F2 Visa Interview Questions and Experience in Mumbai – All Smiles and No Sweat for My Wife

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How often do we hear about a pleasant F1 visa interview questions and experience? In the midst of some nail-bitingly frustrating stories, comes this short and sweet experience that Rohan wishes to share. His wife, was seeking an F2 dependent Visa so she could join Rohan in the U.S. Read on to know what went down and how you can breathe a little easy if you’re an F2 aspirant.

Enter Rohan 

Often times international students hope to bring their spouses to the United States to live with them. That is one of the great benefits that F-1 student status has along with others (OPT, partial employment on campus etc.). I had shared my own experience of F-1 visa renewal previously. But in this post, I would like to share the F2 Visa interview experience of my wife, including the list of questions and document she took with her for the interview.

Profile of F1 Visa Holder:

  • Degree: BAMS (Maharashtra University of Health Sciences)
  • MPH (Missouri State University, Springfield, MO,United States)
  • Current program: PhD in Environmental Health, Occupational Health and Toxicology at University of Nebraska Medical Center

Documents for F2 Visa Interview

  • Passport
  • F2 dependent I-20
  • F1 Visa Holder’s My passport copies all 36 pages(color)
  • My I-20 copy
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Wedding album
  • Marriage invitation card
  • My Salary slips for last three months
  • My U.S. Tax documents for last three years
  • Bank statements (bank in the United States) for last three months
  • Wife’s educational documents

F2 Interview Interview Preparation

I searched many blogs on the internet including Happy Schools Blog. I found the questions in the F-2 visa interview and I had my wife prepare all questions. After she was thoroughly prepared, I took a mock interview a day before the final interview.

F2 Visa Interview Experience:

My wife’s F2 visa interview was scheduled at 9 AM. Her finger printing appointment was already done on the day before.

She reached approximately at 8.45 AM at the US Consulate in Mumbai and was inside the consulate promptly at 9 a.m.

After an initial screening by the consulate staff, she was called for the interview at about 9.45 a.m.

F2 Visa Interview Questions and Experience

Wife: Good morning, sir.
Consular Officer: Morning, so, is your husband a doctor?
Wife: Yes, he did his BAMS in India and currently doing his PhD at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.
Consular Officer: Hand me his I-20.

My wife handed over my I-20 (copy) to him.

Consular Officer: So, are you going to come back?
Wife: Yes, sir, I will be accompanying my husband and I will return along with him when it happens.
The consular officer: (with a big smile) Congratulations, your visa has been approved.
Wife: Thank you, sir.

That’s it. He kept her passport and returned my I-20 to her. My wife left the consulate at 10 a.m. And told me the good news immediately!

Folks, this looks overly simple and there is a notion that F2 or H44 dependents shouldn’t face much problem for visas, but I have heard sad stories of husband-wife separation for long periods of time due to multiple rejections. The key is adequate preparation of documents and the interview. I hope this story will help many of you who might apply for an F-2 visa some day.

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