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Impact of Taking TOEFL via Agents in Hyderabad – F1 Visa Rejection

We have heard stories about students using Proxy  agents to take TOEFL Exam to get higher score.

Also, US consulates asking students to take TOEFL test (or similar) during visa interview or asking what kind of question appeared in TOEFL exam.

This article might create fear among those students who paid TOEFL agents and have fake TOEFL report card. Also, it might deter someone from doing so in the future.

Following comment was posed at F1 Visa Rejected because of High TOEFL and Low GRE Score.

TOEFL via Proxy Agents

ppl who are thinking to make write der TOEFL exam by some other agent please drop that idea (especially students in AP, it is very common in Hyderabad ). Consulate visa officers are very strict at TOEFL score now please go through this

I applied for VISA at Chennai consulate last week, but i got my VISA got rejected.

I have taken the TOEFL exam by paying to some agents. The consulate people came to know this and rejected my VISA.

They have taken my I20 and TOEFL score card. And they also taken a statement from me that i indulged in this,

1. Is this incident will have any consequences on my future application to US either for F1 or H1 VISA’s . If i retake TOEFL on my own and apply for spring 2012, are there  any chances.

2. And US and Canada consulates are in any way related and Canada consulate in any way able to know about this incident with my passport number ?

Actually I had a good GRE score of 1210 with admission in to Arizona State University with an aggregate of 74% and no backlogs but my hard luck is they came to know about this. Even a 85-90 will suffice for the VISA they don’t expect high TOEFL score so please do go through for back door.

Thank You

F1 Visa Rejected

What do you mean by “my hard luck is they came to know abt this”.

More student who do TOEFL proxy should be caught and denied visa.

Did someone else took GRE for you?

TOEFL proxies will learn about US Consulates rejecting visa, they will improvise their method by scoring low on TOEFL based on GRE Score.

Most surprising part of the above comment is “it is very common in Hyderabad”

Is TOEFL iBT exam tough to even score atleast 78?

If you cannot score some 80 in TOEFL, then learn from TOEFL study tips  to score 114.

Above student got caught. But, many might have been lucky.  Thanks for sharing the experience, but what you  did is totally wrong.

Your Thoughts

Question to readers

  1. What do you think about students takign TOEFL visa Proxy Agents?
  2. Do you think such students should be allowed to study in USA?

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    1. ROFL…. funny coming from someone who cannot form proper sentences.
      I, usually refrain from correcting others when they make such mistakes, but this is too irresistible. Its’ “people can’t even spell properly…”

    2. I’m looking for an agent who can take Toefl test on behalf of me.

      Your help is greatly appreciated


  1. Is anyone there that after they have rejected because of fake TOEFL and then retake TOEFL or Ilets again and then re attend for F1 visa? Why i am asking is when someone is UG may be because of friends influence or what ever they made a mistake but after that they can realize and did hard work. Please let me know if that happened to anyone.

    1. Hey deepu, I’m Pillai desperatly looking for some agent who can take Toefl test on behalf of me.

      I hope you can understand what I’m talking about.

      looking forward for your response [[email protected]]


  2. Hey Yamini how VO will have time to check how many times you have taken GRE’s & Toefl’s they are least bothered.

  3. see another person “Hrishikesh” has posted his comments and views and you can see immediately there there are 2 people willing to go in this path they are “Rajesh” & ” keerthi”

    what Hrishikesh said is true but now a days US Immigration Officers are searching for those type of people who entered in US(California) from Mexico. Couple of people already got caught, so why you people knowingly wanted to take risk and land in troubles and give sleepless nights to your parents.

  4. Yes in future you will not able to get F-1 or H1B visa all in their database it’s already entered that you have done malpractice to get Toefl scores so high. They also have taken your statement so maximum chances of going to US in this life is diminished. Try out or better luck in next life.

    You people have no ethics or moral values. You are wasting your parents Hard earned money.Those who indulge in this type of malpractice should be banned in entering their country as they will spoil their countries by settling there and this leads to corruption.

  5. if the student who gave TOEFL exam by an agent and he or she has got high TOEFL score, i heard some where that for that we have to give agent lots of money and the most important thing is that TOEFL score is expired after 2 years. it does not make any sense to waste lots of money; i just want to know is that if the student want to give TOEFL exam again and he/she will get lower than previous score toefl (an agent score), then the student go for VI, its going to make any sense to VO, (at that time student only have score report of last one)…………….

        1. People who want to do PHD after MS.. and have low tofel score. might have to take it again. as far as I know minimum requirement is 90 for PHD πŸ˜›

  6. Why do you need US Visa at all. Just go to mexico and hire an agent there who will migrate you to California. Or even you can have a fake MS degree from stanford. That shouldnt be too hard.

  7. hie guys, please.. for god sake stop the bad propaganda against fake toefl only in hyd and only hyderabadies.. and posting such a bad comments will affect all the genuine students of hyderabad.. its happening all over the country..”Where there is a will there is a way”so guys its not the mistake of students but the the agents doing this for money and showing a wrong path for students.. guys work hard and keep faith in god he will help u..

  8. what i dont understand is, during the toefl exam ur picture is taken whic in turn gets printed on ur score card., den hw come there r ppl hoodwinking the system?
    more over toefl is not at all an exam, its just ur way of showing to the world that you can read, write, speak & understan the english language …. if u make use of fraudulent techniques for such an easy exam den obviously ur credibiliity as a student wil be questioned & it should be …. hope the legitimate students r not affected

  9. english is the medium of instructions in all us colleges and this is the language of communication-language you must know for survival-language you must command for success
    we talk a lot about doing something to cleanse the system of corruption and infidelity
    proxy sitting is another form of corrupt action and there can be no justification to any body doing it
    we are still recovering from TRI-VALLEY kind of scams..please donot spoil the system
    introspection is necessary

  10. I gave TOEFL without any preparation and I’ve gotten 105 and I’m from Hyderabad to boot.

    If you guys think Hyderabad is bad , have a look at Gujarat.

  11. seriously scoring the minimum requirement in toefl shouldn’t be difficult at all for taking huge risks like going to an agent. I have said this in previous threads too (about taking fake certificates) doing such thing is fraud and technically speaking a felony. if one is so desperate to enter into the united states i don’t judge them. all i say is just put in your own hard work. why rely on something like this which is not only being dishonest but putting yourself at a huge risk? as long as i’m concerned no justification given by people like this is good enough to consider what they did was right.

    1. hey,
      if the student who gave fake TOEFL exam and his/her TOEFL score were too high, i heard some where that for that we have to give agent lots of money and the most important thing is that TOEFL score is expired after 2 years. it does not make sense to waste lots of money; i just want to know is that if the student want to give TOEFL exam after that expired high score and he/she will get lower than previous score, then the student go for VI, its going to make any sense to VO.

  12. I scored 890 (Quant-550 ; Verbal:340) in GRE… and TOEFL 110….My CGPA is 9.1….I got i-20….will there be any problem with these scores during visa interview ??…i m so worried..please help me out..!

    1. It depends if VO ask for it, if yes then you are in Big Trouble . answer only that much which is asked for, be tacit in your reply.

      I Fail to understand how can a student who scores 9.1 or whatever perform so poorly in GRE where only basic maths and English is asked for, It is advisable to retake GRE

  13. We are no one to judge weather such people should be allowed in us. When u know its wrong and risky to do it. Y would u even do it.

  14. Students from Hyderbad have this attitude that the only thing in life is to settle in US. They must change this attitude. I see people with very low GRE scores apply to universities and finally end up in trouble. The incident that took place in Tri Valley School in which most of them were from A.P. is a typical example.

    1. What you said is true. But people from AP are there every where. Take an IIT, or Bits, or any good university in US, most of them are from AP. So you can only say that people from AP are everywhere. You are only talking about bad forgetting the good.

  15. ..Hii thats is a big trouble…
    As they say 85-90 is sufficient for US..
    Could anyone plz guide me that how much TOEFL score is required for Canada study visa…

      1. stupid have u got a mad r what? reenu…. some idiots r wantedly posting like dis comments , its not currect frd reenu… never post such a bad comments , it affects even on us while our visa time, plz dnt repeat such an a stupid ideas

    1. remove these stupid comments frm here……….. embassy ppl r checking thee kind of sites and r geeting clues frm u ppl

  16. People like you make it harder for other honest and hardworking Hyderabadis. I hope the government gets involved and stops this racket.

      1. why does everyone rely on the govt so much, GOVT is to run the country and not make decisions for you, Its YOU who has to say no to such people who try to corrupt you

  17. I completely agree that such people shouldn’t be allowed to study in US. Because of such people the genuine and the innocent students have to pay the price and suffer stricter and more stringent rules.

    The person speaks so casually as if his bad luck got him caught otherwise he was not to blame.I agree with SSM that if he can’t even prepare for TOEFL on his own, does he plan to look for more agents to score for him once he reaches US?

  18. Why the hell you need a agent to take a exam like TOEFL.
    Seriously if you can’t take a exam of your own you should ditch your plan studying in USA.

    1. I second SSM…guys… TOEFL is not that hard..i just gave a weeks pracise and got 109.. It’s a medium of communication there…So If u r not upto it then wats de use of going for MS..?.. First of all beleive in u n take up de test…anyways its a decent score if it crosses 85

      1. hey,
        if the student who gave TOEFL exam by an agent and he or she got high TOEFL score, i heard some where that for that we have to give agent lots of money and the most important thing is that TOEFL score is expired after 2 years. it does not make any sense to waste lots of money; i just want to know is that if the student want to give TOEFL exam again and he/she will get lower than previous score toefl (an agent score), then the student go for VI, its going to make any sense to VO, (at that time student only have score report of last one)……

  19. why can’t people be truthful to their heart??…these type of people also affect the assiduous and genuine students who try hard to get an admission and visa…pls this is a painful remainder to everybody …..

  20. i totally disagree with the method of having someone appear in your stead.
    First of all this is ethically wrong,
    secondly you brought bad name to everyone,
    thirdly rules become stricter by the day and denies genuine students the chance to their future,
    fourthly you will suffer after coming to the US if you do not have proper hold over the english language,
    fifthly you will hurt yourself with your career with this because of not willing to work on your language skills in terms of finding a decent job after studies,
    sixth you are young guy and all of us talk about reforming the system of the whole country to get rid of corruption and unethical behavior, where do u stand in moral responsibility.

    very saddening to see young guys/gals using unethical means to get to where they want, take my word for it, all it will do is to hurt you in the long run.

    i hope aspirants can put genuine effort into their ambitions and excel with pride.

  21. Guys! Not all hyderabadi’s are those who pay an agent to take their test or for a fake score report! I genuinely wrote it! Stop blaming every citizen of hyderabad! 😐

    1. Yeah yeah, please don’t generalize saying ” such things are common in XYZ city”. I’m from Hyderabad and I’ve given TOEFL on my own.

      1. All fingers of hand are not same! that implies to all people every where!!! dnt get ur self a feeling of remorse fr misdeeds!!!!

        1. But its clearly evident that “People of hyderabad…” “they (citizens of hyderabad) get involved”… Its not only in Hyderabad! Its all over India. Although, the fact is, most of them are from Hyderabad doesn’t mean “EVERYONE OF HYDERABAD”

  22. If u have money ! U can do anything in Hyderabad. Hyderabad is the home of all such Scandals. So folks please be careful, even though they wrote ur TOEFL Exam please atleast know what and all have been asked in the Exam. So that u will be in a position to answer the questions asked by the VO.

    1. Unless your VI is within 1 month of you giving your TOEFL, I don’t see how a student can remember what was asked in the exam. Nor will the VO ever ask you about it.

      If there’s a blatant difference in the grammatical skills of your speech during the interview and your TOEFL score then it doesn’t really take much effort to smell a rat.

  23. That guy said my hard luck is they came to know abt this becoz almost all AP ppl do their TOEFL through proxy agent and they never caught till now and they are settled in US, but this guy caught unfortunately. I think on today’s day also true has more power than false.

    1. dude… improve your English for god sake.. or else it will be a pain in your ass..

  24. Hyderabad …. seems to be centre for such scandals. Such methods will only make life difficult for the honest applicants.

  25. I scored 115 in my TOEFL, really it’s not that hard. And these people should be blacklisted permanently, because it’s creating problems for genuine students who actually work hard to get good scores.

  26. dats wh i heard baut hyd!
    some ppl @ HYD have fake profile’s by giving it proxy or thru an agent!!! de worst part even de SUN CERTIFIED students in JAVA language obtain certificates by same method!!! and thats why lots of south Indian ppl get into university’s vry quick were as north east and west ppl strive hard! Even Engineering college percentage offered in south are above 70 or 80 were as normal student frm PU can reach upto 66 % thats wht makes de GPA go down fr us!
    U.S university do judge according to de difficulty level of indian university no doubt but still we have 2 strive hard!!!!

    1. PU does that mean pune university
      well if thats so
      i totally agree with you
      i dont know why they have so much problems in giving out good scores because once a student leaves pune then its really hard for him to compete with students of other states
      like for me i got 98.7 percentile in GATE and i couldnt apply for any IITs because my overall percentage wasnt 60 πŸ™

      1. I completely agree wid u guys coz I also studied in PU n while getting admission in US unvi I really face this low GPA problem. But by GOD grace I got admit n now m here…In this way PU just putting trouble and hurdels in students progress path…Sad but true!!!

        1. BT it gave a attitude built up with n u!!! so thats why kranti u are fr masters in US!
          in which field u r doing it? and @ which COE were u previously?

      2. dude now try ur best fr GRE definitely u’ll end up landing in US fr Masters, am to trying my best!!!

    2. This guy, starts to create differences, North Indians, South Indians etc.

      We think this guy should be sent to a unwanted place neither India nor U.S because where ever he is, the community gets divided due to such persons !

        1. thankx vaibhav!
          but the other **comment was a *reply for adam’s comment n i did got it misplaced so guys understand it well!

      1. The thoughts which i had put forth bfre u guys are real and truthful, i hav no thoughts fr dividing the south people and other parts of people in India n hurting there sentiments , Coz if u had a Bachelors Degree from Pune then only u could understand the real part of this University! No matter it trains people well, Coz aftr securing a Degree from PU the attitude which a student get’s is not comparable to any of the university guys!!! So i dnt hav regrets coz PU had trained us but i think other uni. should also implement processes like PU!

    3. For this percentage difference, you should fight with your state. You should not ask other states to decrease. The best student always should be near 100%. If you stop the best at 60%, what is the use of a scale ranging from 1-100.

    1. Visa interview is not only about toefl score they will come to know about your actual thing when they converse with you. It also depnds on your confidence.

  27. These people creating problem for all the community of students who are applying for visa. They must be blocked for forever by US embassy. If you can’t even score 79 in TOEFL how will you survive in US?

    I just prepared for 2 days and got 81. It’s not a big deal to crack TOEFL.

    1. You should be ashamed of even asking this question. Please dont write like how you text . A person applying for a graduate course should write in a more legible manner instead of using plzz ,der,r etc . Moreover how hard is it to write a Toefl exam. Seriously if you can score 1210 on Gre. i am sure it wouldnt have been hard for you to get a decent score.

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