just rejected ur visa for the sake of rejecting it. Coz if he wanted to see ur ties he should have asked some documents, such as ur parents property, bank statement, etc.
    U should definitely reapply and best of luck next time..

  13. If VO asks stupid questions like where are you going, just laugh and say something like I’m at the US consulate so where do you think I’m going? Cal State Northridge is also a low tier regional university, so that might have been a reason why he denied you the visa. You also said you’re the only son, VO DID NOT ASK YOU ABOUT SIBLINGS. I’m also a single child and the VO asked me about that, and only then did I tell him about it.

    Saying more than what the question asks means you’re trying to prove yourself to the VO that you aren’t a potential immigrant, and makes you look eager to get the visa. It shouldn’t bother you at all if you’re a good student, you can always go to another country to pursue your studies, and VO will feel this by the answers your provide them.

  14. I thought u did a mistake here answering to this question

    (VO-where r you going?
    Me- USA for my M.S )

    this may give -ve feel to V.O that ur goint to US and settle there

    I think this one is better

    ( To pursue M.S
    i’m going to USA )

    I’m not sure that this is the correct one
    its just my thought
    if my Ans is wrong Plz suggest the right one

  15. I am presently pursuing my engineering in the field of Information Technology and I have one more year to go, the problem is that I am not really interested in what I am studying right now as I am more creative than technical. The field that I am really interested is Photography and I am really looking forward to pursue my masters in digital photography. To give me a head start I want to take a diploma course for 6 months so that I can create a professional portfolio for myself. But I am really worried about admissions and the visa and the finances. My three main questions are:
    – Since i don’t have a BFA degree, will i get admissions for an MFA program in USA with just a diploma in the respective field?
    -Will i be rejected in my VISA interview because of the shift in the field of study?
    – Are there banks out there who can give a loan for masters in photography? If yes, can you give me a list of banks that do?

  16. Hi everyone,
    My name is Ben. My GRE score is 1160 and TOEFL is 80. My aggregate is 69.30% and have no backlogs. I got an I20 from LIU Brooklyn. I have my visa interview in Hyderabad on 13/July/2011. What are my chances of survival. Please do reply.

  17. Hi, I m from Morocco and i was refused a visa to study in a english centre and after persue my study at the university , my visa was refuse cuz my sponsor wasn’t close to me, anyway now my father is sponsor’s me and i applied for another english centre but i still want to complete my study in the same university i hope u can give some help i really need it , thanks in advance

  18. i went for f1 visa interview on 16 may 2011 in hyderabad counsalate n got rejected under section 214 as visa officer was not convinced with my btech percent n backlogs ie 53 percent n 11 backlogs …i really wish to pursue my masters in usa do i hav a chance to get visa if i reappear.??? do they hav any data base dat i was rejected for wat reason… n any way d reason which i got rejected is sumthin i cant rectify..

  19. I got full scholarship from USA for my PhD. So, I-20 is not bothering me. But, the problem is my wife is a green card holder of USA as a Permanent Resident. So, the VISA guys would consider me as a potential immigrant though I did not apply Spouse Visa ever (We got married 1 year before). Moreover, I never applied for DV too. Can you please give me some advice what should I do now? Should I divorce my wife? lol . How could I make them believe that I will be back after my Degree?

    Thanks in advance.

    Note: I am from Bangladesh

  20. Hi guys,

    I hope someone could help here. I am Armenian, and I came back roughly two months ago from UK. I have completed my BA in audio engineering with a first class honors. Now, I want to further my education and get a Master of Science in Entertainment business. I am enrolled at Full Sail university in Florida, I have applied for my F-1 visa last week and after 10 minutes of discussion with the consular officer I got refused. He simply said, "you are a very smart guy, and i enjoyed talking to you but I think you will not come back after your studies. 214(b)" I was fully prepared, I even had a job offer letter from a very famous producer and record label CEO in Armenia. I had more than enough funds for my education, thrice the amount. The cost of tuition and living expenses are $50000, you do the math. My academic background is great, Distinction! Moreover, I got UK work permit and residency, therefore, if i had intensions to immigrate, I could have stayed in London!

    What should I do now? Apply again? My classes start in May.

    If someone could suggest me with anything, I will highly appreciate it.

    Thank you, and best regards.


    1. You ur self have given an opportunity to VO tht u have a work opportunity with XYZ producer. while u want to pursue ur MS in USA u should never tell VO tht u are gng to work after ur MS or u have any job opportunities in USA.
      so u should blame ur self for dng all this.
      Better luck nxt time & be prepared for all questions, generally VO wants every student to get trapped in the interview as thy are Psycologists by Professionsally so be careful nxt time.
      Even though people who don’t have enough money while in visa interview they too got visa also so it all depends on interview how u answer & don’t be over enthuasim in visa interview just be calm and answer in one line tht is enough.
      Thy are not there to listen ur entire cinema story as there time is really valuable.

      1. Wellwisher! You got it all wrong, so next time be careful before you say something. Read it again, I never said that I have any job opportunities in the U.S.! As a matter of fact I told him the opposite, and showed him that I have a job offer waiting for me in ARMENIA after the completion of my studies.

        but thnx anyway

        1. Hi Gorune,
          I know CSNU, well itz a good university in LA.
          I am careful before replying answer if u could not digest thye answer properly thn u have to prepared for this type of answers whn you will get visa & u will be USA for ur MS in CSUN.
          As ur roomates will give this type of answer only so whn ever give some suggestion or advice try to take some +ve frm tht only.
          we are not ur enemies to give u wrong answers my brother.
          still you could have said in Visa interview tht I will get a very good opportunity in my own country after completing my MS with a good pay.
          tht’s all uu need to say in visa interview.
          I was trying to help you out but u took in different way so it’s my bad luck u understood in different way.
          By the way Good luck for ur nxt interview dude.

          1. more over never say VO are Unfair they know better thn you wht the situation will be in USA for u.
            As by Technically they are psycologists so u should have ur sheer luck
            to get ur visa & God should be at ur side tht’s wht i can say.

          2. Hello Well Wisher,
            No hard feelings but you have any idea what you are talking about? Gorune told the VO that he had a job offer from a famous producer in ARMENIA and NOT IN the US. That itself is a pretty convincing tie to his home country.

            “still you could have said in Visa interview tht I will get a very good opportunity in my own country after completing my MS with a good pay.
            tht’s all uu need to say in visa interview.”

            This again shows you did not read and/or understand his post the second time also. That is what he exactly demonstrated to the VO. He not only said but also SHOWED the offer letter from an Armenian employer. That is , I would say, one of the best evidence that can be presented to the VO.

            I’m not trying to get in a row with you but what you have commented is completely irrelevant. Kindly read the post well, understand that and then comment. One more thing that I would like to let you know is that it is not advisable to use chat/message language while posting something on a public forum like this. Try to avoid typos too. Again ,no hard feelings.

          3. Thank you for your response Rajkamal. I’ve been brainstorming and trying to think of anything that could have been the reason for the refusal, but until yesterday, I had nothing. However, yesterday I came to find out that Armenia is one of the countries that has the highest U.S. visa refusal rate 52%. Anyway, it is what it is. Therefore, I’ve decided to fly to Beirut-Lebanon tomorrow. The sponsor that supported me for my education in the UK decided to be my sponsor again. I think everything will be just fine this time, even though Lebanon is not my home country anymore, but still, my citizenship is Lebanese, my sponsor is in Lebanon, and my sister lives in Lebanon. I don’t think the home country thing will be a problem this time, since I also have docs showing that I own a house in Armenia, and of course my business plan “dream” will be in Armenia (Establishing a record label).

            Thank you & best wishes to all of you,

          4. Hey Gorune,
            You must demonstrate you have strong ties to a country outside the US. I wish you all the best and you will get your visa this time. Do it well, be confident and look into the eyes of the VO. Once again, my best wishes. Please post the interview experience after yu attend the VI so that others will benifit from it.


  21. After reading what you had written I can say that you said to much of all the wrong things. Maybe you should have just answered his questions rather then reading him a book. The VO's are trained to deny not approve visa's.

    You must remember that they are busy, very busy. Had you just answered his question with as short an answer possible you may have gotten a better response. Sometimes less is more! I feel you volunteered to much information that he did not ask for. It was as though you memorized what you thought you should know. Did you give him a reason to feel you would not stay in the USA?

    Next time plan ahead. Who What Why When Where and How.

    Just my thoughts

  22. thanks HSB for giving the stat that only 19 % graduates returned to india after 5 years.that means 81% students have potential immigrant intent. after going through HSB members visa experiences i feel that usa grants F1 visas under following three catagories (1) students having brilliant academic records from top universities of india (with very good GRE and TOEFL marks ) even with not so good financial ties (all top universities will welcome such students).(2) students with very good financial back up even with ordinary academic records (they are also welcomed because of being financially strong) (3) students with avarage to poor academic records and avarage financial ties (real or fabricated).this 3rd catagory of students will have to do lot of efforts and manipulation to keep alive their hopes to get F1 visa to study in usa.

    i shall be glad if anyone can tell me regarding the percentage of F1 visa rejection of indian students in last few years

  23. sir
    i read members comments on US F1 visa refusal.can anybody tellme what percentage of indian F1 visa holders returned to india after studies because of strong ties to home country ? members of this blog may not have this stat but i am sure all US visa officers have this stat.we all know (and also all VOs know) that almost all nonimmigrant F1 visa seekers have immigrant intent only a very small number of people will return to india. so US will grant F1 visas to indians as long as it will be to their advantage and our assumption that someones visa was rejected because of not proving his strong ties to his home country can not be so easily explained.may be decisions are based on economics,politics, demographical consideration and personal feelings. luck of the student will also be a big factor.

  24. This site helps a lot, i wouldn't have been denied for student visa if i got this site before going to the visa interview!! i would like to ask u some questions that are in my mind, i have refused my f1 visa march 31st 2010 for entry to the US which i have been admitted for summer session 2010 in one of US universities. the interview was good until i have showed my sponsor's bank statement. the vo told me that, i am disqualified for the student visa; i asked the reason and the vo told me that my financial support was not enough (i was there with $ 21,000, but the tuition was $22,444 for my education. the vo was right!), i have got admission from the same university for the summer session 2011 undergraduate with the same major. so i would like to call for ur help for the following questions:

    1.What should i say if the vo asks me "why didn't you reapply for the next session from your first student visa rejection?" (i have been studying in my former university since i have refused for the visa.)

    2. I didn't apply any other university, what should be my answer if the vo ask " why didn't you apply another university?(why only one university)?

    3."What is changed now from your first application?

    4. How much money should i have to show for the vo?

    5. My uncle was the sponsor , what will be the problem if he sponsor me for the second time with good bank statement?

  25. well i am in a great dilemma.my own uncle is going to sponsor me but the problem is his bank account has got a lot of loan.so would that have any effect on my interview.

  26. Hello friends,

    I tried for F1 visa thrice and I was denied all the three times; on 17th September 2010, 28th September 2010 and 3rd September 2010 respectively by 3 different VOs. I had got an admission for MBA in California University of Management and Science (CalUMS), Anaheim, California. I have been to US before on J1 visa for my industrial training of 4 months in 2008. Now all my 3 attempts of F1 went quite well. But all these 3 times I was given same stupid letter with 214b. I still can’t think of any flaw in my profile and am still trying to analyze what could possibly have gone wrong.

    At my 1st attempt, VO asked me general question:

    VO: Good morning

    Me: good morning sir.

    VO: (saw old J1 visa in my passport) why were u in US before?

    Me: I had gone for professional training.

    VO: a professional training?

    Me: yes. It was part of my bachelors degree curriculum.

    VO: where did u do it?

    Me: Galveston Island, Texas.

    VO: in what company?

    Me: IHOP @ the san luis resort.

    VO: When did u do it?

    Me: in 2008. It was when hurricane ike had struck Texas. It was the biggest hurricane in the history of 100 years. So I hv got a unique experience of working during natural calamity.

    VO: did u quit it because of hurricane?

    Me: no. In fact I worked there as a volunteer during that period.

    VO: what did u study and where?

    Me: 4 years bachelors degree in HMCT from university of Pune.

    VO: What university u r goin for?

    Me: California University of mgmt & science, Anaheim, CA.

    VO: what course u’ve applied for?

    Me: MBA

    VO: why CalUMS?

    Me: American universities are world renowned for their quality education. I had done my own good research about few universities (told him names of 4-5 universities). But the kind of curriculum CalUMS offers is best suitable for me and it’ll help me make my future plans come true. No other university that I researched about has this kinda curriculum.

    VO: but why California?

    Me: I told him the universities I had researched about were in Minnesota, Rhode Island, Kentucky and California. But I liked this university more and since it happens 2 b in CA, that's why I am goin 2 CA.

    VO: what are ur future plans?

    Me: I wanna start my own bizness in my hometown aftr I come back to India.

    VO: what kinda bizness?

    Me: I wanna start my restaurant.

    VO: Where is ur hometown?

    Me: (Name of my town). couple of hours drive from Mumbai.

    VO: who is fundin u?

    Me: my parents.

    VO: what do ur parents do?

    Me: father is govt servant and mother homemaker.

    VO: central or state govt employee?

    Me: central govt.

    VO: I am sorry but unfortunately u do not qualify for this program. (gave me 214b letter.)

    Then I applied 2nd time. VO looked at his screen & said “you came back pretty soon eh?” & asked me same questions and I gave almost same answers. He, too, said that I don’t qualify. So I asked him whats my mistake and where am I goin wrong? He said “no Rohan u hvnt gone wrong anywhere. You are a very very good candidate but u jus don’t qualify 4 this program.(gave me 214b letter) this letter will explain u more.”

    Then I applied for 3rd time. VO lady asked me “what circumstances have changed since last time u applied for visa?” I had kept income information of my entire family (father, uncles, aunts, cousins and every1 I could think of. I had listed all assets too. Such as home, plot of land, vehicle and so on) to prove strong home ties. So I said “last time I had presented income proofs of my father only but now I hv income proofs of my entire family.” But that bitch says “2 of my colleagues hv refused ur visa twice. So I cant challenge the decisions of them. So I hv 2 refuse ur visa.” When I asked her “can I reapply?” she said “I don’t recommend to.” Gave me same goddamned 214b letter.

    Now I am devastated. My career is ruined. Everythin has gone for a toss. Sometimes thought of reapplying crosses my mind but I hv heard that if US visa is refused thrice, then u’ll never get it again. And frustrating part is 4-5 of my classmates with profile as same as me have got visa for same course in same college. I passed BHMCT with 67.33 % in first class and IELTS with 7 bands. Two of them hv degree score as well as IELTS score both lower than me. another one has a baby there in US which he had from a girl friend he hooked with when he went to US on J1 visa before. That J1 visa, too, was issued to him in his 3rd attempt. And he got his F1 visa in 2nd attempt now. He passed bachelors with backlogs. IELTS score is 5.5 and eventually has gone there for BBA now. Doesn’t he become potential immigrant as per 214b now? They gave same answers to same questions. But still they got it. So we hv a conclusion here that no1 cares for academic excellence. This is damn random process. If such students can get visa, then why can’t me? I don’t see any flaw in me when I compare my profile with them. What should I do? I am so frustrated now. Do u really think my interviews didn’t go well? Now I am thinking about MBA in UK. Please guide me.

  27. VO-where r you going?

    Me- USA for my M.S { now this is not the answer he desired for…….its a wrong answer…..u should have said ur university name and place}

    see for this reason he checked the I20 and said himself about ur university.

    VO-checked the I-20 & said oww !so u r goin to CAL STATE,NORTHRIDGE ?

    ME- yeah ! dats right. { always reply in proper english and dont use slang’s…..although american english is full of slang’s but in interview u should and must speak in proper english. Moreover u sould have said about the department …in this question.}

    may be the ANSWER could have been- Yes Sir, Majors in CS,EC…whatever…as per ur details.

  28. Hi, My name is Kumar and i completed my bachelors degree in 2009.

    i am planning to apply for MS-CS in fall 2011.

    unfortunately, my education background and IELTS score is very less.

    however, i have 4years of work experience in american staffing and consulting business.

    can somebody look into my profile and suggest me whether i am eligible for masters in US or should i have to do any courses for better possibilities.

    Education: Bachelors Degree (B.Sc-15years), 50%,

    IELTS score: 5.5

    Work experience: 4years

    Looking forward to hearing from you…


    [email protected]

    1. Eevn though u have 4 years of experience u should get 60. in IELTS or 79 in TOEFL. other wise in Accrediated univ… u should attend English Language Classes as tht is absolutely usseless & waste of money & Time in USA.
      So, try to get 6.0 or 79. It will help u stand in safe place.

    2. moreover ur back ground education is 15 years so u will be gng to take Pre-Requisite courses.
      I will give u a live example here,

      My friend brother came to USA handing over all responsibilties to consultancy, never went to consultancy went to visa & got it.
      But the thing he applied to MS but in his I-20 he got tht he will be dng Undergraduate courses i.e 12 subjects. Right now he studied only one subject & went back to India leaving his MS. so plz be careful while u are sending doc’s to univ… wht’s their eligibility requirements & education required.

  29. Hello guys after reading all the comments and the solutions above i must say am happy to share my problems with you guys and am sure you guys will definately help me out.

    Let me explain you guys how my visa interview went on the day of July18th 2010

    i will just shell out the question and answers which i got interviewed

    Q.1) Why US

    Answer To pursue my Masters

    Q.2) Which course

    Answer: MBA in Marketing

    Q.3) University you have been accepted for

    Answer: Johnson and Wales University Rhode Island Providence

    Q.4)Tell me about your University

    Answer JWU is one of the finest universities in RI top ranked 5 in culinary arts and also give the best education in business and management program.

    Q.5) Show me you GMAT Scores

    Answer: I showed my GMAT Scores and he said its a bad score

    Note: My gmat score is 200 both twice i attend the exam but where as i told him yes indeed i know that its a bad score but due to time constraint i couldnt prepare well for the exams as i was also working to gain an experience and moreover i applied for the University which doesnt required gmat Score and can admit be on the basis of Academics score where as i told him that if u see my academic scores consistently i score FCD in every semester he saw my GRADUATION SCORES but he didnt get impressed and kept starting typing in computer by seeing gmat scores.

    Q.6) Who will be funding ur education

    Answer) Parents

    Q.7) what does your father do

    Answer he is a deputy comission of central excise who recently got retired and now looking forward to take a directorship for a company which has been offered to him and mean time he is looking out for agriculture.

    q.8) He asked me what is the pension of the father

    Answer) i told him the figures and moreover i wanted to also tell him about the other sources of income like my agriculture , property, fixed deposits but indeed he didnt listen to me

    finaly he gave me 214b paper and said me that i m not qualified to give the visa

    he said thank you

    Now please can you tell me on what basis he rejected …….is it cause of GMAT and my father is retired though i knew GMAT is the one option but as its not possible me to give it again as i have a time barrier and 3rd …is like impossible for me atleast……thats why i chose those universities which admits on the basis of academic scores .please guys help me out i have forwarded my admission to Winter Session and i will be going for interview in october asap i recived my i20 of winter now ready to block the dates please need your suggests badly

    1. Don't be disheartened chris. a lot of people are gona tell you that your answers were not upto the mark[which i beleive is true as well] but that hardly matters as far as my two time experience is concerned.they just took your GMAT score as a excuse[although they are not liable for anything]to refuse you pal.these people have been and are being very unfair to even the GENUINEST of the cases[you take mine as an example for that]BOTTOMLINE for me is that yeah you should try till u think it'sENOUGH[if you know what i mean].well about me .this thread was posted by me with the offcourse the permission from the GRACIOUS MR HSB..i have also deferred my admission for jan2011 and is now waiting for the I20.would go for the INTERVIEW as soon as i got it, may be in first week of NOVEMBER..i hope you will get through this time pal !


      1. i don’t think that the your gmat score is reason for the rejection. I too had applied for F1 visa and scores are fine. The VO jst told me that my acadamic papers are good , my fund is fine but she can’t give the visa just becoz of 214b …. its jst their excuse

  30. hi sir

    I Have rjected two times

    She just asked me about my GRE score And My Undergraduate Marks

    My GRE Score 1220

    Undergraduate percentage 79.25

    then She Asked me about my Scholarship and rejected me.

    So what should I do Next

    1. Hey Jayesh,

      Did the same VO see your case twice? That's impossible cuz the rules say that the same VO who rejected your first case cannot take your case the second time when you reapply. Well,I do not see anything wrong in you acedamic background. You have a more than average background but, I dont know what went wrong. If you can post the conversation in detail,then all members in this site can help you. Do it ASAP.



      1. no both the times VO different.

        VO :Why Usa

        Me: For MS

        VO: Why This university only.

        ME: Good for Electrical Engineering & good research Field out there.And I have also got full tution waiver for academic year 2010-11.(I think this is the problem).

        VO: What Sort Of research,

        Me: In Electrical Engg. like Implementation of SRAM using FPGA(Field programming gate array logic)

        VO: GRE score

        Me: 1220

        Last Question

        VO: Undergraduate Score

        Me: 79.25

        1. no both the times VO different.

          VO :Why Usa

          Me: For MS

          VO: Why This university only.

          ME: Good for Electrical Engineering & good research Field out there.And I have also got full tution waiver for academic year 2010-11.(I think this is the problem).

          VO: What Sort Of research,

          Me: In Electrical Engg. like Implementation of SRAM using FPGA(Field programming gate array logic)

          VO: who gave you scholarship.

          Me: My professor.

          VO: Name of your professor

          Me: Dr. Naima Kabbaoch

          VO: GRE score

          Me: 1220

          Last Question

          VO: Undergraduate Score

          Me: 79.25

          1. Hey Jayesh,

            Very sorry for what happened. Well… I dont see anything wrong with the interview. May be HSB and other members can find something out. I strongly suggest you to try once again and I hope you get the visa the next time. I think Raghu should get into this and tell something.



          2. Sir

            I have decided to take admission in spring ,My university deferred my admission to spring.Sir can you give me some tips for next visa interview

          3. sorry jayesh for getting ur visa rejected u must not mention tht professor is gng to give scholarship.
            Infact u have to name the university which is gng to give u scholarships but not professors……. so be careful next time & visa depends entirely on our fate so don’t get dejected & wht ever happens it happens …life is not in USA only………… u can get a good & beautiful career in India also so keep ur options wide open

          4. its because of your high academic %………even high accademic % is also not good……it always must be around 65 to 70

          5. Now, I am applying in Colorado State university of MS program Will this time they issue me visa or not.

    2. Hey Jayesh….Your answer to te question WHY USA was very poor..Tell the VO next time that USA has a global reputation for quality academic program, state of the art research facilities, also that you will find world class faculty member that are teaching in Unites State and a lot of funding opportunities exist in USA

  31. Hello Everyone!
    I had a quick question! Seems like everyone on here has a good knowledge of F1 Visa. This question is regarding my Friends nephew and he got rejected on his F1 visa. So we were wondering if he can reapply(i guess he can depending on the answers above–thanks to those who have posted those answers). But my main question is can he reapply at Chennai where he applied before or does he have to travel to a different location???

    Thanks Everyone and i hope you all get the Visa! I do understand USA has alot more to offer when it comes to education. I have been living here for past 10 years and i understand everyone's struggle. Don't loose hope, just believe in it and it will happen 🙂

  32. Hello people,
    Let me make a few things clear. The VO wants credible students to go to the US . So a credible student would be able to prove that he has done a LOT OF research about that university. The student must be able to name a couple of professors and the research going on there. He must be able to relate the area of study in his MS to his future plans IN HIS HOME COUNTRY. The applicant must demonstrate that he will come back from the US to his motherland and find a job in that field. Speak with confidence,don't let your trembling voice come out.

  33. even i got 214 b…n VO dint asked me anything related to it…he even dint asked for any docs…still i got rejected under this section…so what to do…

    1. Hello Viren Parmar,

      My sympathies. I feel very bad to listen to the stories of people who got 214(b). You have to show strong ties to your motherland line an immovable property in your name or a car or a bank account. Ties varies from person to person and unfortunately there is no one magic document that can show ties. You should talk about your parents and family and show a bank account or anything else that will make you come back to India after your studies in the US. Please don't lose heart. PLEASE REAPPLY. Unfortunately your circumstances should considerably change before you can reapply because the chances of getting the visa with the same documents are very thin. For example,if you acquire property in your name that will increase the chances of a successful visa stamping. Please be strong,be confident,do well. Most importantly speak to the VO with confidence and try to keep your voice loud.



  34. @Rajkamal: Hi Raj kamal u are absolutely True and u have given evry body a proper answer they should not taken in negative way and try to change themselves wht thy have done a mistake as thy are only asking suggestions ……..

  35. The comments here are not very helpful. I am pretty sure an answer like "to the US for my MS" wouldnt make any difference. The people here are being silly and insulting to the person who went through this predicament. The replies sound like "Why did you stand up? That is why Sachin got bowled".

    The visa was rejected, as the original poster said, for unfair reasons. The VO simply didnt want to issue the visa. My sympathies. Wish you good luck next time.

    1. Hello SS,

      I think you are totally wrong. He should have said the name of the university's name when the VO asked where are you going. See,nobody insulted anybody here. Everybody is giving their suggestions and if you find them insulting you should have not visited this site in the first place. Sorry to say this,but take this from me– Show some optimistic character. If you take it as an insult then,your the loser. 'Why did you stand up, Sachin got bowled" is a very irrelevant example. The VO s are very highly trained and they are trained to grasp the body language of the individuals. They even observe the individuals standing in the 'Q' to look for their body language. We too are sad for what happened but we are trying to correct him for the next time. Please do not ever post something without proper thinking. No hard feelings.



      1. NEVER FELT INSULTED MATES, MR.RAJKAMAL [SS] just expressed his opinion,you can't just say anything like what you have written.SS expressed his/her view just like you guys were expressing yours.do healthy talking pal?that's the main principle why this blog site was made.i still feel many of my fellow hsb pals were very quick to pronounce their opinions.they are not even ready to listen to my point of view.let's end up this discussion now..may i now request you to send in your invaluable suggestions about my upcoming INTERVIEW on AUG 9[monday].encourage me people & i shall never forget you. RABB RAKHAA

        1. Hello HSB Follower,

          How was your interview yesterday? I hope that you were granted a visa. Whatever it is,post your Visa Interview experiences so that other readers can know what's going on.



    2. THANK YOU SIR/MA'AM for standing up with me ,thats what i am trying to tell my fellow pals that YES i was pretty sure up till the last second that this guy would grant me the VISA but as i had mentioned earliar he just passed his judgement not in my favour. Anyways i am up for the second attempt on this coming monday[aug 9]…you were encouraging SIR/MA'AM…..keep writing

    3. Hey SS, people here are not sitting free- they are just sharing their experiences in the way they can and from the way they perceive things. May be you perceive things differently but that does not give you right to consider others as Silly. If you think you are an expert advisor than start a consulting firm and provide free services to students- God will bless you for that 🙂

      I don't think that anybody insulted anyone here- if listening to the truth and not accepting the others opinion is insulting- that yes people will continue to insult. It just shows the way you think.

      VO are professionals and they understand people better than you do. But as Geeta said – US or be it any country has specific quotas – once they have issued desired number of VISA's they have no other option rather than rejecting. But that does not mean that the answers given by him were correct and VISA rejection was unfair. His answers were still not promising.

      Even we want him to get VISA and fly soon. No one knows each other personally over here but people are still helping others enthusiastically without any hidden motive.

      So request you to please respect others and their opinions.


      1. Hello Vijay,
        Nice comment. Yea,it is the way that people take things that matters. SS simply did not analyze things and he did not even think how useful this blog is for people aspiring to study in the US. I am following this blog for long and I know how much knowledge I have gained from this. Hats off to Raghu, the creator of HSB for thinking of such a wonderful idea and helping millions. 🙂

  36. hi, the same scenario happened to me. i appeared for my vi on june 10th at chennai and was rejected.

    here's how it went:

    i go to the counter and the vi doesn't even look at me(busy typing on the keyboard).

    then asks for fingerprint verification.

    i give my i-20 and other docs and looks at them. then asks for my degree cert and marks cards.

    i give them and she asks if i had any backlogs. i say no.

    then asks my univ and course.i tell them.

    then asks for my admits. i told all the 3 i had got.

    she types on the comp and marks something on a paper and hands it to me and says that my visa cannot b granted at his time.

    the marked section was the section 214-b.

    how is this not unfair?

    i didnt know what went wrong i had perfect docs everything up to date.

    anyways i did reapply and took my vi on july 16th- this time i was given a pink slip and the vo asked me proper questions, she was interested on y chose that particular univ. they took my admit letter and i mailed my resume after reachin home. today the status was changed to issued.

    so waiting to get my hands on my passport and chk if i have got the stamp.

    u should reapply.

    it can take u on one hell of a ride.

  37. I want the gre cut off (verbal , quant how much?) for the below listed universities
    Cal State University, San Bernardino
    Cal State University, Fullerton
    Cal State University, Northridge
    Cal State University, Sacramento
    Cal State University, San Marcos
    California Institute of Technology
    California Lutheran University
    California State Polytechnic University, Pomona College of Engineering
    Central Michigan University
    Chestnut Hill College
    Christopher Newport University
    City University of Seattle

    1. Hello Hema,

      Well,I think you are the student and you are going to join the college. You should be the person doing the research and you cannot post a list of colleges and ask for the cut off. This is not correct. Kindly do not repeat it.



  38. hey,,,I've got a letter from my education minister as a proof that i'm not going to migrate to the US…Will the counselor get mad or something if i show him/her my that particular document…???…by the way….that letter actually was written to the Ambassador by our education Minister…..should i give that letter to the counselor or to the Ambassador itself…..can u suggest what would be best for me to do???n i was denied a visa on the 19th july..thats why all this….tnx….p.s i'm frm BHUTAN….

    regards, Samuel

    1. don't take any stupid letter with you like that. This will add to negative experience and possible rejection.

  39. Hi,

    Make sure you every information you enter in DS-160 form is completely true.

    This is the best way to get Visa.

  40. friends
    i have yet to give my VI but have a question bugging me for long.
    if someone gets rejected by VO, in how much time he can re-apply for the visa. i there some particular time period to be followed.
    what are the possible conditions to be filled out? what are the possible questions the Vo could be asking, on applying again…
    pls reply asap


    1. you can reapply the next day but it’s not recommended unless u have something substantial or something new to present to them.i am applying for the second time after just a week.i haven’t changed anything as such because i never got the question regarding my home ties and was denied for the same .. [214b].what i mean is that i just have to prove them my authenticity.if u know what i mean ? cheers

  41. Dear visa applicant,
    I don't think you said anything incorrect – including the 'only son' part. On the contrary it was a good attempt to display strong familial ties proactively. I am not well acquainted to this blog, but if its the moderator of this blog who has suggested that its wrong to consult seniors to zero down on the university, s/he is contradicting her/his claim in the TIPS section regarding being truthful. In fact, given that all the universities have equally fancy websites, the best option to zero down a university is by consulting seniors already studying at the universities to get the ground realities. I also believe one should elaborate the answers so as to give them the 'complete picture' because there is a possibility of lot of mis-interpretation with the so-called 'precise' answers.
    I strongly believe that there are 'quotas' per day for student visas. Since students start applying for Visas right from April, it is quite likely that the visas are getting saturated & they simply want to reject more people. You may want to try once again or wait till Spring & apply early. Good luck!

    1. PHEWWW, thanks alot geeta for your encouragement ! i wana tell my fellow pal VIJAY that its not about accepting the mistake i made .i would gladly do that but i may be not expressing myself in the right manner to you via this blog[communication GAP].look at some replies people have posted in my favour.so dear,i am here for healthy discussion not for some AGITATION as u mentioned.it may be a possibility that what i wrote din't get down with you in the way it had actually happened.i have been doing a lot of research about the same for the past 1 year or so and i am humble enough to accept my mistake ,i was never overconfident.geeta ma'am understood my point..keep encouraging mates.thanks to Mr. Vijay as well.my second attempt would be on august 09.i haven't made any changes as far as any documents are concerned but ya i have blocked a air ticket for aug 15 just to prove that i would be flying on that very day cos my reporting date at UNI is aug 16.my humble request to MR HSB to give his priceless advice.

      1. after all the comments from dear friends m not in for any further comment..
        wish u all the very best for ur next VI… loads of luck on my behalf

    2. Helo Geetha,

      I dont think there are quotas for the F-1 Visa. Please check that out and let me know. As far as I know,there is no quota for the F-1 Visa and all QUALIFIED STUDENTS receive Visas.



      1. VO-where r you going?

        Me- USA for my M.S { now this is not the answer he desired for…….its a wrong answer…..u should have said ur university name and place}

        see for this reason he checked the I20 and said himself about ur university.

        VO-checked the I-20 & said oww !so u r goin to CAL STATE,NORTHRIDGE ?

        ME- yeah ! dats right. { always reply in proper english and dont use slang's…..although american english is full of slang's but in interview u should and must speak in proper english. Moreover u sould have said about the department …in this question.}

        may be the ANSWER could have been- Yes Sir, Majors in CS,EC…whatever…as per ur details.

  42. hi,
    so sad to hear ur visa is rejected.
    U have to tell which university and in which state. U have not said tht one.

    secondly, he asked abt ur parents but in return in excitment to answer more & convience him, u have said all unnecessary matter like (i'm the only son —- this indirectly gives an impression to VO tht u will be not returning back to India after completing ur MS). simply he will reject u on this basis.

    Third, whn u are posting any answers in any blogs don't write Blah, Blah, Blah…. this indirectly gives impression to every readers tht u are not having enough patience to carry out in Visa interview or posting ur visa exp.. in this blog.

    Fourth, u are the person who have to take decisions on choosing univ.. & specilization not ur seniors & u have blindly said tht my seniors said it is good univ.. tht means u have no idea on ur univ.. & u have to tell the research work done by the professors in tht univ.. & u are gng to work under thm.

    This is peak time, so many people tend to get rejected their visa's in july ending & August starting month so be planned & prepared in advance to be in safer side.

    give the answers wht he ask u even it is one line also no problem.
    All the Best for ur second attempt,

  43. Successful F-1 visa stamping at Chennai on Aug 5th!! Undergrad Microbiology at Cal State Northridge. VO didn't even ask for any sorta financial details..

    1. O WOW ! congratulations pal ! how was your INTERVIEW LIKE ? your PROFILE ? and most importantly what's the reporting date on your I20 ?waiting for your reply

      1. Hi!

        I had applied to Cal State Northridge, for B.S Microbiology. The course expense as on I-20 was $30,100 (INR 13,87,000) The expected family contribution as on I-20 was $38,700 (INR 17,83,000). My Bank account statement alongwith certificate from Manager had liquid cash of $65,413 (INR 30,12,875) of which 15 lakhs was personal savings and 15 lakhs was loan. I had a CA certificate showing land, car, jewelery, LICs etc showing upto $500,000(INR 2.5 Crore) All these documents were 100% genuine and i was present when they were drafted.

        My appointment was at 8AM, reached at 7.15, security will let you in at 7.50. Security will scan folders and files, and will throw your papers haphazardly so take a transparent plastic bag to save time and energy. NEVER carry envelopes ( whether opened or sealed, cuz you will be sent out to open them and throw the envelopes, making you lose 10-15mins)

        I was called at one of the many counters and asked for my fingerprints. Sticker on the blue HDFC receipt was stuck on the passport. My I-20, my marks cards and TOEFL score were put in a plastic bag. They instructed me not to add or remove any docs from the bag. I was sent to the next building (Visa Bay). Wait time was not even 5 mins when i was called to the adjacent hall, and made to sit with interviews going on before me. After 5 mins, We were called to join the queue, and my turn came. Of course, the VO will look at the queue even when he's taking a interview just to evaluate your body language. So be confident, and have a smile on your face.

        My interview was like this:

        VO: *smiles* "Good Morning, How are you today?"

        Me: *smiles* "Good Morning, I'm fine, How are you?"

        VO: "I'm good, Slide the folder please"

        Takes the folder, looked at the PP, I-20 etc.

        VO: "Place your right hand index finger on the red screen please"

        Did so, fingerprint matched. He turned away from the comp and faced me. Now the game starts, look into his eyes, no matter how much you want to see below or behind him.

        VO: "So, why do you wanna go to the US to do your bachelors?"

        Me: "I want to get into a teaching profession later. If I want to teach somebody, then I must have State-of-art knowledge, which only US can provide"

        VO: " Tell me why do you wanna get into Cal State Northridge?"

        Me: " Because it is the No.2 university in all of US where most graduates go on to become teachers and get Ph.Ds"

        VO: "But why do Microbiology at CSUN only?"

        Me: "Because in all of the west coast, its the prime university having its own in-house bacteriology lab. It has its own DNA sequencing facility.

        VO: " How much did you score in your high school?"

        Me: "93% in class 10 and 91% in class 12."

        He then looked at the Marks Cards and my Science Talent Certificate in which I had been placed 2nd All over India (spent 10-15 secs reading them).

        VO: " You're so young, how did you decide to pursue a career in Bacteriology?"

        Me: "A lot of people in my country die from these diseases. I lost my grandfather to Malaria two years ago. That inspired me to pursue this"

        VO: " Did you apply to any other Universities in the US?"

        Me: "Yes, SFSU, Cal State Fullerton and Cal State Sacramento"

        VO: " Do you have any relatives in California?"

        Me: "No."

        VO: "Then why did you choose California?"

        Me: "Because California State University is the foremost Univ in the US laying stress on teaching. It has won several Presidential Awards for best teachers."

        VO: "Who is funding your studies?"

        Me: " My parents and my grandfather"

        VO: " You said your grandfather passed away. Is this the other one?"

        Me: " Yes, this is my maternal grandfather"

        He goes back to type something. Then he threw the I-20 and my Marks cards into the tray at which point I felt like fainting. The next second he said "Ok, Your visa's approved. It should reach you in about a week by courier."

        Be sure to smile and thank him later. He will return the smile and say you're welcome.

        I was shocked because he didn't ask to see my financial docs like CA certs, Bank statements etc. Anyway, I'm flying Aug 13th!!

  44. VO-where r you going?

    Me- USA for my M.S

    VO knows that you are going to USA because you have applied for US VISA. Instead your answer should have been the name of your university.

    1. nup dude,you still got me wrong.. MS IN US was'nt wrong?it was precise and concise.have been doing alot of research regarding the VI's.many sailed with this answer and moreover had i got the visa you guys would have said that yeah,that was a good answer.if u know what i mean?.so for me except that"i am their only son"thing.my answers were perfectly fine.i never fumbled ,kept looking into his eyes.i think u havent read my interview rightly but dude that guy had decided before i came their.mine was a 100 % genuine case from acads to finances and i have the most strongest home ties that i could hve presented to him if he had asked ?keep writing ..your comments make me even stronger….{and ya to one dude who mentioned here that i was overconfident,thats rubbish..i was humble not bragging etc}answering a 'hi' like that is proper English. The word is "etiquette".thnks again

      REGARDS to MR. HSB

      YOUR NUMBER ONE FOLLOWER [would always be]

      1. Buddy you are not ready to accept your mistakes that people are pointing out and I think you got agitated with my response. I read you interview completely – even though you would have got the VISA my answer would be the same- that your answer was just not acceptable. You won't stand in American Consulate for Australian Visa. Be more open to comments and mistakes that people are pointing out- think logically and overcome your mistakes by implementing corrective actions. And yes, from the way you are defending yourself from the comments that people have posted, I think you are over confident and possibly you may repeat the same mistakes again. Do not assume that VO had decided beforehand to reject your VISA or If VO had asked you any other XYZ question you would have sailed through.

        No hard feelings buddy- nothing personal- I am sure your will feel bad reading my response but I just want to correct you and want you to get your VISA the next time when you appear for interview.


    2. That was no where wrong,

      One of my friend attended the visa interview and was inquired where was he going.

      They answer was supposed to be the location of the university, instead he said he is going to USA (it sound weird to know that you are going to USA when you are actually standing in a USA consulate)

      Nevertheless his visa was approved and VO gaged at this reply from my friend.

      1. Yaa thats what exactly i am trying to say.thanks AFSAN for standing up with me..i really appreciate it.

        1. That's what dude, Afshan is trying to say that Vijay was correct- they know you are going to USA as you are standing in US Consulate- her friend got a VISA even after answering that question like you did was mere luck and VO was amused by his answer. It's not like you won't get VISA if you say wrong answer- Even Ladens's son has got VISA-Even after 100 mistakes you may still get a VISA- So the main point is try to minimize the errors instead of being happy only to hear from those who say in your favor.

          Be more open to comments.

  45. is there any course any where in world which has a curriculum with genetics and archeology as core subjects at master level.

  46. i just had my visa interview – F1.i got rejected under 214[b].
    US Visa refusal, 221g Or 214b

    I’ve been refused! Why?

    There could be several reasons for a visa refusal or denial. In case consulate refuse your us visa, you may receive form with a refusal clause/reason like 221g or 214b.
    Other then the submitted documents. It is up to consular officers at U.S. embassies and consulates to determine eligibility on an individual basis on the merits of each case.

    Most of the cases refusal (221g) can be just because of any documents missing or any additional information required by the consulate. See a sample of 221g document.

    Applicants are refused under Section 214(b) INA if they are unable to demonstrate to the satisfaction of a consular officer that they have sufficiently strong and long-term family, social, and economic ties outside the United States which make them depart the United States after a temporary stay.
    See a sample of 214b letter of refusal document.

    Consular officers tend to focus on factors that help us determine whether the applicants possess compelling ties to applicant’s home country:

    If the applicants have traveled to the U.S. previously, how long did they stay? If they stayed longer than 6 months, did they have INS approval to do so? (Note: Please have the applicants bring their INS extension approval notices to their interview).
    If the applicants have traveled to the U.S. previously, how long have they been back in home country?
    How many children and grandchildren do the applicants have back in home country?
    Have the relatives in the U.S. ever returned to home country to visit their families as is normal for foreign students, workers, and residents in the U.S.?
    Are the applicant active professionally in their home country; if so, what is their income and the nature of their work?
    The answers to these questions relate to whether applicants can fulfill the statutory requirement of the Immigration and Nationality Act to show that they have a permanent residence in their home country.
    Each case is different in its own and consular officer evaluates each visa application on its own merits according to visa law and procedures.

    Often, older applicants( mostly visiting Parents) do not understand why their applications to return to the U.S. a second time are denied, even though INS approved an extension of stay during their previous visit. Usually, these applicants stayed in the U.S. for a year or more and have been back in home country only a short while. Under these circumstances, the applicants have great difficulty establishing that they have compelling social or professional obligations in their home country, thereby making them ineligible to receive another visa.

    What do I do if my application for a visa has been refused?

    Generally you should get a refusal letter; this will explain the reason why we are unable to issue you with a visa and provide information on the procedures you should follow.

    Can you reapply? and when?
    Yes you can apply again as many times as you want.

    What are strong ties?

    Strong ties differ from country to country, city to city, individual to individual. “Ties” are the various aspects of a person’s life that bind them to their country or residence: possessions, employment, social and family relationships. Some examples of ties can be a person’s job and income, a house or apartment, a car, close family relationships, bank accounts, etc.

    Such ties may include business, employment, family, property or other connections which satisfy a consular officer that the applicant will leave the United States voluntarily after a temporary visit. For example, you may bring a letter from your current employer, on letterhead, with your position/job title, length of employment, and monthly salary and your three most recent months’ bank statements.

    In the case of younger applicants who may not have had an opportunity to establish such ties, U.S. law considers educational status, school grades and long-range plans in home country

    As each person’s situation is different, there is no single criteria that shows compelling ties to home country. Each case is examined individually and is accorded every consideration under the law.

    Consular officers are trained to look at each application individually and consider professional, social, cultural and other factors.

    Is a denial under Section 214(b) permanent?

    No. If an applicant has new information which was not presented to the interviewing officer at the time of the first application, or if the applicants overall circumstances have changed significantly since the last application, a visa may be approved.
    See a sample of 214b letter of refusal document.

    Do refused applicants have to wait three to six months before reapplying?

    There is no time restriction on resubmitting an application after a refusal. If additional information or supporting documentation is available which may further demonstrate applicant’s qualification for a visa, an application may be resubmitted.

    I presented all the documents I was told to bring, but my application was turned down anyway. What else should I bring?

    The problem is not the documents. Rather, the applicants current overall situation (as supported by those documents) was not adequate to overcome the presumption that he or she is an intending immigrant. Remember, U.S. law says that all applicants for nonimmigrant visas are intending immigrant until they show that their overall circumstances would be adequate to compel their return home after visiting the U.S.

    Why are the visa interviews so short? I was refused after only a couple of questions and the interviewer hardly looked at my documents?

    Visa officers handle thousands of applications every year. Based on this experience, they are able to quickly review the application form and supporting documents in order to narrow the range in which questions may need to be asked. Keep in mind, much of the necessary information required to make a decision is already supplied on the application form itself, so there is usually no need for the officer to ask more than a few additional questions.

    When I applied for a visa, I told the officer I would return to my home country after a short stay in the US. Why didn’t the officer believe me?

    Visa officers are required to evaluate the applicants overall situation in reaching a decision. Statement indicating that the applicant intends to return to home country are helpful, but under the requirements of U.S. law the statement alone is not adequate to show that they qualify for a visa.

    If my visa application is denied, would it help to have a high ranking official like congressmen/senator contact the consulate?
    No. United States law assigns the responsibility for issuance or refusal of visas to consular officers overseas. They have the final say on all visa cases. Additionally, United States law is designed to insulate the decisions in visa cases from outside influences. An applicant can influence a reversal of a prior denial only through presentation of new convincing evidence of strong ties.

    Should I use a travel agent or other advisor to help me apply?

    The matter is a personal decision for each applicant. However, in most cases it is not necessary for applicants hire a travel agent to assist with a visa application. Travel agents will often charge to fill out forms which are available for free. They also charge large sums on the promise of enabling the traveler to bypass the visa interview. Our experience shows that many applicants are coached by intermediaries to provide answers which are misleading. While the truthful answer would not have harmed the application, the discovery of a misleading answer often puts the entire application in doubt.
    Some ineligible applicants seek help from a “visa consultant”. Be careful. If you do decide to hire a consultant, remember that you alone are responsible for the accuracy of the information in your application.

    Sample reference :

    Sample of 221g letter of refusal document.
    Simple of 214b letter of denial document.


    1. hello…

      my visa was also denied i.e on the 19th july….but the counselor officer didnt give me any kinda letter like 214(b)….is that possible?..why i was not issued one?….



  47. NUP NUP NUP,you all got me wrong !pals.it is not true that i used informal english.i was very particular about that & about my UNI selection answer ! i started with the same stuff u guys are tokin about[about the professors and all]i finished answering this question saying "MOREOVER SOME SENIORS GAVE ME POSITIVE FEEDBACK ABT THE EE DEPT" but yaa i think HSB along with other friends here rightly pointed out that i should'nt have said that i am the only child.that must have turned the turtles for me.i presume..anyways guys !thanx for writting back..and yaa now comes the most important part.i have just taken VI appointment on AUG 9 [10:45].my reporting date at UNI is aug 16..please share your thoughts ?

    Regards to dearest MR. HSB

  48. "VO-i believe you and smiled" Why did the VO say this statement. I think you must have mentioned something which is tentative as VO did not get proof oriented answer on this part. May be your answer and DS-160 did not coincide.

    Do a self analysis once again what all things visa officer said and how confident and fluent were you, did you look here and there while thinking about the answer… blah blah… what was it?


  49. hi hsb sir,
    u said dat instead of saying about the research work one should say abt d professor..and why one wants to pursue ms in that particular college only..
    my question is that all the uni that an applicant has applied fr must b the best ones acc to him.. then wat to say fr that particular uni?? i mean hw to ans such ques at the interview??

  50. Dear Friend,

    I am also preparing for the same for the purpose of MS at USA.
    As far as I know and comparing to what you said as follows:

    VO-where r you going?
    Me- USA for my M.S

    Obviously the VO knows the fact that you are going to USA, he actually asked which University you are going?

    Applicants do this mistake often.

    I suggest every applicant reading this matter, Be CAREFUL!!!! The VO sitting there actually love to Reject your Application. You just need to Satisfy them just giving To the Point Answers…

    1. thanks for the info. yes u r rite, and very good observation. and thats correct that they love to reject and strain the number of contenders going to USA.

    1. you can reapply the next day but it's not recommended unless u have something substantial or something new to present to them.i am applying for the second time after just a week.i haven't changed anything as such because i never got the question regarding my home ties and was denied for the same .. [214b]

  51. Hi,
    I think the VO smelled overconfidence in you. Next time you go , be calm and do not oversay.

    "VO- hi,how r you ?
    Me-i m very well sir,how are you ?"

    Just answer in a word

    VO-where r you going?
    Me- USA for my M.S

    Just say US

    Hope these will help next time.

  52. Hello,
    You are right Raghu. This poor gentleman did not answer the question properly. Firstly,you should have told the area of interest and named a couple of professors under your area of interest. Secondly,I don't understand why this gentleman had to tell that he was the only son? Did the VO ask for it. "Government Employees" would have been the best answer. The period of working,according to me,is an unwanted extra and this gentleman should have said that only when the VO asked for it. I strongly advise this gentleman to reapply and attain success. Good luck.
    Hope what I say is right Raghu? If not,just correct me.

  53. hi.. just read the comments..

    "You should have said – My area of interest is so and so.. Professor XYZ is working on that area. I’m interested in working under him"

    Remember guys… NEVER EVER speak about research that is going on in your university…they take it very seriously..something like 'this fella is going to do research and invent something that will harm America and Americas' (I only intend to explain their perception)…..tell them that you referred to Petersons guide…good enough answer …

  54. I think you made some mistakes.

    1. you were using informal English. (yeah instead of yes)

    2. your answers were not precise which could irritate him. (VO-do you have anything related to your UNDERGRAD?

    ME-YEAH sir i have all my DMC’s and PROVISIONAL DEGREE,i slided the same.

    ME-sir i did my btech in First class with Distinction with a total AGGREGATE of 78 %)

    3. You were sounding over-confidant ( VO-checked the I-20 & said oww !so u r goin to CAL STATE,NORTHRIDGE ?

    ME- yeah ! dats right) you could have replied "yes sir" only.

    4. Your file was with him he knew that you are only son, there is no need to mention it. This might give wrong impression and moreover it was redundant (VO-wtcha parents do?

    ME-BOTH of them are in GOVT SERVICE for the past 30 years and i am there only son)

    5. try to sound more humble (No offense please)

    summary: Try to be precise, reasonable and humble.

  55. Hey . You cannot say tht they were unfair. may b u can say ur bad luck. As Mr. HSB said you shudnt have said u r the only son. then wen u showed him ur prov degree cert you wer telling him tht u have first class, etc tht shows u r tensed and somehow want to convince him. About the univ selection u shud have more concrete answer rather than telling " Seniors said its good" . You can say your field of research is gr8 there and tht was ur dream univ. I am not trying to blame you but if u can work on this next time it ll b easy 4 u. Next time b calm and cool 🙂

    All the best!!

  56. wow… , u pointed out those things that even I was not getting while reading the interview stanza. Really, what u advised is correct. When I appeared for the interview, I got rejected first; I tried again and I got visa. I used to think that I know a lot but I read your thoughts and I realized that VO really looks everything very deeply. Whatever u said is correct. I think the reader who posted this must apply again and he would get visa for sure. The interview should be precise and we should not present what has not been asked. About the university, yeah we should talk about the professors and about what we felt necessary to choose that university only and why not anyone else.
    Good and helpful posting!
    Best of luck for the reader who posted, he should try again and follow the suggestions on this website.

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