F1 Visa Interview Experiences

F1 Visa Stamped at Chennai – Fake TOEFL Scores Check Scared Me

My F1 Visa interview went like this…a bit complicated as well 🙂

  • 26th May 2011 – Fall 2011

F1 Visa Interview in Chennai

me:gm and how ru doing mam
Vo:im doing good hru

Me:im fine mam with smile 🙂
Vo:wic univ any r u heading to


Vo:In wic colg u did ur dilploma

Vo:woz sponsoring u
Me:my father is sponsoring for my edu mam

Vo:any backlogs
Me:no mam i hve first clas wid distn

Vo:good.Y ur gre score is low and have good toefl score..gre 1000 toefl 92
Me:(problem arised here)..i gave just avg answer…i told..mam i didnot had enough time to prepare Gre and also i went wrong in fisrt few questions,though i did my best in later part, my level got down.

Vo:plz wait we will call u
Me:went to other counter where indian lady is available…she enquired me abt my toefl and gre exam…i told her i took gre 3yrs back..and aftr that i wrkd fr an MNC and improved a lot ,wic was reflected in my toefl.also she took my exp certificate(this helped me).she askd me abt my gre,toefl centre..process i undergone at test centre…i answered evry qsn.

indian lady:she told its fine went to VO.
Me:again waited..VO called me

Vo:wid big smile ur visa is approved
Me:Thanks mam but wanna say u that im genuine ..my gud acads shows that
Vo:its fine good
Me: thanks fr ur trust.have a great day
Vo:thanks have a nice day

So guys this happened because of fake paid TOEFL exams taken by few students and seems like every official are fond of it 🙂

so u might be genuine…but if ur gre is low n toefl is high or viceversa…so prepare well for this question..get all documents perfectly especially if gng to Chennai consulate.

i can say..my gud academic % and my IT experience helped me a lot…may b

ny queries to post here..im free now to repli ..help ppl ny time 🙂

Comments – Appreciate for taking time to share your experience.

Suggestion for you – Please don’t write professionals emails in the same way you have written your experience. I debated several times before publishing this post. How someone with work experience can write visa experience  in “chat language”.

Question to you?

Do you think we should publish F1 Visa experience written in such a way in future? If there are few mistakes, I can fix it, but entire experience written in short codes is difficult to read.

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  1. Hi guys.. I have my interview on 18th of Dec 2017, my college doesn’t not need gre and I score ielts 6.0 band. But currently on the visa panel based on our gre score they are giving the approval it seems. I got gre 266 out of 340 don’t know what to do guys.. I have done a fake of gre by increasing to 296 marks.. Will the visa officer be able to check the gre official score. Please let me know guys, as my exam is in 2 days

  2. sir im have a bad aggregation % do that really make a big problem in my visa interview
    pls help me sir

  3. Hi,
    My Gre score is 850(Q:320+V:530) and Ielts is 6.0 bands ,i have applied for M.s in U.s for Spring-2012 and my aggregrate is 67.00% ,can i have a hope of getting Visa and also i have a gap of 6 months after completion of B.tech in 2011.So,will there be any question raised by VO regarding what i did in these 6 months and if so then please can anyone help me out in answering this question…..

    1. Hello Can you please help me.I want to apply for bachelor in computer science but my toefl score is low 61 percent.But I am aceppted in university because this was enough score.If they would ask me about THE TOEFL SCORE CAN I SAY THAT I GOT 90 .THANK YOU

  4. hi will wishers,
    I got TOEFL scores 96 and GRE 1070(verbal=410,quant=660).And also got fake TOEFL score 106.
    I got I-20 with scores 1070 and 106.now i am worrying about VISA interview.Please suggest me what to do?Can I show 96 score at VISA interview?if i show will it give any problem.

    1. Hai Kishore ,
      Wana tell you some thing if u show score card 106 or 96 dey find easily by what scores u got I20 . So dude u just apply with u r score ie..,96 and get the I20 .I was rejected wit this reason . And this scores will be available till you go for interview but the very next day it will be canceled so try to avoid this mistake . All the best

      1. Hello Can you please help me.I want to apply for bachelor in computer science but my toefl score is low 61 percent.But I am aceppted in university because this was enough score.If they would ask me about THE TOEFL SCORE CAN I SAY THAT I GOT 90 .THANK YOU


  5. Hey hi.. keerthi.. I’m divya. I have applied for Fit university and i got the acceptance from them. I’m applying for this spring 2012. My GPA IS 3.5 (78%) and
    my gre (first attempt) πŸ™ 890 :V=250 and q=640)
    gre (second attempt) πŸ™ 930:V=310 and q=620)
    and my toefl is 74 .
    And their is a gap of 6 month b/w my old gre and toefl. whereas 5 days gap b/w my new pattern gre and toefl will their be any problem in Visa interview ..?? I’m so worried… can u help me out..??

  6. @HSB: Although it was very helpful to read the visa experience posted above, it took a few extra seconds to understand what some words mean. I would like to suggest that articles NOT be allowed to be submitted in chat language.

    1. This article was posted in chat language (as-is from the person who shared it), so others reading it will know when they share, it shouldn’t look like this.

    2. Please don’t publish in short code. Its too much of an effort to read it. Could you maybe ask the person to retype his/her experience in proper whole words? Thx

  7. hiiiiiii
    i have low gre score
    1st attempt 910(320 verbal,590 quants)
    it even went worst in my second attempt 890 (330 verbal,560 quants)
    toefl 91,acadmics 75 no backlogs
    i am worried that my gre score will lead to rejection of visa
    pls help me out if any one got visa accepted close to my profile

    1. priya,

      prepare well for the question y low grre n high toefl…im not sure of ur profile/..but tell in such a way that ur very much occupied wid some wrk wen preparing for gre and so couldnot practice much …whereas toefl i had enough time and also my gud communication skills helped me securring such a gud score !!!..tell this confidently !!

    2. Hey I Have Tooooooooooo Low GRE Score ( 860 ) Toefl 85 ( Fake ) …

      My VISA Accepted . It’s Depends on Luck Not On Our Scores Etc

      1. hi
        I got caught because of my fake toefl score I have taken IELTS exam and planning to apply for spring-2012 what are your suggestions my prof is good GRE-1210 UG-72%

      2. sooo true…
        my GRE score is 940 and TOEFL score is 94… i got rejected for visa.. though m applying again for visa.. m worried.. any suggestions from u guys??

      3. Hi guys.. I have my interview on 18th of Dec 2017, my college doesn’t not need gre and I score ielts 6.0 band. But currently on the visa panel based on our gre score they are giving the approval it seems. I got gre 266 out of 340 don’t know what to do guys.. I have done a fake of gre by increasing to 296 marks.. Will the visa officer be able to check the gre official score. Please let me know guys, as my exam is in 2 days

  8. hi,

    i got my visa rejected twice(first one 15th december 2010 and 10th Jan 2011) at chennai consulate.
    i think my backlogs played a major role in my rejection. Please find my details below:

    Gre (first attempt): 1020 ( verbal : 290 , quant : 730)
    Gre (second attempt): 960 ( verbal : 280 , quant : 680)
    Toefl : 94
    Undergrad : 59 %
    Backlogs : 8
    Year of completion : 2008

    Working in an MNC for the past 3 years. There is one year of gap between GRE and TOEFL exams.

    i have scheduled my visa interview in first week of August 2011.
    Request you to give me some tips for the visa interview.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. dude yea samething happend for my friend..at chen consulate they are more concerned abt acads

      speak more abt ur it exp than acads…

      y 8 backlogs….tel like..i have participated actively in all college activities like sports.culturals etc..so i have got 8 backlogs but i worked hardly and cleared all of those..with my skill/talent i got an oncampus/offcamp placement in a reputed mnc.IF GIVEN AN OPPORTUNITY I L PROVE MYSELF AT MASTERS.

  9. me: Good morning sir
    vo: good morning

    vo: what’s your %
    me: i got 81% sir

    vo: Do you have any backlogs
    me: no sir, am not having any backlogs

    vo: please can you give me your mark sheets
    me: i gave them

    vo: please give me your score cards
    me: gave them, did not speak any thing about it.

    vo: after doing masters in India, why again masters
    me: explained, but he did not believe me, though i tried to convince a lot.

    if this is the question raised again what should i say?, please suggest me some reasons.

    1. Hello buddy,

      Please post the exact answers so that ppl can findout where u went wrong

      also tell me..wat masters degree from india do u hold ? wic yr btech/bse passd out ?

  10. Hi avsr
    Congrats on your visa stamp.
    I also have the same problem of average Gre (970:verbal 380 and quant 590)score and high Toefl (103) score.
    I just completed my b.pharm with 71% but with 3 backlogs which were in my 1st and 2nd semesters.Well,i had 3 months gap between my Gre and Toefl exam.Im genuine and i wrote the exam by myself.Initially while taking my Gre i had my semester exams,so i did not had enough time to prepare for my gre,but for the toefl exam i prepared well,as i got two months of free time after completing my semester exams(held for almost 20 days).Will it pose a problem during my visa interview?.
    Please do reply.Waiting for your comments.
    Thank you.
    Once again congrats on your visa stamp

    1. You above post has solution in it ..Tell that you are very much occupied with ur sem exams while taking gre so couldnot spend more time practicing mock tests .

  11. I passed my b-tech in 2010.But i am applying for fall 2011.My visa interview is on July 13th chennai. Definitely there will be a question like what did u do in this one year? I did small jobs like call centre , BPO which is not at all related to my field.what should be the answer for this question. Please help me

    1. In your experience ceertificate did they mentioned your role ?? if they didnot mentioned it and if your company has ITO also then you can manage VO stating i worked in particular technology in ITO.

  12. I scored 890 (Quant-550 ; Verbal:340) in GRE… and TOEFL 110….My CGPA is 9.1….I got i-20….will there be any problem with these scores during visa interview ??…i m so worried..please help me out..!

    1. I will never be a prob if ur scores are genuine…..anyway u will be bombarded with ques abt this…….prepare well

      1. ya toefl 110 is way high comp2 ur 340 in gre verbal .So come up with a better reason satisfying VO..do u hve ny work exp ?

          1. @keerthi..oh how many months of gap between ur gre /toefl exams..i luckily got 3yrs gap so got a valid reason.Tell them that you were quite busy at d time u took ur gre exam..give a valid reason for that..like health problems etc…but also mention that your gre sore is not low ,its a decent score with which i got admission from a good university.

          2. a gap of 3months..thank you for the advice..actually i wrote toefl 2 times..first time i got 88 n second time 110…

          3. and few days before my gre exam, i was affected with chicken pox and my sem exams were also nearing..

          4. @keerthi

            good..then have a copy of that chicken pox medical prescription with you as an evidence.it should work and also mention that you took toefl twice and you prev score was 88 with which ur r not satisfied !! ..remember that …ur repli shud always be sweet n short..

          5. hey Keerti share ur vo i too have same problem please as soon as possible. I am having many doubts

  13. I score 1220((740Q+ 480V), AWA: 3.0) ,TOEFL ( 107)………….are my scores reasonable……….. will this be a problem in VISA…..i m worrying……………

      1. hi friends, i am hyderabad and if i go for chennai consolates , are they gonna ask why i came their instead hyd?
        Another is , i got 1120 in gre and 89 in toefl , what question they can ask me ?
        pls do reply friends

  14. I score 1220((740Q+ 480V), AWA: 3.0) ,TOEFL ( 107)………….are my scores reasonable……….. will this be a problem in VISA…..i m worrying

  15. Hi everyone
    First of all congrats For U for getting F1 visa
    I have scored 920(230-verbal,690-quants)in Gre..and 88 in toefl,I have applied for Fairleigh Dickinson University..Recently i got admission init..My visa interview is on july 13th
    can u tell me what type of questions iam gonna face in f1 interview?

    1. Y ms,Y usa,Y that particular course,Y low verbal in gre but good toefl score,any backlogs,sponsor.how u came to know abt these univs..these r some of the expected questions…prepare well these first and also other FAqs

      1. Ya iam preparing,.,.thnxs for the reply
        The only thing i was worrying is abt my backlogs…I was recently passed out student
        My academic percentage 70 with 4 backlogs..

  16. hi i have just one question …..i have low gre 1020 and toefl 91 (in second time got these marks )……i got admit suny binghamton…..how this factor affect my visa interview and what answer should i give him/her to convince ???????????//

  17. I am having GRE 860 and in that verbal is just 230 and my tofel is 90 is does it makes any difference between that for my visa so that i am about to re-write the GRE exam once again please help me in this

    1. Siddu..R u planning for Spring 2012 ?? If so i advise u to take Gre again n score atleast 300 in verbal..(From AUg gre format gonna change buddy)..heard maths gonna bit tougher than earlier format…

  18. HSB should not post this kind of experience with horrible english.
    It may give bad image of HSB which have more than million readers.

    1. People are different and posting this kind of experience shows, how others should not do it. We will continue to post such experience.

      1. Wat abt Title My dear ?? Got an instant reply for Ron’s post …y not for other posts
        My dear ROn…tell me the purpse of posting visa experience..plz post in ur and better english so that i can learn a bit !!

      2. Dear HSB,

        I really appreciate your effort in post F1 Visa interview experiences and I have learnt a lot and even confident that I will get my F1 visa interview right, Job Done!!!

        However, I prefer such experiences not to be posted, serious measure may result while others trying to do it same way. So one thing you shouldn’t ask your dearest readers,
        “Question to you? Do you think we should publish F1 Visa experience written in such a way in future? If there are few mistakes, I can fix it, but entire experience written in short codes is difficult to read.”
        and respond as above to Ron’s comments. You would rather reply in a better. My suggestion!!!!

        Keep the good work though and I will definitely share my experience whatever the outcome will be.

        Your Ethiopian reader.

    1. COntent is important ….i hope evry one got something out of this unique experience…ROn whats your profile dude ??

  19. hi i am ramya.i scored 950(260 in verbal,690 in quants)in gre and 107 in toefl.my aggregation is 78% with 1 backlog.My interview is on 23.would you please suggest me what type of questions i face in f1 interview.i was very tensed about my interview…

    1. questions l b like

      why us..why oly this univ

      importantly…Y LOW GRE AND TOO GOOD TOEFL..must prepare a good reason for this ramya..check out my abuv experience for reference…FOr more info plz reply bye

        1. It completely depends on ur profile yar..since i have 3yrs gap b/w gre n toefl..i managed it by saying i improved my skills working for an IT company..

          Tell VO that its not a low gre score..its an avg or decent score..since i went wrong with the initial few questions(Vocabulary) my level got down and even though i did my best in the later part i have got these scores.Whereas i took as many mock tests for Toefl and since i have very good communication skills i managed to get too good score..

          U can add ur own points also…but prepare to this question wel…finally comeup with a sweet n short reply..

  20. Despite the misleading nomenclature , a very interesting experience , I do hope they rectify the name with the due apologies needed

    Congrats to AVSR

  21. How long would it take for a person to write something properly? Most people could get the message but people who are not familiar with such chat language often find it difficult to go through the post. I agree with HSB. A proper writing shows the sincerity of the person. Anyways congrats to avsr.

  22. Hi everyone.
    I was wondering if anyone could advise me what reason should I give ….. I have the same problem. Very good TOEFl scores and not so good GRE scores. Almost the same as mentioned by the author of this post. My academic record is excellent. I’m only worried about low GRE scores.
    Please help me out.

  23. Hello Mods.

    This is my visa experience…I dont know why you people mentioned FAKE TOEFL in the headline…as if i had fake toefl scores,..so please check it once

    As i dont have enough time that day…i might have used chat language in b/w…but i believe every one will understand this..which solves the purpose(to bolster the F1 visa aspirants)…so chill guys.

    1. People who are going through this experience

      Read the content 1st and dont get distracted with the INAPPROPRIATE title given by intelligent HSB mods

  24. i think thats the aspect one could never know without reading such blogs.
    and however is the way of writing the we are getting the correct message…
    so should not bother about the question, to publish it or not…thanx

  25. hello everyone
    i am going to WVU for MS in Soil science for Fall,2011(with assitantship).I will be getting my I-20 form soon.Where can I get tips to prepare for the visa interview?

  26. I am facing a problem with photo uploading in F1 visa date
    appointment process. I tried 4, 5 times and even i changed the
    resolution of snap, still i am unable to upload photo.

    would like to know if it is possible to get an appointement without
    uplaoding photo

  27. 1) Such chat language should not be allowed.
    2) Title is mis-leading- I assumed that he used fake TOEFL score to get VISA.

    1. I agree with 2nd point.title is mis leading. due to this i was going to skip this conversation.

      1. Very truly said Raj n Shajeed. The title was very misleading. I completely agree with HSB’s point of not writing comments of experiences in “chat language”. The main reason could be the reduction of intensity in the post. To many readers, the post may appear to have a tone of fun and ease. The importance of visa interview is often downtrodden. Approval of visa is a culmination of many factors with a sheer bit of luck going your way for about 90minutes which will decide your fate for the next 2 years or so. At the same time not posting the experiences which come in such language too could, sometimes, be depreciating for the readers who learn a lot from reading such experiences. Hence, I would request all the writers to maintain professionalism and the right intent to give beneficial effect to the content they are sharing with the readers.

      2. completely MIS-LEADING…im very much dissapointed with the title…owners or mods please amend it appropriately…hmm please ASAP..this means As soon as possible..!!

  28. Hi let me know whr u taken the Gre & Toefl. How much u got in Verbal. As i am 1050(290 +760) in Gre n toefl 99. I have taken toefl 2 times second attempt only.I took one month later after my first attempt with good preparation.

  29. While reading this article, I was under the impression that the writer was boasting about how he/she misused fake TOEFL scores to get the VISA.
    Expressing VISA interview experiences in a dialogue form can be an effective means of narration, if proper language and punctuations are used.

    1. Mr.TInku ji..Seems like u read my experience completely right?? But the above funny post by urs doesnt seem that ur read it and simply ur passing comments…i pity ..al d best fr ur visa !! take care man..listen/reading is very much important before write or speak !!

  30. Can you please enlighten us all, that how dummy students are able to give exam like TOEFL which accepts only passports as identity proof ? Thanks in advance.

    1. Those people are many in number out there in the Orkut… They have the exam center under their control, so no problem arises due to the identity….

  31. Unique experience to say the least. But I think students who are going to the states, please write like a student. It does not make you cooler if you write like that, it’s annoying and obnoxious. HSB, please fix the spelling next time when you post experiences written like this.

  32. congrats on your visa stamp. What all documents did you gather for visa interview? Kindly put it up here, might help the guys like me who are heading for Chennai consulate. I ask this because, my consultant told me that the Chennai consulate does not require few documents like affidavit from two contacts and affidavit of financial support and I doubt how the consulates would differ in required documents list concern. :)cheers.

    1. dude chennai consulate seems to be strict …as i have experienced

      i took

      10th /inter/Be provisional and sem wise mark lists

      bank certificate/stmt…
      education loan sanction letter
      CA,CE reports

      I20/fellowship letter/aceptance letter from univ
      Ds-160/confirmation letter/sevis print
      hdfc receipt/passport
      experience letter
      gre/toefl reports

      thats it !!

        1. Thanks for that man. . And same question here . Whats CE report?
          And yes there has been a wrong impression put on in the title “Fake TOEFL scores”. May be HSB is checking how keen the readers are. . πŸ˜›

          1. CE report is the engineer report given after your asset estimation.With this CE report CA will give his final audit report which is mandatory.

            In some cases CA will do the both.In my case i went to CE 1st then to CA.

  33. Hi,

    I got gre-1250, toefl score-81. My CGPA-9.31 out of 10. Could you please tell me what should i answer if they ask why my toefl score is very low?

    am little bit worried abt that.

    Thanks in advance.

  34. wow i cant believe someone who speaks like that got a visa when many qualified and deserving students are rejected.

    1. @SONIA and MIKE

      HSB have misleaded people with inappropriate TITLE..i took all my tests myself…please read my experience carefully and then u can pass comments.This is ridiculous.HSB what are you doing ?????? Immediately change the caption please

      1. Hi Avsr

        I Have taken only TOEFL (107/120),no gre/gmat and i have 3 years of work experience and even i got admission from SNHU for MS Marketing.
        VO will question why no gmat?
        and i have applied only for 2 universities and i got admits for the both,so VO will question why only 2 universities?

        waiting for valuable replay

        1. Dude we cannot expect what questions VO will ask…

          VO never asked me about financial dox..though i hve all those

          Similarly if you were not asked about Gre r Gmat..then its fine

          But if asked then it will be complicated i guess as VO expects a GRE for MS and GMAT for Mba…but consult otthers also regarding this..i have read an experience where visa was rejected with reason : no gre score !!..take second opinion plz

        2. Yes he may ask and you may have to justify your answer. Few of my friends are doing MBA after giving GRE as university accepted both GMAT and GRE scores.

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