F1 Visa Interview Experiences

F1 Visa Rejection – Twice – Mumbai Consulate – University of Houston

F1 Visa Rejected in Mumbai Consulate in first attempt.

Student appears for the interview again.

F1 Visa is Denied again in the Mumbai Consulate for the University of Houston.

So, why did Visa Officer deny the student visa twice for this student?

Let dig deeper and figure out.

Here’s my first F1 Visa Interview for the University of Houston at Mumbai Consulate

I am applying again and for that, I need some advice about what went wrong? Here is my experience…it didn’t last more than 2 mins.

VO: Why do u want to go to the USA?
Me: To pursue masters degree in computer science.

VO: Which university you are going for?
Me: University of Houston.

VO: How many universities have you applied?
Me: I have applied to 4 universities

VO: Have you applied in India?
Me: No

VO: What are your plans after two years?
me: After 2 years I have planned to come back to India. As my brother is in defense services and he is posted to varied places and he he can’t stay with my parents. So I want to come back to India and stay close to my parents after masters.

VO: What do you mean by defense services?
Me: Well my brother is a commissioned officer and working as an Air Force pilot.

VO: So your parents will be staying alone for 2 years?
Me: Yes, for just 2 years.

VO: (took a pause and said)I am sorry, I’m denying your F1 visa. You can try again.

She didn’t ask any of the details of my scores or finances.

I got distinction in Bachelors.

I don’t understand what went wrong.

Second F1 Visa Interview in Mumbai Consulate

Me: Good morning! hows your day?
VO: Great! So when were you here last time?

Me: 13th December.
VO: Has anything changed since your last attempt?

Me: Actually, I did not provide clear answers last time. I missed my call for the window and I got nervous. I don’t know exactly the reason of rejection and that’s why I applied again.
VO: Ok. Why do you want to go to the US?

Me: To pursue a masters degree in computer sci from the University of Houston
VO: Why did you choose the University of Houston?

Me: Specifically I chose them on the basis of the master’s program, their ranking, their tuition fees.
VO: What is your GRE score and TOEFL score?

Me: GRE score is 1330 and my TOEFL score is 95.
VO: Did you get admit from other universities?

VO: So who is sponsoring u?
Me: My parents.

VO: What do they do?
Me: My father retired last year as an adult education officer and worked for 35 years for state government. And my mother is a school principal.

VO: Well, I have gone through your case and I’m sorry to tell that your visa can’t be granted under 214b section.

I have deferred my admission for next semester, but I really no hopes to get the F1 Visa in 3rd attempt.

Sometimes, that’s how F1 Visa interview goes.

It’s hard to figure out why your visa is rejected.

Reading through the experiences tells that for the same interview another student could have got the visa.

But, how?

It comes down your communication skills and how you are presenting yourself.

And your answers could have been better when it came to the these questions

Why do you want to study in the University of Houston?

What is your plan after the 2 years?

You mentioned being nervous and unable to express yourself clearly. That could have been a contributing factor.

Written instructions don’t convey emotions and expressions.

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  1. i guess by your answer to this “So ur parents will be staying alone for 2 years?

    me: Yes, for just 2 years.”
    he thought you might stay in USA while send money to them

  2. Hai frnd….
    here without knowing to you you have been done a few mistakes as our frndzz discussed above.So, next time be planed and surely you will get the visa..


  3. I think you went very wrong in this part of the conversation :
    “VO: So ur parents will be staying alone for 2 years?
    me: Yes, for just 2 years.”

    *Firstly, the word “just” gives the VO a feeling that you are really not concerned over your parents’ loneliness over these two years…it’s a very negative point.

    *Secondly, you could have said that they won’t be staying alone as you have other relatives of yours who can look after them or to be very practical, they are in each others company anyways, so they are not alone you see.

  4. I am applying to study in a college in the US. Am yet to receive an admission letter, though they assured me that i will recieve it soon as my documents are OK. They just went through my sponsorship details. My sponsor is an American, a family friend living and working in the US.
    Though, I am scared of the question, ”what have you been doing since graduation? As it has been 9 years since i graduated out of high school. Within these 9 years, i have done a diploma and a catering apprenticeship, and i have also done menial jobs for start up enterprises. As it stands, i do not have banking/tax payment proofs for the few jobs that i have done, because transactions were made in cash.
    So pls, kindly explain, how do I manoeuver a question like that if finally I have to face the interviewer at the US consulate?

  5. hi,
    what i personally feel is that u have made couple of mistakes like..
    VO: Asked you how many university you have applied?
    You should just answer 4 or 5 wt. ever No. of universities u have applied. Instead of telling got 2 rejections and other stuff. Just try to be very precise and to the point.
    and secondly i agree with Rohit Sinha, your should should not just mix up ur answer as by doing so you give visa officer an opportunity to ask more questions.

    Just keep this small mistakes in mind you will definitely get visa next time…….

    best wishes

  6. Hello,
    I have my VI next week. Upon my return, I am going to partner with my sister in her consulting firm. Actually, the especialization I am going to study will be essential to do the work in this firm. Would this be a satisfying answer for the VO?

  7. Hello,
    I have my VI next week. Upon my return, I am going to partner with my sister in her consulting firm. Would this be a satisfying answer for the VO?

  8. He asked you what you’ll do after 2 years, he didn’t ask you if you’ll come back to India. You certainly should have plans for your career, wherever that is. He asked about your career, not if you’re coming back to take care of your parents.

  9. Can I apply for F-1 visa with GRE scores alone without TOEFL scores?. The university I am applying to, said I can be exempted from this English test. From Nigeria. Hope it won't hinder my visa? Thanks

    1. Yea sure. The first language in Nigeria is English so automatically you will be exempted from TOEFL. You may need to remind about your past education being done in English in case they ask.

  10. Hi HSB / Fellow HSB fans,

    I need your advice. I wrote to HSB my visa rejection reason but didnot get reply so i am writing here. Interview at Mumbai consulate.

    Me : Hi, How ru?
    VO: Fine, how abt u?

    Me: fine

    Vo: why US
    me: replied. (ms.hospitality & tourism mgmt)

    VO: Which Uni?

    VO: how many you applied
    Me: replied

    VO: Why xyz rejected
    Me: coz my transcripts reached after deadline.

    VO: When did u complete your graduation?
    Me: 2006

    VO: Since then what ru doing?
    Me: working in Dubai , in the travel sector.

    VO: Where r ur parents?
    Me: in xyz , my hometown

    VO: Sorry, i cannot approve yo ur visa , since you left India right after your graduation. And you shall do the same now. You do not have strong ties.

    My Question: what should I do now? I do not want to settle in US anyways, even if i want to settle abroad I knw India is better else why would i leave such nice place like dubai.

    One odd / funny thing i noticed that day was all the gals and ppl with tourist visa application were approved and all guys were being rejected.

    Pls advice 🙁

  11. for the question:what are ur plans after 2 years?..u have responded so vaguely that even im not convinced dear… u shud have said something positive like " my opportunities of getting a good job in my core field are very high wen i'l be back in INDIA , so il come back and even i shud look after mi parents….would sound good enough.

  12. Hi there

    You have made a very classical mistake by converging personal and professional attributes about yourself and your family.

    Here are some sample answers which you should have given or you should give during your second visa interview attempt. I hope these will help.

    VO:why do u want to go to USA?
    You : To persue my Masters Degree in Computer Engineering

    VO:which university you are goin for?
    me: University of Houston – Texas

    VO:how many universities have you applied?
    me: i have applied to X,Y Z and univ of houston, out of which X’s decision is peding and Y,Z’s are rejections.

    VO:have you applied in India?
    me: no

    VO:what are ur plans after 2 years?
    me: after 2 years i hv planned to come back to India. India is emerging as a global IT Power. Over the past 7- 10 years the Indian IT industry has grown tremendously. It has been amongst the forefront of taking India to the Global Stage of Success and recognition. I plan to be a part of this every growing IT industry and try to contribute significantly by taking up a highly paying job at Company A or Company B.

    This does not leave the Visa officer any chance to counter question you in any way.

    By saying that your brother works for the IAF as a commisioned officer and your parents would be alone ,makes the Visa Officer to think otherwise.

    Always remember , answer what the Visa Officer wants to hear. Answer Crisp to the point. There was no need for you to divulge any details about your family or brother being alone…..

    I hope this helps and good luck on your second attempt.

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