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F1 Visa Rejected at Nepal – No Credible Source of income

Another US F1 Visa Rejection experience at US Consulate in Nepal.

  • Visa Interview Date: 19 January
  • Visa Status: Rejected
  • University: Maharishi University of Management
  • I-20: I have to pay only 5000$ from my parent and other through my internship program offered by university.
  • Shows Document: I-20, Transcript, Bank balance certificate (my father account: NRS, 1272000, mine 485000), Business document (certificate to open the business (utensil shop), audit report around NRS: 900000, tax clearance report), property valuation (around Nrs 22000000)

F1 Visa Interview in Nepal

VC: How many universities have you apply for?
Me: I have review some universities but apply only for Maharishi University of Management. (She shows some kind of shocking face)

VC: Why MUM?
Me: I am interested in software development, software life cycle and programming language. I started my programming language from my school days. So, when i went through the Website of Maharishi University, i found that Maharishi University provides very specific, very practical and more focus program in the field of software development. The curriculum of the university starts with advanced topic in modern computer science and leads to specialization in emerging technology of software development. I will get an opportunity to deepen my knowledge in courses like object oriented design and pattern, computer architecture, whose foundation i have in my BE courses. My minor project…………..

(She interrupts me and said: ”reply only asked question” and i stop)

VC: What does your father do?
Me: My father used to work in Nepal Bank Ltd and after his retirement he started his own business.

VC: What kind of business?
Me: utensil shop in Pokhara (my home town)

VC: What are your other sources of income?
Me: house rent, land etc.

VC: How many years your father is engage in business?
Me: 5 years.

VC: How many siblings you have?
Me: i have 3 sisters. Two of them are married (i think she doesn’t hear my second answer of my sister marriage)

VC: How many money do you have in your bank account?
Me: around 4 lakh 80 thousand

VC: How you got that much amount of money? (With little surprise in face)
Me: I am working in a company for around 20 months. Besides that, I got from my part time job and also from my saving during my academic years.

VC: How much you earn in a month?
Me: 35000

Then she left the interview table and went somewhere.
After some time (around 1 min), she returns:

VC: What’s your future plan?
Me: After acquainting knowledge from Maharishi University, I am sure that I will get good job opportunity over here in Nepal. My current employer is also happy with my work and dedication and he wants me to join company after my graduation. But, I am confident that I am in position to establish my own software company here in Nepal where IT sector is in progress and contribute it as a good IT professional.

Then she writes something in paper and said:

VC: Sorry we don’t issue your visa. You are excellent student. But you can’t say that you will use your money to university for your study. Most students went to US for study and work over there. You don’t have any credible source of income which will allow you to return back to Nepal.
(This much only I remember)
Then I took the file and return back

Hard luck to above reader. not sure if the person tried to get visa second time. Above interview experience is added to F1 Visa Interview Experiences page. You can read over 30 Interview experiences, try to learn from them, don’t copy the answers.

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  1. There are people who consider Harvard University extension degree as next to degree mill as one can get admission there if one has the requisite qualifications (like a degree form a recognized univ any where in the world) and then passes three introductory courses with an A grade. They even used to issue F1 visas for going on campus at harvard for a few months but since 2009 they stopped issuing I20 for continuing education students. Now some people consider Harvard is just a scam to make money and people go there just to get a Harvard on their resume, where as, they are required to mention BLS or MLS from Harvard extension school , not many do that. And btw they attend the same classes that mainstream harvard students attend. still some consider it just a degree mill @harvard if u have 10 lakhs to spare u can get a degree from harvard. (though not as easy as said). So, it depends on how yo look at it. And it is not easy for everyone to go to Harvard or stanford. I know of students who got visa for studying bachelors or masters at little known univ where as those with full funding at reputed univ got refused. VO is not concerned about the Univ (except in case of harvard, stanford,berkeley,yale) , he justs considers your case for a 214b or 221g refusal . if he thinks you don’t fit in both cases you are granted a visa.

  2. Well, I’m In the US and it’s been too years. I never heard the name of the university until few months before I came here. There was one Nepali student here, I learned about the university through him. In my interview, the VC got confused and checked if the university actually existed. He asked me few questions, just like everyone, why that university, father’s job, income, why that sub and how many siblings. I answered everything straight. interview was 1 minute long and I got the Visa. I had all genuine documents. Dad works in an foreign company and his CFO from Germany provided excellent recommendation letter in reference to his income and affordability.

    I am having the time of my life here.

    All the best to you too man. University’s name might matter, but what matters is how well you can prove that your claims of affordability are genuine.

  3. Hello

    friends i have 6 bands in IELTS and 1020 in GRE

    my GPA is 61%

    i got an admission in cleavland state uni. in MS

    i have 2 backlogs

    so hows my profile and university?

  4. This guy need information about U.S. universities and should find reasons behind going there. it's always better to work on 35000 salary rather than going to such university…..Maharishi University of Management in USA………name is enough for smart people

  5. Where on earth is this university?

    n yes, u talked lot

    I think u should try to go to reputed places…maharishi university does sound like another tri-valley..

    all the best!

    1. I know this university located in Iowa State and friends of mine enrolled and found the courses offered there good for the money paid for. So then it would be offending for those who enrolled at the university when they read the phrase 'sounds like another Tri-Valley'. Please don't say such things unless you got some evidence or even heard of some negative information about that specific university. Am sure you have no backing info to post that comment. You may rather browse their website learn sth about them take your own caution. Take your NOTE dear friend!!!

  6. BTW where is this Maharishi University of Management?? Never heard of it. Guess the real reason was to avoid another Tri-Valley type scam

    1. Nop surf the Internet and learn about the university before you wrote sth that may offend others. I personally feel bad for my friends enrolled there.

      Watch your comments!!!

      1. Guess you some promoter for that university. If the above mentioned person is such an excellent student (as is mentioned in the article) then why didn't he try for a reputed university??? Applying for just 1 university with no mention in ranking or anything, it definitely shows some ulterior motives. Even I would have rejected the person if I was in the VO's shoes.

        Guess you better watch your own comments and promotion work!!!

      2. seriously dude….u need a background check

        u r backing the university as if it were next to ivy league….lol

        just because ur frnds are enrolled in that university doesn't make it good….

        but i must say ur frnds who cracked the visa interview are gr8…. 😉 lol

        no clever student with his mind in right place and with a sound profile would opt for this university….

        i doubt if this one make it to tier iii univ…..

        no offense to the bad visa experience holder here…!!

        U better watch your own comments….

        1. Well said NIR!!! Just having a university website and your friend studying in a university doesn't make it a great one.

          Samson is talking in a manner as if his friends from this university went on to be CEO of Microsoft and Google after studying from there.

          1. Sorry dear friends if my comments were too biased coz my pals are there. However, couldn't take it easy when u guys compare it with Tri-Valley University, where as far as I know MUM is no where near to Tri-Valley. End of story!!!

  7. Sorry to hear from you .

    First this university is not famous

    You have talked lot in visa ( Always talk less)

    Why this university ? (OMG u talked lot)

    >>>Try next time with ful preparation

    1. well i think its the money in your own account(not so strong answer from you either) that might have made her change her mind!

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