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26 Things You Will Learn While Studying Abroad. Especially #10.

There can be 100’s of reasons to study abroad and live, travel abroad. But, from my experience in listening and interacting with so many Indian students, studying abroad means just one thing  – money, money and money.

Money can be one criteria but it should be “THE Criteria”.  There are so many things you will learn while living and studying abroad.

Don’t chase after the money right from Day 1 of your student life. Instead chase experience and exposure. Chase Knowledge and Grades, not just money.

You have a life time to earn money and you are not going to attend college for a life time.

While I was doing research on this topic, I came across one of the best presentations titled: 26 Things You Will Learn While Living Abroad


26 things listed in the slideshow pretty much sums the experience you will have while studying abroad. It reflects what I have learned in these years.

Plus you get to experience life as a student. Experiencing life as a student gives you a different and broader perspective than moving to a country to work.

Here’s are few more things you will learn while living and studying abroad.

  • It gives you life long experience
  • It gives you perspective of different people
  • Learn to appreciate other cultures
  • Can shift your understanding
  • Grow your knowledge

Your Experience?

What did you learn while living and studying abroad?

P.S :  You are coming to USA for better education and future. First comes education, then career and future. Don’t waste your time, by working 40 hours and 60 hours illegally in hotels, gas stations to save $400 per month, while you should be spending that time to  get educated. That knowledge can give you extra $4,000 or $40,000 or $4Million after you graduate.

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  1. It is like my Sister says-
    “You will never know what the value of money,life,friendship or Culture is like unless and until you miss or lose it and also you will never know how the world is like and how it feels until you come out your boundary and perspective of thinking and start seeing world in true eyes rather than what we are teached to see as from beginning from our parents”

  2. Quite an eye opener. People usually think of a hundred things before they go for an education abroad. This will answer a lot of those questions for aspirants.

  3. Hi Raghu,
    Hope you are doing good ! Your Blog is very helpful !

    I am planning to study MS in computer Science in USA.Need your suggestion regarding the admission process to apply for MS in USA.

    I have completed my Bachelor Degree in 2009, India and from then i was working in India for IT industry.Currently i am on H4 Visa status and interested to purse M.S. For the admission, Universities here in USA are asking to get my Bachelor degree transcripts evaluated in the USA by the different third party companies and asked me to submit the transcripts along with the evaluated report to the universities for the admission.

    When i checked with my friends who have applied to the Universities from India, they said that, they have not given their transcripts for any evaluation and they have send the transcripts directly to the Universities.

    Please help me in understanding why the universities are asking for evaluation of Bachelor transcripts when applying for the MS from USA and why it is not asking any evaluation when applying from India.Now do i need to get evaluated my bachelor transcripts as mandatory or are there any way to get wavier for evaluation.Because i am planning to apply the universities for summer courses and the deadline to submit the documents along with the evaluation report is April 1st and came to know that evaluation will take around 3 to 4 weeks. So i am worried.

    Please help me with the information if you have idea on this or please refer if any.

    1. Universities policy vary. You would have to check with them. Schools ask for evaluation because they would have received large number of fraud transcripts. Or they don’t have the expertise to evaluate transcripts from foreign country in their admission department.

  4. It has been an amazing experience studying and working abroad. I am loving it. The opportunity to meet new people and understand different cultures.This experience is a life long memory which is unforgettable. It teaches us to step outside our comfort zone and experience challenges.

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