My Name Will be Different in Certificates and Passport

I have read lots of blog. My situation is slighty different. My name is Rohit PXXX. As i was born and brought up in Tamil Nadu I use initial with my name. So my name is ”S Rohit PXXX” as my dad name starts with ”S”. I have all my certificates and Marksheet as ”S Rohit XXX”.

Now i am going to apply for passport with

  • Given name : Rohit
  • Surname : PXXX

Will it be of any problem while applying for GRE and US universities. As my name will be different in certificates and passport .

Name Difference – Passport vs Certificates

  • When submitting application make sure you mention different names used in school certificates and documents. In your case it will be S Rohit PXXX.
  • Use the Name Rohit PXXX while submitting application.

Surname mismatch is common problem, students from India face while registering for GRE. Good to see that you are taking additional steps even before applying for the passport.

If you don’t find the option to mention different names used in the application form, attach a separate page that explains the various names contained in your documents. To go a step further, send an email to graduate school, get confirmation from them and then attach the copy of email with application package.

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  1. My birth certificate and leaving certificate there are diffrent name such as my father name in birthcertificate is in hirabhai alliance hirjibhai and my leaving cerificate in hirabhai so how can be Changed name in my passport

  2. In passport nd in my graduation certificate my name is Md Ashiqur Rahman but in my o level certificate it is Md. Ashiqur Rahman. Difference of a dot after Md. Will b a prob while facing interview?

  3. Hi,

    My name is Bharat A and I am from tamil nadu. It is customary in our part of india to use name with intials and full name like Bharat Ayyappan. Is is possible to get an affidavit from Indian embassy abroad stating Bharat A can be referred as Bharat Ayyappan or Ayyappan Bharat.

    Your reply would be appreciated.

    Bharat A

  4. KIndly i have one serious questions My real Name is Ahmed Muhammad Zawar every where is same for example my passport My email and My Id but in My Graduation Certificate name is written .. Ahmed Muhammad zawr…Kindly reply me urgently is it affect On my career or. to get admission for masters…Kindly Replly Plzzz…Thanks

  5. Sir,
    My name is Md Mohiuddin. but in my class tenth documnets it is written as M D MOHIUDDIN. and in rest all other educational certificates it is recorded as MD MOHIUDDIN. will it create any problem for me in future , specially in my professional career.

  6. Sir,
    My name in all my certificates is Anju R Nath, but when I applied for my passport they asked to expand the initial. Now, my name in passport is Anju Ravindranath.When I applied for my GRE and TOEFL I used the name in my passport. Will it create any problem if I apply to the universities with the name in my certificates?

  7. Hi,
    My Name is Rupak Baghel in my My name in certificate is “Rupak (Fathers name) Baghel”.
    Rest in All my Certificate it’s Rupak Baghel. In my Passport also my Name is Rupak Baghel.
    I am applying for Visa for UK.Will it create any Problem ?

  8. Hi my name is lovely chakravorty in my 10th marksheet how to rectify it i have to apply for my passport in all my higher education certificates its spelt as chakravorty but my 10th marksheet states chakravorti please advice me before applying for passport what exactly i need to do .


  9. Hi my situation is slightly different my birth name is Shazia Suleeee and my adopted name is Shazia Joooo I currently hold a passport with the name shazia joooo.  i just graduated and wil receive my degree this week but i would like my degree to have the name shazia suleee since  i plan to change my name back to shazia suleee. However it can only be done end of this year. Please advise me what name to put in my degree at this moment or is it possible to put down both surnames. btw i have my birth certificate to prove my birth name shazia suleee. looking forward to your reply

  10. Hi
    I have got question about the my name in passport and Certificates (like marksheets and ..). My name is written in passport Ismaeil Khanchouban but in translated certificates is as Ismail Khan chuban.
    is it problem? i need complete guide.
    Thanks a lot.

  11. my name in all educational certificate is as under
    Name Saleem K L
    Fathers Name-Mohammed K L
    In Passport
    Surname- Kodalil
    Given Name- Saleem
    Fathrs name Kodalil Mohammed
    Correct Name-
    Name- Saleem
    Fthr Name – mohammed
    The above name mismatch will create an issue at the time certificate attestation for employment purposes abroad and also for visa purpose, should an affidavit is enough or will it acceptable in abroad or should I change surname in passport from kodalil to Kodalil Latheef (which stands for K L).
    please advice me regarding the matter.

  12. sir in all my certificates my name is written as “shikha”
    can i apply for passport with name as “shikha” without any surname…?
    if noy what sud i do?

  13. dear sir madam

    my given name in biodata page of passport is ahmed shawqi salman and surename is salman

    there is a notes page in passport in this page the passport officer wrote by hand that the correct given name is ahmad –

    in transcript and university documents my name is ahmad shawqi salman

    iam a doctor and want to apply for usmle examination in usa

    so which name must i use for application? and how to prove that passport and study certificates belong to the same person

    your help is highly appreciated

  14. Sir,

    I have changed my name in 8th standard and from then i am using my current name .Only in my 8th standard final exam i have my old name will this be a problem in any case? I would like to hear your opinion on this issue sir!

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