Masters in Computer Science in USA (Bachelors in Pharmacy)

My name Sathish. I completed B.Pharmacy with 71%. I want to study USA. I;m from pharma and I’m interested towards Software.

Is There is any Chance to go Computers? If It is there, please Inform to me.  

Actually is it possible  to change from Bachelors in Pharmacy to Computer Science field in USA.

Pharmacy to Computer Science (M.S.)

Ofcourse you can change from B.Pharm to MS in Computer Science.

That’s the beauty of Higher Education system in America.

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For Pharmacy to Computer Science, you have to go through similar process. Unfortunately, you have to spend time, learn about the admission requirements, find colleges and submit application. If you don’t want to go through that process, then you can work with consulting companies.

Here’s another video interview, where you can learn how Prashant changed department half way through Masters.