Fake Research Experience Certificate for Grad School Admission

Here’s an interesting question from a posted comment: "Can I use a fake research experience while applying for graduate school admission?"

I am now in the process of applying at U.S. universities. I heard that research experience makes a great difference in the admission process. What if we use a fake research experience? I mean I know an IT company and can get an experience certificate from them. Would there be any consequences that I would have to face later if I do this? By the way, your LOR samples were of great use. Could you provide me a sample research experience certificate? It would be of great help. Thank you.

Let’s split the above comment into several questions:

  • What happens if I fabricate and use a fake research experience?
  • Would there be any consequences that I would have to face later if I did this?
  • Could you provide me a sample research experience certificate?
  • It would be of great help.

Fake Research Experience

There is nothing wrong in submitting some fake research experience. In fact, it’s not something new.

Many students submit fake mark sheets, fake recommendation letters, fake experience in their resumé, plagiarized their statement of purpose, etc., and you can definitely add fake research certificates.

But can you answer a few questions for us?

  • Do you really know what research means?
  • What does research experience means to you?
  • How someone with real research experience will provide the proof of research?

Sample Fake Research Certificate

You are much concerned only about getting admission with fake research certificate, but not concerned about doing research while studying for a masters / PhD degree in the U.S. Above all, you’re asking for a sample fake certificate from Happy Schools, you got to be kidding.

You could have added a few more questions in your comment, such as:

  • I know high GRE score can help a lot in getting admission at a good university, can someone else with good skills take GRE exam for me?
  • I have heard that doing research is tough, can someone else do that work for me?

Can you do yourself a favor? Stop looking for shortcuts in life and get ready to face the challenges. Now.

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  1. And i was thinking that after application process i will work on my research topic. ha ha ha this is really funny.

  2. can someon plz send me the format of work experience certificate to be given for applying in US univs with GRE.

    do reply soon !!!

  3. I have heard that during visa interview even if u get a full fellowship and RESEARCH ASSISTANTSHIP/ TEACHING ASSISTANTSHIP they ask u to show arounf 20 lakhs in cash in bank? Is it show? Fact is …If I show them my fellowship which I have been granted will not that be enough? If not will my property i.e. house and land will count for that?? I am saying this because it is really tough to show 20 lakhs in cash/ in bank to get my visa.. Kindly reply to this question…

  4. hi. iam b.pharm holder. and i have 2 years teaching
    experince in relavant field… but i dont have reserch experience
    during my undergradute program. does it affect my application to
    integrated phd program with average gre and

  5. I want to do MS in DSP and later do go into research. I'm wondering is it a better idea to first apply for MS and then think of Phd or is it better to apply for MS+Phd?

    Also you mention that applying to colleges for MS is different than applying for Phd? obviously a college with better research groups would be better suited for both MS as well as Phd?

    Lastly i read a post posted by a student of tamil nadu who said that he did not have much research experience and extra curriculars. How good is that kind of a resume to apply to a college like cornell or stanford? (considering a GRE score of 1550+)

  6. hello,

    first let me thank u 4r creating this great blog….it has clarified a lot of my queries….

    I'v heard that having work experience,makes getting financial aid easier…does the experience has to be from ur own field of stuidies???…..I'm a B.Tech in I.T…can having experience of BPO…be considered????


    happy new year,2010 to all…

  7. hey…fake experiance is too dangerous i think,if caught once , even u done in londoan bisuness schools no excuses

    so be prepare for reality challenges

    do one thing, thses fake exp add to u r experiance certificate not in univercity admition,might be it will use a ltitele

  8. Bang! I was looking for that sort of an answer from HSBs for a question like that for ages! Not sure if it sounds rude but i'd be ashamed of sharing the community there with students having fake/forged certificates. How about i rob a bank to pay for my tuition fees? would you help me HSB?

  9. Fake Experience Thats Disgusting….

    You must accept your abilities and then start your career….

    While applying please be honest……..

  10. I am an undergraduate who is doing project to gain research experience (during my holidays). When i mention my research experience while applying, should I include some letter or certificate from the professor that I did research under him?

  11. Dear Moderator,

    I would like to add here that it's really very depressing and sad to see this kind of query/post. What does the guy think of research? is it some kind of joke? Is this some blog where you can get fraudulent material? If it's an Indian student, it's all the more worse cause majority of the readers here are Indians and this should not be the example of an Indian student.

    My advice to that person is not to shame himself, the country and the Indian researchers who work hard and towards their goal. Is this what we have learnt from our great motherland? To be a fraud ?

    My advice to anyone attempting such thing is to stop and think again, A man without values is not fit to be in a civilized society be it India or, any part of the world.

    A Researcher.

  12. Haha.. well said… I really wonder what these people want to do with MS degree from an American University who wish to get admitted with the help of FAKE RESEARCH CERTIFICATE..Gawd…

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