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F1 Visa For Associate Degree in Automotive – Approved

f1 visa associate degree automotiveF1 Visa For Associate Degree in Automotive Major – Approved. Here is a brief description of Associate Degree (from wiki)

An associate degree is an undergraduate academic degree awarded by community colleges, bachelor’s degree-granting colleges and universities upon completion of a course of study usually lasting two years. In the United States, an associate degree is often equivalent to the first two years of a four-year college or university degree.

Hello, My name is Rameez. I live in Karachi. I had my interview in US CONSULATE Karachi.

I was quite nervous before my interview. This was my first interview in any embassy. I am going to F1 Visa for associate degree program in Automotive Technology.

When I entered in Embassy I got shocked, it was looking like any concert of Justin Beiber. Hundreds’ of people were standing in the line for interview.

Majority of B, F & M visa applicants. When I was waiting for my interview, I saw more than 8 student were rejected for F-1 visa applications. I was a bit nervous. But I have a strong belief on Allah. I was confident. Token number called and I had go to window number Six. VO was looking quite serious. And was busy on computer

F1 Visa For Associate Degree

VO : Good Morning Mr. Rameez (Looked at me and smile)
Me : Good Morning Sir, How are you? (Confident and gave smile)

VO : I am good thank you. Rameez! tell me about your program (seriously asked)
Me : Sir, It is an Associate Degree Program in Automotive Technology, which take place in with collaboration of  TOYOTA MOTORS SALES USA.

VO : Which University you have applied for ? ( typing something on computer)
Me : Sir, It is not a university. I have applied in college named XYZ.

VO : OK (he knew that) How many college and Universities you have applied?
Me : Sir I only applied in this college. And I received the confirmation letter.

VO : Tell about your previous studies..
Me : Sir I have done my Diploma in Automotive Technology from ABC technical School Karachi.

VO : How many students are studying in this college and show me your results.
Me : (passport my academic file) I don’t know the exact figure but in my class there was around 75 students in Automotive dept and my school offers other technologies as well. e.g Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and IT.

VO : And How many students are there XYZ college (USA)
Me : Honestly speaking Sir I don’t know..

VO : (looked me and smile) Who is your sponsor ? (passed my academic file)
Me : My cousin brother. He lives in USA.

VO : What about your parents. Why they are not sponsoring you?
Me : Sir my father is a shopkeeper. He is doing business with limited funds. Therefore He cannot afford my studies. My mother is a house wife. But Sir It is my will to study in USA

VO : Show me your Uncle’s financial docs.
Me : Sir correction! He is not my uncle. He is my cousin (replied confidently)

VO : (smile) I am sorry . ( He was trying to change my statement about my sponsor. He checked all the papers. Then started typing on computer. And taking information from my I-20)

VO : How many siblings do you have? (Typing)
Me : Two sisters & no brothers. I am the only one

VO : Why don’t you do job in USA after your studies ? ( TYPING)
Me : Sir my family is here. I have to returned back to my country. And I believe that once I complete this course I have 100% job opportunities in Pakistan.

VO : where you will stay?
Me : I prefer to live in hostel after all I am going for my studies.

VO : Congratulations! I have approved your visa. Study well OK.!! Maintain your F-1 visa status. You will get your visa in 3 working days.
Me : Thankyou Sir. And Have a nice day
VO : (Smiled)

Note : Be confident and maintain eye contact. It doesn’t matter VO is looking to you or not.

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  1. Having Bachelors degree from India and taking associate degree in USA, will i be able to get OPT Extension or fill H1B?

  2. my visa got approved on july 12 2013 and it has been already 7 days and no mail or message from the consulate.atleast there is no change in status.i also went to passport collection office to enquire but they told they cant say anything until i get a mail.please any one help me as my orientation is getting nearer day by day.my interview was in hyderabad.

  3. I have some questions regarding Associate Degree:-

    1) Do we get I-20 from community college for associate degree?
    2) is OPT given after associate degree? 1 year, 27 months if it is in STEM?
    3) basic qualification is 12th class? or if someone did diploma in Engineering after class 10th also eligible?

  4. Congrats to you Rameez! Have heard very few success stories from Karachi consulate with my cousin being rejected. Her profile was similar to yours, applied to a comm. college, cousin was the sponsor, etc.

    Inshallah keep her in your prayers for her next interview

  5. Honest honest honest!! The VO’s ears were ringing. Very good bro,very honest,very straightforward!! Best of luck for ur studies…

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