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How Much Bank Balance Did You Show for F1 Visa?

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I agree that some of the questions could have been answered better but isn’t a student loan for 14.5 lakh and the assets mentioned not sufficient to get a visa? I don’t know the tuition fee for Florida International University? Is it a case of not having enough funds or not enough documents to show the funds?


Yes, same thing – isn’t a student loan for 14.5 lakh and the assets mentioned not sufficient to get a visa ?

Bank Balance for F1 Visa

Let’s post this question to all readers. There are several students (HSB readers) who have successful F1 visa stamping interview.

Can you  answer the following questions

  • Visa Interview – Accepted/Rejected
  • Bank Balance – Liquid Cash (Including Fixed Deposit)
  • Student Loan –  How much?
  • Total Assets (optional) – the total value of CA statement
  • 1 Year Total from I-20 –
  • Financial Aid – Yes/No (if yes, how much?)

Provide additional information about your bank balance and student loan in addition to the above questions.

This information should help a lot of prospective students.

Many students are trying to find information on how much bank balance to show for student F-1 visa interviews.

I would appreciate those who already have visas if when you comment the numbers you showed as proof for your F-1 visa interviews on the following details:

  • University Name:
  • Fee from I-20:
  • Bank Balance (with sources):
  • Student Loan:

University Name: University of Kentucky

  • Fee from I-20: $29,000 with $4,334 Scholarship
  • Bank Balance (with sources): $38 Lakhs Rupees
  • Student Loan: 15 Lakhs (~USD 35,000)

University Name: Arkansas State University

  • Fee from I-20: $11,980
  • Bank Balance (with sources): $10 Lakhs Rupees
  • Student Loan: 12 Lakhs (~USD 25,000)

University Name: CSULA

  • Fee from I-20: $11,650 Tuition + $12,000 Living
  • Bank Balance (with sources): $20 Lakhs Rupees Savings
  • Student Loan: 4 Lakhs ( )

University Name: Rochester Institute of Technology

  • Fee from I-20: $38,000
  • Bank Balance (with sources): $8 Lakhs Rupees
  • Student Loan: 16 Lakhs ( )

University Name: Illinois Institute of Technology

  • Fee from I-20: $26,500 – Full Scholarship
  • Bank Balance (with sources): $8 Lakhs Rupees
  • Student Loan: No Loan

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  1. Hi,
    I have a liquid asset of around 13-14 laks and I20 amount required is $31K.So, for receiving the I20 whether i have to show liquid assets only or student loan will be enough as i hv applied for 18 lakh loan.Also for visa loan amount will suffice or liquid cash id required.
    Please guide how to proceed,i m not that financially sound.

  2. I’d like to ask the competition in accountancy field. Who can provide me an idea about the competition? If I am doing CPA, what is the possbility I can find my job in the USA?


  3. hi
    I am applyin for University of Maryland, Arizona State University and San Jose State University forn fall 2012. I have taken bank statement for 15 lakhs (no loan) and couriered it to the universities. The amount does not cover the expenses mentioned by the universities. I have not received any response from the universities regarding admission.
    What can I do now?

  4. Can any body gudie me regarding this query?

    I intend to appear for an F1 Visa interview in a few weeks. I need advise regarding financial documents. My father don’t possess sufficient funds for my studies(Currently his account is almost empty). I have borrowed money from my friends and deposited all that in my own bank account which i initiated one month ago. Certainly, there will be huge transanctions in my account. Also please note that I am employed currently for the last 3 years. I also transferred my personal savings(that constitutes 20% of the total amount). Please guide me how can i justify these transactions. Will it be right way to prepare my financial documents.

    My father is a lawyer. Can i tell them that my father has allocated this amount for me? Will it work?

  5. Hi, what if the person has no liquid saving at all and is completely relying on the education loan, would he be able to get an visa for oversee education. Please reply.

  6. can i do the part-time job in USA with pursuing my graduation….
    & after completing my master degree can i get work permit..???
    & what is it’s duration timing of work permit..???

  7. 1.Academic Background should be very strong,I dont think anyone in this world will try to stop someone who is willing to study.

    2.Liquid Cash actually determines the ability to pay your expenses in the USA.

    3.Bank Loan is determined for 2 purposes -Your ties with your home country as well as the assets you have shown are true .

  8. My F1 Visa is refused by a US Consulate here in Islamabad…I Showed there my uncles bank statement and his account is in UK..So Is this a reson of refusal..Secondly the officer also asked me abt uni and said me that univrsity in which u apply is raided by US Officials..So now I m applying again.so kindly suggwst me either I should change uni or change bank statement??
    and what about the chances of refused Personal..

    1. change university. also bank statement if possible in your name and your parents name with funds available in pakistan.

  9. i am really disappointed that students who have read HSB and have gained confidence, solutions to their problem are not at all interested to even write FEW LINES. your experience may prove to be very very useful to someone. PLS do post.

  10. @ HSB

    Nice post. It will really help the prospective students.

    Everybody please do share the above specified information.

  11. Hello guys, I am a fifth year of PhD student and I will be graduating in couple of months. My F1 visa is expired six months back, however I have valid I20 until Aug,2012. My wife’s F2 visa is also expired around same time. She is applying to grad school. So, the questions are:
    1) Will she be able to make change of status from F2 to F1 upon getting admission from school, while in USA- with valid I20’s alone?
    2) Do we need to go back to India to get our respective stamping(F1 for me and F2 for my wife) and do change of status for her after coming to USA?
    3) If I apply for OPT before heading to India, how safe is it to do “2”
    4) If I apply for OPT, with a valid F1 visa and my wife on a valid F2 visa. Will she be still able to make change of status while in USA?
    5) What are the chances of her getting F1-visa directly while in India, even though she had F2-visa previously?
    Please let me know if you guys have any valuable suggestions. Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Dyanesh,
      1) Change of status is possible from F-2 to F-1 in USA only. all she needs is acceptance at grad school and new I-20 after which international student office will make the status change.
      2) I will advice not to go to India. rather change the status F-2 to F-1 here only.
      3)it is safe to go to india as long as you are in F-1 status and you have not graduated. dont go in OPT period unless you are working in a proper company and they give proper documents. your OPT can start upto like 60 days after you graduate.
      4) In OPT also both you and your wife will get I-20s. your wife can change the status from F-2 to F-1 and make a new I-20 for herself when she starts her course at grad school.
      5) chances are bright as long as genuine university, nice course, financial affordability is there.

  12. Visa Interview – Accepted
    Bank Balance – Liquid Cash of 18 lakhs
    Student Loan – 20 lakhs (wasn’t asked this question)
    1 Year Total from I-20 – $ 16800
    Financial Aid – No

  13. Visa Interview – Accepted
    Bank Balance – Liquid Cash (Including Fixed Deposit)- 6 lakh
    Student Loan – 19 lakh
    Total Assets (optional) – total value of CA statement- Parents income 6 lakh
    1 Year Total from I-20 – $ 22000
    Financial Aid – Yes, $ 9000 scholarship

    1. What kind of a scholarship did you get? I mean Graduate Assistantship or something else? I am just inquisitive to know what other kind of financial aid are Indian students eligible for other than GAs?

  14. Visa Interview – Accepted (after 221g)
    Bank Balance – $15k
    Student Loan – Nil
    Total Assets (optional) – Approx. $100k
    1 Year Total from I-20 – $26k
    Financial Aid – Yes (GA), $15k

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