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F1 Visa Stamping Denied – 1st Interview – IIT Chicago

Following F1 Visa Stamping experience was posted by Puneet, who had attended student visa interview twice . Looks like his visa was rejected during 1st and 2nd attempts. In this first part, I’m posting this first F1 Visa Stamping experience.

At end of the second visa interview post, you can read his profile and number of backlogs. Do you think his backlogs could have cost him his visa?

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F1 Visa Stamping

I have applied for a F1 VISA & I had appointments on 19th july and 2nd August 2010 but both times my VISA has been rejected due to unknown reasons I’m posting my conversation with VO both times

1st F1 Visa interview appointment was on 19 July

Me: Good morning sir.
VO: Hi.
VO: Why do you want to go to IIT?
Me: This institute provides one of the best courses in Mechanical Engineering. It has very good study atmosphere especially the faculty that is highly qualified. Most importantly It has very good student to faculty ratio ie. 10:1 that is highly favorable for student’s studies.

VO: Which other universities have you applied to?
Me: I have applied to Purdue, USC….( I was telling about other 2 universities also, but he interrupted)

VO: Why not Purdue?
Me: Coz I’ve got a rejection from there.

VO: And what about USC?
Me: I’ve got rejected there too. Also, I’ve applied to 2 other universities whose decisions are still awaited they are SUNY Buffallo and Texas A&M.

VO: What are your qualifications?
Me: I’ve done Civil Engineering from Jamia Millia Islamia University.

VO: Can I see your marksheets please?
Me: Sure ( I gave him my neatly clipped marksheet bundle..)

VO: Do you have any backlogs?
Me: No

VO: Where are the marks? I’m just seeing the grades..
Me: They just provide us with these grades and there is a CPI at the end.
(I was thinking I got my VISA but he returned all my forms back along with some US embassy brochure and replied…)

VO: Thank you..you don’t qualify for the US VISA this time.
( I maintained my composure and asked..)
Me: Can you tell me the reason please?

VO: Read the brochure.
( I was feeling devastated but I smiled back and said..)
Me: Thank you.

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  1. Hi to all,
    I am one of reader of this blog since decided to pursue my MS,now its my turn!!!

    I am in big trouble now, I got I20 from National university(GRE score not required) ,But my GRE score -276 and took IELTS -6(overall).I am a may 2011 passedout(69.38%,# Backlogs),since then i searched for JOb but I couldn’t stick into any(JOB),these way 3 months passed from june to september,then i decided to do MS in US and gave GRE(urgently without prep more than 10 days) and applied 5 Universities for spring,most of universities which applied by defermented my appl to fall because of late recieving of my scores,so I chose that univ among others .Now, My visa interview is on 3rd JANUARY-2012,I m From chennai and chose chennai consulate for my interview

    Now my question is,
    1,Will they asked about my gap during june to sept?then wat shud i say? please help me out to get rid of this question
    2.In my I20 states that “NO GRE REQD”,will it make any pblm in my interview?
    3.I took ielts instead of toefl(there is no available dates to appear at my time,will it be the question?
    4. General FAQ- why ur GRE score is low(plz help me for tz too)
    I am really afraid because of this dillemmas,please help me out dudes,
    please reply all dudes and HSB.

  2. U should never use the word "rejected".There may be so many reasons that the university didnt pick u..may be the field u wer asking is not there speciality..or may be some other reason.U said "i was rejected".then its human nature to just mind the word "rejected".

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