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F1 Visa Interview – Masters in Accounting – US Consulate Chennai

Not many students from India go to Study Masters in Accounting in the USA.

But, here’s is an F1 Visa Interview for Masters in Accounting from Chennai.

First of all, I would like to thank Happy Schools for all the help. I started going through this site only before my visa interview and picked up a lot of tips.

My Profile – Masters in Accounting

I finished my undergrad in Commerce and applied forMasters in Accounting.

I got into Boston College, College of William and Mary with scholarship and eventually choose Boston College.

Even though I was kinda scared about my F1 Visa Interview, In the end, it went on very well.

Here’s my F1 Visa Interview experience

Me: Good Morning mam(with a smile)
Vo: Good Morning (smiled back)

Vo: What was your undergrad?
Me: B.com and now going to persue Ms In Accounting

Vo: How did you manage to improve your verbal score?
Me: Worked very hard for 6 months mam.

Vo: How many colleges did you apply to?
Me: Three colleges and got admits from two. I also got an admit from the college of W&M with scholarship

Vo:Oh , your going to a school which is offering you lesser scholarship?
Me: Yes mam, I believe that this college suites me very well.

Vo: How are you going to fund?
Me: My parents are funding my education.

Vo: What do they do?
Me: said

Vo: Ok, You visa is approved and you will get the passport by courier
Me:Thank you man. Have a great day!

Vo: You too , study well

Take away from my F1 Visa Interview

  1. Smile when you wish the Visa officer.
  2. Answer confidently.
  3. It is easier to get a visa if you have a good school on your side.
  4. Honesty is really appreciated by the visa officers. Do not lie to them.

I would once again like to thank this site for being a great resource for me.


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  1. Hello have been rejected once and now am going again bt I still dnt knw why I ws rejected so now am expecting a lot of questions which I dnt have dere answers yet..please people help me with tips and general questions and answers u knw dat can help. Thanks

  2. Hi house, i’v been following for a good while now. Pls, i applied to DU, pittsburg pensylvania-MSc Program Evaluation. Now the school says my I-20 is on d way. Can i go ahead and apply for my visa? Secondly, i did not apply with any of TOEFL or GRE. Any likely issues at the visa office with respect to this? Im hoping to apply first week in march- i will have my I-20 then, is that ok? …again, well done and great job to the house!

  3. Hi I have an interview on NOV 10th 2011
    My B.tech % is 61
    with 17 backlogs
    GRE 1160 (V 540 Q- 620)
    Got offer letter from 2 universities
    Could you please tell me, what kind of questions would I face from VO
    Please help me

    1. Even you have a proper score in GRE &a medium score in TOEFL.Usually VO considers your
      GRE TOEFL scores seriously but you dont have an effective academic background then your chances of getting your visa is not been accepted so its better you have to state VO that you had a serious problem or illness in you or your family and while answering this question you have to be serious
      coz visa oficers are expecting to hear honest &truthful answers form you. So try this.

      1. what they want to verify?…that i will come back only?…igot my cousin there where i am going to live (if i go) as long i will be studding…

  4. Hey hi….I am having a doubt regarding visa stamping..i am already havin us F-1 visa(which i got recently) but i am expecting adm in a canadian univ.so il i have a prob ? do i have to cancel us visa stampin before I submit my passport to canadian embassy??
    Please help me out..
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  5. hi,
    my interview has been rejected twice..
    i dont know the reason…
    in DS form, when they ask to enter the two names of your relatives, i filled one name of my friend’s mom. She has been to US one time on visitor’s VISA. my friend is in the US on H1B.
    Can it be the reason of my rejection..?

    please reply me……………….

      1. i don’t agree, if you have immediate relatives i.e. ur blood relationships, bros,sisters & parents, only then mention. else skip ’em.
        GC holder from Pak, originally got in on F1.

  6. my interview was like this
    it was second interview

    vo-hi gm
    me-gm sir hw r u? with smile
    vo-fine. sohow you choose this university(western kentucky university)
    me-sir i searched on he website of ceph i.e. comission of education on public health.and only 80 uniersities in usa are afilliated to ceph and wku os one of them.
    vo–after typing smthing rejected my visa with 214b
    me- can i know the reason sir?
    vo-this form will tell you.

    previously alsoi was rejected in same way?
    now i am going after one month on 8 july
    can you tell me reason of rejection?
    is there any probs with university?
    and how to prepare for thire time?
    thx hsb

  7. sir,
    my visa has been rejected twice and want to apply for third time. so can u pls tell me what are the chance to get visa approved…………..

    waiting for ur reply ……………….


  8. hi i hav an interview on july8th 2011
    my b.tech % is 65
    with 4 backlogs
    no gre
    got admitted for 2 universities
    can u plz tell me wat kind of ques would i face from vo
    plz help me

    1. they generally ask following questions.
      1. which university?
      2. why this university?
      3. ur particular?
      4.who is sponsoring u?
      5.what does ur sponsor do?
      and some questions regarding ur finance.
      they do not have too much time. They will ask u only few questions and rest of the things depend on their mood. You have to be very confident with good result(GRE AND TOEFL).
      they asked me only 3 questions and decided my future.

  9. Fall 2011 – -Undergraduate
    At the US Consulate Shenyang, China

    After being refused twice, I got my F1 visa after 45seconds of interview!

    VO: Where are you going in the US?
    Me: Missouri

    VO: Do want a green card
    Me: No

    VO: Why not? What changed your mind because you once applied for the dvlottery (Annual Diversity Migrant Visa Lottery)

    Me: Being the first born of the family, I have responsibilities back home. Also, I want to get my undergraduate before thinking about anything else

    VO: keeps typing something on the computer!
    Me: Nervous as hell! praying while…..

    VO: Ok, Your Visa is approved
    Me: Thnx!

  10. my age is 34,currently an engineering college faculty in Hyderabad,having already twice rejected for USA(2003,2004),ielts score is 6 bands,willing to pursue my MBA studies,which university do i apply,moreover my B.E(CSE 2000) percentage are just approximately 60,shall i go ahead or it is going to be a waste of time and money,please your valuable suggestions are appreciated asap.

  11. my age is 34,currently an engineering college faculty in Hyderabad,having already twice rejected for USA(2003,2004),ielts score is 6 bands,willing to pursue my MBA studies,which university do i apply,moreover my B.E(CSE 2000) percentage are just approximately 60,shall i go ahead or it is going to be a waste of time and money

  12. hey..actualy i hav 3 yrs of exp…..is dr wl b any impact at d time of visa intrview…

    is dr any chances of rejection…hw shuld i prepare fr dz? plz suggest me

  13. Dear ,
    Does Boston College and William and Mary accept 15 years of education for MS in accounting? That too with scholarship.
    MBA I know they do.
    You have mentioned that the student got visa for Ms In Accounting
    for Boston College. Kindly send me the link please this will be a wonderful option for students with 15 years of education. Infact if you have a list I would really appreciate it.

  14. Can any one tell if whether I can have two persons to sponsor me?For example My dad and uncle together has enough money to show during VISA,but none of them has that much cash of their own.So can I tell the VISA people both my uncle and dad are sponsoring me?Please reply as soon as possible.

  15. Congrat am happy for you. my F1 visa interview is coming up june 8 in lagos. I have been reading different experiences and i believe it is well

    1. HAUWA….. i wish u d very best of luck….. i’m having mine also in lagos…. June as well…. which school r u alppying to n wot course…..

  16. Hi, my profile is – GRE 1210 (Q780, V430) TOEFL 111, UG 60%. I got admits from two universities for MS-CS for Fall 2011. (1) Kent State University, Ohio (2) Clemson University, SC. Would anyone please advise me which one is better to select from these two! Many thanks – Tom

    1. Yeah..While checking the documents before the Interview, my score reports and appointment letter was put in a separate folder. I had to give that folder to the Visa officer during my Interview.

  17. Hey,
    Congrats man. Glad you received a visa. If every Indian student’s interview goes like this, 221(g) and 214(b) would be from the US Immigration law books. LOL. . . Have a superb time in the US. Good luck.

    Best Wishes

    1. Luck also plays a role and one should also be prepared before the Interview. My College name and improvement in my verbal score helped me. Even if you have negatives e, try to put across the positive stuff from your side. This can be done only if you prepare before the Interview.

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