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F-1 Visa Interview for Iowa State University – Fall 2012

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  • Date: 23/5/2012
  • Time: 7:45 AM
  • Course: BS in journalism and mass communication
  • University: Iowa State University
  • Result: Approved.
  • Scholarship: $7000


  • SAT score: 1880
  • TOEFL: 102
  • Awaiting results for Std.12.

I had my visa interview on 23rd May at US Consulate, Mumbai.

I reached the consulate at 6:45 AM. There was already a long queue outside the gate. I waited for my turn and went through the security check.

In another room, a bar-coded sticker was placed on my passport. In the waiting room, I gave my fingerprints and waited for the interview to start. After a while, I could see numbers being flashed on the TV screen.

Of course, I was tensed but the air-conditioning and fellow US applicants definitely helped me to ease a bit. I knew my course was quite different from others. So, I was trying to think of possible questions.

I chatted a while with the guy sitting next to me. I could see my token number flashing. I left for the window.…

The visa officer was an Asian male in his late 20’s. (I guess). I could witness two interviews.

One person was granted a visa (crew visa) while the other one was rejected (some sort of a job visa). On my turn, I confidently went up to the interview window.

The interview went as follows:

VO: Good morning, could I have your passport and I-20?
Me: Good morning. (Passed on the documents)

VO: (looking at my I-20) so you are going to Iowa State University?
Me: Yes.

VO: What will you be studying?
Me: I am going to study journalism. Bachelors in journalism.

VO: OK, why Iowa State?
Me: Well, Iowa State is mostly known for its engineering majors, but I found that it also has a really good journalism program. The faculty is outstanding. In fact, one of them is a Pulitzer Prize winner.

VO: (Interrupted) how did you come to know about this university?
Me: I have been in touch with some college seniors. I searched on the Net. Also, I met the international coordinator of this university.

VO: Where did you meet the international coordinator? Was it a college fair or something?
Me: Yes, it was a USIEF fair.

VO: Which other universities did you apply to?
Me: I applied to West Virginia University, Kansas University, University of Nebraska..

VO: (Interrupted again) OK, What do your parents do?
Me: My parents are sponsoring me. My father is an industrialist…

VO: What exactly does he do?
Me: He has a company called XX in my city.

VO: What is his annual income?
Me: It’s close to 4 lakhs PA.

VO: How are they going to fund your education? (While typing something on the computer)
Me: Well, we have savings in our bank account, gold as well as immovable assets.

VO: How much of it can they spare for your education?
Me: The savings are specifically for my education. So, they can spend it all for me.

VO: How much are your savings?
Me: Savings in gold and bank account are close to Rs.25 lakhs. If needed, my brother can also help me because he has a steady job.

VO: (looked grimly at the computer; He kept the passport aside) (Handing over the passport to me) your visa has been approved and you will get it within a week.

Me: Could I collect it from the VFS centre?
VO: You will have to contact VFS for the pick-up timings.

Me: OK. Thank you. Thanks a lot.

I could not stop smiling and later literally came out jumping with the I-20 in my hand!

I think confidence is the key. The sample  F1 Visa interviews on HSB helped me a lot. Thank you HSB!

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  1. I would be going to the embassy on the 10th of Oct but the problem is the bank statement and affidavit of support i used to get my I-20 are not the ones am going to the embassy with would the VO know there has been a change, but then the one i am going with has more money than the one i got my I-20 with. i would like to know if that would be a problem.

  2. excellent and to the point
    I wish my fate same with you.
    Say to me goodluck and same chance to me.

    1. Hi,
      I attended F1 visa interview on 6th July 2012.
      The visa was approved for me and the VO said I should receive my passport through courier.
      But till today I did not receive my passport with stamping. When I go and check the status in in ‘VFS-Track Your Passport’ site, it shows ‘Your passport is under process by US Embassy/Consulate’.
      Does anybody know what is the meaning of the above status?
      Could anyone help me in knowing why the stamping process is getting late. How long it might take to receive the passport with stamping?

  3. hello everybody..I have a gre score of 315 and toefl 106.I want to do MS in food sciences>I have got admission from Utah state university and Illinois institute of technology chicago.Can anybody suggest me which one will be a better choice?

  4. I have a gre score of 315 and toefl 106.I want to do MS in food sciences.I have been accepted in Utah state university and Illinois institute of technology chicago.Can anyone suggest me which one of these two will be a better choice for me…?

  5. Good day! I’ve been on this site for long and i like what the site offers, thanks to everyone here. Anyway I’m nigerian and I’m female, my f1 interview is on the 2nd of July please i need advice for preparation. I got admission in lincoln university. Tnks a lot for ur support.

  6. iowa state university ?? are you crazy ? why are you going to such a lame university ? u can get in a lot of good ones with sat score of 1880…i personally got into Gtech with just 1860..dont waste your money on such bad low ranked universities dude.

  7. hello every one…
    could any one plse help me.i want 2 study in us but my prob is on graduation aggregate it is 60,SSC: 66% and in inter:67.5% so, their is a chance 2 study in us…
    plse give ur suggestions…

  8. hello everyone I got accepted in Gannon University
    My profile SSC: 82% , Inter 71%, Engineering CSE 67%, Gre 280 (138 verbal +142 quants ), IELTS 6.5.
    I got acceptance letter from Gannon i got rejected in Bradley and lamar.
    m waiting for Western kentucky.
    Can anyone tell me is gannon good university and what are my chances of getting visa.??

    Thank u

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