3 Reasons for F1 Visa Rejection given by Visa Officer

Thanks to Aly for sharing his F1 Visa Interview Experience in Ethopia. Its very rare for a Visa Officer to give 3 reasons why Aly’s F1 Visa was refused under Potential immigrant.

From the previous F1 Visa experience posted in this blog, sometimes by looking at the interview you can identify the reasons for F1 Visa refusal. In this interview, its easy to relate the answers to why F1 visa was rejected, even before readng the reasons for F1 refusal.

F1 Visa interview Experience – Ethiopia

First I would like to thank HSB, it helped me a lot to improve presenting myself in front of VOs, I was interviewed April 4, it was my second trial and it was my second rejection; the interview has gone like this:

Me: Good Morning sir, How are you?
Vo: I’m fine thank you (looking on the computer)

Vo: Have you ever visited the US?
Me: No

Vo: What is your purpose of your trip?
Me: My purpose of trip is getting American degree from XYZ university in the field of Computer Science.

Vo: What field? (looking the I20)
Me: Computer Science

Vo: What is your length of stay?
Me: 4 years

Vo: How did you came to know about this university?
Me: Sir, I was very focused and clear about the field in which I wanted to do my degree, then I checked on the internet and found out that XYZ is one of the prestigious University found in the US which has variety of programs and courses offered especially in my field of interest which will help me to fetch highly respectable job on my return to Ethiopia.

Vo: Do you know someone living in the Kansas?
Me: No

Vo: So how did you came to know about this University?
Me: I did a good search on the internet and also I read articles published my current University.

Vo: Are you still learning? (I’m accepted for undergraduate program and I’m going to transfer in to that US university)
Me: I have been studying February 21 this year.

Vo: How many years did you study in your university?
Me: 5 semesters

Vo: 5 semesters?
Me: Yes sir

Vo: What any other admits do you have?
Me: I have reviewed some other universities but I only applied to XYZ.

Vo: You reviewed other universities?
Me: Yes sir

Vo: But you only applied to XYZ?
Me: Yes sir

Vo: Can you show me your high school transcripts?
Me: Showed University Transcripts.

Vo: Your high school transcripts?
Me: Showed high school transcripts

Vo: Who is going to sponsor you?
Me: Family

Vo: Tell me specifically
Me: A brother of my aunt’s husband

Vo: Can you show me his documents?
Me: Showed

Vo: Where does your sponsor live?
Me: He is in Annandale, Virginia

Vo: What will you do after graduation?
Me: Once after the completion of my studies I will be a person with a great knowledge, so I will work with a well known organization to get my knowledge more practical and skillful. Then after getting experienced I will set up my own IT Company. (I think the problem is here that I didn’t express coming back to my home country)

Vo: Aly I’m afraid to tell you that I’m agreed with the previous consular officer. Giving me the 214(b) and my documents.
Me: Can you please tell me the reason?

Vo: Firstly I’m not sure your sponsor is going to pay your tuition (I showed triple of my tuition listed on the I20 and also I showed him the Affidavit of Support)

Secondly, you have to show that you are a credible student (I have a CGPA of 3.16 in 5 semester stay at my current university also my high school score was more than average and the university is state university but I didn’t take TOFEL assessment)

Thirdly, you told me that you are going to set up your own IT Company. But I’m not sure that you are coming back to Ethiopia)

Me: Okay, Thank you and have a nice day.
Vo: Thank you.

So where do you think the refusal comes from?

Reasons for F1 Refusal

Its very rare for an Visa Officer to give out 3 reasons that you have listed.  Also, you have commented

I think the problem is here that I didn’t express coming back to my home country

Setting up IT company shows you are Potential Immigrant.  Few other indicators for rejection

  1. Application to only 1 university
  2. Sponsor already living in USA
  3. Sponsor doesn’t look like close relative (why would some distant relative sponsor you?)