Education in India vs USA And The Winner Is

Avinash shared the following video about Education in India vs USA debate from CNBC.

Watch the following video and decide who is the Winner.



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  1. India has so much creativity. We are creative, yo can’t deny that. That’s the truth you are not ahead of us. Ceo of google is also Indian so how can you challenge creativity in India.

    1. Fuck It…Inspite of Being an Indian…He completed his masters and postgraduate studies from Stanford and Wharton…Which are American Universities..No Doubt American Education System is better than Indian….

      1. I agree with you American education system is better than indian education system but schooling in india is much much harder than American schools but American colleges are way better than indian colleges in India our 10th grade physics is your 12th grade physics our maths is 10000 time s harder than your maths in schools the only thing is our English in cbse is not that good like in American schools so English is the only subject in the American schools that is harder than indian schools exept the ib board but I like American education way better than indian education system

      2. I am an Indian but I still support the USA education system because this Indian syllabus CBSE focuses on more marks rather than talent, so I hate Indian education.

  2. From the video I came to know that Indian educational system is better than USA. James claimed that we don’t get vacation. But it’s wrong we spend more than 100 days in vacation . And there’s stiff competition in every field . So for all the cure is education. Indian students learn more . Get a better quality education. I have seen there has been a tendency of Indians to consider abroad is better. But it’s wrong. If you would have born in USA. Teens don’t get family support. But in Indian Mom-Dad says “Beta/beti you have to dedicate yourself only towards education. For other purpose we’ll manage ”
    So we have no responsibility of other things.
    Those who can’t get satisfaction with education. They may choose other sectors.
    One more thing , here female are at equal status compared to men (excluding some rural area)
    Out family system has contributed a lot

  3. We Indians are so cynical and negative that we will abhor our own people and our own country even if we have many positive things to be proud of. I think, first we need to develop a positive mindset. I know most of us read books like “Magic of thinking big” but give in to hardships in real life too easily. Lets have trust in our abilities, believe in ourselves and think about learning, spearheading technology and help create the ecosystem of churning out great engineers, leaders in our country. Everybody in this world realizes India’s potential, why should not we ourselves see that. Yes, go study in whatever university you want to, at which ever part of this world. But do not forget that those universities just aid you to learn and think in the right direction. That does not nullify all the learning of first 20years of your life and that was given to you by India. Lets think about how we can be world leaders in technology and leadership. If you decide to be a professor in an engineering college after spending some years in corporate, you can apply the good things you learned while in US/Europe. If you can rise to a leadership position in an American company and influence them to come to India, you are doing your bit to expose the technology here. If some people here will be exposed, gradually they will be confident of starting their own companies. Bangalore is #9 destination in the world for start ups ( We are doing well in many areas. But yes, we have long way to go. You always can do your bit, it matters.

  4. I am an engineering student from Bombay. When i took up Computer Science as my course,i had hoped to learn everything about a computer. But to be honest….its been 3 years…i am in my 6th semester…. but everything is so vague….. should i blame the teachers for this? coz everytime i ask a doubt they say”Your doubts will be solved in the next lecture”…. this shit goes on the whole semester. and my doubts never got cleared by my profs(Thank god for google).Many times asking a doubt is considered as an insult by some of these highly qualified teachers…so they take it out on u during term assesment!! The fuuny part is these teachers who fail to solve doubts (They probably dont even take the trouble to solve our doubts) are ME’s and MTech from IITB and other reputed institutes…..Seriously?? Teachers with such amazing qualifications (sarcasm intended)lack knowledge …I dunno if we are better than US…but i know one thing for sure….india has a long way to go!

    1. Indian economy is not run by some innovation but extraction. nothing in the past has been an outcome of indigeneous technology. our society lack the very idea of creation. here, true talent is made to die, by pulling it in to the chains. AS far as if we look at Japan EUROPE their economy has purely relied on new inventions and creations. Here, what we are so proud of, everything we use is an outcome of westernization.We still cannot get rid of early man and prehistoric attitude, i mean rather than claiming we did that& we did this, yes you invented the letter ‘0’. so what? were you able to land a vehicle on the moon? our whole defense relies on alien technology nothing of our own.talented brains are wasted out in the dense society. nothing could be done and yet nothing will be done.

    2. U r absolutely correct brother.Indian education system is ‘exam oriented’ and stress is given on ‘theoretical knowledge’. ‘Practical knowledge’ can’t be seen anywhere near horizon.

  5. The main drawback of indian education is reservation system.Just 50% of deserving candidates get into IIT’s and NIT’s and non-deserving acquire rest of 50% seats and wasting these seats of top institutions of India. I know some people here will criticize this issue but the fact shows the real face of indian politics ruining Indian Education.

  6. If I had 5 companies anywhere I would prefer Indians and Chinese people to work for me for the simple reason that when we are educated in school or in college we are pushed to the limits to test our skills to learn which I think is not very stringent in America where you can get off homework by saying “My dog ate it..”

    1. That’s incredibly false, your grade will drastically drop if you choose to not do homework, especially in high school, since there is no such thing as “late work” meaning you can’t turn in anything after the due date, witch will put a 0 in the grade book, and when that adds up, will put your grade to an F. Homework is essential part to school, you’ve got that completely wrong. Yes schools in India are good, but the compassion lacks significantly, as well as extra curricular activities. Schools in both countries are some what decent, but please check your facts before you go posting false things.

  7. Why we have to compare two different systems? Even after finishing the college degrees from India majority of population tends to settle in India itself, and few of the foreigners(percentage can be negligible if it is compared to population as a whole) especially from US prefer to come to India either for studies or jobs. So, what is the point in comparison!

    It could be good for those who want to go to US and would look for a job over there. 30-60% of the engineers from India still work for US MNCs. Education Standards in US are relatively much higher, especially in terms of research & development-there could be so many reasons for this, such as relatively organized markets, organized government sector etc. However, if person comes back to India from US, or US native comes to India, he has to think from Indian standards to survive in the market.

  8. I study in a private university in India and I am a final year. Most of the people of my class have already been placed in various companies during 7th semester. Half of them have gone to do internships instead of attending 8th semester (with collage permission, of course). In 8th semester, the rest of the students stayed at hostel and passed the days like holidays…some of them did self study, some of them watched TV series and movies on laptops, some of them prepared for CAT, all in all, it was like summer holidays except for the toiling lot. A few attended classes, like 6-7 people in a class. Now, I went to some classes and I found the subjects extremely boring (you can’t expect me to like every single subject in my curriculum.) I wanted to do self study in some subjects I have liked over the years and stopped going to classes in final days. More over, I was working diligently on my Major project. Anyway, the teachers have shown their anger by setting lengthy question papers for end semester and giving very low marks in internal assessment. All students now think that the teachers are being unfair. I think the faculty can’t expect us to come to the boring classes out of sheer enthusiasm. We needed to be pressurized but the department did not take any steps in that direction (issuing notices etc..) all these days and suddenly the teachers are hostile. These days no one takes initiative. I even know absentee students who look upon the few class attending students with disdain. In today’s students’ view, a teacher who sticks to old rules and acts strictly is branded as pervert. Teachers who are liberal and excusing are considered as cool. Well, that what I feel.

  9. primary education clearly wins in india but in terms of higher education usa is the clear winner

  10. Indian Education system is a joke . I mean if you have to do something good in your life you have to be in top 1% . What about those 99% Engineers ? A three hour test is just enough to judge you what you are according to system . Suppose you are not 100% on that day , you are just finished . No matter how talented you are , you have to wait long one year for those 1% seats IITs .
    I am giving my example , have cleared Gate with All India Rank near 700 ( out of 13,000) in Chemical Engg . And guess what I cant get admission in IIT Bombay ( which is best in India in Chemical ) and have 20-80% chance for IIT-D ( 2nd best in chemical ) . Now tell me what is the purpose of studying so hard for one year . So i have decided to take GRE . Because I just cant waste my hard work in searching a good faculty for my Project work or for job . May be some of you will say India has improved but still they should bring down the 1% barrier . Itz crazy .

    1. Indian education systems not bad but some political & rich people take advantage for his relatives so right candidates are missing opportunity. I think Indian educations system should be making transferent.

  11. As an Indian, It is my hope that Indian and Chinese education systems never catch u to western standards. I hope that it is not Indians and Chinese that will be the dominating class of people in the world.

  12. no quality in education and only quantity in education,remember when one of our own reputed cabinet minister said the truth that the iits and iims are prestigious in india only,why not look outside the well,and see how he was rebuked for it,he must have said it only when he must have seen foreign study structure and he was a iit alumni.we just want to be a frog on a well,we never try to be a whale in a ocean.

  13. At the rate at which India and China are growing, we cannot, firstly, justify what the challenger in this video is talking about and, secondly, make a stochastic comparison of education in India and US.
    An Indian degree is still sufficient to get you a good job in India, grow to an appreciable extent in the Indian industry and even be able to prove its worth abroad sometimes. So is a degree from the United States. For those who cannot afford an international education or is confined to India through some liability can still make it big in the Indian industry.
    But when you do a point to point comparison such as comparing research in a particular field, comparing the way labs are conducted, comparing the end knowledge gained in a particular course etc, there is no denying that US provides a better standard of professional and research education than in India. But primary and secondary education is definitely better in India. This is because of the attitude of the people towards the importance and priorities of education then the coursework itself.

  14. Wow… Seriously? Dude… That guy is saying that people don’t have. College degrees in India… Oh come on.. He has to really go and visit India and China .. We have engineers more than any body else I guess .. But yes if u look at the quality of those engineers… Now that’s a whole other discussion but stil … I would agree with Bob any day… Things have improved in India Over a period of time.. In terms of education we do have to improve a lot for Graduate education… Also have to encourage people to get in to all various fields.. SW is not everything … Other industries have to come up .. Offer as many jobs as sw jobs in India… As well…

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