F1 Visa Interview Experiences

F1 Visa Approved in Dhaka with Sweet Comment from Visa Officer

Well guys, after lurking and posting a bit on your site, and with all your help, I went for my US Student visa interview today at the Dhaka Embassy, Bangladesh. Appointment was at 1pm. but the interview was taken at around 2:15. I was very exhausted and grumpy from waiting since 12:30 and the waiting room Ac’s weren’t cool enough.

But it went very smoothly, didn’t even need to take out my I-20.

F1 Visa Interview in Dhaka

Me: Good afternoon sir… 🙂
VO : Hi how are you doing young man
Me : I’m fine…

VO : You’re nervous!
Me : *smiling and taking out my papers*
VO : Put those away, I wanna talk to you!
Me : Great 😀 *put them back in the bag*

VO : University of Cincinnati is famous for……
Me : Basketball!
VO : You’ve done your hw!

VO : Were there any international students at your school?
Me : Uh I was at that school until grade 2 sir… 😛
VO : Oh yeah, so how big was your graduating class
Me : Around 40 or something

VO : What have you been doing since then
Me : Completing my SAT and TOEFL
VO : And your SAT scores is?
Me : 1870 overall and 1290 composite 😀
VO : That’s really good!

Me : Well where’s my seat? You have one, I don’t see mine and I’m really exhausted!
VO : *stands up* happy now? I’m sympathizing with you! How many siblings do you have?
Me : None 😛
VO : You spoiled child!
Me : Of coarse 😛
VO : My good man 😀

VO : I have something you want *smirks* I’ll tell your parents that you’re being rude to me!
Me : I was kidding anyways
VO : No you weren’t *smirks*

VO : Who’s funding you?
Me : Both my parents.
VO : And what do they do?
Me : *said*
VO : How will they fund you?
Me : They have steady income from their jobs and rental properties.
*VO wasn’t really paying attention to anything I was saying*

At this point some moron barged into my booth thinking he was called in, Me and the VO both had WTF! looks on our faces. Then VO asked me to close the door but there’s no handle on the inside so I pulled the invisible handle and he started laughing.

VO : When do you leave? September right?
Me : Well I was planning on last week of August
VO : But 30 days ! When does your class start?
Me : September 20th so I can get in the last week of August

VO : Well everything checks out perfectly. You mind if I keep your passport for a week or two? You have a lot of time so it shouldn’t be a problem.
Me : *smiled at him questioningly*
VO : I’m issuing your visa but it needs some additional processing and you can check it yourself on the website *hands me over the 221G slip with the PIN number*
Me : Thanks! Go Bearcats!
VO : Yes Bearcats! Have fun in the US.
Me : What’s your name sir?
VO : *said name*
Me : Thanks again

Well I’m hoping I nailed it, no idea why they’d need additional processing but lets hope I get it in time. After he told me to put my papers away, we really went into a friendly conversation and it went really smooth. So I don’t know, every visa interview is different and depends on the VO’s mood, because the previous student that went in got harassed for 15 minutes and then rejected by the same VO!

I’ve talked to visa officers before my interview at the American Center in Dhaka, they come to hold seminars every once in a while, and all of them were really friendly. At one of the seminars, the Director Consulate said, it isn’t an interview, it’s just another person asking you about your education and plans afterwards. If you know what you’re doing, you can answer it easily.

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  1. I recently applied for my F-1 VISA and the interview was today i.e 27/06/2011. The good news is that I got it. But there were loads of people who were applying for this class of VISA, and what shocked me was that people were getting rejected left right and center. This interview made me realize that the most important thing that maters during your interview is the university you are planning to go to. It plays a major role in getting you the VISA application approved. But make sure that you apply to more than three universities. Because if you dont then they usually tend to reject you. Best of luck people..

  2. i find this interview very very strange. the VO was talking with u like he was flirting with u or u were his baby or something!!!! very strange!!!

    1. any advise for me i will be going for my visa interview on june 23rd and i have been refused b4 on april 07th 2011 due to my WAEC result the consular said it was fake and the result was collected by an agent not knowing that it was fake the agent brought for me and after my refuse i went to WAEC office my self in collection of it and now i am with the original result hope i will be given a visa this time arround. pls comment back quick.

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