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Here’s a Way to Get Rich in College

This is a guest article from UCLA student, who blogs at Get Rich In College, and is passionate about living an inspiring, “rich,” successful, and abundant life.  

I’ve been at UCLA since September 2011 and the amount of opportunities I’ve had is mind boggling! Coming to UCLA was a hard decision — I always dreamed of attending college in California but leaving the East Coast, friends and family was extremely tough.

However, I couldn’t be happier and I’m so honored that UCLA accepted me into their Bruin family. I love UCLA and enjoy the West Coast. (I get the best of both US Coasts!)

Aside from all the fun experiences and bruin pride, the academics are quite hard, and I find college life to be stressful every now and then. During these stressful times I get overwhelmed with the amount of workload I have, what major I’ll choose, the need for a job, what my career will be and what the future holds after college.

Sometimes it’s scary thinking about the unknown but I’ve realized, I mostly get overwhelmed with the thought of money.

I think life is so precious and I’m inspired by its beauty every day, so the constant worry about money in the back of my head really dampers the enjoyment of life and UCLA. So, I simply changed my outlook and said, “Catherine, you’re going to make passive income so you can be financially free to do whatever your heart desires in life!” At this moment, I knew something great was ahead!

The Birth of

With some help from my brother, I decided blogging was where I needed to start. Blogging is the new trend and I believe, no matter how many years it will take, it will lead me to other opportunities for passive income. With some research, I realized many people make a full-time living online. So why can’t I?

Without any experience, I started a blog. I knew I just had to get started. I worked hard preparing for my blog to launch on May 1st, 2012 and although I’m new to the blogging world, many people have told me already that I’m a gem to the blogging world. YES, I’m on the right track!

I wrote blog posts in between midterms and classes, contacted other bloggers and even made new friends. Very little time has passed since the blog launched but the results have been amazing! I am determined to keep going and to make myself known in the blogging world. I am absolutely positive I will succeed and make passive income online by the time I graduate college.

The blog I created is called Get Rich in College and can be found here:

I decided to write about this topic not because I believe life is about getting “rich” but because I believe there are ways to have complete financial freedom while enjoying life to the fullest.

I worry a lot about money and so I faced that fear head on and blogged about it. I hope other college students see there are other ways to make money than the traditional 9-5 jobs. I want myself and my audience to enjoy their time at college, I want us to grow ourselves in college instead of employment being the only outcome. And don’t worry, the blog also teaches us how to “get rich!”

What I Learned

My freshman year at UCLA I learned to become proactive and face my fears.

I was afraid to leave home and travel 3,000 miles for college, but I faced that fear and it has been one of the best decisions of my life!

I was afraid how I was going to make an income during and after college, but I am facing that fear and the results have only been positive!

Just always remember, “All you need is 20 seconds of insane courage and I promise you something great will come out of it” – Matt Damon, We Bought A Zoo.


New book called $100 Startup was published last week. I’m going to write more about the book in couple of days.

If you are looking for inspiration to Get Rich and how to be an entrepreneur, you have to read $100 Start up.  You will learn how an guy in India is making $200,000 a year by teaching how to use Microsoft Excel.

Update – Your visa status in USA might not allow you to make money online. Consult an attorney about immigration rules.

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  1. I admitted in Fall 2012 but still wait for I-20….
    May i know when UCLA release I-20?
    How long it take since admission decision release in April end.

    Your past experience help me to plan accordingly.

    I hope to get some answer from you

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