Impact of Taking TOEFL via Agents in Hyderabad – F1 Visa Rejection

We have heard stories about students using Proxy  agents to take TOEFL Exam to get higher score.

Also, US consulates asking students to take TOEFL test (or similar) during visa interview or asking what kind of question appeared in TOEFL exam.

This article might create fear among those students who paid TOEFL agents and have fake TOEFL report card. Also, it might deter someone from doing so in the future.

Following comment was posed at F1 Visa Rejected because of High TOEFL and Low GRE Score.

TOEFL via Proxy Agents

ppl who are thinking to make write der TOEFL exam by some other agent please drop that idea (especially students in AP, it is very common in Hyderabad ). Consulate visa officers are very strict at TOEFL score now please go through this

I applied for VISA at Chennai consulate last week, but i got my VISA got rejected.

I have taken the TOEFL exam by paying to some agents. The consulate people came to know this and rejected my VISA.

They have taken my I20 and TOEFL score card. And they also taken a statement from me that i indulged in this,

1. Is this incident will have any consequences on my future application to US either for F1 or H1 VISA’s . If i retake TOEFL on my own and apply for spring 2012, are there  any chances.

2. And US and Canada consulates are in any way related and Canada consulate in any way able to know about this incident with my passport number ?

Actually I had a good GRE score of 1210 with admission in to Arizona State University with an aggregate of 74% and no backlogs but my hard luck is they came to know about this. Even a 85-90 will suffice for the VISA they don’t expect high TOEFL score so please do go through for back door.

Thank You

F1 Visa Rejected

What do you mean by “my hard luck is they came to know abt this”.

More student who do TOEFL proxy should be caught and denied visa.

Did someone else took GRE for you?

TOEFL proxies will learn about US Consulates rejecting visa, they will improvise their method by scoring low on TOEFL based on GRE Score.

Most surprising part of the above comment is “it is very common in Hyderabad”

Is TOEFL iBT exam tough to even score atleast 78?

If you cannot score some 80 in TOEFL, then learn from TOEFL study tips  to score 114.

Above student got caught. But, many might have been lucky.  Thanks for sharing the experience, but what you  did is totally wrong.

Your Thoughts

Question to readers

  1. What do you think about students takign TOEFL visa Proxy Agents?
  2. Do you think such students should be allowed to study in USA?